Jan 2nd, 2014


At the end of 2012, the staff here at Wii U Daily made several predictions as to what we’d see for the coming year. Now that 2014 is finally upon us, it’s time to look back at 2013 and see how many of our predictions came true. Some of these were off the wall silly, while others were rooted in more sensible territory. So without further ado, let’s dig into the last year of the Wii U.

10. Wii U Achievements


Nintendo has shocked us by remaining steadfast in the no achievements camp. Some games on Wii U have remedied this by including what are called accolades for that particular game, with moments that can be shared on Miiverse, but this is still not a system-wide achievement system similar to what Microsoft or Sony have for their consoles. Bummer. Perhaps this is something we’ll see released in 2014 as the Wii U heads into its second year.

9. Wii U cross-game chat

This was another prediction based on functionality that was included in other competitor’s consoles. The Xbox 360 was the only console of its generation to offer the feature, but now that next-gen is now current-gen, the Wii U is the only console that doesn’t have a party chat feature of similar caliber. The real issue here is that Nintendo’s online multiplayer isn’t as robust as its competitors, so perhaps when this is worked out we’ll see some sort of cross-game chat available on the Wii U.

8. Wii U homebrew takes off

Wii U homebrew

This seemed like a sensible prediction since before we listed our top ten predictions, a homebrew channel for Wii U was already available. We figured the hackers would release it and people would get around to hacking their Wii U with the same ease that the Nintendo Wii was hacked last generation. That turned out not to be the case this year, as notable hacker group fail0verflow decided not to release their work publicly.

Nintendo probably breathed a sigh of relief at this, but that doesn’t mean the Wii U isn’t being hacked in other ways. Just a few days ago we wrote a news post about a group of intrepid hackers who have gotten the Wii U GamePad to work with streaming PC games. We’ll consider this one half-true.

7. Nintendo/Apple Deal

Consider this one rooted in the fantasy minds of twelve year olds everywhere. The prediction stated that Nintendo and Apple would reach a deal for iTunes to be available on the Wii U, which hasn’t happened. We’re inclined to believe that neither company is willing to work with the other, since Apple’s mobile devices are considered primary targets for the Nintendo 3DS.

You won’t see Mario on an Apple device and don’t plan on listening to your iTunes music collection on your Wii U, either.

6. Wii U Virtual Console


This one came true, as the Wii U virtual console was finally released to the public. The rate at which games have been made available has been nothing short of abysmal, and the catalogue is far from the “full-featured” catalogue we predicted back in December of 2012. Still, it’s here for better or for worse.

5. Wii U and 3DS cross functionality

3ds miiverse

This one also came true, in the form of Nintendo Network IDs being able to be utilized on the Nintendo 3DS in order to united balances between the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. Additionally, a Miiverse app was released for the Nintendo 3DS, making it possible to share screenshots and talk about Nintendo 3DS games on Nintendo’s social network. It only took Nintendo nearly all year to release it, but it’s here!

4. Miiverse on smartphones and PC


While we expected to have an official Miiverse app for the App Store and Google Play by now, we’ll take whatever we can get. In 2013, Nintendo made Miiverse accessible through any browser, so you can browse the service away from your Wii U. You still need a Wii U in order to create an account, but now Miiverse posts can be readily shared to other social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. We’re still waiting on that official app, which is something that might come in 2014.

3. Brand new Nintendo franchise will be announced


While many people expected to see something new from Nintendo in the form of franchises, the company actually played the 2013 year very conservatively. We did have a few announcements for new games, including the much anticipated X game from Monolith Soft. We’re not certain if it’s a new franchise or not and it’s not directly from Nintendo, but plenty of people are really excited about it.

So how about Nintendo? Did they reveal a game with a new franchise? Yes and no. Yarn Yoshi is a new game featuring an old character in an entirely different setting, so we’re inclined to consider it a new franchise even though Kirby’s Epic Yarn preceded the game. Regardless of whether you consider this a new franchise or not, Miyamoto has stated several times that he’s working on something new for fans.

2. No news on Mario Kart or Metroid Wii U


Well, consider this one half-true. We got plenty of news about the new Mario Kart game for Wii U and even got to play it at E3. It’s an interesting looking game with new mechanics that’ll likely please the Mario Kart crowd.

However, Nintendo has been very silent about a new Metroid title for Wii U. Hopefully that’s something we’ll see in 2014.

