Oct 9th, 2012

Developer Neko Entertainment has announced “Puddle”, a physics based platform game, for the Wii U. The game will be a launch title and will be released on the Wii U eShop. This brings it alongside 7 other indie games that will be available on launch day on the eShop. You can find a full list of those games here.

Puddle works by tilting the map/environment to guide a liquid through obstacles. The game is already available on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as a downloadable title. The developer has confirmed that the Wii U version will run in full 1080p at 60 frames per second. Check out a trailer of Puddle below:

With Puddle, the total count of games which will be available on launch day is now 31. Of those 31, 23 retail games and 8 are indie titles on the Wii U eShop.

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  • SUperMetroid1234


    • Asiancake

      It so boss

      • BLACK OPS 2?

        wow i got so thirsty!

    • RoboticLink

      I know, my body is so ready for this console. Sadly, my wallet isn’t.

  • wtf

    this wil work awsome with the gamepad

  • JumpMan

    i played a demo of this on my PS3 and it just seemed like a dark, no power-ups version of Fluidity… i’ll just wait for a sequel for Fluidity on Wii U 🙂

    • eli

      thats what i thought it looked like really no power ups?

    • Pretz3ls

      Yeah I thought Fluidity was boss! Loved that game. Really hope they come out with a sequel. This seems quite boring and really slow as well.

      • Pretz3ls

        It seemed like their main focas was the sound effects. Lol. I’ve got to take a leak now.

    • bandit

      A sequel is coming to 3DS.

  • LogicalDude

    Well that’s pretty neat. Do we have a price for it yet?

  • Graff

    Reminds me of Loco Roco. Looks like a great time killer!

  • Maverick-Hunter

    I can already tell this game will be far better on the wii u simply because of the game pad

  • ZombieGuns

    This game makes you feel like you need to pee.

  • fnc73 fc: 4167-5780-8204

    This reminds me of World of Goo. I wonder how the Gamepad will be used besides the tilting. Not a day 1 for me, but who knows, it might be fun.

    • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

      Add my friend code

      • fnc73 fc: 4167-5780-8204

        Will do.

    • Naterman

      No offense but some indie titles really suck. This game looks like no fun. I would only get this game if it were free

    • eli

      world of goo and fluidity

  • God

    It’s good to know that we are having a kinds of game from first party games to 3rd party because Xbox and Sony will never have there hands on our games such as Mario and Zelda and pikmin.

    • xdlugia

      But then again, Nintendo will never have titles like Halo and Uncharted…

      • Nintedward

        Metroid prime , Zelda .

        • xdlugia

          Yeah, Metroid Prime and Zelda are great… what’s your point?

      • Cugno the Swiss

        Not to act like an idiot, but Uncharted is bad, and Halo sucks even worse. If you really wanted to list good first party titles that Nintendo hasn’t got, list Shadow of the Colossus or Heavy Rain, not Halo.

        • Castamere

          Are you kidding me? Uncharted is amazing.

        • Kav

          Yeah, Halo suck(except the first one, that one was very good for its times), but Uncharted, dude, that game is great, the first one was epic, it was my first game on a HDTV, it looks just awesome, same for Uncharted 2, but Uncharted 3 sucks. (I think Shadow of the Colossus and Heavy Rain are great games)

          • YellowLink95

            Dah dah dah daaaaaaaaah! You got Uncharted 3 on Wii U!

        • xdlugia

          Wow… Saying that Uncharted is bad is pretty low, but saying that Halo sucks even more is complete bullsh*t.

          Just because a game is an FPS does not mean that it is bad…

      • RoboticLink

        Hey xdlugia, Zelda is so good it makes both those franchises look like crap and it’s arguably the best video game series the world has ever seen. Thousands if not millions of people buy nintendo consoles just for mario. And metoid is really good in case you didn’t know (Prime is one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time with a score of 96.35% on gamerankings and 96.3 on metacritic).

        B.T.W Nintendo currently has the gold medal for ocarina of time, the silver AND the bronze for the two Mario galaxy games when it comes to critical acclaim.

        Nintendo’s 1rst party content crushes both microsoft and sony put together. Because according to gamerankings.com, the best uncharted is 2, that is in 6th with 96.46 and halo: combat evolved being the least bad is in 17th with 95.58.

