Apr 12th, 2013


For those of you who are still excited about Rayman Legends after the addition of 30 new levels and several new bosses, Newegg is currently offering a promotion that allows you to take $10 off of the pre-order price. The game will retail for $59.99 when its available in September, but if you want to pre-order now you can use the code EMCXSWV232 to save $10.

Not too bad for a game that’s getting more content thanks to the delay.

[via Newegg]

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  • cookiesandwiiuequalsmylife

    Cool, I might do that while I have the chance.

  • Threinfhir

    Very nice. On a related note: Ashley, are you currently dating anybody?

    • D.M.T

      Did you just ask her out on Wii U Daily? Lol dude if you wanna go on a date with her, send her a private message or something. She’s not gonna give you an answer here on Wii U Daily.

      • Threinfhir

        I didn’t ask her out, silly goose. I asked if she was dating someone. I’m curious to see what kind of response I’ll get.

        Edit: I like to get to know the people who’s articles I enjoy and I wasn’t aware I could private message authors on here.

        • D.M.T

          You didn’t have to call me a silly goose. How am I supposed to know about your true intentions. Do you really think it’s normal to ask her on Wii U Daily if she’s dating anyone? Really dude?

          She will not give you an answer simply because you’re a stranger to her. She will answer the question once she gets to know you and stuff.

          • Threinfhir

            I didn’t realize “silly goose” was offensive to you, my apologizes. The question just popped into my head so I asked. No harm done 🙂

    • Bob Brochee

      How pathetic, lol… Can’t find a real girlfriend so you try to get an internet one, lol… Wow…

  • Nintedward

    This is wierd now. I want this game again after they are adding the new content etc but the time of year they are releasing it is awfull for them. There is going to be so many games even from Ubisoft themselves that I would want instead of this game. Honestly I think they shot themselves in the foot a bit with the delay.

    GTA V , Windwaker Remake , Pokemon X and Y , AC4 , Watchdogs , and many many many many other games. It’s going to be almost impossible for me to find room for Legends unless it turns out to be a masterpiece which juding by the initial wiiu demo isn’t that farfetched.

    I bet many of you are the same. You were eager to get Legends in ferbruary but now you have like 4-5+ games which you fin more interesting at the same time of year Legends is now being released.

    • Guest

      I’m ready for the downvotes, but I just don’t find the appeal in games like Zelda, Pokemon, and especially Pikmin (and no I’m not some blood and gore, fps fanatic). I’ve played Ocarina of Time, dabbled in a LITTLE Pokemon, and watched walkthroughs of Pikmin 2. I don’t know why these games are hyped up so much. They’re okay, but OOT was diificult in the matter of finding the next part of the game. There was no direction. I was suppose to already know where to go. Pokemon is so slow going. I spent at least a literal 5 minutes speed flipping through worded dialogue and when I finally get to the gameplay, it’s just roleplaying stuff. No actual control-the-character-itself combat. Pikmin is just a puzzle game in which a guy in a space suit throws around little colorful whatevers to progress further along. Again, I know this comment will be downvoted like crazy, but I honestly just need someone to explain how these games became so popular and why so many people enjoy them. Or basically why both Zeldas, Pokemon X and Y, and Pikmin 3 are tho most anticipated games for the Wii U.

      • Bob Brochee

        Maybe if you actually played the games instead of just just watching videos of them, your perception might be different. Really a shame, Pikmin is one hell of a strategy game and very addicting to play. Nintendo Land proved that!!!

        • bizzy gie

          I knew someone would read over the fact that I’ve played two out of the three games I’ve mentioned and attack me right on the “walkthrough” part. I actually bought LOZ and played Pokemon. It’s only Pikmin that I haven’t gotten my hands on yet.

          • greengecko007

            Bob replyed in what seemed like a perfectly acceptable way. You admit that you haven’t actually played the Pikmin games, and Bob said that maybe if you actually played them you would have a different perception. There are multiple Pikmin games, and considering he didn’t mention the other games in his comment, I’m sure that he meant the Pikmin series. Don’t be so quick to think that people are attacking your opinion.

