Jun 12th, 2013


In our E3 hands-on video you got to see Super Mario 3D World, which has Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess as playable characters. We figured that roster of characters was inspired from the original Super Mario Bros. 2 here in America, but it turns out Princess Peach wasn’t always planned to be a playable character. Game director Koichi Hayashida stated that Peach wasn’t planned as a character, but the game’s producer Yoshiaki Koizumi insisted on including her.

“I think she adds a lot to the sense of competition when you get in multiplayer. You can have different people choosing different characters based on their personality or whoever they like. And Princess Peach is just really a lot of fun to play!”

Super Mario 3D World is currently being shown off at E3 2013. You can check out our hands-on footage and let us know what you think about the decision to add Princess Peach to the game in the comments below.

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  • That is an unexpected message.

    • But it’s fun to see that Peach is playable!

      • Mario

        I haven’t played with Peach in a while! I guess I will once the game’s released.

  • wober2

    Weird they feel like they have to defend that decision. I thought it was weird and lazy there was two toads in mario bros u. Not having a playable female character seems borderline sexist..

    • Saleh Sbeiti

      How is that sexiest?

    • zerooooo

      Its not sexist… Peach was playable in SMB3, and in new smbU the objective was to save her so why would she be playable there?

      • wober2

        Well the whole damsel in distress thing is naturally sexist… http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=X6p5AZp7r_Q

        • bizzy gie

          But Zelda gets her name in the main title even though Link does all the saving. Clearly Nintendo isn’t sexist.

          • wober2

            I am hoping for a stealth game as Shiek some day. Rescue link from chickens…

        • Well I didn’t bother to watch the whole video but the part I did watch they somehow forgot the other side of the story were Female are the heroes.

          Zelda: CDi game
          Metroid: Wasn’t it Samus who saved the UNIVERSE like 9 times allready and isn’t she female.
          Resident Evil franchise: Ada Wong, Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, Rebecca Chambers etc. etc.
          Bayonetta Franchise.

          And we can go on like forever from that point of view. But that’s just me I suppose 🙂

          • wober2

            Samus is the best example in my opinion. She was not used for sexual appeal either. I think there are exceptions but generally games are pretty sexist.

            Zelda CDI was just sooo bad… and not developed by nintendo. For being more then half the world’s population there is a general lack of girl heroes. It is getting better, but video games are worst then most industrys.

          • JB

            Ahhh Zelda CDI… I wonder why I haven’t burned that yet… HAHA.

            Though Zelda’s not a playable character, it seems she’s always have had an integral role in aiding link to save Hyrule. She’s always been more than the standard “Damsel in Distress” and Link’s assistants, whether it’s Navi, Minda or Fi always seemed to play a role in getting Link to where he needs to go. If we as players were controlling Link, he’d probably be stuck in the Lost Woods or something… LOL

          • zerooooo

            Lol you think everything is sexist…

          • JB

            Lol. Actually it’s something I had never really thought about or analyzed. I just like playing video games. 🙂

          • wober2

            Actually replaying through Super Metroid why does dying make her tear off her suit. This seems weird to me and a bit uncomfortable.

          • Don’t die and she won’t have to 😛 but yeah true point there, however if you use the powerbomb trick to recharge Samus’s energy lvl’s etc, she will also tear of the suit to magically put it back on again fully charged.

            And she does wear a flight suit underneath the powersuit so it’s not like she’s naked or anything, more like on a Beach in a bathing suit.

            Edit: Adjusted some typos from desktop, posted first time from cellphone and it supports both dutch and english at the same time so often converts dutch words to english words and visa versa.

          • Andreas Sunde

            She is acctually naked in the originial Japanese version. It was censored for the west.

          • JB

            Princess Peach even had her own video game.. on the DS I think. Where she had to save Mario…

          • wober2

            She cried soooo much in that game! She had so many female stereotypes applied to her.

          • Mark P

            That CDI game doesn’t make things progressive. In fact, the CDI game doesn’t even exist in my book.

        • Mr.Johnson

          I believe the lady in this video took a more positive approach and response to that video:

          • wober2

            Awesome I enjoyed this. I do agree that she found arguments against Anita’s but I do think Anita’s general premise holds up. I definitely disagree about not needing to play as a female character as being of equal importance as the playable character. I think these tropes are getting boring and as more women continue to work in the industry we will see more playable female characters.

          • Mr.Johnson

            I’m glad you enjoyed it. I just really loved her description of the Zelda character, but I also disagree about not needing to play as a female character as being of equal importance as the playable character.

