Jul 7th, 2015


While arcades have lost a lot of their popularity here in the United States, they’re still going strong in Japan. Despite being an arcade-only release in Japan, many Nintendo fans here in the United States and the rest of the world hope to see Pokken Tournament released on the Wii U, as a hybrid game similar to Hyrule Warriors which has sold well over a million copies.

A recent documentary on the making of Pokken Tournament was released in English, and while we don’t have a timetable for anything, the developers of the game hinted that it’s possible the game could be released in the United States eventually. While it’s unclear if that release would be as an arcade game released in the few places in the US that still have arcades, or if it would come to Wii U, it’s still hope for anyone who has wanted a legitimate Pokemon fighting game.

You can watch the 30 minute presentation here, but it will only be available online until July 14 so if you’re interested watch it sooner rather than later.

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