Jun 18th, 2012

Sony Facepalm
According to Sony Vice President Scott Rohde, the PlayStation Vita portable console is better than the Wii U. Rohde says that the Vita has an advantage since it has a built in processor, and the Wii U GamePad doesn’t, it needs to stream the data from the main console. This apparently gives the Vita an advantage when it comes to games, but Rohde didn’t really mention anything specific. He told Eurogamer,

“The Wii U tablet doesn’t have a processor in it, so it’s got to be fueled by that box sitting under your TV”

What Rohde didn’t mention was that the PlayStation Vita costs $250 bucks — which is the same price the Wii U is expected to launch at. And just like with the Microsoft SmartGlass, there is no guarantee that gamers will have access to it. We’ve said it before: both SmartGlass and Vita cross play are nothing but gimmicks that Microsoft and Sony are putting out to try and compete with the Wii U. It’s even worse when it comes to the Vita, because the device has been a failure so far, selling far less than both Sony and analysts have estimated.

The PlayStation Vita has sold under 1.8 million units worldwide. By comparison, it’s rival, the Nintendo 3DS, has sold 17 million units worldwide. We understand Sony trying to hype up their failing portable console, but saying it’s better than the Wii U is really pushing it. *facepalm*

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  • Alienfish

    Wow, just… wow.

    Sony respect points = -9999999999

    • John

      That surely must put them at -9999999999999999999 then? How can you have ever had respect for Sony after their history of Ninty rip-offs?

      • zam2.0

        PS3 was a let down for me. -50 respect
        Sony fanboys are the worst. -50
        Vita… -(Very large finite number)

  • Joe

    I ‘m sorry sony but this time you loose. wii u > psvita and ps3

    • Ovni384

      it is wii u is best than all the sony’s consoles togheter

      • Wii u crazer

        Ur right, it’s an awesome devIce that nintendo created. It’s gong to be awesome,like all Nintendo consoles(including portable devices).

      • Norm

        I wouldn’t say that… more like Wii U=PSOne+PS2+PS3+Vita+PSP

  • Xen

    Seems sony dont know what kind of console of wiiU

    • TheMaddMan

      *double facepalm*

      • Benjamin

        *smashed head in the wall*

  • SuperMonkeyBallforWiiU

    Sony just has to accept that the Wii U will be extremely successful regardless of what they say!

    • Herox95

      You’re right.

  • Frankensavior

    I’m getting so sick of this. Even if it interacts with say the new PS4. It’s 250 bucks! It costs as much as the Wii U probably will console, and game pad.

    This is what blind fans of Sony don’t seem to understand. They think Sony will bring out this super powerful console. That will leave the Wii U in the dust. This is simply failed logic. There are only two possibilities maybe three. They make a super powerful console, and sell it at a ridiculous price, or secondly sell it at a huge loss. If they do sell it at a loss then at their current financial picture they’ll go under. Or third they’ll make a console thats reasonably priced, and not over powered. Even if this PS4 would interact with the Vita its still a 250 buck add on! Sony is becoming a real joke.

    Then again people who buy a console based on power can’t be thinkers. A console should be a fun experience, give good gameplay, and be convenient. If your so obsessed with power, and graphics buy a PC. That’s the smart choice, but yet these power and graphical fetishists stick with their Xbox 360s, and PS3 because of the name on the box.

    • Eddy120876

      Sony forgets one key ingredient to their sauce. Is not what Sony says is what the developers tell then how they will use their say Vita + PS4 that will determined how well they will do. Look we all know Some game companies will skip the add on because of some issues wether is money,time or lack of staff so to Sony all i can say is “shut up and then when you have something solid then talk”

  • Shankovich

    Ouch, right in the logic Sony. I know you guys aren’t having the best time as a company, but seriously don’t be babies.

  • Calling it as I see it

    I can’t believe there’s already such a biased fanboy site, sacrificing it’s own integrity for the sake of hits, for a console that isn’t even out yet. Don’t you think there’s enough of this crap on the internet?

    • Alienfish

      You’d have to be a Sony fanboy to agree with the above statement, and even then I’m not sure you’d condone something as dumb and ignorant as that.

    • TheMaddMan

      I can’t belive there are sony fanboys sacrificing their integrity for a console not even out yet. Don’t you think there’s enough of this crap on the internet?

      Oh, and by the way, *double facepalm*.

    • deSSy2724

      Im both Sony and Nintendo lover…. but, “calling it as i see it”…. u FAILED DAMN!

      “TheMaddMan” succesfuly changed your real name to “Mad Man” LOL

    • 007 1/2

      Has anyone gotten the chance to play a PS4? no. You think that if a consle has above 1080p it is automatically the best. the truth is u would buy a box that said sony and 1440p.
      Has anyone played a wii u? yes and the reaction is very positive.
      Oh and also, Nintendo never copied anyone.

    • 007 1/2

      at least it is closer than the PS4

  • Hafid

    Is he a dumbass ???
    The gamepad is a controler …
    Nothing to do with a Vita !!!