1. Nintendo reveals Zelda and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U


Once again, another half-true prediction. While we didn’t get an all new Zelda title for the Wii U, Nintendo did reveal the remake of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker in HD form, leading to one of the biggest releases for the Wii U this year. It even launched with its own special edition Wii U bundle. Additionally, Nintendo revealed an entirely new Zelda game, though the honor went to the Nintendo 3DS instead of the Wii U.

Super Smash Bros. was also revealed in more detail and we’ve been getting daily updates on the progress of the game, including several new announcements for characters that will be available in the newest iteration of the brawler. The Villager from Animal Crossing, Wii Fit trainer, and Rosalina are perhaps the most surprising editions.

Overall, we did pretty well in our predictions. Some of them came true just as we predicted, while others were off by a long shot. Overall we’re pleased with the direction of the Wii U and look forward to spending another year with whatever Nintendo has in store for us.

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  • Virus6

    How was number 1 not correct? They revealed Hyrule Warriors did they not? Still technically a Zelda game

    • It’s more of a Dynasty Warriors game with a Link skin, to be honest.

      • greengecko007

        I’m really hoping that the developers put more Zelda concepts in the game than their currently are. As it stands, it’s like you said. Not a crossover, but a Dynasty Warriors game with a Zelda paint job.

        • Laud

          Once again, it’s just Dynasty warriors with a Zelda paint job. What exactly makes you better than the Sony drones who claim Nintendo is rehashing their games? You judge the game without it being out and without playing it. Already calling it a copypaste game without knowing anything other than what the trailer showed, the trailer of the game that doesn’t even have a set title.

          • greengecko007

            I have every right to judge a video game trailer. I understand that the game is in its very early stages, and I am remaining hopeful that the game brings in more elements from the Zelda franchise. However, the trailer showed only what looks like a very typical Dynasty Warriors but instead using the Zelda universe.

            “What exactly makes you better than the Sony drones who claim Nintendo is rehashing their games?”

            I don’t even know how to respond to this… where is this even coming from?

      • Laud

        Well, it has a Link skin but it also features the Hyrule settings, Zelda characters, and enemies doesn’t it? I don’t think you can judge the game with just 1 minute of gameplay footage and nothing more.

        • FutureFox

          No puzzle dungeons means not a true Zelda successor. Spinoff is more the like with this title.

          • Laud

            Obviously it’s a spin-off but that’s besides the point which is that this is a game set in the Zelda universe. Maybe not canonical but that doesn’t matter, it should count as a Zelda game. Unless you don’t count the capcom games as Zelda games then you can’t say that.

      • EhenTi LaNero

        EhenTi LaNero@overlordror:disqus
        it’s a zelda game if it was a dynasty warriors game he would just be a featured character… and the other warriors would be on it to… it’s just a zelda game with more action… i see it as another part to a story… think about it from the LEGEND OF ZELDA til SKYWARD SWORD in all the games beginning to end you fight how many soldiers 100-200… this is a time of castles and kings… you know they got more soldiers then that on the battlefield… and that was playing start to finish any of the past zelda games… i think it needed this… completes the story…

      • Shota

        Link skin lol. it has zelda music ,enemy , hyrule and REAL Link. dynasty warriors engine yes. link skin? no

      • Its a Zelda game with Dynasty Warriors gameplay πŸ˜‰

    • Guest

      That’s not a Zelda game. It’s an action game which features Link.

      • RecheDiazrivarola

        the name is ZELDA hyrule warriors.

        • Laud

          It’s just Hyrule warriors, but the title isn’t even set.

          • Shota

            he said the japanese version of the name

    • Flawless Victory

      Nope..it’s a spin off.

  • LoZ4life98

    Nintendo won’t have a Xbox party system or whatever that chat system is on the Wii U ever. After the Swapnote problem, they would never allow something like that to happen again. Heck, they won’t even allow direct messaging on the 3DS!!!

  • BIG Franky

    So do you plan on making 2014 predictions, Ashley? that might be worthy of a post…

    • I do. I want to give current contributors a chance to make their predictions to be included, so it might not go up until tomorrow.

  • greengecko007

    I still think the Wii U could benefit from an achievement system. Nintendo is already fond of ingame achievements and challenges. The next logical step is to integrate that into an online system.

