Jan 16th, 2014


Nintendo has filed a new Pokémon related trademark in Japan. This time it’s for something called “Pokétouch.”

As of right now we have no idea what this could be referring to. Nintendo has openly stated that it’s unlikely that they’ll release a new Pokémon on Wii U or on smartphones, so it seems like a safe bet that this trademark will be 3DS related in some way. Aside from that it’s impossible to know what this Pokétouch could be.

You can already touch Pokémon in X and Y with Pokémon-Amie, so it could be related to that. Maybe. Or it could be a new spinoff. The only way to know for sure is to wait and find out.

Do you have any idea what Nintendo might be up? If so, let us know in the comments!

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  • Squid

    The Pokemon Detective game
    Or the new Trozei

  • Tecpedz94

    I really would love for a pokemon adventure RPG to come to the wiiu something in the frame of XD on the GameCube. Not the same plot but the looks of it. I wish it would look like this. http://kotaku.com/5975051/if-there-was-a-pokemon-game-on-the-wii-u-it-might-look-like-this (Scroll down a bit)

    To bad they have no plans on making a cool pokemon game on the Wiiu It would be a system seller.

    • Squid

      They feel like it is more fitted for portable, but I’d be up for a battle simulator like Pokemon Showdown!

      • Tecpedz94

        Ya i know i read that already but make a different game you know how much they will sell…..

    • abe

      There will be games like stadium and XD for Wii u the”re just won’t be a “proper” pokemon rpg

  • Ducked

    I can’t see Nintendo going with smartphones anytime soon. The 3DS has another good 4-5 years anyways

  • Mario


  • triplegamer3K .

    Well,it could have something to do with that “Educational Tablet” rumor.

  • Stupid

    I remember seeing a video about Nintendo releaseing some footage of someone petting Pikachu on a 3DS, so..