    Really impatient to sell out my PS3 for a WiiU !!!

    Dumbass …

  • Solboogie

    Haha the pic and title are hilarious! When all you do is copy and steal idea’s you never get respect.

  • MYCO


  • The Baconater

    You’re comparing fruits and veggies… stupid Sony.

    • Norm

      More like thermonuclear missiles with potatoes.

  • James

    Not surprised that once again Sony is super-arrogant in the console wars. Yet, their beloved PS3 was last place compared to the Wii and Xbox360. I sold my PS3 because I hate their controller and have nothing to offer me that the Xbox 360 already has. My Wii was great for 1st party games too.

    Oh sony… you will never have another PS2… and even that console was buggy and ghetto…

    • Jemmi77

      Funny that you say that cause the ps3 is outselling the xbox 360 worldwide through this whole year.

      • Seris

        What did people expect Sony to come out with?
        They are hardly going to say ‘Oh don’t buy our system, Wii U is much better!’ are they?

        Not that I am defending this statement or anything but it’s hardly surprising that they would make a comment like this.

      • Deuce

        He was not talking about sales.

      • Norm

        And Wii is still outselling them both. I think we win.

  • Paul

    Oh my gosh people don’t understand that the game pad! of course its “fueld by the box under the Tv” its a controller the vita is a portable system

  • Zach

    I have a Vita and love it. Also Playstation is my second favorite console developer (behind Nintendo of course). But damn this was a VERY dumb thing for a Playstation VIP to say.

  • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

    PSVita is a separate console, and this is a controller… ugh. But really, at most, the whole console will only be $50 more than the PSVita with 3G, and it’s a home console. Portables are for in-between time mostly, and with the off screen capabilities of the Wii U, the handhelds may run their time up, since you could play that anywhere at home while home. Bring it from the living room to the bedroom and into the kitchen for a snack, then back to bed, to lie comfortably and play Darksiders 2 or any of the games on it

  • Shankovich

    Oh and portable console vs. A controller = auto fail

  • Paul

    sorry but sony dissapointed with the psvita

    the psvita games are better on a high end mobile

    the wii u looks great

  • Chupa-chup

    Dumb Sony executives like Scott Rohde is the reason why the vita sold so poorly and why the ps3 is currently in 3rd place in this gen’s console war.

  • Wii Uoops!

    Ha, ha! It’s funny that Sony’s comparing their portable console with a controller. Of course it’s supposed to be powered by the little box under your TV! Were they unaware that you were supposed to play on the NEW CONTROLLER, take aim with the NEW CONTROLLER, draw on the NEW CONTROLLER, and, obviously, nottakethecontrolleranywherefarfromthetvbecause ITS A CONTROLLER!

  • Freak From Outer Space

    Sony is like a peacock, it shoes off it’s good looks to get people on its side, pfff…

  • Adam

    Advantages of the Wii U tablet controller over Vita:

    Size- The controller is larger, as is the screen, so not only is it less cramped and easier to control, but it’s also got a bigger screen.
    Graphics- Vita is capable of sub-PS3 graphics, the Wii U tablet can stream the full graphical power of the console. Vita is not capable of streaming PS3 graphics onto the handheld.
    Price- Obviously.
    Support- the tablet comes in the box with the console. Vita does not. That means developers are much more likely to support the tablet controller and much less likely to support Vita-with-PS3 (which, by the way, is kind of an absurd comparison given that the PS3 is on its way out, so the vast majority of titles already DON’T support it).
    Battery life- Possibly, but probably, given that the Wii U tablet controller DOESN’T have that power-hungry CPU inside it.

    Advantages of the Wii U tablet over SmartGlass:

    Price- Again.
    Graphics- For now, although since it supposedly supports a wide variety of devices, that could possibly change in the future.
    Support- Same as above.
    Ease of use- I’m sorry, but I just cannot fathom using a tablet AND a controller at the same time. And using only a tablet as a controller just sucks.
    User experience- This is the biggest problem I have with SmartGlass. Supporting a wide variety of devices across several different operating systems essentially guarantees an inconsistent user experience (or possibly even incompatibilities). Frankly, I think this is going to be a nightmare for Microsoft.

    I like the idea of both technologies, and I’m happy to see Nintendo spurring Sony and Microsoft into bringing forth new stuff, but they just don’t compare. Nintendo has thought this through far more thoroughly than most people are giving them credit. They’re integrating the touchscreen into the user experience in a cost-effective manner. Nobody can match this at present.

    It kind of surprises me to see Sony claim that their hardware is superior because it’s got the CPU inside it, considering that any graphics on the Wii U are going to be streamed from the much superior hardware inside the console itself. Sure, as a portable, Vita trumps the Wii U… because the Wii U isn’t a portable. Duh.

    • Richnj

      Sticks and Buttons also.