      • David Tims

        Ah man, I’m not going to downvote you but you are completely over simplifying the mechanics of each game. Particularly pikmin, which is so so strategical and fun. The same goes for Zelda. OOT had the stones to tell you where to go, or did you read the manual?. You don’t have to like the series but there is so much there for people to love. I hope you find something you do enjoy. Obviously turn based combat isn’t for you, that’s fine but you can’t just say “I don’t understand why it appeals to others”. Bro, there’s people in the world who enjoy fucking corpses and other crazy shit. For whatever reason when I eat marmite on toast my brain says “yumm, that tastes really good” there’s no logic behind it, my brain enjoys that flavor Yours might not. Again no logic to that either. Our brains perceive things as fun or not and we have no control over it. So people enjoy pokemon and they enjoy zelda and they enjoy pikmin. And that’s just fine. You don’t And that’s just fine.

      • Veries Seals

        I agree with David, I could not have said it any better. Your right, everyone has taste. Bizzy, you may just have to find that niche game or highly anticipated game that appeals to you. I for one live and breathe Zelda. Ninetendo allows you to see the world through Links eyes and become him. The story line are always good and the games always becomes epic. Many of us love an great epic quest. Maybe you should reconsider and give them a go. I felt the same way about the original Pikmin. When I first saw it, I was like what has Miyamoto_San been smoking when he came up with this? But knowing that he can turn a junk pile into gold I took a chance and tried it. I was hooked after the 1st few minutes of game play! Pikmin is now one of the best games out there.

      • Ace J

        for one pokemon x and y isnt even for the wii u

        • It’s not about the system, it’s about why these games are among the most anticipated upcoming games. he’s just wondering if someone can explain why these games are so highly anticipated.

          As for Bizzie gie, I can’t explain why, these games are among the most anticipated games, I think it’s mostly taste, and many MANY people love Zelda, Pokemon and Pikmin, while others like you don’t like it to much, and that is everyones personal choice, no offense taken in it, and I assume no offense intended either to the people who love these games.

          • Ace J

            i was just letting him know that pokemon x and y is not a anticipated game for the wii u

          • We have a miscommunication here I think 🙂 I understood your comment but I think you did not understood his, I might be wrong though.

            All he was wondering is why Pikmin, Zelda and Pokemon are the most anticipated upcoming games, he didn’t imply he was refering specifically to Wii U but just to these 3 games in the general perspective. It are 3 of the most hyped and anticipated games coming in the 3rd quarter of this year.

          • greengecko007

            “Or basically why both Zeldas, Pokemon X and Y, and Pikmin 3 are tho most anticipated games for the Wii U.”

            He said Wii U, it’s an honest mistake, no big deal, but he did clearly say for the Wii U.

      • Jon

        People like different kind of games. a lot of people like action adventure, RPG and just plain adventure games where you solve puzzle and riddles and like having a good in depth story. Some people don’t. Just like me how I don’t care for shooters like Halo, BF3, and COD yet a lot of people get hype for those games and they don’t appeal to me. It is all just how you like to play your games and the style of games.

      • I upvoted you, and I agree on two of your statements, Zelda Wind waker, doesn’t reach my list of most wanted games, not even a HD remake for the WiiU I have the original, and it was okay, but in my opinion far from great, especially compared to the Zelda Series overall, Wind Waker and Majora’s Mask are on my least favorite list for the Zelda series, Zelda in general I love, just no to fond on Majora’s Mask and Windwaker.

        As far as Pikmin goes, I agree aswell, the game does not appeal to me, I played the first Pikmin on Gamecube, and it really did not do much for me, maybe fun as a casual game at best for me, but it does not hype me up.

