Mar 29th, 2016

Last night the Pokemon Go field test in Japan went live and despite tons of complaints on Twitter from gamers unable to get the game to work, data miners on the Pokemon Go subreddit have compiled the above video to showcase every single detail they can in the Japanese field test.

The data mine uncovered around 232 moves inside Pokemon Go, with each Pokemon having two moves available to them. The battles aren’t real-time, but will likely be passive so you can equip Pokemon to your gym and have them defend it for you while you’re on the go.

The first 151 Pokemon are the only Pokemon available in the beta right now, but it’s likely that Niantic will release updates featuring future generations of Pokemon as the game progresses.

In-app purchases were also discovered in the app, with several different tiers of items available, up to six different tiers. There is also a free tier, but no information about the purchasable items was revealed in the data mine.

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