      PSV only has 1 set of shoulder buttons, but then a touch screen on the back. I’s questionable whether that’s a good replacement. The sticks are far from being equal to the standard sticks the Wiipad has now. Click-able, more accuracy and comfort.

      For the record though I think we need to drop the “third-arm” argument, because Pikmin 3. It uses both the wiimote, nunchuck AND Wiipad.

      • Adam

        Yeah, I kind of hinted at that above, when I was talking about ease of use.

        I’m not sold on the merits of the touch on the back of the Vita, although I’m also not sold on the touch on the front. I think one of the reasons why the touchscreen works so well on the DS is that it’s on the secondary screen. I’ve been playing a few games on my Android phone lately, and one of the things that bugs me (of many) is that I have to place my fingers inside the field of view to control them. Vita, having only one screen, suffers from the same thing, while also simultaneously offering a better control input through the buttons which kind of makes the touchscreen irrelevant. Now, I could certainly imagine some scenarios where the touchscreen would be useful, but these lie on the fringe of what I’d consider to be a gaming experience, and on the whole, I don’t think it’s a feature that would be considered vital to Vita gaming. Then again, I haven’t actually played Vita at all… how many games actually use the touchscreen effectively? I saw the Uncharted demonstration a while back and I wasn’t really impressed.

        Touch input is very sensitive; you have to be very aware of where your fingers are placed. In that sense, it almost seems like a detriment on the Vita. Nintendo’s use of touchscreens has been well-integrated into their designs. That’s why I laugh when people complain about the controller being “too big” or lament the fact that the touchscreen doesn’t use multi-touch… these things actually facilitate a better gaming experience by making the controller easier to use! And the lack of multi-touch… oh no, I can’t do pinch gestures. Woe is me. I guess I’ll have to stick to the sticks, buttons, gyroscope, accelerometer, camera, microphone, and single-touch screen for controller input.

        Vita is just too cramped to be used comfortably as a controller. In fact, I think the future of portable gaming devices is to make them larger. Phones are going to stay small for the foreseeable future, because they have to fit in your pocket. The benefit of a portable game system is not only transportability, but control, and of course the game experience. Scaling up the hardware in size a bit while still retaining the “portable” aspect is a great idea, in my opinion. As it is, I don’t know anyone (including myself) that owns portable gaming systems and actually carries them around in their pockets… my pocket is for my phone. People have no problem transporting tablets and laptops around, and while I don’t necessarily think I want something tablet-sized (which would be very expensive anyway), maybe something like a Wii U controller with a second screen ala the DS would be cool. 3D would be even cooler still.

        I don’t know, I feel like portables in general are losing their luster, and one of the reasons why the 3DS is so much stronger than the Vita is the two screens and the 3D function. Vita certainly offers the hardware and control scheme for a superior gaming experience over my phone, but I just don’t feel like the advantages it offers are worth laying out $250 and investing in a whole new library. If Vita had been about 1.5x the size that it is, with the same power, without the touch screen, and a better control layout (again, like the Wii U tablet controller), I’d probably pay at least $300 for it. But in its current form, I’m not interested.

        • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

          PS Vita 2, now it’s also a phone with a controller layout pro attachment for all your double trigger needs. It’s also twice as big. With new technology, you can take this system apart so that it’ll be small enough to fit in your pocket…. Actually, if portables were bigger but able to come apart like that so they fit comfortably in my pocket, I’d love it. I keep my 3DS in my back pocket and every time I slide out of a seat it falls out. Luckily it still works perfectly well, but I wouldn’t mind being able to detach that top screen and putting it in my other pocket so that both pieces would be more comfortable. Or make it slightly larger, and have it able to fold over more times but not take away from the screen. That way it would still fit in my pocket. I like being able to keep it in my pocket. Carrying a bag around would annoy me….man purse?… no thanks. Besides, pocket works for the streetpass function easier, even though I’ve only met my neighbor and one of the people at my local gamestop with it. I need my friends to stop being cheap and upgrade so I can meet more Miis in the Streetpass Miiverse, not to be confused with the Nintendo Network Miiverse, haha

    • 007 1/2

      the gamepad doesnt do 1080p it has a resolution of 854×480.

  • Parker

    I definitily dont like these sony executives.

    • uPadWatcher

      If that keeps up, Sony is gonna lose another $6 billion. Somebody fire Jack Tretton!

    • PK Thunder

      I wanna kick their ass.

  • The Baconater

    “I like sonee bcuz they copee theengz frum udder sistumz.” If anything this should be your only reason[as ignorant as it sounds] why you’d agree with Scott Rohde. Implus not only fans are excited for this console… I was just as surprised as anyone to hear how many 3rd party titles can and are coming out to this console.

  • jonny

    Psvita can only connect over Wifi & lags excessively

  • Captain snugglebottom

    I loved the article (especialy the facepalm part)

  • Kirby

    Two things
    1) Why are there people here bad mouthing the wii U, if they want to, go to a different website.
    2) The sony guy is only saying that because he knows the wiiU is powerful and he needs to attract people to Sony.