        Pokemon X and Y on the other hand, I will love for sure, played every Pokemon game so far and will play this aswell together with friends (and no we are not kids anymore, all of us are 30-35 now, we just love Pokemon and the challenge to catch em all)

        It appeals to others and that’s a good thing imo, but it’s just not for me. Luckily we all have different tastes.

      • HotInEER

        No, your entitled to your opinion. I don’t like Pikmin either.

      • greengecko007

        They’re hyped up because they are very popular games that many people enjoy. It’s perfectly fine to not like them, but your opinion is in the minority.

      • kevin nun—-

        I completely understand you dude, IDK why nintendo fans pick hard when it comes to opinions like yours. I was bored and went to a playstation exclusive blog and EVERY bash on nintendo got way more dislikes than likes and these were sony fans. I wish nintendo fans would just learn to take in a variety of opinions.

      • RoadyMike

        And this is why I dislike “Guests” on any website

      • Tsukikage2

        I play both Zelda and Pokemon, and in the case with Pokemon I think that it is popular because it is what you make of it. You can make it simple and just play it through, or you can make it more advanced with for example EV-training. Also, this is a game that is aimed at a younger audience, so it has to be simple. Although, I recall Nintendo mentioning that the average age of Pokemon-players were somewhere around 17-20.
        As for Zelda, the only one I know of where you get no directions what-so-ever is the first one, the rest usually gives directions when you talk to people, as well as the locations being marked on the map in most cases (OoT included). Also, it has more than once been first with something entirely new, the Z-targeting system was first in OoT, and that system has been used in MANY games since. Also, many people grew up playing Zelda, and that also contributed to its popularity. Same with Pokemon.
        On Pikmin, I am in the blind, I have seen trailers, but never played it myself, or even seen a video of someone playing.

      • Levi Johansen

        OoT is very difficult. Most games, especially adventure games and RPG’s were like this back in the day. This is how I prefer them to be, I want to get stuck in Zelda games. It’s a matter of taste.

        You should check out Skyward Sword, it has good narative and you are clearly told where to go and what to do, you will not get stucked untill you actually face a challenge in the game, like a boss or a puzzle.

        Skyward Sword is however one of the easier Zelda games, but still quite challenging.

        I haven’t played Pikmin, but they are strategy games and understanding strategy games just by watching isn’t really possible. I’ve watched some of it, but I just don’t understand it. I’m gonna pick up Pikmin 3 because I usually like strategy games.

        You should check out the Pikmin attraction in Nintendoland, but I fear it doesn’t represent the game very well, the others sure don’t: like Mario and Donkey Kong…

        I haven’t played a pokemon game in a very long time, and I didn’t like it too much, probably because I didn’t speak english back then. The Pokemon games are classic RPG games though, meaning the combat is turn-based.

        No one can like Pokemon games if they’re not into classic RPG’s. And ALL RPG’s are slow, if they don’t spark your imagination and pull you into the world you are playing in, then it’s not for you, because that is what RPG’s are made to do.

        Happy gaming 😉

    • David Tims

      I agree with you to some extent. I can see this not being at the top of the list for many gamers but it always has been for me since the demo. Honestly I thought the demo was that good. I also want pikmin 3, pokemon x/y, windwaker hd, gta V, watch dogs and luigi’s mansion(I know it’s out now but I’m out of cash) the wondeful 101, new super luigi U. So it will come down to how much money I have come xmas. Because Rayman is at the top at that list but if the last game out then I just won’t be able to pick it up :/

    • HotInEER

      I don’t get it. Everyone has been complaing about the lack of Wii U titles and then when one is coming out you complain that there are too many coming out. Help me to understand this logic.

  • Captinn2

    Ubisoft should NOT make the price $60 cause they’re making us wait for 5 months. Sheesh. I mean, 30 extra levels?! Hella! But Ur also going to need a price cut, Ubi. Want it to be a seller? Slap the 30 Extra levels ONLY on the Wii U, Offer the PS3/360 versions at 40 bucks(Wii U version for 50) and call the Wii U version: Rayman Legends: Extended Edition. Ok? :P.

