Jul 2nd, 2014

Today Bandai Namco announced that it was partnering with Slightly Mad Studios in a worldwide distribution agreement for Project CARS. The game is releasing on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U and PC this November. The game is billed as the most authentic and intense racing game on the planet, crowd-funded by fans of racing and built by developers who love racing games.

The big draw of the game is the ability to create your own driver and participate in a huge variety of motorsports, including several historic tracks around the globe. The game also features competitive online racing, so if you feel you’ve sufficiently mastered the game you’ll be able to take the challenge online with your friends in leaderboard-based time trials, as well as other as of yet unannounced community events.

Alberto Gonzalez of Bandai Namco in Europe was extremely pleased about the partnership and subsequent distribution agreement.

We are tremendously happy to be collaborating with Slightly Mad Studios on this promising title, in which community expectations are fusing with racers expertise to craft the next generation of simulation!

Are you excited to get your racing game on?

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  • The_fuzz_buzz

    Half way through the video I forgot it was a game and thought it was an episode of Top Gear.

  • Ducked

    Looks great, but what does it look like on Wii U?

    • MerryBlind .

      I’m actually eager to see how it compares to the PS4 and X1 versions since the developers said at one point they were using the Wii U’s potential to its fullest and that they were aggressively optimizing the game.

      • Ducked

        That’s what I heard, which should spark interest in Wii U owners if true .

    • gerb1977

      I heard the Wii U version was graphically superior to Pole Position. Seriously, I’m sure it is a slight downgrade to the other versions but still impressive

    • Lighting effects, dynamic weather, details in the crash damage, things of that nature will most likely be the biggest differences. The core models/etc should be little difference. As MerryBlind said, the devs really tweak things to make it the best possible on the WiiU, pushing it as much as they could. Plus they have said some cool things about how they were experimenting with using the GamePad as more than a map, but as a rear view mirror, etc. As well as having motion controls as an option, so the GamePad is like a steering wheel. This will be day one for me. I love racing games, and this one is supposed to be insanely realistic. Cannot wait to fire up the Wii U on this one.

    • Eric Wells

      There is a video on YouTube of a guy emulating the Wii U specs on his PC and it shows what it looks like and its amazing. Just search Project Cars Wii U graphics and it should come up

  • Purple

    Oh emmm Geee. This has been my most anticipated game since Nov 2012!!!!! I cant wait. But I will. Wow this is big guys n gals this is the first real racing simulator type game on a nintendo console.

  • palomino blue

    Nice to see a game ONLY on next gen consoles.

    • Batman Arkham Knight is.

      • bistricky

        I understand what you mean by “Batman Arkham Kight is” …. but the difference is that no Wii U version for Batman Arkham Knight …. which makes, for me, Project Cars a rare opportunity for Wii U owners to get a game which is exclusively being made for PC and 8th generation consoles.

        Maybe, someone can clarify this for me, but is this game, in a sense, historical (the first major published game for only all 3 of the 8th generation consoles)?

  • Purple

    Theres never been a doubt that third party devs can optimize for Wii U. Project Cars just exposed all the lazy devs.

    • Jon Turner

      And with Namco publishing, I think those guys are going to look like idiots.

  • Jon Turner

    Good for Namco to score a high quality third party title AND publishing it. The question is: is this digital or retail?

    • Peter Parker

      Both physical and digital releases

      • Jon Turner

        Really? Where is it confirmed?

        • Peter Parker

          on their FAQ page and on their Twitter account

          • Jon Turner

            Ah, interesting. This is good news.

    • Ducked

      I’m guessing Digital (edit) since there’s no box art, and it isn’t on Gamestop, Target, or Walmart.

      • bistricky

        Will be available in a retail version and on eShop.

        Bandai Namco will likely provide more information beginning tomorrow, when they start their presentations at Japan Expo 2014 in France.

        Slightly Mad Studios has posted ‘unofficial’ box art for Project Cars, on their website … but now that they have a publisher, one can expect the publisher to have a say on the final box art.
        Cheers 😀

    • rp17

      That’s what Bandai Namco is for. They’ll be handling the retail distribution.

      • Jon Turner

        Interesting. I thought this was going to be an eShop only project, but I guess not.

  • Purple

    The Next Gen arrived when the Nintendo Wii U was released. I wont let anyone tell me different.

    • Jason

      The 3DS and Vita are next gen too.

      • Vita is dead. That’s what that is.

        • Arthur Jarret

          With more games slated for 2014 than Wii U is getting, it’s really not dead.


          • Vita could get every game ever made on it, doesnt change the fact the console is useless and should be put down.

          • Arthur Jarret

            That comment seems objective and well-balanced. Well met, sir!

          • Thank you sir.

          • David Trail

            I am a Nintendo fan. That is bs. I love my Vita.

          • “With more games slated for 2014 than Wii U is getting, it’s really not dead.” Because WiiU is a perfect example of a GAMES-FLOODED CONSOLE ;D

        • matthew garcia

          It’s outselling Wii u in Japan

          • RecheDiazrivarola

            only in japan, only in japan, im sorry but vita is dead, Sony killed her

          • Yoshifan3

            keep telling yourself that.

