Sep 3rd, 2013


Nintendo has announced a new Pokemon Nintendo Direct tomorrow that will be broadcast tomorrow. The Direct will be hosted by Satoru Iwata and will be aimed at providing more information about Pokemon X and Y for the Nintendo 3DS. The game will be launching on October 12th, 2013. Tomorrow’s broadcast will begin at 7am EST for North America, and 12pm UK time.

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  • Sdudyoy

    Well that’s good, sadly I’m just not intrested in this game since Mega evelutions hope other people will enjoy this game though, I’ll probably get it just not at launch.

    • Deadpool U

      So that one thing is stopping from this game?

      • Sdudyoy

        Sorry but but I get iritated over little things It’s a character flaw but It’s also my opinion, I love Pokemon but I can’t get over how dumb mega evolutions are in my opinion, and yes I understand It’s optional but just knowing there in the game makes me not want the game as much, I know It’s dumb but It’s the way I see it and I can’t see it any other way, I’m not trying to start a fight or be a troll, I’m stating my opinion.

        • Yen

          It’s your opinion and your money, but I think you should give it a chance. I thought the idea was iffy at first too, but I warmed up to it especially after the direct. This will be a great game I think.

          • Sdudyoy

            I will get the game but I’m going to avoid the Mega evolutions, I do like the Pokemon Bank but I doubt I would be able to pay even cheep anual fees, they need to run it though, It’s kinda odd how they give you a Kanto starter also.

  • Ony

    France <3

    I will not watch this NDirect because the surprise will be the very best, like any other pokemon ever has :3

  • Christian Colby Porter

    The world map looks super cool! Nice meadows and cool buildings!

  • Flip Macleod

    My body is ready!

  • THANK YOU for including the UK time.

  • Can’t say I’ll be picking this up, but I know many people who will be. Hope it’s good!

    • Tecpedz94

      Yet you have a zorua display pic

      • vulpix/zorua cross, yes. I like pokemon, just not the games anymore

        • Tecpedz94

          Ahh i understand 😛

  • Shigeru Miyamoto

    Please, starter evos.

  • Ice Climbers

    4 am PST. I’m not getting up that early. Plus I kinda want to stay away from anymore spoilers. I already know more about the game than I wanted to know before release.

  • Mochlum

    Hoping for info on that Wii U Pokemon thing they teased.

    • Deadpool U

      I know how you feel this site doesn’t even have it on the rumours section.

    • Ace J

      it was just a mock up of what the wii u can do

  • Sharingan

    Time to wake up early tomorrow then.

  • Ian

    Speaking of Pokemon, are there going to be more o’ them as playable characters in Super Smash Bros. 4, like Jigglypuff, and maybe Pichu with its attacks adjusted so they don’t hurt it at all?

  • Linskarmo

    This could be my first Pokemon game. It should be fun. 😀

  • Schultz38

    *crosses fingers* PLEASE announce a western release of the amazing bundles