    • SuperMonkeyBallforWiiU

      Companies are starting to notice the true potential of the Wii U, so they are trying to badmouth it! If a someone like Sony is badmouthing another system relentlessly then just how strong is the Wii U

  • Adders

    The first line of defence is attack, But this time sony should not use a hand held system that is trailing behind, To mock big N

    in Adams post he mentioned battery life and the PSVita can have about 2 and a half to 3 hours play because it has a processor but the wii u will have 3 to 5 hours

    I have a ps3 and I will not be getting the PSvita, my moneys on the Wii U

    I do like sony but this is not the way for them.

    One last thing ,, Some people say that the wii u is not next gen but if you stay with ps3 and the vita then you are not getting net gen either ???

  • 3ds guy

    I am writing this letter off my ps vita an it would make a horible controller the analogue sticks to close to screen so always pressind it wen dont want to same as the back touch screen for eva catching it. Its only got 2 shoulder buttons.While its ok for a handheld it would be a useless controller .There will never learn.Go wii u

  • 3ds guy

    we have only seen 50% of wot wii u can do none of the games we have seen r pushing the the u. there is more power in wii u than people think getting board of my vita already especially now my 3ds getting some quality games. im not saying vita rubbish or would not have brought one but sony u cant copare this to a wii u without embarrassing yourself.

  • loko

    wiiU e merda come Wii. forse anche peggio. a questo giro mi butto sulla concorrenza di sicuro!

    • Markus

      “The wiiU is a piece of crap, like the Wii. Maybe even worse than that. This time around I’m betting on the competition for sure”

      Thats what the guy above is saying.

      Well to everyone their own if your willing to wait till 2014-15 that is.

      And to Sony thanks to your,…”statement” i want to buy a Wii U even more now. I want to thank you for that and for showing me how worried you really are about the success of the U.

      Thank you Sony and good luck in the sales department, as I hear you are havening some hard time selling those Vita’s.

      • Shitty NintendoFaggotboy. NOT

        Lol dude, nice. But I like to hear the horrible screams of the Vitas dying!
        *Evil Grin*
        I am now planning for the destruction of the world, erm no, I mean Sony!

    • Ricardo

      You just sound like you’re too scared too speak in English because you’ll get thumbed down.

      Also, it’s mierda, not merda. Learn how to write Spanish instead of using Google Translate. Now that I look at your whole post, your Spanish words AND grammar are incorrect! Quit trying to be ignorant and learn some damn Spanish. Vete a la chingada.

      • Markus

        Actually It’s in Italian…and he is one out off many that do not approve his post especially Mario.

        For loko:
        “Ei bello se non ti piace il Wii alora non rompere i coglioni su questo sito e va a comprarti il ps4….. quandao esce”

        “If you dont like the Wii than stop screwing around on this site and go and buy yourself a ps4….when its released.”

        • loko

          bravo markus, e italiano 😉

  • jadnice

    Wii U controller = zero latency. Sony’s PS3 and Vita combo cannot compete with. Sony if you cannot get other that hump then it is best to be quiet and embrace 3rd place again for the up coming next gen.

  • Butts

    “Sony is better than Nintendo” ? Yeah . . . let me just forget about all the good Nintendo games and buy a Sony Wonderbook.

    • loko

      non ho mai detto che sony e meglio di nintendo. anzi la odio sony. ha una politica di mercato che fa vomitare.
      Microsoft ci regalerà grandi sorprese con la nuova generazione di console.
      WiiU oltre il parco software, ha breve vita commerciale.

      • TheMaddMan

        So apparently, “I never said it better than sony and nintendo. Indeed I hate sony. has a policy of market that is sick.
        Microsoft will give us big surprises with the new generation of consoles.
        WiiU beyond the software park, has a short shelf life”

        Loko, do you hear those footsteps in the distance? Yeah, that’s the impending stampede of fanboys trying to rip your head off.

        And by the way, Non andare a piangere da tua mamma quando l’U wii è riuscita

        • loko

          hahahahaha TheMaddMan.
          mi sa che sarete voi a piangere come bambini. in classico stile nintendo.
          ti troverai da solo a giocare a nintendoland online con i bambini dell’asilo.

          • 007 1/2

            he said “i know that you all will cry like babies. in classic nintendo style. you will find that you will be alone online playing nintendoland with kindergarteners”

      • Skozo

        Coward. . . Grow some balls and speak in what others can understand. Use translator to tell us what you are trying to say.

  • Prime

    I owned all three an loved all three, but that’s a little pathetic.

    How is somthing that has the exact same power an data in it, as the PS3 which has tech of 2006, which in reality was in the making from at-least 4-6 year’s before that, so they had tech that was availiable atleast 10 year’s ago as the pinicle of the Vita, with minor tweek’s of a past few year’s.