    • Your right we should do it and will do it, Il see you in the January direct πŸ˜‰

      • Yousif Alromaithi

        I hope it’s true Reggie. Nintendo did awesome this year.

      • Joe Jack

        Il see you at the January Direct too, Reggie! My Body Is Ready!

  • Jared Garcia

    1 prediction for came true. Nintendo did release one hell of a Mario game. Next year is going to a crushing year for those haters. Big games and big plans.

  • Chong

    Wii u is king ….ps4 and Xbox are nothing special at all…….wii u will dominate…….

    • Superstick98

      What are you talking about? The PS4 is amazing. And so is the Wii U. Xbox One is good in it’s own way too.

      • Chong

        Cost is to high for nothing .i don’t need the blue ray in it……wii u is the future…….

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          It’s because there will be games for both later on. Wii U was in this same boat. Don’t be a hypocrite my friend. Sounds to me you are either upset that both are doing this well, or you possibly can’t afford one? I’m going to guess you are being a fanboy or a troll as it clearly shows. All three consoles have a lot to offer. It’s a pity that you think only one has value. That’s your loss. πŸ™‚

          • Chong

            No ,you are wrong for sure……all your paying high dollars for on the. Xbox and ps4 is the blue ray lol and I could by all 3 but chose the wii u like many to play games and all the stuff you get on the wii u and free and. Sony and x box already beats you on the price then charges for the stuff on the system ….

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Judging by your response back. You are clearly ignoring that the Wii U isn’t much different. You are paying for DLC on select Wii U games are you not? For example, PS Plus on PS3 and PS4 is worth the price since you get a lot of good discounts and even free games to play to go along with it. Most of all, I don’t have to pay for youtube, crackle or netflix which is free without PS Plus on those consoles, Microsoft I could partially agree with you on since you need gold to use those apps. I also love blu ray, and the fact that I can have a ps3 and a blu ray player combined saves me money to have to buy it separately.

            Just face it my friend, you are defending your Wii U fandom quite a lot. Besides, as much as Wii U is a good system, you are missing the fact that PS4 and Xbox One recently launched and won’t have a huge library for a while. It took Wii U a while to even get where it is now. This is how it’s easy to tell you’re biased. What you say is only subjective at best. Facts and opinions are two different things. All three consoles have a lot to offer. As said, it’s your choice on what you feel is worth buying, but at the same time, you miss out on good experiences. Bye bye now. πŸ˜›

          • Rinslowe

            This guy’s avatar was created yesterday, lol. Only an idiot would bait such an obvious troll. He’ll be one of the regular posters here from Wii U daily that has something against the platform..
            Funny I thought that was you at first glance, seeing as though it fits the MO. But why would you hold such a conversation with yourself?
            So, there is still a possibility it’s not.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            The fact that you worry so much as to who people are is amusing. Lol. Accounts are created everyday by new and possibly current members. Seeing as you’re trying to make a subtle accusations, means you are trying to cause a ruckus over a hunch. I could go all day on having hunches on how many accounts you may have, but I have better thoughts on my mind right now than pondering on who is who on here. It just tells me you’re commenting for the sake of trouble.

            If you’re not, then discuss something that relates to the subject matter, otherwise, you only prove my point. πŸ™‚

          • Rinslowe

            “. It just tells me you’re commenting for the sake of trouble.”
            You’re a phenomenal asshole. And you are right about one thing Gonzalez, lol… You do indeed reap what you sow.
            Classic hypocrisy as you engage so willfully in spite of your own advice…

        • Rinslowe

          You are a troll. Attempting to show that Nintendo trolls do in fact exist on Wii U Daily. Plainly created yesterday after a set of comments…
          You realise that not one intelligent individual takes this fraudulent nonsense serious enough to believe it right?

          You are obviously not a Nintendo supporter at all. LOL

    • mojack411

      I can’t tell if this is reverse trolling or not but it’s these kinds of comments that give Nintendo fans a bad rep. Yes the Wii U is great and hands down the most innovative console of the generation but that’s not to say the PS4 and XBone don’t have their own merits as well. Your reasoning for you logic in the reply below only applies to your personal tastes and personal tastes alone aren’t going change the entire market.

      • Chong

        There is no trolling it’s just facts….

