Jan 2nd, 2013

Early this year, Polytron Corporation finally released Fez, an indie game that has been in development for more than six years. The game debuted on the Xbox 360 with an exclusivity contract tying it to that console for an unknown period of time. Shortly after the game’s release, Phil Fish, the game’s lead designer stated that they were having trouble updating the game to fix some problems because Microsoft charges $40k per update for games on its XBLA platform. This left Fez in a broken state on the Xbox 360.

Now Fish has posted a blog on Polytron’s website called State of Polytron where he addresses many concerns people have had about the game. One of these is that Fez will be ported to other platforms. No platforms are mentioned, but given Fish has stated that he feels like Fez is a “console” game, it’s not unreasonable to assume that he will seek another console deal in addition to putting the game on Steam. If Fez were ported for the Wii U, would you play it? I imagine playing the game on the Wii U controller would be one of the best ways to experience the unique platformer and it would certainly bolster the eShop with a well-known indie game.

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  • Ben Newcomb

    I think I’d need a demo before I’d buy it. I’ve not heard or seen anything about it.

    • Mickey Mouse

      Exactly my thoughts aswell.

    • Justin Gray

       It was featured in a movie that is now on netflix about indy games

  • Ultranist

    yes if they fix the game braking bug

  • Alex Damman


  • As great as the game is, I still have a chip on my shoulder from what Phil said at PAX (or some gaming convention).  I really should get over it but I just can’t.

    • Totally understandable. I actually still feel the same way. His comments toward an aspiring Japanese game developer that “Japanese games suck” was unwarranted.

      • care, i dont see why everyone gets their panties in a twist over that. so what move on. So he acted like a dick? doesn’t stop the game being good does it. Move on

  • Linskarmo

    Fez looks interesting, but I would like more details as to what it is and what you do in it before I get it.

    • raindog469

      Fez starts out looking like a crude 2D platformer. You’re running, jumping and climbing ladders to get to the top of the level. You’re quickly introduced to the game’s core mechanic, which is that your 2D world is actually 3D, you can view it from any of four directions, and if something that was far away from one perspective is nearby in another, you can walk or jump to it. Your goal is to find 32 golden cubes, either whole or split into 8 pieces.

      So far, you could just be playing Sky Island in the browser. But there’s more.

      You can complete the game that way if you want, but you’re seeing less than half of it. 100% completion is only the beginning (literally… the highest percent completion you can get on the 360 is quite a bit higher). Turns out there are actually 64 cubes. Some of the other 32 are as easy to find as the golden ones, but most of them require a lot of thinking outside the box. In the course of doing so, you learn a secret code. I don’t mean a single cheat code, like UUDDLRLRBAStart. I mean a whole code. By the time I passed 200% completion, I could read it at close to full speed, and the only reason I know I wasn’t crazy is because it kept getting me cubes. You find yourself looking at every bit of background stuff, wondering what’s just background and what’s part of the puzzle. There’s one puzzle that I think only one person ever figured out and the rest of us either just flailed at our controllers or looked up the solution online. There’s another that’s easier to figure out, but all but the most insanely dedicated players had to cheat in order to do what it takes to solve it. My girl and I both did. And then, when you think you’ve done all you can do… the game starts over, and things are, well… different.

      Oh yeah, and most of the glitches you experience are intentional. Some are pretty funny.

      You have no HUD, no lives, you respawn immediately when you die, there are only a few spots where you even have to move fast, and it’s impossible to kill anything or anyone. It’s either the most mind-bending action game or the most action-packed puzzle game I’ve ever played, and by far my favorite game of 2012.

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    40K?!  omg

  • Sidney Majurie

    HELL YES! I need this game on my Wii U as I have given my PS3 to my little sister and refuse to pay for xbox live on my 360. And if what I’ve heard ABOUT NINTENDO’S new embrace of indie developers, Wii U eShop would welcome Fez with open arms, and I’d welcome it with an open wallet. I saw the Dev’s struggle on the Indie Game movie and would happily pay full price retail for this game!

  • Marcell Wade

    Yes, most definitely!

  • Marcell Wade

    If Fez does come to Wii U, I would totally make a purchase, it just looks so fun, and who doesn’t like a game about exploreing.

  • EvanescentHero

    Hell yeah. I hate that this game is Xbox exclusive. I have no intention of buying a 360, much less blowing money on what should be free Internet services. I definitely want this game on Wii U!

  • Alienfish

    He probably already has a fix, it’s just MS that is holding it back with that nasty price tag. Don’t Xbox users pay for online? Microsoft is even greedier with online than I realized. Good thing Nintendo doesn’t charge for updates 😀

    • MS are starting to get over confident because of how “well” the xbox 360 is doing even though people who buy the console thinking its good because of the cheap price tag don’t see that the console is a pile of shit. 

      The Wii U and PS4 are going to be my only next gen consoles because I’ve lost faith in Microsoft, I hope they quit the video games industry and just focus on Windows which it really needs to because Windows 8 is a mess.  

      • Chris Bajorski

         ps4?  with the new patent that sony filed that prevents the use of used games on your console locking the title to your username and your user name only isnt a pile of crap?  seriously man sony is as much a pile of shit as microsoft is!

    • ICHI

      Oh more than that, I have bought 3 XBOX’s due to them dying and not being replaceable as they didn’t get 3 red lights, I pay for online and while online my menu shows me adverts for their games in massive panels in the center of the screen so I can’t see the themes I paid for any more. The last dashboard update was a total joke, and if any XBOX owner makes fun of the Wii U menu for being slow holy Jesus! I bought that many XBLA games that my XBOX now takes 2 mins to even let me launch a game and a lot of them jitter as it can’t cope with a filled 250gb HDD. 🙁

      I would buy Fez again, a great game I haven’t finished yet as it one of the now jittery games 🙁

  • Soa Stockton

    hell yea i just saw the movie on netflix with him in it!…will buy it!

  • Well since Nintendo allows developers to update for FREE then yeah, I’d probably buy this game 

  • Gabe Hoffman

    With the fact the Nintendo lets developes patch their games for nothing. They would be crazy to pass on a Wii U version

  • SoulSilverZero

    Microsoft, what are you even going to do with that money?

  • raindog469

    I don’t have a Wii U, but for Fez, its controller could be the best of both — swiping to change perspective at your own speed, with a real joystick and buttons for the meat and potatoes platforming part of its gameplay. I’d consider buying a Wii U to play Fez if its gameplay were enhanced enough. I’ve played through the original a couple of times and it hasn’t gotten old.

    That said, I’m still hoping for an Android version, preferably with mappable controls so that I can have the best of both worlds on my existing tablet and Bluetooth controller. Despite its simple appearance, though, the “trixels” (kind of like voxels, but each “pixel” you see is itself an independent cube, not just part of a texture) of its game engine might be too much for something with only half the power of an Xbox 360. The Wii U ought to be up to the task, and maybe the 4th-gen iPad would be, but I have my doubts about my little 18-month-old tablet. Unless whoever did the port found a way to just do Minecraft-esque voxels instead of trixels, but I don’t know whether or not that would ruin the feel of the game.

  • Not if it’s exactly the same (which it probably will be). I already played the hell out of it!

  • Seth S. Scott