    While the Wii Ultra of Ultimate, has tech of the past 1-4 year’s, from the ground up of the latest an greatest tech in it, along with alot of PC data level tech, like Radeon an so fourth in it… is suppose to be anything less of awesome epicness, to even intice gaiea away from odin, or louis away from supes, or athena away from zues, of pure next gen Atomic Bomb fun, fun, fun, an all mighty Ion an Solar power of the home counsle that held the title an Crown for the past 6-10 year’s


    I alway’s loved all three for there unique presenting’s, but look’s like the
    Wii U=Ultimate is going to have nintendo hold the title the “King of the Beast” for another 6 year’s.

  • DerikGotro64

    Wow. Just wow. They really tryin to make the Nintendo U look third rate. I guess he didn’t get the memo that the U’s gamepad is a controller to a poweerful console and not a handheld. He just made hiself and sony look like arrogant and imputant fools. Just for that, no PS4 for me.

    *triple facepalm*

  • Nintengoth

    Is it me? or are fony just terrible? i have never liked sony i dont own any sony products, never have and never will.
    they really need to sort out thier view on games consoles, i do have a feeling that if next gen just use graphical power it wont be enough.
    just coz Ns amazing controller has no processer does not make it worse than psvita thats just crazy days.

    • loko

      sei un folle.
      molte ditte non supporteranno wiiU come già si puo’ notare da molte interviste.
      e i motori grafici e fisici di nuova generazione oscureranno completamente wiiU.

      • Ravyu


        I can’t speak English cause I’m a lazy a** and don’t bother to learn something that already rules the world by default.

        WOAH that describes Sony very well actually. 🙂

        • loko is full of crap

          Yeah well, I guess Loko is just a shitting Sonyfaggot.

  • darkmanext

    is sony serious. First off vita is a full on system and nintendo’s is a controller with a screen. Second power-wise the wiiu crushes everything out there besides high-end pcs and the wiiu’s graphics can be streamed to the controller, which will make ps3 and vita graphics look like a hot mess. Long live the 800-pound kong which is nintendo.

  • darkmanext

    Oh and by the way the price for a ps3 and a vita at its cheapest will be $500 + tax, games will have to be made to use it ( wiiu no more than $350 and every game made for it.) For the next-gen a ps4 may be at it cheapest $400, which will drive the price to $650 if not more.

  • Pepe Timbale

    Whether the Vita is more powerful that the WiiU (which I doubt), this is just an extremist low hit, dirt bag tactic from a Sony executive. This type of comments highlight what it is wrong with the business side of the gaming industry.

    So their mobile device (Vita) is not selling at all (or I should say as well as they planned), then the default reaction is trashing the competition… that is just sad, specially because it comes from an executive.

    I do understand that Sony have to promote their product, but not at the expense of trashing the competition.

  • AwayToHit

    lol the vita alone cant beat the 3DS and now they are thinking that the PS3 + Vita will beat the Wii U….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA wow just wow. Sony, you have failed.

  • Adam Fox

    Scott Rhode is an idiot! How can you compare a handheld to a console in this manner? Sony has gone waaaay downhill! I have not followed Sony all that much in the past few years, I loved the PS1 and PS2, but I did notice that after the PSN hacking fiasco that Sony was really diminishing. Then the Vita comes out this year with a horrible game library, much like the 3DS at launch, however at least Nintedo corrected this for the CONSUMER…..I made the mistake of buying a Vita…..and now I am paying for it by wanting a 3DS….while my Vita collects dust. Sony is putting too many “mobile” apps on the vita and not enough games. I am sure a large percentage of folks that have a Vita also have a tablet or smartphone, so who needs Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Netflix on a portable handheld device, especially before some decent games get released??

  • Snowmadboy

    Sony are so cocky it’s unbelievable. Vita is better than Wii U? Wii U isn’t even out yet, Vita is $250 plus all the money for micro SD cards, overly expensive games and the fact only a few games seem worth buying, the Wii U will be this price and will be better and have more games to play. It’s either Sony have really weird selling tactics, or they are just dumb. I think the latter.

  • The Baconater

    Well… I think Sony just sharted thier brains out with that comment o.o

  • CyanideInsanity

    So sony thinks just because a controller has a touch screen is supposed to be a handheld system? I may have found a competitor to jagex logic.

  • Freaky

    Thats why i hate sony -.-

  • Pretzels

    Ah yes, the spirit of competition only to end up giving the consumer a better product. I love you Nintendo. Keep raising the bar you guys.

  • PK Thunder

    I still wanna kick their ass

  • The Baconater

    Darth Sidious-Sony”Your faith in friends is your weakness”Luke Skywalker-Nintendo”Your overconfidence is yours”

  • Cory

    Sounds like your out for blood on that article… almost like it’s a little biased. hrmmm. Nah, I must be mistaken.

  • The Baconater

    Might I also state that nintendo has the 3DS that is compatable with the Wii U…THAT’S 4 SCREENS!!!

    • 007 1/2

      its not where did u hear that?