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          “Wii u is king ….ps4 and Xbox are nothing special at all…….wii u will dominate……”

          If PS4 or Xbox One weren’t special, then I don’t think sales for those two consoles wouldn’t be that high right now. What you are saying is just your opinion. Also, what is special to you or the next person is subjective. If not trolling on your part, it’s obviously you are misinformed. πŸ˜›

          • Leo

            If PS4 or Xbox One weren’t HYPED TO DEATH, then I don’t think sales for those two consoles wouldn’t be that high right now. πŸ˜›

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Time will tell. Opinions don’t get us anywhere when it comes to sales. πŸ˜›

    • Rinslowe

      δ½ ζ˜―δΈ­ε›½δΊΊε—οΌŸ ζˆ‘θ§‰εΎ—δ½ δΈζ˜―
      ε―θƒ½δ½ ζ˜―δΈ€δΈͺιžεΈΈη¬¨θ›‹ηš„δΊΊε―Ήε—οΌŸ

      ε―ζ˜―ζ―”δ½ θͺ明很倚!

  • Javy G

    On that #2: If that’s in poster form, I want it! Yarn Yoshi looks beautiful, that project is the best kept secret so far.

  • wober2

    i was thinking more games were going to release, especially during spring and summer, for the wiiu. At least more virtual console releases… I also thought that the fall update was going to fix some in-inefficiencies and annoyances with the Wiiu UI. Thought there would be more indie releases in the eshop.

    Just had higher hopes for the wiiu in 2013. Things got better towards the end… WiiU2014!

  • One prediction by many so called analysts and Nintendo haters did NOT come true. The Wii U did NOT fail in 2013 and was not discontinued. It actually had a decent holiday sales season instead.

    • Leo

      Looking at your avatar i predict that Majora’s Mask Remake will be released at some point in 2014, either for WiiU or the 3DS. My bet still is for the 3DS though.

      • It has definitely been requested enough. I would actually love if they made some sort of Ocarina of Time and Majora’s mask for the Wii U virtual console. I love my 3DS but games like that I much rather play on my 60″ LCD TV

        • jjbredesen

          Yeah it would be awesome to get a MM remake, but i don’t think we will get one before Zelda U is dont. Aounoma said after A Link Between worlds was done they would focus as much as possible on Zelda U, so maby we will get one in late 2016??

          • Leo

            That’s why i think the MM remake will be for the 3DS. Think about it: the new Zelda U will be out only in 2015. For 2014 they have already announced the Hyrule Dinasty Warriors as a Zelda spinoff for the WiiU, so it would be just logical that the MM remake in 2014 would be for the 3DS, so they would have something Zelda related on both consoles until the Zelda U is finally released in 2015.

          • jjbredesen

            As much as i must agree, MM is not suit handheld gaming very well, because of the time limit, you must complete a whole tempel in one play, that can be done on a console, but on a handheld it could be a problem. If the battery dies at the end of a tempel you would have a problem, but they don’t really need to but MM on 3DS, it just got ALBW and has got a lot of great titles coming next year, but Wii U has nothing after Zelda U, we will get some more games at E3, hopefullt star fox or metroid or maby even F-Zero. 2015 could be the hardcore Nintendo year with Zelda, Starfox/Metroid and F-zero. I would say that Star Fox U would be shown at E3 and get released Q1 2015, Metroid would be ready to be shown in a Direct in that time peroid. Retro needs to finish DK first, and then they would have more than half a year to make a metroid game ready to be shown and have it ready for late 2015. F-zero i have no clue, but it would make perfect sence to put a MM remake out in the summer.

          • Leo

            I have always imagined how the gameplay could be transported for the 3DS with the convenience of changing masks all the time with a just a tap on the lower screen. As for the time limit on MM i guess many people would be frustrated at first but that is an integral part of the adventure and thats what it made it so memorable. The battery works just fine as ive never had a problem with it, unless people go out playing for hours but i usually play the handheld at home and if i feel that the battery won’t hold on i quickly connect the cable and keep playing. But i agree that Nintendo should think of a better battery (as a new accessory perhaps?) and this would be a justifiable opportunity.

          • Jon

            why does everyone want another remake? when Wind Waker HD was made, people complained about how Nintendo is recycling old games? do they need that image even more? they have already done a remake on the 3DS and one on the Wii U.,

  • Leo

    The GAME OF THE YEAR of 2013:

    WiiU – Super Mario 3D World
    3DS – The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

    The GREATEST SURPRISE of 2013:

    WiiU – Pikmin 3
    3DS – Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    • jjbredesen

      For Wii U my greatest suprise was WindWaker HD, Pikmin 3 was shown in 2012.