          • matthew garcia

            Well Wii u is only beating ps4 in Japan so is Wii u dead

          • I kinda agree with you. I guess, with ZombiU, the WiiU had the most fitting launchtitle for that whole console as it turned out to somehow be a living dead console ever since. I don’t even doubt that it’s really going to be around for a while, as it somehow gets a bit better and as there still are some good games on their way. I guess these games are the brainz that keep that zombie going. But I’m afraid, It’s staying dead.

          • Arthur Jarret

            The brains that keep zombies going are YOUR brains… lovely, lovely brains.

            But I think it’ll be like Resident Evil Remakes’ crimson zombies. You think it’s dead, you leave it for dead… and suddenly it comes rushing at you at high speed with red eyes and nasty, nasty claws! Oh please oh please don’t let it get me – quickly run in this door, hey a jill sandwich (mmmm lunch) – aaargh it is coming through the door! Kill it, kill it with fire!

          • would be nice if it would be that fast, but for mee it feels more like the Zelda OoT Zombies. sloooooooow but indeed striking 🙂

          • Arthur Jarret

            Those weren’t zombies, those were rapists… there’s a… ahem… subtle difference.


            It could also just come out of nowhere and… erm… blow your mind.


          • I’ll never be able to play OoT again, THANKS! ;D

          • How did Sony kill the Vita? I don’t doubt what you say, I really don’t know the backgrounds but would be interested to know more.

          • Arthur Jarret

            They didn’t show any Vita games at E3, so they assume the Vita is ‘officially’ dead (despite a new version being released as well as a PS4/Vita bundle)

          • ok that indeed does seem strange. they seem to be treating vita the same way they did with Move.

          • Arthur Jarret

            Move works with the latest Killzone, so still alive?


            Then again – if they ever need to get rid of the move there is an entire industry that would welcome a combo of a remote control cylindrical vibrating thing and a camera.

          • wow …. after all the hype in the beginning, controllersupport in one ubisoft game isn’t too miuch if you’re asking me. I mean, there might even be more games still supporting this, but it just doesn’t see it not being abandoned by sony. It’s not like I don’t understand what happened there, I just don’t like it. They threw that thing on the market just to have something against the Wii without a real plan for it. At least one game like Sorcery per year would have been nice and not THAT much to ask for.

            But actually, what am I complaining about? I don’t even have Move ;D

          • Arthur Jarret

            Well, we got Playstation Move Heroes too… 😛
            But it does seem like Move will be used heavily in Project Morpheus games, of course Little Big Planet 3 will support it, too (having full compatibility with LBP2 levels, that’s a given).

            I got it for Sorcery, Project Eden and Dead Space: Extinction – it works well enough – although it is not easy to use in conjunction with my beamer – as I need to offset the camera so it won’t see the beamer lamp – but not being able to stand directly in front of the screen makes it harder to aim shots in sorcery.

          • I’d loved to play RE5 with it as it’s said to work quite fine but it just didn’t convince me especially as I already have so many controllers and electronics in front of my TV, it would just be too much =)
            I’m just saying they never were close to really use that technology’s potential. Nintendo barely used the WiiMotion+’s potential and they at least gave it some trys and a dedicated Zelda game. But sure, it’s a different situation. I just think, Sony could have pointed out some technological advantages with PS3-HD-gfx combined with move. I personally had the hope they would support far more FPS games or Shooters in general as I hate targeting with analog sticks. Uncharted really plays horribly after playing some Wii games before. And now that Wiimote and Move are somehow a thing of the past, everything is generally going back to analog sticks, boy how I hate this.

          • Arthur Jarret

            Wiimote isn’t a thing of the past at all – in fact, it is a supported control method in most of the Wii U games – including zombiU, all shooters, Pikmin 3, Mario kart, the only control method for Wii sports club… and that’s all the Wii-mote+, too.

            Meanwhile, the tech of the move has been integrated in the dualshock 4.

            They did support it in a lot of shooters, though. Resi 5 got an update like you said, Killzone 3, MAG, RUSE, SOCOM4 and Resistance 3 had move support, as did Bioshock infinite, Portal 2, The unfinished swan and Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD. Due to my setup with the beamer I prefer a gamepad, though – an issue the wii-mote plus doesn’t have.

            Other games with move support: Child of light (for iglacious), then there were the wonderbook games, dungeon hunter: alliance, Dust 514, Echochrome II, Gran turismo 5 supported it, House of the dead, Dead space extraction, Time crisis, Resident evil chronicles, Ninja Gaiden 3, , No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Okami HD, Infamous 2, Puppeteer…
            Heavy rain got an update for it, too,

            I do hope they’ll do more with it for PS4, though – especially when seeing the tech demos of Morpheus. Dual-wielding a sword using move in VR? Yes please.

          • W00000t?!?!?! it’s supported in ZombiU? thanks for telling me that, maybe I AM playing through that game now after all those 1,5yrs of absence ;D

            And thanks for the intel, maybe it just seemed abandoned for me because I don’t have one, so nice to see Move owners still get stuff delivered.

            And as for the Wiimote, I’m just living a bit in the past on this one. Back on the Wii, devs had no choice but to support it and really experiment with it. P3 really played like I want to play a game on the WiiU. Wiimotion + featuring WiiU’s HD visuals, this indeed was great. I’m just afraid, that the next iterations of Zelda, Metroid or Mario will go back to Analog/Joypad and for me this would just feel like a step back. I know not everyone likes Motioncontrols, but for me it was never a question of Yes or No. It always felt like the next step, if used with care like Metroid Prime 3 really demonstrated.

