Sep 26th, 2013


With Pokemon X and Y releasing worldwide on October 12th, Nintendo is celebrating the kick off with an animated adventure that celebrates the original Pokemon games. The series is called Pokemon Origins and will begin on November 15th on Pokemon TV. Pokemon Origins focuses on the original story in Pokemon Red and Blue, starting the story from the beginning when Red first leaves Professor Oak’s lab. Team Rocket make an appearance while Red explores the Kanto region.

The series will be a four part adventure with the remaining three parts airing after the November 15th premiere. A free app for iOS and Android devices is also available so you can watch it on the go.

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  • Nifty… Never watched all of the original pokemon anime. Maybe this would be a good place to jump in

    • CEObrainz

      This is different from the main series and it’s 100% better because of that. Hopefully the show is more accessible for older audiences as well as kids, I mean Red from the games/manga was one Bad-ass character.

    • Ducked

      Neither have I, I’ve never watched or played a pokemon game. Slap me right now.

      • *slaps Ducked* Ouch!

        • Ducked

          My beck

      • *give you a wii U gamepad*

  • Sdudyoy

    I’m never too fond of video game related shows, but It reminds me of being little and waiting for Pokemon to come on, then our Dad came home with a sack full of Pokmeon episodes on VHS.

    • Ducked

      Ah VHS, when life was simple.

      • Sdudyoy

        Yeah I still use VHS’s, of course our DVD player get’s more attention we still have all our classic Disney movies on VHS.

        • Ducked

          Same here, Disney DVD’s are expensive.

  • I love the fact it’s based on Red.. Red tamed a F**cking Charizard. Ash just gets burnt by his ._. This is definitely going on my ‘List of anime to watch.’

    • Yen

      Clearly someone didn’t watch enough of the anime. Pretty sure Ash tamed his.

      • Actually Ash didn’t really do it by himself, His charizard almost died because he was frozen solid, ash spent a lot of time to warm him up until his hands where numb and cut to pieces by it’s scales, after that Charizard got tamed. I believe it was something like that 🙂 Nonetheless one of the best episodes of the anime.

        Edit: I’m sorry I forgot the Sarcasm tag. Took him a while though to gain the thrust of his Charrizard.

        • Yen

          I don’t really see how that’s not doing it himself though. Charizard trusted him after seeing all the effort Ash put in to nurse him and remembered when Ash saved him as a Charmander. Misty and Brock only supported Ash doing that, I guess you can count the guy that froze him?