    • Arthur Jarret

      No wonderful 101? The ‘surprises’ are actually sequels that build on their predecessors (and expand upon them quite well). Didn’t surprise me much, tbh. W101 did… many times, sometimes five times in a single level.

      I was also extremely surprised by the release of NES remix!

      • Leo

        those are the “surprises” that i personally enjoyed the most. but i agree with you, Wonderful 101 definitely deserves an honorable mention πŸ˜‰

    • Jon

      Pikmin 3 was a surprise? At the E3 where they announced the Wii U, they had pikmin all over the place.

  • Leo

    Overall i can say that 2013 was one of the best ever years of Nintendo gaming history as a prolific developer. Against all odds the company carried the WiiU alone and made the 3DS a juggernaut machine of iconic releases. It was the year of truly Nintendo classics that will be in peoples minds for years to come. Pikmin 3, Zelda WW HD, Super Mario 3D World, The Wonderful 101, The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Pokemon X & Y, Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, Mario & Luigi Dream Team, Fire Emblem Awakening, and many more. Congratulations for Nintendo!

  • lonewolf88

    well the wii U is rumored to have a 3rd party exclusive that will make a bigger impact than bayonetta 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvM5j2cDtqI&feature=c4-overview&list=UUBQnkb7JjTfpaIARq53ZLGQ
    so yup. if its true what do you guys think the game will be?

  • jjbredesen

    Wii U will do great, i would be really nice to get the achievements thing, but i don’t think nintendo would add it :(, as for the Miiverse app stuff i made one a couple of weeks ago you can download it here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HF9BH4C

    • palomino blue

      Achievements wouldn’t seem so necessary if more games had a more integrated approach to the Miiverse. Expanding on the mechanics in SM3DW, high scores and records should be shown to everyone at the end of levels. It has the potential to be a more evolved achievement system.

      • CharmanderRulz

        That would be so much harder to compare achievements with friends, see each others story progress, know what games others have if you want to play together or just look, know if you are spoiling something, etc. and all of that is only if they post there achievements. Most don’t.

        If they made an achievement system separate from Miiverse that could take something away from it but an integrated system would be awesome!

  • RichM

    I’m a long time Nintendo Fan and have owned every system, but I am a brand new Wii U owner and am new to the whole Miiverse thing.

    In 2014, I expect to see the Metroid game in some form or another. I do not think it will be released next year (I mean this year since it’s 2014), nor a new “Zelda game” other than Hyrule Warrior.

    I think we’ll finally get some online multiplayer games with MarioKart 8 being one of them and Super Smash Brothers as well.

    I believe the new franchise will be revealed at E3 and that Nintendo is going to have something at E3 that will finally get the industry excited about Nintendo again.

  • Patrick Starman

    The Wii U had a rough year in 2013, but this year is when they’re REALLY gonna start releasing their heavy-hitters, like Smash and Mario Kart.
    Here’s to 2014 being the year of the Wii U!

  • Guest

    it’s a zelda game if it was a dynasty warriors game he would just be a featured character… and the other warriors would be on it to… it’s just a zelda game with more action… i see it as another part to a story… think about it from the LEGEND OF ZELDA til SKYWARD SWORD in all the games beginning to end you fight how many soldiers 100-200… this is a time of castles and kings… you know they got more soldiers then that on the battlefield… and that was playing start to finish any of the past zelda games… i think it needed this… completes the story…

  • Squid

    1: Zelda is shown off at E3 or/and in a Nintendo Direct.
    2. miyamoto’s new game is a entirely new IP
    3. The third sonic game in the partnership is shown off
    4. Retro does not show off or announce their next game
    5. Wii U sales rise
    6. Achievements are started as well as cross part chat
    7. A new Starfox/Metroid game is announced.
    8. Nintendo buys Rareware’s franchise Banjo Kazooie, and possibly some more
    9. If number 8 doesn’t happen, a partnership with Sega, Namco, Capcom, or Konami will happen.

    • Leo

      8. Nintendo buys Rareware’s franchise Banjo Kazooie, and possibly some more

      LOL we can only DREAM right? πŸ˜‰

      • Squid


      • Shota

        except those people who made that game are gone from rare.

