Apr 29th, 2014


I have a weak spot when it comes to roguelike games. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it’s hard to classify, but there are a few rules. Generally, procedurally generated dungeons and permadeath are a part of it. Popup Dungeon is a new roguelike strategy RPG on Kickstarter that brings the elements of tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons straight to the digital age. The team recently updated the Kickstarter to include a Wii U stretch goal, so if you’re interested in seeing more fantasy games on the console, give the pitch video a watch.

So what is Popup Dungeon? It’s a unique take on the classic dungeon experience. It has all the elements of a roguelike, including perma-death, procedural dungeons and tons of loot, but it also combines tactical gameplay with plenty of new weapons, abilities, characters, and enemies.. all which can be user created. The papercraft theme will allow players to create their own characters and weapons and import them into the game, giving characters unique looks. Multiplayer is also planned for a stretch goal, meaning online co-op could see two characters exploring a dungeon together.

Ability creation is also a feature the development team is excited about, with the Kickstarter page showcasing how players will be able to add their own abilities to the game instantly:

  • Customize look and name
  • Choose from hundreds of effects
  • Add Experience Points
  • Determine Activation Cost
  • Set Range and Area of Effect
  • Optionally: Add Negative and Conditions to enhance the ability’s potency of positive effects

If you’re confused, check out this video to learn more:

Overall, it looks like the team is crafting a highly detailed game that would be worthy of eventually landing on the Wii U. Right now the Wii U is a stretch goal for the team, but it could be possible to get there as the team has gathered $44k of the $80k needed, with 14 days left to go. Definitely check this one out if you’re at all interested in dungeon crawler games.

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  • Nintendofreak
  • lonewolf

    A box for a main character? No thanks

    • Tornmage

      Minecraft seem to do pretty well on that part :3

  • Miguel Angel Barrueta HernĂ¡nde

    looks fun

  • D Moness

    release date halfway 2016 if it is successful as a kickstarter

  • ZeldaFan83

    I think I’m tired of all these kickstarters. Any new indie can come in and ask for money and make any stupid game they want. We give them money and they make all the profit. If they want to create a game they should fund their own games. I just think this whole indie funding game thing has gone way overboard.

    • Skelterz

      fuck indie games i want AAA motherfucker hahajahaha im with U

      • WiiUPS4

        Yeah but they will just tell you..Please understand!..lol

    • SacreBlo

      If you fund a game, you usually get at least a copy of the game and often much more than that. And there are more interesting Wii U KickStarter campaigns happening than what’s covered on WiiUDaily, but WiiUDaily has a mission to focus on the bad and boring. As always.

    • Tornmage

      I dont think there is anything wrong with kickstarter, You just dont wanna give money without getting a peice of the money, Be a loanshark. No need to attack indie/kickstarters.

      • ZeldaFan83

        I’m not attacking anyone so think about what your gonna say before you spout out nonsense. I don’t want any of the money. I think that if an indie dev wants to create a game then they should try to fund it themselves before trying to use kickstarter as a viable option. Now I support Indie devs who wouldn’t be able to create the game without the help of fans but I don’t support devs that just want to make any game they want just to make some money or make a game: “Hey lets make a game about kittens that run around the house when their owners leave for work”. I don’t support that. I do support Devs that have unique ideas that can help evolve gaming and the industry like Shadow of the Eternals, for example. Kickstarter is great when it is used properly but when it is abused that is when I do not support it. I have helped back a few projects that I believe in and think would be great and wouldn’t otherwise be possible without Kickstarter. Kickstarter is fantastic when used accordingly and Indie Devs that have great ideas and want their artistic talents to be enjoyed by gamers around the world is great and all but not when it is abused which seems to be happening a lot lately.

        • Tornmage

          There is no need to be having this conversation. No one is forcing people to give them money, Not everyone is a millionaire. People can give them money or not, it’s up to them.

          and that cat game you mentioned would not get money because no one would like the concept.

          I do agree that people who get the money then not make the game are dicks, but not everyone on kickstarter is like that.

          But I dont see whats wrong with this game getting a little startup money. Please explain your logic on how these men should not get a little bit of money from kickstarter to buy a dev wii U.
          SacroBlo had a good point, You do get a copy of the game after most of the time.

          ~Chears, Tornmage

    • Nicolas Dorion

      “Any new indie can come in and ask for money and make any stupid game they want” And if they get the money, like they often do, that means the players also want the game. What’s wrong with a developer that is making a game for people that want it?

      “We give them money and they make all the profit.” People are choosing to give them money, not forced. The developers use the kickstarter money to fund the development, and they make profit out of copies sold. Yes they make profit. That’s how things work.

      “If they want to create a game they should fund their own games” The reason they are using kickstarter is because they can’t fund the game on their own, and because they want to see if people truly want it. If they receive the money, it’s a clear sign that a lot of people are interested in the game.

      “I just think this whole indie funding game thing has gone way overboard.” No one is forcing you to fund indie games. You don’t have to do it.

  • daeglyth

    This is borderline pushing design work of the game itself onto the player. For example, the player has to create their abilities from scratch before even playing the game. Not sure that would appeal to a large audience.

  • WiiUPS4

    Looks cool

  • wiimenonowiiu

    Boring so many indie games its nice but i did not by a indie machine wii u is getting boring cmon mk8 pretty sad when you have been waiting 2 years for a really good new AAA game to come out yes cat mario was good ac3 and ac4 were really good but a month to go

  • Enumerating Wishes

    Honestly I don’t mind indie games and do deserve more attention. It’s nice to see the indie community growing but I think it’s also time that we start seeing better looking titles from indie game.

    Nintendo enthusiasts often boast gameplay > graphics and most indie games have adequate and even unique gameplay features not absent in certain AAA titles. Indie games also tend to be more nostalgic and at times play similar to games released on the 90s consoles. If gameplay > graphics then there is plenty games for the Wii U. I’ll admit the professional development teams are slow but Reggie has a point in that gamers are an “insatiable” crowd.

    *If anything read this: if you don’t like waiting for the development teams to put out a game then make your own. I’m sure you might find yourself busy.

  • thedeciderU

    a few of the indie games have been fun, but then some of them it seems i could just buy elsewhere, for cheaper, and too many are casual games. there are definitely some good platformers, and now it seems a really good rpg with child of light, but come on. what about an action game like shank, shadow complex, or anything different than the indie aesthetic. just to mix it up. i mean, does everything have to be approved for a young audience?

    i didn’t think so either.

  • Nathaniel Lopez

    Wow, I thought people are going to like the idea of this game, but instead I’m seeing comments as to how people hate indie games. I guess Mattpatt was right. People don’t want originality and gameplay. Sigh, I was hoping this would get funded and reach the Wii U stretch goal as it seems like this could have been a fun online multplayer game with a lot of customization.

  • As much as I like dungeon crawlers I lost you on tactical rpg and permadeath (perma can be turned of probably but I don’t like losing a character by pure bad-luck) I really don’t like tactical rpg’s like fire emblem, final fantasy tactics etc, tried many but gave up after an hour or so. My best friend would love it though, he get’s gamegasms from tactical rpg’s