Apr 24th, 2013

Pokemon Rumble U releases today in Japan and although there’s no western release date, we have 12 minutes of video courtesy of YouTuber NintenDaan1. You can see the implementation of the Rumble U figurines and what to expect in the gameplay. If you’re interested in checking out the currently released sets of Pokemon figures compatible with Pokemon Rumble U, you can find the first set here and the second set here.

More sets are expected to become available each month, as each figure only retails for around $2 a piece. What do you think of the gameplay? Is this something you’d pick up if it made its way over here? Let us know in the comments.

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  • ejownz6

    The only good Pokemon games are the RPGs on the handhelds and Pokemon Snap on Nintendo 64. Make Pokemon Snap U. Pokemon pinball is OK but that’s more of a downloadable type game, imo.

    • John Andalora

      Omg. If they made Pokemon snap u, I would love The Wii U for the rest of its life.

    • jjmesa14

      I could actually see that happening. Since the gamepad has a gyroscope and an accelerometer in it you could look around, literally. Just make it like Google Street View or Panorama View.

    • Silver Fox

      hahaha Pokémon Snap U … that read funny. but so true i still have it for my N64 i dont think they have any excuse not to make a RPG pokemon game for WiiU this time, its an HD console its got online sorted out.. cmon

  • John Andalora

    I think Pokemon rumble was cool because it was a cheap and exciting game that allowed you to play as many different Pokemon and unlock different abilities.
    The idea of buying Pokemon to become one you like in a little figurine turns me off for the same reason I wouldn’t buy Pokemon figurines for any other game; I like to buy the game and play it rather than have required micro transactions for more gameplay or “better” gameplay.

    • Squid

      The NFC characters are trainable, that’s the only difference, they are are really not a problem to not buy them. But for me, I’ll buy em all.

  • brian

    so how come they have a video sharing app and america dont look up niconico and look at his app when the video first plays

  • Sami Rautio

    Umm yeah…I don’t know i would rather have Pokemon Stadium 3 or something as awesome 🙂 just my opinion.

  • Buduski

    Agreed, only the RPGs and Pokemon Snap make any sense, everything else are pretty bad ports, though in my opinion the first Pokemon Stadium wasn’t bad.


    I wouldn’t touch this game with a ten foot pole!…all I want is a rpg Pokemon game for the wii u.

    • Jon

      we’ve all been wanting a pokemon RPG console game but they never seem to come out.

    • The Clockwork Being

      With online, customization of your personal characters, all the feature that made the handheld version good, a online mutliplayer in a completely new region featuring that includes the pokemon from one region inside new region and much more. If they made this it would be so good. It would be a real console seller

    • Kamon

      I’m here with ya. 🙁

      Though the first Rumble game was alright.

  • jhgjhg

    this actually looks fun, for a wii u game.

  • Ducked

    Pokemon Stadium U would be better.

    • METHical reality

      I’m 100% with you .. i don’t even want an RPG in WiiU .. just pure Stadium that would be perfect

      • Tecpedz94

        I dont get your point ya its cool to have this and great bring as many pokemon spin offs as they want it doesnt matter but why not add a pokemon RPG if you want it buy if not dont its as simple as that. It would be great if they do add it for those who want like me

        • METHical reality

          Well i just meant Nintendo doesn’t have to work hard for an RPG just give us the classical stadium we had in N64 which is much much simpler to develop than a full game RPG .. Sure if Nintendo can give us a stadium with an RPG that would be millions of times better but being more >realistic< i'd rather dump the RPG idea and get Stadium rather than getting neither .. i hope it makes sense now 🙂

    • Squid

      I agree again.
      But I find the music and the looks of this game to be nice.
      Though it would be much more awesome to see them all in the new HD graphics.

      • Ducked

        I agree with you agreeing.

  • This looks lame. LAME LAME LAME LAME!

    • Squid

      That comment looks lame. LAME LAME LAME LAME!

  • Tecpedz94

    They shoudl just release a cool RPG adventure game on the WIIU for crying out loud nothing like that was release don the Wii which was a bummer they better do it now!! Do they know how MUCH money they will make. Im talking about something looking like the pokemon franchise and xd gale of darkness but non of that snag and shadow pokemon i mean a whole new adventure game with large areas to explore.