        • Squid

          I said they buy the franchise

          • Shota

            misread it. sorry i was a bit sleepy and tired

          • Declan Kerr

            yeah! That was a funny misread though! Buying people? I think their are some serious laws regarding that kind of thing…

          • Shota

            XD Hahaha

    • greengecko007

      Aren’t 1 and 2 already confirmed?

      • Shota

        not really, no zelda u screens or the name of the new ip or gameplay

        • greengecko007

          But hasn’t it been reported that Nintendo will show the new Zelda at E3, even though we haven’t seen it yet? I also thought Miyamoto said he was working on a new IP.

          • Guest

            sorry i meant . they haven’t confirmed that they will show Zelda u on e3 . my bad >.<

          • Yes we have.

          • Guest

            oh? source?

          • Ì am your source πŸ™‚

          • Squid

            They confirmed that they were going to show it at comic con and e3 2013, I don’t know when they said they were going to do it at e3 2014

          • jjbredesen

            Yes, Aounoma has confirmed Zelda U will be shown at E3 2014 100%sure.

          • Zelda U and Mr. Miyamoto’s IP will be shown at E3.

          • Rinslowe

            Yes, yes they have!

    • Yousif Alromaithi

      Banjo on Wii U is great but I hope if any Nintendo decides to make a 3D Kirby game because this game will really look awesome.

      • Squid

        I can’t imagine it being too good though, I see it almost like sonic lost worlds, that might be because of the screenshot of the cancelled game though.

        • Yousif Alromaithi

          But Kirby is a like-able character while Sonic days is numbered.

  • Kyle

    “Let’s dig into the last year of the Wii U.”

    I hope not.. πŸ™

  • Dark-Link73

    While most have validity, the Apple-Nintendo deal is right down ludicrous. Anyone that follows Nintendo closely would know that the possibility of Nintendo making a deal with Apple to have games on iTunes, is as valid as Sony and Microsoft sharing first party games. IT’S JUST NOT GOING TO HAPPEN as long as Nintendo keeps on being successful in the handheld market. The moment Nintendo releases games for iPhone, and/or Android devices for that matter, is the moment Nintendo will be basically killing their own portable success, thus ending their reign in the portable market.
    Nintendo only makes HARDWARE deals with other companies, not software (unless they are developing for Nintendo consoles). The last time a Nintendo game appeared (legally) on a non-Nintendo console was with the CDi ONLY because Nintendo was making a deal with Phillips to create an add-on for the SNES. Hardware deal. Look how that one ended up, a total disaster.
    As in regard to Homebrew, after what happened on Wii, who in their right mind would hack the Wii U without expecting this to back-fire. While most people who attempted to hack the Wii were successful, what about the countless number of people who got their consoles bricked and were left with a white-shiny paper weight; AND, out of all the people that were successful hacking their Wii, how many were screwed when they got the Double-Disk issue (or the SSBB issue) and ended up having to pay around $150 to have their consoles fixed (on what it was a factory issue and thus free to repair) because they voided the warranty by hacking it.
    As for the achievements I’m ok with Nintendo not going on a game-wide achievement system. Most of the 360 achievements are down ridiculous, like getting an achievement for beating level 10 (are you kidding me!?!?); I mean, that’s stuff you’re going to do anyway, so there’s no true sense of “achievement” in that. I personally like Ubisoft’s Uplay system. Yes a lot of them are lame too, but at least one gets rewarded by spending the Uplay points on unlocking game modes, extra weapons, in-game currency, and more.

    • Leo

      The last time that Nintendo attempted a “deal” with some other electronic company we know what happened… opportunist Sony hijacked the SNES CD project and launched the Playstation, the rest is history :O)

  • Flawless Victory

    I’m hoping that for 2014 that X by Monolith Soft becomes one of the highest rated games on the Wii U, and I hope that Nintendo’s marketing will be consistent for all the great games they have coming out for 2014. Also, I want to see Nintendo fans and other open-minded fans from other consoles totally support most if not all of these great games we are looking forward to. I am a little curious to see if Nintendo reveals a new Metroid, Starfox, an amazing new IP, or some awesome third party exclusive for the Wii U.

    • Rinslowe

      I’m a self confessed X fanboy already lol.
      So, it’s the highest rated game in the confines of my skull at this very moment.
      This game needs to be released ASAP!