            Morpheus makes me a bit sceptical. I guess if I’d buy that and Bethesda would bring out Elder Scrolls 6 with Move support, I guess I’d need intravenous feeding and wouldn’t see my family for a long time. damn.

          • Arthur Jarret

            For ZombiU – I admit I never tried if it works in single-player, but you can use it to control the player in multiplayer (while the other player orders zombies around with the gamepad) – had a few fun nights with that mode!

            For Morpheus, Move & ESO6 / DA4 / FO4 and GTA6 if they get support for this combo… there are always feeding tubes or IVs to consider.

          • And how long has it been out? 43 years or so? Exactly.

        • Moreck

          Unfortunately it’s doing just well enough in Japan to keep it afloat.

        • Dáibhí wotshissurname

          It sells shit, but it’s a brilliant piece of tech, with awesome indie games and a lot of blockbuster games that

          you can often get for a lot cheap than on other platforms. I state this as a nintendo fan, and I won’t let anybody else’s judgement on the Vita pass unless they own one. Same to other consoles.

        • Ricky_NGmr

          Am a Big N fan, but let be honest Vita is for Sony what Wii U is by now for Nintendo… whatsoever, Sony’s portable has never been able to compare to Nintendo’s business!

        • audi lover

          Use mine for off screen play so can never die, can be the only reason its still selling

        • Keith

          I am definitely NOT a Sony guy but trust me, the Vita is definitely not dead. Maybe here in the U.S. it aint doing so hot (mainly because we are a dominant home console country) but in other parts of the world (like Japan, China, exc…) are a handheld dominant country. And take a guess which system is dominating the market share over there?? Yup yup, Vita. If you’d like a source, Google it. I personally don’t care for it cause I’m a Nintendo junkie 4-Life but the Vita still is a powerful system.

          • Powerful yes, however it’s useless. Power isn’t needed in a console. 3DS OWNS THE HANDHELD MARKET. Nintendo will always have the handheld market and thats cause of Pokemon lol.

      • Arthur Jarret

        Why bother saying that? He said he won’t let anyone tell him different… and what do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO!

        Outrageous! It is an outrage! Consider me thoroughly outraged!

        Also: Whereas PS4 and Xbox One are current gen now, PC is next gen today!

  • ScrewAttack

    Awesome stuff, but sadly I just can’t get excited about driving sims. MW doesn’t get enough of my attention let alone another one.

    I’d quite like World of Tanks though if they could get it. Lot of fun that one.

  • zoohero

    Fuck EA. As long as I get great looking games like this one I dont need that sorry Excuse for a company that EA has become.

    • Clel

      Why bother even mentioning EA? How does it have anything to do with Project Cars…

      • Yoshifan3

        because nintendo fans have to spite EA no matter what the topic is. its just second nature.

        • zoohero

          Jep that’s the reason for it. And my point with the comment was that EA is so far from the real world. They need to stop thinking about mony all the time and start talking some risks. They will be so sorry for not supporting the wii u wen it’s up and running at full speed. And the wii u will come back on track. It’s starting to get there already.

          • Yoshifan3

            you didnt get the joke did you?

          • zoohero

            Yes i did but it wasn’t funny…

          • Yoshifan3

            well you still didnt have to mention EA. they dont have any relevance to this article, and should not of been brought up. you did it because the EA hate bandwagon is strong with nintendo fans right now.

          • zoohero

            Can’t really see ho made u the boss over what I want to right in my comment. But i brought it up because I think that they need to stop behaving like a bunch of babys just because Nintendo said no to their shitty online system. And i brought it up for another reason to, its to make a point on how 3rd party devs have so different ways to make fans of their games. EA Does not care for their fans one bit.

          • Yoshifan3

            ahhhhhhh ok. i wasnt trying to be a dick. sorry if i came across that way. i guess i didnt get your point lol. Cheers!

          • bistricky

            Interestingly, the very first game Slightly Mad Studios made was Need For Speed: Shift (in 2009) …. and the publisher was EA.

          • Rinslowe

            Thankfully it looks as though they were just surfing the event horizon. Had they been sucked into the black hole singularity that is EA. We would never have seen or heard from them again…

          • thanks for the intel, didn’t know that. actually pushes my trust in SMS’ skills in terms of creating racing games as I didn’t know what they are actually capable of. Now I’m starting to get kinda excited.

          • bistricky

            Yeah, SMS is an interesting dev. …… they only make racing games.

          • Clel

            How can you not love a company with the name ‘Slightly Mad Studios’? I’ve never played one of their games but I just love that name xD

          • D.M.T

            LOL me too.

          • true that. It’s a bit like DoubleFine. They should do a cooperation project, would look funny next to each other.

