Sep 27th, 2013


If you’re excited for the upcoming release of Pokemon X and Y, and you’re looking to upgrade your 3DS to a 3DS XL system, you’ll be happy to know that the Pokemon X & Y special edition 3DS XL systems are now available in stores. They feature legendary Pokemon Xerneas from Pokemon X and Yveltal from Pokemon Y. Each of the systems is available in red or blue for $199.99 each.

The interesting thing to note here is that unlike previous bundles, these do not come with the game already installed on the 3DS XL. You’ll still have to wait until October 12th to get your hands on it, but in the mean time you can have your special edition 3DS XL already set up when the game launches worldwide on October 12th.

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  • Schultz38

    It’s a shame they switched the stencil and color from the gold one in Japan to the red color. Nintendo would of had my $200 otherwise.

    • Ricardo Sampaio

      The gold one is a limited limited edition, only available in Pokemon stores

      Also, in japan the blue and gold have the game pre-installed.

  • Marcus Navarro

    I’m not feeling the designs at ALL. Those colors…no.

    • SleepySkullhead

      It’s weird that both legendaries are on both. If they had individual systems, it would look better.

  • Ricardo Sampaio

    Already available for a week in Portugal

    • Marcus Navarro

      Porto sucks. Sporting is better.

      • Ricardo Sampaio

        agree, and Benfica tops both

  • Roberto

    How much cash would they give me if I traded my 3Ds for a 3DsXL does anyone know?

    • Ducked

      GameStop gives $98 for the 3DS XL, I believe they give $70 or $75.

  • Jack5221

    Bought a blue one today along with Luigi’s Mansion! I love it, cant wait until Pokemon X comes out!

    • Ducked

      I’m buying Y, why? Because I want to! That’s Y!

      • Elitepwnsface

        I was hoping for your sex na idk just a thought

        • Ducked


          • Elitepwnsface

            Genetics… X and Y as in the chromosomes. Assuming your male you would choose Y….

          • Ducked


          • Guest


    • Ace J

      bro i did the exact same thing!! i got the blue edition along with luigis mansion!!

  • Ducked

    I was thinking about getting the red Pokemon X/Y system, but I already have the Pikachu 3DS XL.

    And for some reason I just don’t like the 3DS XL. I like the original more, it just feels to big in my hands. Maybe I have small hands, but I dunno.

  • Yoshi5081

    I got the red one today and I keep touching it…

    • Noah Hood

      I want one so bad. :’c

  • AAAkabob

    Y is there no sale!? Getting a 3ds for my bro’s b-day, but I wants a sale

  • The True Gamer

    I got my 3DS at launch, but I have yet to find a game I enjoy on the system. I’ll be picking up pokemon y at launch, and x a few weeks after. Is there any 3DS games anybody can recommend to me? I didn’t enjoy 3D land or new super Mario bros. 2.