  • Ethan Wallen

    1.Quote,Ninten,Mii,and Klonoa are SSB4 newcomers
    2.Mother 3 gets released in America for the first time via Wii U Virtual Console
    3.Luigi’s Mansion,SSBM,Wave Race Blue Storm,and SMS are released on Virtual Console for Wii U
    4.Nintendo shows us the new Zelda on Wii U
    5.Klonoa and Dig Dug are DLC for Mario Kart Arcade GP DX.
    6.Capcom releases MMX9 to celebrate Mega Man X’s 20th anniversary(1994-2014)
    7.Nintendo buys Mallow and Geno from Square Enix(their only appearances were in a SNES game released 18 years ago)
    8.a SNES megamix track is revealed for SSB4,featuring songs from EarthBound,Megaman X,Super Mario World,Super Mario RPG,The Legend of Zelda:a Link to the Past,Super Metroid,and Kirby Super Star.
    9.Nintendo shows us SSB4(again) at a Midwest convention.
    10.Nintendo ends region locking and adds achievements.

  • YayGs

    Personally I’m hoping to not seen #10 at all. Achievements are nothing special, the most satisfying thing about them on 360 is the sound and on steam the little picture. They don’t really add anything for me since most of them are unlocked by simply beating the game..

  • Leo

    I will give my 2014 crazy predictions which could only be true in a twilight zone:

    1. Nintendo buys SEGA
    2. Nintendo buys Rareware IPS
    3. Nintendo announces a cellphone dedicated to casual minigames
    4. Nintendo launches the ReUmagined project with N64 games
    5. Nintendo reconciles with third parties companies (including EA!!!)
    6. Virtual Console with Gamecube games and tons of SNES classics
    7. WiiU sells 9 million consoles till march/2014 lol
    8. 3DS becomes the best selling console of all time
    9. Miyamoto announces his retirement and his last IP revolutionizes the gaming world
    10. Nintendo purchases the Oculus Rift technology landmarking the start of the virtual reality age

    Discuss :O)

    • Ok, I’ll discuss.

      1. Sega is probably the only large company nintendo could buy who’s games they could, on the whole, make clear profit on. If they bought a company like Capcom it would be hard to make money from many of their big budget and already struggling franchises when limiting them to only one platform.
      2. I could understand Nintendo wanting to get the banjo and kazooie ip. Looks like Microsoft’s holding on to it though.
      3. doubt it.
      4. Don’t know what that is.
      5. I don’t think EA will ever release another Wii U game.
      6. I wish.
      7. That many sales by March! They must be releasing a full 3d pokemon game on the Wii U in feb.
      8. It’ll do great but wont come close to even the ds by the end of its life let alone in 2014.
      9. Maybe.
      10. They wont buy the Oculus Rift but they might release a vr headset. I hope they had the foresight to make the 5 pin connector on the Wii U gamepad an attachment for a VR headset, to help keep the costs down.
      But I don’t think so. I reckon Sony will beat them to VR.

      My crazy predictions:
      1. Nintendo VR headset might be announced but not released in 2014. Sony might release their’s in time for xmas… maybe.
      2. We get Zelda in time for xmas 2014… and it has more of a sci fi setting. Possibly set 1000 years before skyward sword in the past technologically advanced world we see in that game.
      3. New Street Fighter game is announced as a Wii U exclusive.
      4. Nintendo buys platinum games off sega.
      5. Retro show off a new game they’ve been working on… And it stars a fox.

      • Leo

        3. The cellphone possibility is an exercise of our imagination, considering that recently Nintendo quietly bought shares of the mobile content company Dwango, nobody knows why, this is a solid mystery. I really doubt they are planning to adventure in this area, but never say never again right.

        4. The ReUmagined project is a rumor reported a few months ago about Nintendo planning to remake six N64 games for the WiiU (one of them would be Super Mario 64). Of course it sounds quite absurd, but we never know lol

        7. Now that you mention it, i remember that mysterious Pokemon test from Nintendo months ago, if i recall well it was the face of an “angry” Pikachu. I think is quite plausible that Nintendo is considering a Pokemon Stadium type of game for the WiiU to regain momentum and reach that 9 million goal, but we would know something by now unless they keep it tightly secret. But for march? it seems highly unlikely.