          • Actually they have relevance to that article. not directly, but they decided to not support the system with their racing games, slightly mad, a studio that hasn’t even had a publisher until a few days ago decided to support nintendo from scratch. It’s like David compared to Goliath, so sure, EA has relevance. I understand that you’re annoyed by EA-comments all the way, but that’s what it is, it’s annoying that things turned out like that. And it’s something that’s really bugging Nintendofans, no matter if they wanna admit it or not. Every N-Fan who keeps posting ‘WHO NEEDS EA?’ just shows how much he/she really needs them.
            As I said before, Most Wanted U and Mass Effect 3 are two of my greatest WiiU games. EA hasn’t made these games, they’ve just published them, so it’s kinda strange, people are always treating EA as some kind of developer who makes bad games anyways. It’s just not true, their policy surely encourages their studios to ruin their own games with money-driven mechanics, but still, they have some very good studios and people under contract, so I understand that emotions are a bit on the edge on that issue.

          • They actually are quite in the real world. Just not in a way that appeals to gamers. They are a multibillion$ company with only one goal: making more billion$. So from strategic and economic standpoints, I actually understand what they are doing, they just don’t understand, that just pushing shovelware, because it generates $ actually ruins the industry.

            Still, they are very aware of how that industry works and what they need to do to stay a multi. It’s not so nice for guys like us, as they shit on our system, but I wouldn’t expect Mc Donald’s to be interested in opening a restaurant in a ultra-pro-organic-food-community.

            Still as EA has acquired some very nice studios and trademarks over the past years, I wish they would support Nintendo more.

          • Rich Garriques


          • it’s bastards like McDonalds why food industry isn’t the same anymore.
            copypaste that sentence with starbucks + coffee, ikea + furniture and so on.

            Welcome to capitalism =)

            I’mnot covering EA, I just understand that they give a shit about the industries values, act only for their own sake and are ignoring the cultural value of videogames. Because money. And no matter how often people claim that EA is going to fall because of what they do, for instance not supporting the WiiU, I can ensure that they won’t. Not unless Michael Bay movies begin to fail or no one would go to mcdonalds anymore. These companies are just validating how to generate more money by spending less in a very big way and as long as money is the #1 fuel to run this world, money driven companies are going on to do what they are good at. I really do think it’s a waste of nerves to worry about that company that much. If EA wouldn’t be there, then it would be replaced by any other company. Ubisoft for example might be the more ‘friendly’ appealing company, but in the end, it’s also a huge publisher that mainly does, what their analysts and managers tell them to do. Every publisher in these dimensions sooner or later happens to be like that, because otherwise they’d never grown that big.

          • Clel

            In an ‘industry’ you want to make as much money as possible, and considering how much money they’re making off of the industry, then I think it’s fair enough to say they understand it. Getting how the industry works doesn’t mean knowing how to make games properly

  • Justin Carlson

    (happy dance)

  • Kuromad

    Call me a pessimist. The Wii U version is going to suck. Only platform not to have a x86 processor architecture, has subpar hardware and probably won’t even account for 1% of worldwide sales. I love the Wii U, but I wouldn’t even have released a Wii U version.

    • Jon Turner

      Oh really? Surely you haven’t heard that Slightly Mad is planning to maximize the WiiU version as much as they can. Oh, and WiiU isn’t as weak as you think.

      • Kuromad

        The definition of subpar is that it is not up to whatever it is compared with. And you can’t deny that fact. It means the developer needs to put effort in reducing reducing the graphical fidelity and while it still might look ‘good’, that costs a lot of money.

        Same with the different processor architecture. That doesn’t mean sh*t for the prowess. But as the only platform using it, it means they have to put effort in optimizing all code for just the Wii U. That also costs a lot of money.

        I’m just skeptical. It costs a lot of money to create a good Wii U version. Money they will never see returned (check vgchartz for all other multi platform releases). And be honest, with the Forza and GranTurismo francises, a true racing sim fan would probably own one of the other consoles as well and get this game for that system instead.

        • Mr Ninty

          are you from EA or are Mr Krabs? even if they lose money on the wiiu version they shouldn’t care. sure everbody wants to make money but a dent in the pocket is easier to handle then a dent in the image of the company

          • Kuromad

            I would love to be proven wrong on this one.

          • I actually feel you. It’s kinda strange, but maybe sooner or later they are gonna reveal anything regarding the WiiU version.

        • 504HotBoy

          They started on the Wii U version before the PS4 & Xbox One versions. It was originally PC, Wii U, PS3 & 360. The already talked about how they were going to take advantage of the Wii U hardware, spec wise and gamepad wise. They dropped the PS3 & 360 versions. Kept Wii U & PC. Also decided to add PS4 & Xbox One versions. So Wii U version isn’t being ported from the PS4 & Xbox One versions. Because it was in development first.

      • slightly mad always just told how great the wiiu was instead of ever posting any footage of that version. I guess it’s just marketing talk, of course they would never say anything bad about the game. I’d buy it if it would just look and play good for WiiU standards.

      • matthew garcia

        Your right but it’s still not going to look as good as the ps4 version

        • Dáibhí wotshissurname

          Duh? Same with any Wii U port of a game on PS4 game. Graphics would be downgraded yeah, but the game will still look good and be good on Wii U.

          • matthew garcia

            It will look good on Wii u. I’m still getting the ps4 version. Can’t wait for hyrule warriors

          • Keith

            Traitor!! lol no but seriously, ppl like you are why 3rd party developers are ignoring the Wii U. Let me guess….you have an IPhone because everyone believe it’s far superior than any Android available??

          • 504HotBoy

            You do know the Wii U version was in development before PS4 & Xbox One versions. Most likely those versions are enhanced upgraded ports.