    • Fred

      You can get it for $50 just like you’re wanting just go to newegg and put in that code

    • Neilandio

      This would be so unfair for ps3/360 users

  • Captinn2

    Then Wii U will be a System seller. Good for you and good for Nintendo.

  • Ducked

    Newegg? Never heard of it.

  • D.M.T

    What I’m about to say is unrelated to the article but I’m finally able to explain Nintendo’s lack of 3rd party support. I’m gonna explain first why Sony has 3rd party support.

    – The truth is, Sony has the best 3rd party support because they are 3rd party friendly. When making the PS4, Sony pretty much asked developers what they want from the PS4 and Sony is giving 3rd party developers exactly what they want which is why 3rd party devs are always happy with Sony

    – Sony always loses ridiculous amounts of money pleasing 3rd party devs but they do it anyway because the truth is, Sony consoles CANNOT survive without 3rd party support. Sony 1st party games are not system sellers at all.

    – Nintendo doesn’t ask 3rd party devs what they want from the Wii U, Nintendo just makes the consoles that they want to make. Nintendo has a mission and vision for the consoles they make, a mission and vision that is completely different from that of 3rd party devs.

    – 3rd party developers don’t support Nintendo consoles because they feel forced to make games the way Nintendo wants them too. Luckily for Nintendo, they can survive without the support of lazy developers without imagination and without creativity.

    I don’t blame Nintendo for not being 3rd party friendly, it’s no secret that 3rd party devs want consoles to be like PC’s. 3rd party devs only care about graphics because they want to play it safe by using the same formula over and over again.

    • Jimmy D. Fugate

      Apparently Ubisoft and WB Interactive like Nintendo’s strategy, though.

      • Jon

        They probably like the ideas from Nintendo and want to support it because they like what Nintendo has done, Other developers don’t so they Don’t want to support it like EA. and then there are some that will go either way. It is more the preference of the 3rd party developer

    • routerbad

      Nintendo are well aware that they need western 3rd party developer support to be successful, which is why they created the Wii U the way they did. It has all the capability it needs to run great 3rd party games, as well as Nintendo games. They have removed most of the restrictions involved with 3rd party development, and have been working more closely with third parties to aid in development.

      Most 3rd party developers just want more more more everything, so they can increase graphical detail and production value without actually having to make anything different. If a game is different enough visually, they think it is worth the $60 price tag. It is going to cost them at some point, The AAA development model is breaking down, costing publishers millions when they don’t sell enough to get a return on investment.

      • Fred

        Western Support doesn’t have to come from 3rd parties. Retro Studios have made some great western friendly games. I’m hoping they’ll either grow Retro a ton or buy up a few other western studios.

        • routerbad

          Not limited to third parties, but they help.

    • Fred

      Luckily for me, Nintendo alone can pump out enough games (between 3DS and Wii U) to keep me happy. I don’t have enough time to play hours on hours of games. I’m one of the few people that will tell you there are Wii U games i want to play, but I haven’t bought them yet because I haven’t had TIME. So I’m ok with it the way it is.
      Don’t get me wrong though, when the 3rd parties step it up and give me a game I really want I will buy it.
      Rayman Legends will be downloaded onto my Wii U the day it’s released.

    • Levi Johansen

      Nintendo did ask 3rd party devs what they wanted and they also looked over what the devs liked about the PS360. Soo the Wii U is the most 3rd-party-developer-friendly console from Nintendo since Super Nintendo, probably.

      I’m pretty sure the Wii U will get great support from the big studios and especially from the indi-devs.

      Sure Sony is even more developer friendly, but seeing how well Nintendo has done since the N64, with unfriendly consoles (in the eyes of some 3rd party devs), I’m pretty sure this will not be a problem, and Nintendo will be completely fine like allways.

      Watch Dogs on Wii U, can’t wait!

      PS: Big 3rd party multiplatform game like that (Watch Dogs) would never have come out on Wii, GameCube or N64, and they didn’t.