  • Nintenjoe82

    I don’t get these games.

    Pokemon is a franchise so valued by Nintendo that they don’t make the RPGs on the home consoles, to not risk devaluing the handheld franchise but they basically make pokemon licensed shovelware for the home consoles instead.

    N.B I’m not judging this game as shovelware but some of the other pokemon games are

    • www.RonaldGursh@hotmail.com

      I know… freakin Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness are better than Black & White.

  • tronic307

    OK, if it’s going to be this repetitive, it NEEDS to be in an open world. The map screen doesn’t count, unless it would be like an RPG where you’re attacked at random.
    Looks like it should be NintendoLand DLC. Has there ever been a REAL Pokemon game on a home console?
    I do like the music, especially the drums, but it seems like the music is functioning to boost a dragging game.

  • Nintendofreak

    not to shabby afterall its a eshop title

  • lonewolf88

    you guys are going way to crazy this is only a eshop title….
    yes we all want a pokemon game that goes threw all the regions of pokemon but its still possible this is only a eshop title it probably didn’t take much to make this considering the wii version was like 15 bucks…

  • Dorfdad

    Why the hell is this coming to Wii-U? Nintendo why do you continuously make horrible decisions concerning the Wii-U? I mean if Nintendo would have even just taken a Pokemon 3DS game engine and upresed it ala Monster Hunter and released it this year for Wii-U it would sell a ton of consoles.

    However Nintendo decided to release what I feel is the worst thing the Pokemon franchise has done (these rumble games) to a console that is dying for core titles! Nintendo this isn’t rocket Science just give gamers the Core franchises early on and than do your spin offs!

    I will be surprised if this sells over 500K Worldwide in lifetime sales. Oh and don’t think im buying all these NFC characters for this craptastic moneygrab…

    • Squid

      Hey you Pikachu!

  • TrueWiiMaster

    I’m a bit worried about the statues adding cost, but if this comes out in America at $10-20, I’ll probably get it. It doesn’t have deep gameplay, or even much strategy, but it’s a pretty fun game. I just got the 3DS version for $10 at Best Buy, though, so I probably wouldn’t get this one anytime soon.

  • Jeffrey Debris

    Hmm, it doesn’t look like something I’d play… I never really liked any of the Pokémon spin-offs, except Stadium, Gale of Darkness and Snap…

    Let’s hope Nintendo starts listening to their fans and make a console Pokémon RPG… Or a new stadium with story mode.

  • Silver Fox

    damn that looks horrible

  • starman

    To all the people whining about not getting a pokemon rpg,I would rather have something different than repeated over and over again.

    • Tecpedz94

      NO!! Just plain NO!

    • discuss

      Then buy another game.

  • discuss

    Gamecube graphics and no RPG :(? Nintendo you can stop disappointing me now!

  • Squid

    Ytbvtynu want it so bad.

  • Snake eyes 211

    This game looks awful

  • Erimgard

    It’s confirmed for release in America this summer.

  • MiiVerse in your web browser is online


  • Guest

    Pokemon Rumble is one of those games that look lame until you actually play it. Its pretty freaking fun to play with your compadres and it can get a little intense at times, If you haven’t played it, then you should not be bashing it. I know I still enjoy playing the first Pokemon Rumble.

  • grandlx2

    Question: Why are the graphics terrible? Looks like a good N64 game lol. Not even GC/Wii level!

  • I preferred the more Dungeon-Crawling style of the original. The music in this is great.

  • Orvar Kalsong

    What the hell? This looks boring as hell. Pokemon Stadium was ok for a couple of hours, but got boring afterwards. The only thing that would make me buy pokemon is a real rpg with real new stuff, not like the handheld games, those got old after red and blue

  • Felix

    cant believe this things are wii u games… makes me want to sell my system and get a ps4.

  • old_skool

    oh god…this sort of nonsense is why Wii U is not selling, awful

  • Jason Setley

    Give me please, come to the US Shores we love Pokemon

  • www.RonaldGursh@hotmail.com

    Wow… its just like the last two Rumble games…