          • Dáibhí wotshissurname

            Sorry, what I meant to say was that PS4 versions of games also on Wii U will more than likely look better on PS4.

        • If you think for even a second that the PS4 version is going to be so good that it “blows the Wii U version away” graphically then you sir are in for a rude awakening. It wont be much better looking on PS4 lol. Its a MULIPLAT, unless Slightly Mad actually went out of their way to make the PS4 version better then the Wii U and Xbox One versions it will look almost identical. If this was a exclusive then you can talk about it looking better then anothe exclusive, but Multiplats almost look identical.

          • 504HotBoy

            Exactly! Could people have really forgot that quick. Developers begin development on Wii U version first and was using it as it’s main platform and favoring it over the 360 & PS3 versions. They need to do some research. They dropped the 360 & PS3 versions, for PS4 & Xbox One instead. It’s a multiplatform game.

          • True. But even “better” resolution is a stretch, its 720p on all 3 consoles. Sure PC version is 1080p or higher.

          • Rich Garriques

            no just no , i know for a fact ps4 version will be 1080p at 60 , and xbox one probably around 1080p 30 ,
            wii u 720p 60

          • Nope. PS4 version is a port of the Wii U Version. It wont be. The PS4 has like 2 games at 1080p which is Killzone and Infamous, aka exclusives. I don’t see any multiplat getting to 1080p on the PS4 till 2016.

          • matthew garcia

            By the trend that has been going on I’m gonna say the ps4 version is gonna look better

          • 504HotBoy

            That’s without a doubt. Wii U version is already confirmed to run in native 720p. I’m sure the PS4 version will run in native 1080p. It will be better graphically, but minor, not majorly.

          • matthew garcia

            I’m not saying that it’s gonna be mind blowingly better. I’m just saying it will look better

          • 504HotBoy

            Of course it will. That’s undeniable. But people be tripping me out how they try to make 8th gen these super consoles and like they’re these huge leap over 7th gen.. I love my PS4 and it’s games by the way ……..http://postimg.org/image/5togblpyl/ But I’m not delusional or in denial. No 8th gen console (Wii U, PS4, Xbox One) have shown anything that blows 7th gen out the water yet. Exclusives or multiplat. They look better, but mostly having better resolution, more and better real time effects and a bit more detail. You know what’s a big leap. Resident Evil Remake on 6th gen Gamecube compared to Resident Evil on 5th gen Playstation. That’s what I call a huge leap. Until I see 8th gen consoles doing that, I’m go always say they’re a minor leap over 7th gen.

          • matthew garcia

            Yeah I think once games stop being cross gen and they just started concentrating on current gen they will look a lot better. Games like witcher 3

          • 504HotBoy

            I doubt it. I think the big problem is, they could have made these true next gen consoles with mind blowing graphics. But it would have been too expensive. So they made cheaper affordable consoles, with prettier graphics to stand out from the previous gen, but not to the point where it blows them out the water. People who are expecting the graphics to greatly improve over time are likely to be disappointed. As several developers have already stressed this out. CD Projekt Red is one of them. The Witcher 3 looks great (especially the PC version), but still not mind blowing.

          • Jon Turner

            And speaking of THE WITCHER 3, the arguments that the game can’t be done on WiiU: the folks behind that didn’t necessarily say that. IIRC, there WAS a post from IGN’s forums who stated that the developers said that they COULD put the WITCHER franchise on WiiU if they wanted to. So more holes in the argument.

          • Rinslowe

            Games aren’t static things that just “can or cannot” be ported in the literal sense. All games can be ported. They can all be scaled by degree’s of “effort” to any other comparable platform depending on the want, need and motivation to do so.
            It goes without saying that even the PS4 build of the game would require extensive optimisations and paring back, of a no’ of visual aspects, in order for it to run acceptably on Wii U.
            There are real limitations to the hardware when comparing it to PC/ PS4 and Xbox One directly…
            If there was anyone out there who believed the current version of the game could be simply ported to Wii U with the same texture quality, level of effects, resolution or framerate. Then they’d be kidding themselves.
            Having said that, with the right care and attention. And Wii U version of Witcher 3 could be made to look quite stunning in it’s own right. There is no doubt there’s enough grunt in Wii U, for W3 to exist…

          • matthew garcia

            So if ps4 is already behind then where does that leave Wii u in this day age when people care more about graphics then ever.

          • 504HotBoy

            The Wii U is in the same boat as the other 8th gen consoles. You’re so obsessed with Sony that you’re being blind to the fact. No matter how big a fan you are or what consoles you may own. You have to be honest and realize the reality of things. None of the 8th gen consoles are a major leap over 7th gen. NONE OF THEM! But it doesn’t matter because graphics still look great on all platforms. I’m old school and grew up in a era where deep game play and fun factor were the most important elements to a game. Hell I been playing games since the 2nd gen. For you to say that everybody only care for graphics now. Is a bit disturbing and kind of sad.

          • Nope. All console versions are 720p.

          • matthew garcia

            Lol I bet there not

          • the only important thing is the framerate. If the game on the WiiU is something compared to one of the PS3 Gran Turismos, I’d totally be fine with that, but it needs to run at a solid and high framerate like 40fps (or more if you want).