          • wober2

            I did really love her descriptions! So eloquent, and spoken like a true fan.

          • Mr.Johnson

            It definitely was. I just didn’t want my fellow female gamers feel left out, and believe that 99% of video games today doesn’t have strong female characters in them. And you’re definitely right about the more women continue to work in this industry, the more we’ll see playable female characters.

    • Clel

      Right. And if the playable characters in NSMBU had been Peach, Daisy, Toadette, and Rosalina, then that would definitely not be sexist.
      You sound like FeministFrequency.

      • wober2

        I agree with her, and yeah it wouldnt be because the game exists in a larger cultural context. As a running tally it is not fair how often guys culture is the “norm” in video games. Especially when nintendo says they want to be inclusive of all players, yet give no female option to relate to.

    • thedeciderU

      bringing that into a mario game is lame

    • wober2

      It is interesting to me that anytime something might be insensitive in a video game the fans absolutely reject it. A game can be really good and still have a sexist element. I love Mario Bros, awesome game and level design… I tend to think Peach’s character is annoying reliant on mario as a plot device. Why even have a plot?

  • Saleh Sbeiti

    But who will be kidnapped?!??!?!?!?!?!?

    • Petri

      Maybe they just want to go postal on Bowser?
      Preemptive strike.

    • Maybe nobody.But this game might have a different storyline.

      • wober2

        I really hope so, I think the peach kidnapping is kind of lame. They dont even try to tell a story about it either, just go through a world map.

    • Who knows.

    • Clel


      Captain Falcon kidnaps Bowser.

      • Joel

        Congratulations, you have won the internet.

      • Jon

        wow… that just made me laugh

      • JB

        Haha! Yes!

    • Guhtere

      Yellow Toad?

    • GuardiansFan

      its another dream…this time a dream in HD 🙂

      • Saleh Sbeiti


    • Super Buu


    • RockieOllie

      Well isn’t it obvious!

      • MTGSWE

        Brilliant 😀

      • Shaise Mughal

        what if wart comes back?


    The characters are the same as in Super Mario Bros 2 (US VERSION) Cool with different abilities again 😀

  • Graham Gillman

    Wait, why is mario adventuring then? Peach is safe!

    • thedeciderU

      it’s all a dream!

      • Petri

        Mario gets some action with Peach, and it always ends up being a dream.

    • everyone

      Have to save the yellow toad

  • chrusto

    My daughter is ready

    • gamesplayswill

      The images in my head then….

  • thedeciderU

    haha is this really news? the headline is repeated a couple times in the first few sentences 🙂

  • chrusto

    My daughter is ready 😀

  • vGameOn

    I have a daughter who is excited to have her in it playable, so it’s great. There are a lot of girl gamers out there, so it’s nice to have a female character playable (if not Peach, than Daisy, Toadette, Rosalina, etc)

  • They need to retire that idiotic princess.

    • Zeldatrek

      Please Mr. Troll don’t eat me. Look I’m way too scrawny. Eat my brothers their way meatier than I am.

      • zerooooo

        I bet they are pussy cat xP

        • Zeldatrek

          We’re not cats.

          • zerooooo

            Oh sorry I was just reffering to you being a scrawny pussy and all. No offence to the other guy.

    • andrewjcole

      You need to retire from this site. Quit giving unnecessary negative comments.

  • Scott

    They were probably going to have Yellow Toad in Peach’s place. That explains why they’re using Blue Toad instead of Red Toad.

    • Arthur Jarret

      Maybe the entire mushroom kingdom gets kidnapped… All the red toads and that old toad retainer dude (woodsworth?) are all kidnapped…

  • Jeffery02

    There are 3 reasons why I think a playable Peach is a good idea:
    1) She’s perfect for female gamers that are tired of always having to play a guy
    2) Having the nostalgia of having the same roster as SMB2 (Or Doki Doki Panic American Edition) and
    3) She’s not in distress which breaks away from the overused story IMO
    Seriously, I love the games where Mario has to save the actual kingdom, or someone else, and not the Princess. Super Mario RPG was amazing, Mario and Luigi games are a breath of fresh air, and Super Mario Land didn’t feel like same old same old.

  • ChiwawaBoi

    I bet daisy is gonna be pissed!

  • Juhis815

    At least I’m very thankful it doesn’t resort on that same tired idea of Save-the-damsel-in-distress that we have seen countless times before.

  • Metroid33slayer

    Yellow toad got sacked.