Sep 25th, 2013


A brand new evolution for one of the recently revealed Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y has been revealed today. Doublade will be the evolution of Honedge, a steel ghost type that’s exclusive to Pokemon X and Y. The new Pokemon is 2’07” tall and has a weight of 9.9lbs, in addition to sharing Honedge’s ability No Guard. Here’s the official announcement that was released on the Facebook page:

This Steel- and Ghost-type Pokémon is capable of carrying out intricate attacks by telepathically coordinating its two blades to deliver twice the slice in battle.

What do you think of the new evolution? The name seems fitting considering the design is just two honedges seemingly stuck together. Let us know what you think below.

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  • Marcus Navarro

    *sigh* I just hope the final form is some form of anthropomorphic “knight” of sorts.

    • ZeeraXM

      Knowing our luck it’ll be like Vanilluxe or something.

      • Elena

        Honestly what is the problem with Vanilluxe, and also remember Magneton, he’s just three Magnemite stuck together, so I really don’t see the issue with this guy.

        • Squid

          I like vanilluxe.

        • ZeeraXM

          Magneton was interesting to look at because other then the single, stylized eye it was an inanimate looking form… Vanilluxe looks like a dopey human…

        • Vaniluxe sucks so bad, I often use Metroid Creature names for my pokemon, when I saw the first form of vaniluxe it reminded me so much of the crystal shard creature (Crystallite) from Metroid Prime

          I named mine after that, until I saw it’s first evolution, removed him from the team and placed him in the Ice Box, later came across it’s third evolution and it was even worse.

      • Saul Rivera

        I’ve never despised any pokemon until I saw Vanilluxe…and this is coming from someone who has Exeggutor leading in his battle group.

  • JamesJose

    make the mega evolution of this pokemon be the master sword…

  • greengecko007

    More evidence that the last Pokemon should have been Arceus…

    • Squid

      Nah, Pokemon won’t end any time soon, it’s one of those series that’s too good, you can’t just put on the same maps with a few new things every time. This isn’t FIFA.

      • greengecko007

        Actually, you can. The pokemon games would still sell millions even if they stopped making new pokemon, and instead made new regions, new stories, more direct sequels, new gameplay mechanics, etc. See Pokemon Coliseum/XD for example.

        • Squid

          Pokemon XD is not a good example, I didn’t like the low amount of catchable Pokemon! the whole thing was a battle fest…

          • greengecko007

            It’s a good example in that it shows people will still buy a Pokemon game even if it doesn’t add any new Pokemon species. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t personally like the game, but my point was to show that Pokemon can still succeed as a franchise by pushing other new ideas, instead of pumping out new Pokemon with less than visually attractive designs.

          • Squid

            Yes I see, but just like the real life world, there are thousands of species that look unattractive, maybe they aren’t ice cream or swords, but they are beings.

  • Ian Settlemyer

    We need more cross-generation evolutions for Generation VI other than Sylveon.

    • Squid

      Mega Evolutions are a thing, and other region Pokemon in this game too.

  • IBlock

    Wow! This design is awesome!
    -Said by some Pokemon fans but not all of them.

    • Squid

      It’s not the most creative thing but it’s not nice to make fun of something someone likes.

      • IBlock

        I wasn’t trying to insult anyone. To anyone who found my comment offensive, you have a right to your opinion. I don’t really mind if you like Doublade’s design.

  • Thomas Vienna

    Looks like a good 20 minutes of photoshop to me.

    I suppose it fits into the Pokémon X theme, though. I wonder how many other Pokémon will be in the shape of X’s and Y’s. Maybe a set of Pokémon based on the human genome that determines gender. 😛

  • kevin nun—-

    Transgender evolution