• Matt

    Getting this game as sson as it arrives wow forget F1 all stars thats just codemasters licking Sony and Microsofts ass end of they get a sim on a console with 256mb of RAM and wiiu with 2gig of RAM and DX11 comparable gpu in the HD6770 and they put an arcade F1 game on the wiiu what a joke Project Cars is better looking in fact its the only racing game that looks nect gen so wiiu version will be king CODEMASTERS GET LOST.

    Codemasters could of made a better looking game on wii you only have to look at Sony liverpool to see what they achieved on the very weak ps2 and you can see a trend that Codemasters just wont push wiiu even if the wiiu was a 8 core with 32 treads and 4 gig of RAM it still wouldnt mean a definitive game for Nintendo where as every else is jumping all over it take2 and Codemasters are lickin Sonys ass end of.

  • Matt

    i meant threads ?? this doesn’t let you edit ??

    • Yodin

      and you mean PS3 not PS2 console 🙂