  • Death

    Vita is better? Excuse me while I go slam my face into a table.

    • I Support Nintendo

      Don’t do that, otherwise, you might not be playing Nintendo games due to the lack of braindamage that has been caused by ya. 😛
      But I’m pre-ordering the Wii U once it comes out, NIN, no wait, SONY IS FULL OF GARBAGE OF WHICH OLDIES PLAY GAMES ON IT, BORING OLD GAMES.

  • Exynos


  • Matt

    I think Myamoto said there making a re-design of 3ds and also thinking about a Next=Gen portable so while sony keep bashing Nintendo they are digging a bigger hole for them to fall into as Nintendo are just concentrating on making great content and better versions of there already impressive 3DS i think if sony dont sell some Vitas quick o mean 1.7 million worldwide is a EPIC FAIL end of the worst selling console in history wow,online games on vita are pointless as there are only 1.7 million worldwide owners and a few of them prob own 2 so that means less gamers to play online,i play 3DS MK7 online and its the most competitive online racing game ive ever played SONY YOU FAIL ??????

  • Enigmatic

    “ Speaking in an E3 interview with GamesIndustry International, Rohde argued that Vita-to-PS3 connectivity inherently holds more potential than the Wii U’s dual-screen offering as both Sony systems boast their own processor. “
    That’s all that they were talking about. They didn’t say anything about the PS Vita being a better system overall.
    Down fanboys, down.
    I question why someone would make a site about a system that’s not even out yet. You don’t know if it’s going to be good or not, why waste the effort? The Wii was terrible compared to the 360, PS3 and PC. I don’t see why people would be excited for it’s succesor.

    • SanPharaoh

      I’m not sure who’s comment(s) in particular you read to respond in the matter in which you did, but the overall tone from Sony during the interview was that the PSVita-PS3/4 combo would fare better than the Wii U. His reasoning for making this assessment is because they are both (psvita and ps3/4) two separate consoles with their own individual power supply and processors that when paired together can achieve a better experience than the Wii U in a game such as Assassins Creed 3.

      His goal during this interview was to say Sony can do whatever Nintendo can do, but better.

      I feel that he came across as smug, and arrogant and was a little out of his depth with respect to the apples to oranges comparison.

      This caption sort of does say it all though, doesn’t it?:

      “The Wii U tablet doesn’t have a processor in it, so it’s got to be fueled by that box sitting under your TV”

      …This just goes to show they are scared of Nintendo and the Wii U and are trying to muddy it up anyway they can, but it would be wise to take these things into consideration first before opening your mouth, wouldn’t you agree?: Will developers even take advantage of the PSVita-PS3 controller style game play? And if they do will it be for the same games that are released on the Wii U and made in a way that us as gamers can really be able to compare apples to apples with? My guess on these answers is No, and no.

      Unless Sony plans to make the PSVita the official controller of the PS3/4, which they probably will never do, then developers will see this as extra work that may most likely go unnoticed, except for by a few dedicated Sony fanboys who enjoy spending their (or their parent’s) money, ultimately making this type of gameplay not worth the effort and so they, as smart developers, will just stick with the conventional game controllers. As they should.

      In this scenario going into the next generation of gaming, Nintendo has the upper hand. Say what you’d like about the GamePad, but even without knowing the specs of the Wii U it has already been called revolutionary. (Let that sink in for a min.)

      What Sony should be doing is focusing on games like “The Last of Us”, and “Little Big Planet (3, or 4)”. Games that are worth buying a PS3 for. Games that any gamer, fanboy or not, can truly enjoy. It doesn’t matter what Nintendo or Microsoft is doing. If Sony makes a lot of great exclusive games, then the PS3/4 will continue to grow and thrive in it’s own right.

      Taking shots at the King is tacky, and lame and will only make them look foolish as the Wii U is only getting started.

      As far as your question to why this site and others like it exist…(without pointing out the fact that both Microsoft and Sony have multiple sites and forums similar in kind and substance to Wii U Daily) I will say, as an avid Nintendo enthusiast, that this site, and others like it exists for people, like me, who are eagerly awaiting the Wii U’s launch to be able to come and discuss and share ideas and exchange information on a subject that we all apparently enjoy.

      Game on, buddy. (With and open mind)

  • Prime

    To: Enigmatic

    Down girl, down girl. XD

    The Wii was horible? Hmm, the Wii sold more than xbox 360 an PS3 combined, an it’s horrible? XD That’s funny, dident Microsoft an Sony make replica’s of what nintendo inovated, like motion control’s? Uh huh, sound’s like a lose, lose there.

    What game’s did Sony or Microsoft hit God status of selling over 200 million copie’s world wide, while branching out around 10 movie’s that banked just as much as the game, a Tv series that’s never left it’s network from day one, that has so many dvd’s of it sold you could build a few mansion’s with there cases, and sprouted out clothing an assesorie line’s for adult’s to kid’s that bank’s billion’s of what is licensed an owned under the Nintendo’s logo an brand, has even selling there trading card’s from the game, accumilating more cash than any video game either Sony or Microsoft ever sold.