    • Dark Lord Sauron

      troll will be troll and are u a fortune teller no then stfu dude

    • x86 processor has not a damn thing to do with if a game “sucks”

    • Rich Garriques


    • Rinslowe

      I agree the hardware in Wii U is nothing to get excited about from a specs perspective. But it’ll get the job done. And I have faith in S.M.S’s. One of the guys that worked on NFSMW U is apparently the same guy working the back end for Project Cars. What that should mean for the Wii U build at the least is a stable framerate.

      So lets talk about your post. What’s interesting is that you’re touting practically off the shelf notebook generation x86 processors (Bobcat/ Jaguar) as reason for the Wii U version “sucking”?
      I don’t see the connection…
      And technically speaking, what’s so great about those x86 processors?

    • Quit calling the Wii U hardware subpar just because it is not x86. It terms of raw power it may be behind the x86 twins and all consoles are way behind PC but the Wii U has quite a bit of power behind it. PPC architecture has some advantages over x86 which is why Sony and Microsoft went that route in the past. Now that they have gone x86 people think they are so much more powerful which is not true. They are just weak ass PCs powered by netbook class processors and mid-range graphics.

    • Keith

      No, I won’t call you a pessimist. Arrogant, annoying, un-faithful & troll do come to mind though 😉

  • jjbredesen

    Next weeks news: Wii U version delayed for 2015

  • Krzysztof

    It’s a shame they dropped Rally mode. This game could really stand out from the crowd and I hope it will. Anyways, I can’t wait.

  • Alex Klingel

    Can’t wait!

  • http://calgarypctech.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/car-gif.gif

    You can believe, that this will be in my collection.

  • jhell

    wii u version for me

    • matthew garcia

      I love Nintendo but ps4 version for me

      • Justin Carlson

        What if there is some awesome use of the gamepad for the Wii U version? (I doubt it other than offscreen place and/or a map though.)

        • Peter Parker

          They said they were looking for cool ways tou ues the Gamepad, hopefully not only Off-TV Gameplay.

    • Robert Butters

      I want the Wii U version, but i am worried because the triggers aren’t analog and analog is almost required for good racing sims.

      • Peter Parker

        Well, they addressed this subject on this Interview: http://www.sensiblegaming.com/2013/09/interview-with-project-cars.html
        ” Gamers concerned over the digital triggers shouldn’t be – you can play Project CARS with keyboard keys that are inherently digital and we do input filtering to mimic the same effect as a pedal or analog trigger.”
        They also talked about some other things related to the Wii U version of the game and the game itself, so I’d advise you to check it out!

        • oontz

          “you can play Project CARS with keyboard keys”

          Why would anyone in 2014 play a racing game with keyboard keys??

          • Guest

            Someone that has the money for a High End Gaming PC but doesn’t have for a Xbox Controller lol

        • Robert Butters


  • bistricky

    I said it many times before …. Slightly Mad Studios kept the Wii U, when other devs turned their backs on it ……

    a game for just the 8th generation of consoles (and PC) …… AMEN! …….

    Day 1 buy ….. doesn’t matter to me if it will suck or will be GOTY …. gotta support this game all the way.

    Cheers 😀

    • In all honesty; I STILL can’t believe it. Just seems so *strange*; considering how many other devs have shunned the system because it’s “too weak”.


      If SMS could get THIS to run on the U; there really is no excuse.

      • Jon Turner

        Those guys will look REALLY stupid when they see this. If it succeeds on WiiU, we COULD potentially see such thirds have a change of heart.

  • Juilen Cardenas

    Whats better this or the crew?

    • oontz

      They are two completely different racing games.

  • greengecko007

    I’ll be waiting for reviewers and videos before throwing my money at this game, but I sure hope it is good. I’d love to have a gorgeous racing simulator on the Wii U.

  • I still have a hard time believing this is actually a game. the cars look so gorgeous as does the rest, seeing this video after 15 seconds I forgot it was a game. Unbelievable looks so insanely good, every game so far I have seen on PS4, X1, most PC games and WiiU games actually look like shit compared to this game, it’s that gorgeous. Although I’m no race fan, this game I will get anyway even if it’s only to support the developers for making this jewel of a game. Take my Money!

    • I guess I’m really the only one who’s not impressed how that game looks like on PS4/X1. It looks nice, good, call it whatever you like it, but for me it’s just another step on the ladder of visual evolution, and actually not a big one. Forza seems to also look quite good on x1.

    • great deku tree

      any multiplat game that’s going to PC as well will have gameplay from the PC version in the trailers so as to make it look the absolute best it can be. it won’t look like that in ANY of the console versions, regardless of whether it’s PS4, XBONE or wii u.

      regardless I’m probably going to get this day 1 for the wii u. this REALLY needs to sell well so that 3rd party developers can see that wii u owners do buy GOOD quality 3rd party games unlike some of the recent crap ports *cough* Transformers RotDS *cough*

  • Wouldn’t it be nice if they would finally show ANY footage of the WiiU version? In the meantime we even know how Zelda’s going to look like for chrissake.

