Dec 29th, 2012

Future 2D Mario titles may receive a level editor, hinted New Super Mario Bros. U director Masataka Takemoto in an interview with GamesTM.

The recently-released New Super Mario Bros. U gives players control over where coins are placed in Coin Battle mode. However, this option probably makes players wish they were given more freedom. Fortunately for them, Takemoto said that he thinks this feature is a step closer to giving players more control.

When asked about the option of creating and sharing Mario stages, he stated, “There is a possibility of this happening in future, but there’s no use just blindly making that feature available… it has to be something that is uniquely Nintendo.”

A level editor in 2D Mario games with a system to share user-made stages with others would surely flourish in the online community that Nintendo has started with Miiverse.

As no Mario games yet have included the ability to create stages, implementing this structure would provide an entirely new feature to distinguish the next New Super Mario Bros. title from its predecessors.

What do you think about a stage editor for future 2D Mario games? And what do you think Mr Takemoto means when he says, “uniquely Nintendo”?

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  • “As no Mario games yet have included the ability to create stages”

    must have been luigi’s march of the mini’s, or im just misunderstanding something.

    • TheDetonator

      i assume he means main series as in super mario bros. not spin-offs.

  • Immallama22

    NSMBU has the option to move coins?

    • TheDetonator

       yes it does. it is a separate mode called coin battle. you get a stage where you can place coins and then your friends play it to see who can get the most. not really that fun;gets old after a while.

  • Shroomforce

    why don’t they just make an update for NSMBU instead of waiting until the next game?

    • me

      cuz theyll make more money, if they just make a whole new game

      • Genesect4ssb4

        why not do both? Update NSMBU with a level editor, then make a new game released in 2014 that has a more complex one. 

  • TrueWiiMaster

    But they’ve also said that they have no intentions of releasing any more NSMB games this gen, so if this is for the next one, it could be a long wait.  I think it’s more likely that Nintendo would make a new series that included the feature.  Maybe “Mario by U” or something.  Actually, it would be pretty cool if they expanded it to include other franchises, like side-scrolling Metroid, Donkey Kong, and Kirby.  Maybe even make crossovers possible?

  • Jeffery02

    This was the best feature in the Calculator Mario games and I’d love to see Nintendo take a crack at it. I made countless levels just to see how difficult I can make them without them being absolutely impossible. I wonder if Nintendo will even utilize fan-made level concepts on future games. That would be pretty dang awesome!

  • ConCity Soldier

    It’ll be a day one buy for me if I have the money.

  • As long as the next game in the series actually feels “new”.  NSMBU felt way too similar to the wii game. A level editor would be pretty awesome though

  • tooby77

    Dark umbra where are u?

  • Sounds like it will be like those 2D game engines you can get on PC, interesting concept and I don’t see why they can’t add it in a later title or hell make it free DLC for NSMBU. 

    If Little Big Planet can do it then so can NSMBU

  • me bowing down before nintendo. they are really the highpriests of milking the cow. after years of the stallest mario titles (because they did it all what’s possible with that concept years ago) they are now allowing their buyers to create even more stall and boring stuff with their outworn engine. sweet. and i bet they will be making a few millions with it. profit-wise i have the highest respect for nintendo. resulting in a big “meh” in every other aspect except their moneymaking virtue. 😉

    • Nick Wilson

      What? The Wii U is a new console, how is the engine outworn? And a level editor would be a blast, please explain how that would be boring without going all “lol nintindo sukz ps3 iz better”.

      Sure they’re milking the series, but that doesn’t leave room for your unbased, biased insults.

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    That would be a cool feature, but I also hope that they will make a brand new game, not New Super Mario Bros Wii 3. Don’t get me wrong, I love the one of Wii U, but something totally new would be cool (and with new music by the way). If you count the ones on DS + Wii + Wii U, it’s enough games in that serie with the very same concept. Yeah, a new game / serie please !

  • Megan Allen

    if you dont get it dont ask

  • Ibi Salmon

    It better happen!

  • devmiles

    i’m a bit fed up with these type of mario games. although it’s a nice game nintendo let many hardcore nintendo fans down with giving us another (though 1080 full hd) rather simple mario game quite similar to new super mario bros 2 for 3ds. The times of nintendo and epic game launches are long gone and this time 3rd party devs saved their assess with not so more shining ports of their games in comparison to ps3 or x360. i bought a wii-u because i’m a N fan and collector but the offering of epic titles are very very very poor. A big missed chance in an era where all this very counts.

  • ah man, we gotta wait till the 9th generation of consoles and 2018 to buy the next NSMB wat a drag.

  • ah man we gotta wait until the 9th Gen to buy the next “NSMBU” and “2018” cuz thats when the 9th Gen starts, man wat a drag, but im also curious wat there next controller will be and wat console design they’ll use next, only time will tell i guess.

  • Scott

    By “strictly Nintendo”, Takemoto means “not a level editor that cheapens the experience”.

    There are usually two types of ways levels editors are used in games;

    1.) Terrible, very limited range of platforms and obstacles, and a visual nightmare.
    2.) A game that is practically just a level editor, it’s advanced and produces quality levels but overshadows the main game so much that developers put little to no effort into the actual game.

    What Nintendo would want to do is find a balance between the two. Good enough so it can draw attention, but not good enough to overshadow the rest of the game.

    I’d hate to have to rely on some random internet stranger’s level designs to be satisfied with a game. And I’m pretty sure that no developers with sense in their heads would allow their virtual child to suffer the burden of having a bad level editor.

    Level editors are just too unperfected for Nintendo right now, they don’t want to make the same mistake that they did with say, Brawl’s stage maker.

    It’s either up to them to perfect the concept of the level editor, or wait until someone else does it, either way, it’s still gonna be a while before you see a Level Editor in Mario.

    Until then, modding custom levels is a very real concept.

  • Ricky__Spanish

    Excitebike did this way back in the 8 bit days.  I don’t see any reason why Nintendo couldn’t do it again

  • HSN1

    Until then, all hail Lunar Magic!

  • i think a main reason for them not doing this yet, is that once they do, people will inevitably recreate levels from other mario games. nintendo is probably worried that it may hamper its virtual console sales as well as future game sales.