Mar 18th, 2016


Fighting games with ranked play have always had a problem with rage-quitters online. People who are sure they’re going to lose their match will disconnect the console from the internet, turn it off, or do any number of things to keep the potential loss from going on their record, as evidenced by the trouble Capcom has had with Street Fighter V rage-quitters on PC and PS4.

But that problem isn’t exclusive to a game like Street Fighter. Turns out, Bandai Namco have a similar policy for punishing rage-quitters that could affect legitimate people who are disconnected as well. If you are disconnected from an online match, the next time you boot up the game, you’ll see the following message:


Poke Gold is the in-game currency that’s used to buy cosmetic items for your Pokemon. There’s no hint if the penalties get steeper as you progress through the game, but it seems like rage-quitting was something that was addressed early in development, unlike Street Fighter V which had to implement new policies after release.

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