    • Peter Parker
      • yeah, but sadly that doesn’t mean shit. It’s not that I doubt there would be a WiiU version in the works or that it might be good, I just think they are going to release it in 2015 after they finished developing the PS4 /X1-games.
        WiiU Gamepad optimization is going to demand some extra production time and from a strategic standpoint, Project Cars isn’t
        going to really sell that much on the WiiU, so they might not put such a heavy focus on that system.
        As with Watchdogs I’d be cool with that as long as the version we are getting (whenever we are getting it) is well done. I’d prefer a delayed but optimised game over a rushed one.
        Criterion showed with Most Wanted U, how a multiplatform racinggame can really work out on the WiiU, I’d like to see something similar. Doesn’t actually have to look unbelievably impressive, just needs to be fluid.

        • Peter Parker

          Well, the Wii U version was announced back in 2012, way before the PS4/XBO versions (and the consoles itself) were announced, so I personally don’t see why they’d just delay the game to 2015. And talking about the sales for the game, Project CARS has been more popular in both PC and Wii U’s gaming community, so I strongly think this won’t bomb on Wii U as many ppl think it will. Actually, it’s possible that the sales numbers on the Wii U might be even greater than PS4’s numbers, since this is the only major racing SIM on the Nintendo’s console, while the PS4 and XBO owners will have many more options on that department.

          • On the one hand, yeah, I just hope you’re right. On the other hand, many companies like ubisoft believed in the WiiU’s success back in 2012. Since then SMS could have changed their minds. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wanna say that’s what it’s going to be like. It’s more like I just won’t be surprised if a third party game isn’t giving his WiiU port too much priority. If they do, then they truly are supercool.

  • Michael Rowlands

    Nintendo needs this game to sell will on the wiiu… show 3rd party devs there games can sell……they need to push this game like they did Mario kart..

    • TheyCallHimBigAl

      Hopefully Bandai Namco puts some love into the Wii U port and doesn’t give us a half-assed scale down and cry foul when it doesn’t sell. But it’s good to see them give Nintendo something other than Pac-Man.

      • MujuraNoKamen

        The devs have always said they’re pushing the Wii U version as best as they can, no missing features, no fucked up graphics. These guys are really trying their best so credit to them 🙂

      • According to Slightly Mad Studios the game is not a port to the Wii U in the sense of what most games ported to the Wii U are. They developed this game on PC but worked with each platform to make it perform the best it can.

        Also Bandai Namco is just publishing it and they have nothing to do with the development as far as I know

      • Michael Rowlands

        i just think nintendo need to show 3rd partys that there games can sell will on the wiiu and they can do this by pushing this game…they need to say look we care about 3rd party and push then like they push 1rd party game….sony do it and so do microsoft..its the only why they are going to sell more wiiu

    • if the audience isn’t there, marktingcampaigns like MK8 won’t help. don’t wanna be too pessimistic and maybe it actually gets sold. But in the end, if some neutral gamer would have to choose the one system to play that game, would he/she initially choose the WiiU? I hardly believe that. So the main target audience for this game is: People who like Racing Simulators and only own a WiiU, no PS4/X1. It’s not like that’s nothing so I wouldn’t say it’s going to completely fail and by winter, the size of the WiiU’s userbase could have grown quite good. But promoting this game like a Mario Kart game, which meets about 90% of the WiiU’s audience’s demands wouldn’t be smart from a manager’s view.
      Nintendo could invest some money in exclusive content though and then keep hyping that game, especially for X-Mas. Still I doubt it’s really going to be successful, no matter what Nintendo’s doing about it.

  • janco tianno

    Last year I bought Fifa 13 for PC.

    This year I’ve bough AC4 for Wii U. I’ve never played an AC game before. Now I’m a big fan of the whole franchise. And probably I’ll play that on any other platform in the future.
    The sales of assassin’s creed weren’t terrible. I mean, if selling 250.000 untis (AC3) and 180.000 (AC4 to port the game!) is not profitable, the company needs to be restructured.

    The EA problem seems to be personal, really. Smarphones and Tablet games are really, really for casual gamers. They have a huge market, but not for complex games like EA does. And it is frustrating to hear that sometimes a simple game, made by a small team, with very simple 2D Graphics is making hundreds of millions…meanwhile, an amazing realistic game is making 2 or 3 millions after 1 year of work.
    But about EA, despite their wrong decisions, they are lucky the competitors are doing the same… Eg: while Fifa 14 and 15 could be losing its space, Konami didn’t try to fill it with PES (and won’t try). The space still exists…

    Anyway, Today we have Forza and Gran Turismo. Maybe with this decision Bandai Namco will create a legion of Project Cars Fans in the future.

  • felony211662

    The ultimate factor in my money going to this game will be a WiiU delay

  • TheAnimal Fleming

    Yeah cause only wii u delays their games

  • LJay

    Day one purchace for me 🙂 cant wait,i’ll never need my ps3 again if this is good.

  • LJay

    Anyone else see the mk1 Ford Escort!!!? Aww yeah! 😀

  • anthony optimo

    My body is ready.

  • great deku tree

    Good to see that there’s finally going to be a game that is SOLELY for all 8th gen consoles (and PC) and not including PS3/XBOX 360. is this the first game or have I missed one?

    • Decker Shado

      Not that I can think of off the top of my head. So many coming to PS4/XBO/PC, and not Wii U, I feel like I would have noticed any other.. but I haven’t. :/

  • Rinslowe

    Sold. Done Deal. I will be buying both the Wii U version and PC at the same time.
    Facing them off and enjoying the online aspects. Nov. Great news.

