Project Cars is a racing game developed for the Wii U by developer Slightly Mad Studios. The Project Cars Wii U version will likely have several console specific features that utilize the new Wii U controller. The game is slated for a release in March 2013 on PC and multiple consoles, including the Wii U. Speculations about Wii U specific features include using the tablet controller as a high-tech steering wheel, like in Formula One, with buttons and car controls toggled via the touchscreen. This will make the Wii U controller acts as a virtual steering wheel, where the player tilts the wheel to turn in a direction. The Project Cars Wii U racing game will also support online multiplayer, through the new Nintendo Network.

Project Cars Wii U
Unlike other games, Project Cars has a unique structure when it comes to funding the game development. Slightly Mad Studios made Project Cars a crowd funded racing game, meaning that people can invest in the game and participate in any profit sharing that might occur. The studio has already attracted enough funds to get the game into alpha status, and has released playable alpha versions of the game on the PC.

Project Cars Wii U gameplay and features

Project Cars for the Wii U will ship with over 30 racing tracks and 100 cars, both real world cars and those based on real world cars. The game will also feature Formula 1 and other racing modes such as GP2, and even go-kart racing. The list of cars includes the Ariel Atom, Audi A4, Gumpert Apollo S, Radical SR3, several vintage Lotus cars, and many others. In all, the Project Cars Wii U racing game will include over 100 cars of all sorts, from road cars, to sports and super cars, to Formula 1 and 2, to go-karts.

The Project Cars Wii U racing tracks will vary from road to dedicated race tracks. Real world tracks like Suzuka Circuit in Japan, Mugello in Italy, and Hockenheimring in Germany will be re-created for the game. The game will also feature many fictional racing tracks, from street roads, to grand prix raceway circuits.

Project Cars Wii U screenshots

  • pokemon master #1

    looks awesome

  • uPadWatcher

    Who needs a steering wheel? All you need is a uPad and put the pedal to the metal!!!!

  • McDaniel-77

    If it’s 60 fps and 720p, that would be just right. But 30 fps racing is a joke, so I would stick to my PC version of the game.

    • Mr. Blobby

      I think it’s almost certain it wiil be, have some faith man.

  • Adilson

    I think any game for Wii U should have at least 60 fps and 720p otherwise it will not please the hardcore gamers. Nintendo, keep your word and delivered a decent video game this time.

    • Axe

      Ya know, I’m pretty sure a lot of hardcore gamers only need to be told that to be happy. I doubt the ones who believe it’s essential even notice the difference.

    • Nintendo is da best

      ? the wii u is gonna have over 60 fps Blame Slightly mad studios for it not nintendo it was slightly mad studios decision

  • rockman

    wii u will later have games in 1080p with 60fps
    but after release of wiiu first party games would be in 720p

  • rockman

    sorry i games will be in 1080p but first first party games will be in 720p

  • McDaniel-77

    I don’t think so! 60 fps and 1080p with visuals like Project CARS offers, are not possible on any platform except the PC. Look at how cheap and ugly PS360 games look and these games hardly reach 30 fps, no way for native 1080p. Most PS360 games run with lower resolutions, like 540p, 600p. CoD runs in a 10″ Netbook resolution of 1024*600, that’s not even 1/3 of FullHD pixel count.

    • Mr. Blobby

      this is not PS3 or 360 though is it?

      • This game is coming to ps3 & 360 mate

    • Cam Shirey

      The WiiU is more powerful than the PS3 and the Xbox 360. So I think it can handle the 1080P graphics and run it at 60FPS.

  • nintendon’t

    The Upad can be the steering wheel, a Wiimote plus can be a gearstick, and then you just pretend there is a gas pedal under your foot. Anyways, it looks like Forza Motorsports… I’m up for it. 🙂

  • Bryan

    Do not underestimate the Wii U’s power yet and other than that I think that none of us can jump to conclusions until we get are hands on it and play it ourselves.

  • dojo

    i agree with bryan i laugh at ppl who come to asumption just cuz of the former console if we wait and see the wiiU might be amazing and blow our minds away

  • masseffect3

    Love car games so i’m sure going to like this incredible one.

  • Unknown

    These guys promised modding capabilities and lots and lots of cars, what are they gonna do about it on the consoles? DLC? Streamed Updates? What?
    100 Cars is cool and 30 tracks might even be more than what Forza has (Unless it’s 5 tracks with 6 variations)

    Looking forward to riding the Ring. But would appreciate more cars, with tuning options (of course both tuning options, buying and modifying), if the game delivers, look out Forza and GT.

    I’ve been following some of the progress though, and in terms of graphics, it’s awesome, but in terms of content, it’s not enough to beat even NFS games.

  • Mshenay

    mmm, I’d like to love [Content wise] another racing game on Nintendo Systems… NFS UG2 was great as was NFS MW… other than that I never found any other great Nintendo Racing Games

    Then again I only like to race with a Controller in mah hands :3 but thats just me!

  • puckersbutter

    Are you fucking kidding me? NFS shift 1 and 2 sucked ass, this will be the same thing with crappy gameplay and over-the-top stupidness. go screw yourselves Slightly Mad.

  • need4speeder

    @ mshenay
    are u serious!! MW?? UG2??? was the best NFS??? hhaaaaaaa
    did u ever try blackbox HOTPURSUIT 2 or UNDERGROUND??, HIGHSTAKES,PORSCHE UNLEASHED. those 2 u mention are the worst NFS ever!!! including criterions hotpursuit and the new mostwanted coming out.
    i do wish a NFS game graphics look like project cars graphics.

  • Pc Generate

    I don’t even know how I finished up right here, however I thought this put up was good. I do not know who you’re however certainly you’re going to a famous blogger should you are not already. Cheers!

  • LordXadow

    The game looks good, but looks are not all that matter!!! Gran Turismo is good but tooooo technical and no visual upgrades such as body kits and paint jobs, Forza gets it right about 90% due to lots of customization easy to drive, better with a wheel! but -10% because in real life i drive an AE86 with a 4AGZE swap and sport tires taking corners (turns) at 60-70 MPH and my car does not slide all over the track like in these games with $100,000 cars that do, unless i want it to slide!! As for Need For Speed the original Most Wanted has been the best of the series but Underground 2 follows it closely (needs a remake and not by Criterion!) The shift series and the new Most Wanted Suck sooooo much Butt, I only own them for collection purposes. The Burn Out Formula does not work with need for speed. And the handling has sooo much lag the cars are undrivable, you have to antisipate your turns and dodges 10 seconds before you make them and 5 seconds to start turning! Also Im tired of driving porches and Lamborghini’s, and super cars! really! I will never afford these cars yet alone drive them and to see them slide all over the tracks at 20MPH is ridiculous. I want real world cars I can afford, give me honda civics, toyota corollas, hell give me KIA’s. Just make a good game, dont waste our time, we’d rather wait for a good game then to play a crappy one with 20 patches and overpriced DLC just cause its the only one available!

  • andrew mc sweeney

    Best NFS was the origional Most Wanted.

    WII U needs a flagship racing title.

    • Hector Colon

       I totally agree! Nintendo does need a Flagship Title to rival Forza Motor Sport and Gran Turismo!

  • Im looking forward to this but not sure wich platform to get it for. l will wait for the reviews maybe 

  • Tom Catt

    what race wheels well work on a wii u and in this game and why no one ask this yet?????

  • audiobrainiac

    @ Tom Cat:  They probably won’t make one for it. I bet they intend for the player to use the motion controls to steer.

  • audiobrainiac

    @ Hector Colon: I AGREE!!!! I’m ready!