        8. The 3DS is already surpassing the pace of the DS sales so i really think it could be possible in its lifetime, but not so soon.

        About your crazy predictions:

        1. Yes, i guess we will see a race of those companies to master the VR technology, and considering that Nintendo is the one who usually risks the most i guess they could be first. Sony is rumored to be in a difficult financial situation so i don’t think they are willing to risk on unknown territory, and through their history they rarely takes the first step anyway. This is a typical Nintendo behavior searching for new things instead of just upgrading hardware. But 2014 is definitely too soon though.

        2. I really doubt that the main Zelda title will be out in 2014, it will likely be released on fall 2015 or even delayed for 2016.

        3. This is actually possible, considering the close relationship with Capcom and considering that Capcom would likely make a deal to put the game on both WiiU and 3DS as a way to make good profit and relieve their difficult situation like they did with RE Revelations (temporarily exclusive on 3DS) before going multiplatform.

        4. This is actually not a really crazy prediction, since Platinium Games is increasily close of Nintendo as well is SEGA. But buying SEGA would be something too big to even realistically conceive, so the purchase of Platinium Games make a lot more sense.

        5. Retro will definitely show something at E3, they must justify their existence in order to keep their heads afloat among the Nintendo headquarters. It is inconceivable that they don’t have any project in early development as DKC Tropical Freeze is a finished product. We will probably see an early demo of Metroid or Star Fox or even a totally new IP.

  • starwars360



    Super Smash Bros.


    Mario Kart 8




    Yes!!!! 8)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Achievements welcome or not. No one cares about this. Games is most important then achievements. But welcome to addition into Wii U but at least some Wii U games got that already. πŸ™‚

  • TheSneakyLizard

    I think a new Metroid will definitely get announced at E3 2014. It’s been 4 years since Other M came out.

  • Aamir Islam

    lol you guys really predicted Apple and Nintendo would get in a deal? Apple stuff only goes on Apple devices(save for PC). And putting iTunes on the Wii U would threaten the Apple TV.

  • Rinslowe

    My predictions on Wii U were extremely simple. Even back in June/ July when arguably Wii U doom and gloom was at an all time high, I never stopped believing the platform could bounce back if only it had the right titles released in quick succession. Well Nintendo partly delivered on that point and released some absolute gems since that time. But perhaps not as efficiently as they could have done with better advertising and overall exposure to the media. Still, once those titles had released; Pikmin 3, WWHD and of course SM3DW – Wii U began an undeniable change in popularity. The thing to consider most here is that although the no’s have not been phenomenal it’s the trend which proves Wii U can be a successful platform when games are present. Why was there such a drought of sales on the system in the first half of 2013? Simple – due to a drought of games. All the doom and gloom on the planet couldn’t hide that fact once the sales started to rise, due to certain games being released.

    I now see that if Nintendo can stick to a tight schedule with their confirmed releases for 2014, there is absolutely no reason to believe this trend will not continue.

    Good luck Nintendo and Wii U – I’m sincerely hoping a fantastic 2014 for you and of course for us the gamers!

    BTW; is this render not simply stunning? (Great pic guys)

  • bryan


    N64/ gba games
    Zelda U at e3
    Animal crossing U at e3
    New metroid at e3
    Party chat
    Title from GameCube era for wii u
    Stamps as Achievements system
    Dual gamepad games
    NFC connectivity
    DVR for Tvii

  • Jon

    WHy would Apple and Nintendo Partner up? Apple is almost as bad as EA is when it comes to using stuff. Take a look at apple, you get ANYTHING apple and you much use apple products on it because nothing else will work, They cannot even use SD cards because apple wants you to use their storage devices.

  • wiimenonowiiu

    It would be great if nintendo had trophies and your personal lvl based on that system like ps has

  • Rafael Bernal Cantaluppi

    I like the idea of having stamps in all games and use that as the trophies… is a fresh twist of a somewhat cool concept

  • DReview

    All of my predictions seem to be aligning correctly. But we’ll see by 2016.

  • Chong

    Wii u is the best system…ps4 and Xbox are not that great….

  • Christopher Deleanides

    7. Nintendo/Apple deal

    Oh God no. The last deal Nintendo made with a major company outside of the game industry almost made them a third party on their own platform. I think they pretty much learned not to do this sort of thing after the falling out they had with Sony in the 90s.