    Of course you know what I was mentioning there ^^^ right???

    An that’s just 1 game that accomplished all the above an more, an didnt Mario Bro’s sell even more copie’s than that? XD XD XD XD

    Along with all the other legendary game’s Nintendo has gifted to the world with. An dident Nintendo hardley ever used 3rd party support? Yup, an Microsoft an Sony alway’s did, that mean’s they only get a peice of the pie, while all game’s Nintendo has ever sold were 100% profit having the intire cake to themselve’s…XD

  • Enigma

    The Wii sold so well because of it’s appeal to casual gamers. All the quality, 3rd party support has mostly always been on the PC/360/PS3. Which makes sense, if you want to make the best possible game, go to the strongest systesms. There was never a Game of the Year on the Wii, for good reason. Also, keep in mind that if someone bought a 360, they usually would never buy a Wii. Lots of people bought a Wii and a PS3/360. Right now, the sales of the PS3/360 are catching up very fast, and the Wii has died. Which is why Nintendo is trying to replace it with a new one.

    What was that one Game Informer article that I read…..
    When they combined the average scores of the all the video games this generation, the scores jumped by almost an entire point when the Wii was removed from the equation.

    If your a true gamer, then you know that the Wii sucked. If you truly played all the good games this generation. Like Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption, Portal, some Call of Duty, Dark Souls, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Heavy Rain, and many more.

    • SanPharaoh

      You sound like one of those politicians who avoids answering a question by changing the subject to something irrelevant.

    •  Skyrim  lol…

  • Enigma

    *if they bought a 360, the ususally never bought a PS3.

    • Dan

      i disagree with you pal…

    • Ninty1

      and vise versa

  • Prime

    To: Enigma

    Huh, Wii suck’s? No you suck XD. What are you talking about, Nintendo never had a game of the year? We are talking overall attribute’s here…dont go selecting individual catagorie’s, because if you want to do that, Zelda the ocarina of time held the best Game for over 6 year’s straight for over 10 different Video game magazine’s, what game did that for Sony or Microsft, Hmm? Nadda.

    Dude we know your a Sony fanatic, the Wii dident sell as good these pass 1-2 year’s is because everyone know’s the Wii U=Ultimate is right around the corner, XD XD Why would you waste money on somthing that was made in that time frame of 6 year’s ago, when in a time frame of less than 1 year now is right there an will revolutionize gaming again. What a Drone, your just trying to squeez every little count arnt you? When your no where near the overall number if you wanna do just a Nintendo vs Sony…PS3 dident even sell 1/4th what Wii did in it’s life time. An you really thought that’s why they are coming out with a Next gen? XD

    Have you a brain? If you want to play the best an most powerful system…then…GET A PC… Sony an Microsoft have a fraction, of a fraction, of a fraction of the power of Pc’s, so what are you complaining about? Could you really be one of those out of this world fanatic’s, that compare’s the same game on PS3 vs Xobx 360??? Yup, I know you are. XD

    Your the type that say’s one is superior to the other by saying look at the sand or the cloud’s, Sony’s look more realistic then Microsoft. XD When they are only a fraction away from power.

    I owned all three, an I never complained about 3rd party game’s that Nintendo didnt have because most just dont match Nintendo, an that’s a good thing…you know…how you fanatic’s claim Nintendo is for kid’s? XD XD

    An I played all those game’s you mentioned, the what? The regula’s XD an Nintendo is still in the lead Buddie, by a mile… by a mile.

    Tah tah drone

  • anthony

    Its ridiculous to compare between controller and portable console. But, still, i hate x stupid box 360

  • Ovni384

    Psvita looks like a copy of the nintendo ds.
    I hate sony

    • XKingdomHeartsX

      ps vita looks like 3ds ur dumb as fuck ps vita is so much better the games are way better its got an 5″ oled multitouch screen rear touch pad and yea the price should be lower for the vita it should be 200 for wifi only and 250 for 3g/wifi but compared to wii-u at 350

  • Thepokemonmaster

    Fail, The wii u is awesome I went to the wii u experience tour, it has better games than halo and my little bigplanet

  • Wii u crazer

    What they should do about stores running out of wiius is start producing them a month before launch day and keep going so they never run out.

    • Wii u crazer

      Wrong place

  • ajfel

    Sony can’t handle this, how sad ;((((
    Nintendo > xBox&PS
    games > graphics

  • Drzemi

    Um, how do you know there is no processor under the hood of the controller Mr. Rhode? And, are you sure about that? Last time I checked most devices have their own processors built into them (ie. they are an integral part!). And really – streaming or in other words “downloading”, is EXACTLY how the vita works! But you know what? There is this thing called the 3ds, perhaps you’ve heard of it? It displays games in stereoscopic 3d, can download games, IS backwards compatible with DS games, takes 3d photos, extends gameplay experience through spotpass/streetpass AND it has a processor under it’s hood just like the vita! DUN DUN DDDUUUNNNN! So maybe Rhodey old boy, it’s a case of the “masses being wrong”?! I hope so for your sake!