        • RoboticLink

          Sorry, I said metoid, meant metroid

        • xdlugia

          I know I know. You don’t have to teach me about Nintendo since I’m a huge Nintendo fan.
          Zelda is my favourite franchise and I own every N-console from the NES to the Wii (and soon Wii U).

          I’m just what you can call a general hardcore gamer. I have great knowledge and collections of games and I play everything on anything (except sports games and MMOs), but my heart is still stuck with Nintendo as number 1.

  • maxlazy10

    With all these titles, the eShop launch will be good!

  • Daemonrunner

    More indie support? Hooray!

    The game looks like it will be fun – and punishingly difficult!

  • Comment

    Reminds anyone of Hydroventure?

  • HappyCamper

    There is a game like that for Wii. It is called Fluidity and it looks better than this.

  • Volcano

    Is it like fluidity? not a day one for me but sign me up!

  • Hater Of Zer0

    Doesn’t Nintendo already have Fluidity though?

  • Nintedward

    Full 1080p 60fps on a puddle ??? WOW!!! the wiiu really is 19 times more powerfull than the ps3 XD !!!!!!! (sarcasm) (it possibly is)

    • Cugno the Swiss

      No way it is, they said it’s 20 times the Wii (RAM?), and the PS3 is not 20 times the Wii divided by 19. It will be a beast, no joke, but 20 times the PS3? It’s a gaming console, not a computer to control thermonuclear devices.

      • Nintedward

        Don’t act so sure . As many many people have said . There are many many factors which determine how ”powerfull the wiiu is” .

        If the wiiu can put 19 times the detail onto the screen than the ps3 , then that could be considered ”19 times as powerfull” . It has 2GB of RAM yes that 4 times the ps3 , but that is just one variable .

        Its possible not that it actualy is , is all I’m saying 🙂

        • Cugno the Swiss

          To be able to say “19 times the details” it means that details in a virtual place are countable, and that the Wii U has 19 times the amount of details you counted on its PS3 equivalent, which is a weird concept. I don’t think that those who write those articles saying “19 times more powerful, 54% more powerful” actually know what they’re talking about. As far as we’re talking about RAM, then it’s ok, 2 is the double of one, but when we’re talking about GPU, CPU, clock etc. it just doesn’t make sense. There are too many factors, it’s impossible to determine a ratio between two consoles’ power, it’s like saying Led Zeppelin are 50% better than Rush.

          • Nintedward

            Yeh , its tricky. But believe me , tech nerds can work out the average somehow :S ???? I don’t know enough about cache this and core that to work it out my self XD

          • Kav

            I think that if Wiiu can run any ps3 game at the exact frame rate and resolution but in 19 screens simultaneously then it is 19 times powerfull. Not the exact same image on every screen obviously. But i dont think it can, im just saying that this would be a good way to “measure” the power.

  • Volcano

    If it is like fluidity i’ll get it even if it is not on launch

  • Falcon PAWTCH!!!

    Wow I should maybe get this game than!

    • RoboticLink

      You do realise Captain falcon says: Falcon Punch!!. It just sounds like falcon pawtch on brawl.

  • Xblade13

    Wii U: Indie Developer Heaven.
    Reasons why:
    -INNOVATION—multiple controller options: motion (Wii Remote/Nunchuk), touchscreen (Wii U Gamepad), and traditional (Pro Controller).
    -CUSTOMERS—assured large Nintendo userbase as possible buyers.
    -RECOGNITION—the possibility of standing tall alongside successful Nintendo IPs.
    -PRODUCTION COSTS—shouldn’t be too much worse than PS3/360. Will probably be cheaper than PS4/Nextbox.
    -PERFORMANCE—2 GB of RAM that will be helpful in performance, as well as a GPGPU.
    -POWER—1080p 60fps. Lag-less streaming to second screen, which is 480p. Ability to run a trimmed-down Unreal Engine 4 and possible DirectX11 support.
    -ONLINE—Miiverse, Nintendo Network, eSHOP.

    On Wii U, everything is possible!

    • frank (3dsFC=5155-3120-0417)

      Heck yeah!

