Jan 14th, 2013

Capcom has released a few new Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate screenshots with a surprise. Plesioth is a monster from the first game that debuted on PS2 in 2004, but it will be making its return in MH3U with an updated look and new mechanics. The first game didn’t feature underwater combat, so Capcom promises that Plesioth has a new set of moves for the underwater battles that can take place in the new game.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be available in North America on thte 3DS and the Wii U in March. You can check out the further gallery of new Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate screenshots below.

[via Capcom Unity]

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  • Srpg2ishere

    This game looks STUNNING.

    • RyuNoHadouken

      upscaled 3DS game…its not so hot in motion

      • Srpg2ishere

        It’s upscaled? lol. I thought it was a whole new game. Oh well.. I haven’t played an rpg in a while so maybe I will think about this one…

    • Genesect4ssb4


    • Johny

      well.. the game will kick some serious ass.. but visually ? honestly it could look better… im not saying it doesnt.. it looks amazing… and im really satisfied by it.. but its a fact that the Wii U MH3U is just an Upscaled version of a 3ds game

  • Is this the same game on the Wii with a few upgrades and higher defintion?

    • Johny

      Well… for starters.. the graphics are obviously MAJORLY improved (even tho its just an upscaled 3ds version). then … “few upgrades” you say ? im glad to say that if you loved the wii MH3 game (as i and most people have) you’ll LOVE this one too…for 1: MH3 on wii had 18 big (boss) monsters overall… well.. MH3U on Wii U and 3ds have total around 51 boss monsters…. yeah thats HUGE… that means as many more armours and weapons from each monsters (+of course ALOT more from event quests, and “non-boss” armours and weapons).. on top of that comes greatly improved online, more areas, more items, more features…so yeah… its not really like a port of Wii game.. not at all 🙂

      • Jerardo Salgado

        I agree edward is talking out is ass.

  • Death47

    Lol at people saying the graphics are not that good.

    It’s a port of a 3ds game XD What do you expect? Crysis 3?

  • Jerardo Salgado


  • TheLast

    I don’t know if I should get this or get MH4 since they both will have online, and there would be no point in playing both games. Hopefully the 3DS can handle online for this game as I’d like to start up a clan again; then again, the drama that happens online is what made me stop playing video games for a while to begin with. In the end, I guess I really don’t know…

    • Sidney Majurie

       MH4 has been pushed back and doesn’t even have a solid release date. I can’t wait and must buy this for my Wii U and 3DS in March!

    • Anonycat

      MH4 is due this summer in Japan, but there’s no word of an international release at all yet. If you want MH4, you better go get MH3U and prove there’s a market for it away from home.

      • TheLast

        But I already bought Tri.. *sigh* Alright, I think I’ll get MH3U for the 3RD-PARTIES , but MH4 better not come out the year after.

    • world_gamer

      Monster hunter 3DS ultimate won’t have online feature only the WiiU version will. Although you can start a game on 3DS and transfer it to Wii U to play online and if you want to play on the go, you transfer you save game back to 3DS.

      • TheLast

        Yeah, I know, I meant Monster Hunter 4, but thanks anyway.

  • mexicanoypl

    oh man if hes coming back ima prepare to get my ass handed to me

  • uPadWatcher

    Did anyone notice the fact that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is cross-platform play compatible for Wii U and 3DS?  Instead of guessing if it’s scalable, just give the title for both Nintendo systems a chance.  Although you can’t play the game online for the 3DS, but you can play the 3DS on the Wii U and battle with your friends as well as transferring data from both systems.

  • Sidney Majurie

    Counting the days 😀

  • bxbombers007

    Can’t wait!