Oct 7th, 2013

Slightly Mad Studios have been hard at work on the latest iteration of Project CARS, with several Wii U improvements released. The above footage is not taken from the Wii U, but it is a comparison to show what a real life F1 speedway looks like in the game, versus the real thing it’s based on. It’s a pretty accurate representation and F1 fans should be happy to see the comparison.

Here’s a sample of what’s recently been worked on for the Wii U version of the game.

  • Wii U Thread Setup for RVM/Envmap and Phase3 rendering
  • Wii U – tweaked Gamma down again
  • HUD Mirror rendering optimised for WiiU – uses it own aliased targets for phase1/2/3, removing a texture copy. Increased Mirror resolution + all in MEM1
  • Wii U Increased thread priority for RenderThreads
  • Wii U – various command buffer call state fixes + redundant sampler setting caching
  • Wii U warning fix (CarPreviewObject)
  • Rain lighting corrected – ambient-and-shadow buffer alias created for particles shadowing
  • Wii U shader parameter setting optimisations
  • Support for rendercontext SlopeScale bias (polygon offset in GX2 speak) : fixes shadow z-fighting/motherships
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  • Petri

    I don’t really like to play racing games, especially realistic ones without wheel and pedals.
    I hope Nintendo adds support to logitech G27 or something.

    • Zuxs13

      i believe you can use any USB wheel on the WIi U at the moment.

      • Petri

        Been trying to look in to it every once in a while, but haven’t seen any confirmation anywhere.

        • Ben Cook

          The devs have said they have always had a wheel as an option for past games and they said they would like one on the wii u. But, as you said, no confirmation yet.

          • Petri

            Not sure, but maybe Nintendo would have to do something about that.
            On Wii, USB interface was some special kind, so not just any USB device could work on it.

          • Ben Cook

            Well, let’s hope it will be an option. To me, that means this game is a serious racing sim. Without it I just don’t know if it will hold up to Forza and GT as far as console racers. But I’m buying this game either way on day one either way

  • Ducked

    This game is going to look amazing, but I’m not a fan of F1 cars.

    • Thankfully this game does have more than just F1 racing.

      • Ducked

        I just read past articles on this game, didn’t know about that :p

    • Nintedward

      F1 is the bleeding edge of Racing. What is there not to like? Going round a corner at 180MPH? 😛

      • Ducked

        The fact that I’d be bleeding from crashing multiple times at 180MPH lol

        • NkoSekirei

          or die in a fiery explosion and u see someone loses a limb

          • Ducked

            Yeah that too…

          • thejam216

            but at least roast duck 😉

  • Hulkamania

    this will be a nice alternative for Gran Turismo

    • Ducked

      And Forza

    • GuardiansFan

      agreed but i think they messed up the colors on the live footage to make their game look better. Not taking anything away from the game footage but i kept looking at the live footage wondering why it was so crappy

  • Archiq09

    This game look very amazing. I want it since wii u version confirmed.

  • Huh,both look very nice,but they are different when we talk about shading.Still, it’s going to be great game!

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    The most visible difference is that the head of the pilot moves much more in the real thing 😀
    I like those technical details they gave, looks like they are optimising for our Wii U !

    • Sonic the Hedgehog

      If this game plays at 60fps like my upcoming game, Wii U is WAY BEYOND cool!

      • Sydney Ultrasyd

        Hi Sonic, I will buy your game for sure then 😀 (even though I think you were looking better back in 1991)

        • Sonic the Hedgehog

          Man! Does anybody else like the post-puberty me?

          • Nintendofreak


          • Mario

            I’ll like you no matter how you look Sonic!

      • Zuxs13

        Its supposed to be 30fps at 720p on the Wii U, unless they can upgrade from what they originally targeted.

        • Rinslowe

          I’ll never understand why people feel the need to downvote facts?
          Yes the game is confirmed (by the dev’s themselves) to be running at native 720p 30 on Wii U.
          Considering NFSMW U was also 30fps I can’t see how this is bad news?

          It’s looking to be a stunner in any case, day one purchase for me!

          • Zuxs13

            I know this was news like 6 months ago. The game still looks great regardless

        • Iván Enrique Garcerant Tafur

          good enough.

          • Zuxs13

            from the videos of it out there on the WIi U it looks good enough

  • uPadWatcher

    I’m glad that Slightly Mad Studios have tweaked some additional features in the Wii U format of Project CARS. Although they’re still aimed at 30 fps in HD, it’s still gonna be THE ultimate driving experience on Nintendo’s HD console in 2014.

  • Looks almost like the real deal. Nice 🙂 to bad I’m also no fan of racing games myself, if I was I would have supported project cars by buying it day one.

  • JBeauregard

    This looks amazing

  • Aaron Pollard

    I actually spent a few seconds trying to determine which was real, until I paused and looked for a few seconds

    • same here

    • Iván Enrique Garcerant Tafur

      virtual worlds have a tendency to be to much clean. beside that, this game is so real as we can wish.

  • Guy Brohski

    I hope that Wii U owners don’t expect the game to look like this, because Project CARS is always demoed on high end PCs running max settings. Expect the Wii U to be low settings, if it ever releases at all.

    • Elem187

      Low settings? Doubtful… Look at the change log, Nextgen shaders enabled, real time dynamic lighting and shading. It will look damn good. The only difference is it will be 720p @ 30fps, but it will look night and day better than any game on the sub HD twins.


    Imma get it for ps4 if they have it and compare it on WIIU GAME HAS MY RESPECT


    They put their time into making this game, imma buy it.

  • MetroidZero

    I play Nascar Racing 2003 Season and that game is a pretty good simulator. Now THIS game, looks great. Probably a day once purchase for me.

  • Shigeru Miyamoto

    I’ve been waiting and I’ll keep waiting as long as it takes for this game. I can’t wait to play this on my Wii U

  • Iván Enrique Garcerant Tafur


  • oontz

    Is this supposed to be impressive?

  • Donato Camino

    It is awesome, what amazes me is that the real life footage is less detailed than the videogame footage, but the movements of the driver are much more fluid in the real life. I’m really happy with this project is going to be on Wii U.