    • Cugno the Swiss

      I still have to see an indie developer who uses Unreal Engine 4 haha. Anyway, yes, as an indie videogame lover, I can easily say that I have high expectations. Indie devs are the best these days, many awesome ideas come from young university students. Some years ago I bought LA Noire and Portal 2 for the Xbox360, and I was expecting a lot from LA Noire because Rockstar made it, while I bought Portal just because it was cheap and I read good reviews. Guess what, LA Noire was boring, and Portal 2 is one of the freshest game of the generation! The power of the nobodies who enter the gaming business is awesome. Did anybody play To the Moon by Freebird Games? I’m not here to advertize, but this is a Nintendo website, and Nintendo fans usually are more open minded for different games, so you might want to check it out, it’s for the PC and EVERY pc can run it, it’s in SNES artstyle!
      Then yes, I’m getting the Wii U for Zelda, 3D Mario and the role playing games, I’m not denying it, but seeing so many independent titles coming out for it just makes me happy.

      • NintendoYOU

        you do realize Portal 2 is made by Valve. Valve is not a nobody. They brought us games such as Team Fortress 2, DOTA 2, Alien Swarm and the incredible Half-life series. and they dominate the PC market with their online store Steam

        • Xblade13

          Didn’t they make Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 as well?
          But yeah, they aren’t nobodies.

  • Cugno the Swiss

    Why is pressure mesured in moles on the y ax???

    • RoboticLink

      What the…

  • Wii u

    Awesome, I might get it.

  • WiiUnov18

    I’ll pass this one not my type of game but bring on zombiU

  • Neonridr

    how does this game work on the 360? Do you have to press the trigger buttons to tilt left and right? If so, that is ridiculous. The gamepad is perfect for implementing a game like this.

    I love how they stress the 1080p/60 frames per second on the Wii U version. Does that mean the PS360 versions will be less than that?

    • Nintedward

      Yes , they are most likely less …

  • Johny

    uhh.. i like more indie games… but this just looks like a MUCH crappier and less fun Fluidity/Hydroventure clone… am a big fan of that game… and this just looks so dull… and slow paced.. and overally less interesting/appealing

  • King of Red Lions

    Cool! Though I probably wouldn’t get to far in this game since I am too stupid to beat any puzzle game(I got Pikmin as a gift a few years ago and I still haven’t beat it)

  • metroidfusion2

    Ha just like I said yesterday and so that’s 7 games that are in native 1080p and 60fps as of now and I’m sure there’s more on the way the wii u shits on this gen and next gen

  • Shane

    It looks kinda like World of Goo to me, in terms of how much you get to the end, but it doesn’t look that fun too me honestly. Is there going to be any bathroom humor involved, becuase this seems like aperfect opportunity. hahahaha. just kidding know one wants to think about that! Is there a story or is it just random puzzles? Is all the liquid in the city trying to escape from the city or something?

  • Jetty

    Damn, they’ll really make a game about anything. This is still probably better than halo.

  • u mad bro FC: 0559-7101-5495

    ”Puddle”…not for me. Nintendo land, ZomiU, Blops 2, NSMB U will keep me occupied until Super Smash Bros. U comes out late 2013 or later. I got Pikmin 2 for the gamecube and the gamecube controller which is the reason why I don’t want Pikmin 3…yet. I wonder…when the Wii U and it’s games come out won’t WiiU daily give awesome scores for Nintendoland, ZombiU, etc?

  • mike

    it looks cool and everything but i prefer fluidity

  • Tom Fitz

    World Of Goo + Hydroventure! The level of awesomeness just exploded!

  • Kevin White

    I think that looks quite good.

    I enjoy Liquid War: http://www.gnu.org/software/liquidwar6/

  • Christian

    This looks like an HD Fluidity.

    • HappyCamper

      with a limbo touch

  • YellowLink95


  • Hi8us

    this game looks slow as molasses compared to fluidity. i liked fluidity a lot, this doesn’t seem as interesting or rewarding.

  • Nintyfan

    Looks boring with the lack of color and relaxing music. Def not a Fluidity, I’ll stick with Fluidity ALL THE WAY!

  • SteampunkJedi

    It looks quite fun to me. But I think some of the sound effects are a bit overdone.

  • U Turn

    WTF, people actually pay for this, whats next grass growing or paint drying?

    • Shane

      I know right? I litterally thought something along the same lines. You might as well go build a dam, or go play with the gutters on your house(which had to do with liquid), and is actually in real life. BTW it’s free.