    • Decker Shado

      I’m looking forward to Project Cars for Wii U, but I’m afraid with the wealth of other games coming around that time (and the fact that my budget is.. very limited, for such things) I’m afraid I’ll have to leave this one on the back burner for a while.

      At least I can say I’ll buy Project Cars before Watch_Dogs. Of course, that’s like bragging I’ll buy Project Cars before Fifa.. as if I was going to anyway, at this point…

      • Rinslowe

        At least it’s on your radar. And sounds as though your budget is working fine for gaming. Just there’s other priorities first. I can respect that.

  • MrMindcrime

    Kudos Wii U Daily, you got more comments than ever. Thank you people for making such a great site.

  • ben

    I hope this is as good as the devs said. If I remember correctly Slightly mad have been praising the wii u for over a year, they said they were having more problems with the PS4 and the XBox 1 than the Wii U. I read they used the GPU over the cpu and didnt port the wii u version, they built it from the ground up. I really hope they did, because I cant think of a realistic racer for any Nintendo console, this game could be huge on the WII u in Japan.

  • leo

    I will support by buying this game . I just hope there’s a eight-six TRUENO lol

  • leo

    Is there a racing set for wiiu? A wheel and pedals?

  • 2Макс2

    too bad wii u has no analog triggers((

  • oontz

    Man I remember when this was state of the art, and the graphics blew me away! We have come along way since then. It’s been amazing being able to experience the evolution of gaming over the past 30 years.

    • bistricky

      Man, Test Drive ………….. memories. 😀

    • I thought this was a video of EA’s effort on a port of NFS Rivals for Wii U!
      Sorry, I had to.

      I remember playing that and thinking the graphics were amazing!

      • This joke doesn’t really work as Need For Speed: Most Wanted U actually is one hell of a great port.

        • That’s why I said Rivals, as that has no way of making it to Wii U and wasn’t made by Criterion, I own Most Wanted, it is awesome but that’s because Criterion gave a crap about their products not EA.
          EA just acted as a publisher and couldn’t even do that right.

        • bistricky

          Criterion did a great job on Need For Speed: Most Wanted U ….. I knew I would like the game when I heard the intro music by Muse ….. perfect.

          • Criterion never failed to deliver. I really hope they are gonna find another publisher one day.

  • TomDobo

    I don’t know what to get this on. Maybe I’ll get it on…..

  • FutureFox

    I have to say this is the only racing game I’ve been excited about since Ridge Racer.

  • Darkness

    Wow just amazing! I can’t believe Nintendo might actually get a big boy racing game. Need for Speed was complete garbage and Mario Kart 8 is too toddler for me.

    I’m excited for this game!

    • Gameonfool

      Mario kart 8 is fun and looks like candy but yeah it’s nice to get a real racing game. Also it’s being made for ps4 and xbone so we shall see how the wii u really stands graphically.

      • Darkness

        I hope the graphics for the Wii U are just as good as it is for PS4. Plus I hope we get all the same features and aren’t left out like what happen with CoD BO2 :$

        • Gameonfool


        • oontz

          “I hope the graphics for the Wii U are just as good as it is for PS4.”

          I wouldn’t bet on that.

    • Rinslowe

      Need for Speed was far from garbage in any way, shape or form…
      Maybe it wasn’t for you. But it was still a decent effort from Criterion. That goes for all platforms…

      • Darkness

        If the game wasn’t garbage why did it sell so poorly or why would they drop the price dramatically ($15-20)? Online was horrible and the only thing I liked was the graphics. Kinda like MK8

        • Rinslowe

          Those two points aren’t as related as you’d like to believe. It sold nearly 3.5m copies between the 360 and PS3. It only sold a little over 100k on Wii U supposedly. And it’s obvious why. The market wasn’t there for it. It was also late to market on the Wii U – like most ports. And it was sold at a premium. Online being horrible is your opinion being noted. I thought it was ok. Not great, not horrible just OK.
          I can respect you see both NFS and Kart as being in the same boat. Just hope you don’t think your opinion applies to the majority. Pretty certain it doesn’t.

  • Roaming Pear

    It would be cool to see an AE86 car in this game…. That would be really cool I think… I saw some drifting in this game, so that is why I thought about that car…

    • leo

      AE86…..Eight-Six…..Trueno ….. Initial D

  • Rich Garriques

    im supporting slightly mad studios and buying their game on wii u , they are one of the third party devs that stayed true to nintendo.

  • HorizonChaser

    You know what would be some cool DLC for this? Being able to race Batmobiles.

  • smithy501

    To be fair in respects to all systems this will look amazing , I will look forward to the comparisons but at end of the day this will rock no denying that

  • beez1717

    And when will they show the Wii U screen shots?

  • iamserious

    Dang I actually don’t like the Gran Turismo simulation style racing games. Too bad cuz this looks really cool.

  • oontz

    This game looks cool, I really like the idea of starting a racing career with go- carts and working all the way up to F1. Has any other game let you do that?

  • Epicstuf

    “REALISTC FHYZICKS! WHY NO SEA ITO!” what most graphic whores ask for.

  • matt
  • William Cole

    And EA+ other 3p companies complain… why?