  • Ninty1

    this is why i hate sony fanboys, there the ones saying XB0X SUXz because their fanbase is mostly haters,and then they claim that all sony hardware is better than anyone else’s hardware.

  • milky

    Wish sega would come back and fight with nintendo to wipe greedy xbox and ps out or even sega put its full support behind wii u games

  • D2K

    Sony is in COMPLETE disarray right now. They are hemorrhaging money from every single division, the PS Vita is spectacular failure, and they have nothing to offer in the next-gen other than the most powerful console of the three which won’t even matter.

    Either the PS4 will only be a small step up from the Wii U and XBOX 8 in terms of power, or the PS4 will be far more powerful but cost too much money to develop for, to manufacture, and to purchase. Since Sony is losing there rear end in sales company-wide, that ISN’T going to happen.

    The one thing Sony had over Nintendo was that the PS3 was HD and the Wii was not. Well, that’s over with so now everyone is on a level playing field. They literally have absolutely no clue on what to do for the next-gen. Microsoft has a plan, Nintendo has a plan, but Sony is lost. That is why the spend the majority of their time bashing Nintendo. You don’t waste time bashing something you don’t think is a threat. Their banter and rhetoric towards Nintendo suggests that they are scared to death of the Wii U, and they should be.

    Microsoft wants XBOX 8 to be a full-encompassing entertainment center. So no matter what happens (just in case there is a console-gaming crash) there will be a tangible reason to have a XBOX 8 in the house.

    The ground the Wii U is standing on is somewhat shaky because of the lack of information about the system, but it’s not irreparable damage.

    Sony on the other hand is in shambles. They invested a lot of time and money into the PS Vita and were hoping that it would be a competitor to the 3DS. but it’s not even a strong competitor to the regular Nintendo DS which is absurd. The Vita runs circles around the DS in terms of power, but it does not have the library the DS does.

    Sony started believing their own hype and started listening to the fanboys too much and this is what they have left. I predict that if in the next-gen we see a casualty, it will be Sony. Especially if the Ouya takes off.

  • Raka

    Sony is missing something important.

    Xbox Durango is going to have classic controllers in the box, Kinek 2 in the box, Smartglass in the box with the cellphones everyone already owns in the box, and the capability to use the Ipad, Kindle Fire, or Microsoft Surface if you’re willing to shell out the money.

    Wii U has the Tablit in the box, Wiimotes that people already own, a “pro” controller for cheap, NFC, and presumably 3DS connectivity (no reason to take out the capability, even if DS/wii connectivity was never used)

    Orbis-Vita has… a controller, possibly Move, and a highly expensive Vita.

  • Your Mom

    This deserves a triple face palm. Sony you may have fans but aperently not enough if you have to make a wii controller spinoff a play station phone a tablet with two screens (ds spinoff) and a claim to think the vita is better than a console made by Nintendo (that isn’t out). Sony u must have real guts.

  • Christian

    Ah, Sony’s just desperate to get a few million more sales out for the Vita. Obviously, the Wii U is better.

  • Levibuscus

    Captain Picard likes to facepalm alot.

  • GirlGamer

    Yh, But Sony’s also right. The box sitting underneath is needed alot. BUT guys i am not saying that the wii u is useless, the wii u will still be number 1. After all It will be the successor of the Awesome Wii

  • Wowowow

    What an unbiased article

  • Herox95

    I say we dump our Wiis in the bin and replace them with Wii Us! Or maybe not, if you want to transfer the data over, that is. But I’m gonna try and trade in my Wii so I can get the Wii U for a cheaper price, or maybe some more games at the regular price? Idk, and Idk about you guys either, but I can tell that someday, the SonyFanBoys will buy the Wii U, get rid of their Wii or PS3 or Xbox360 and get good games. Oviously, I wished that Halo 4 was also for Wii U, but that’s sad… and what about MotorStorm, or LittleBigPlanet? I can imagine that someday Nintendo will have those games. Or at least something similar.

  • Johny

    wow.. did they really ACTUALLY even COMPARE their fail of a handheld with the nintendos new HOME console ? … you cant compare these sony -.- … how stupid can you be… the wiiu doesnt consist of only the controller you know ? … its like saying psp is better than xbox360 becouse it has a SCREEN, and 360 doesnt have one. KNOW the difference between the controller and the console itself sony >.>

  • Nintendero

    wait wait wait ps vita is better tham wii u, sorry sony but wii u is best.

  • shahroz

    ps4 and xbox 720 will be way powerful than wii u! like ps3 and xbox 360 are powerful than wii!!!! sony consoles are way powerful than nintendo! psp vs ds? psp is powerful! ps vita vs 3ds? ps vita is powerful! ps3 vs wii? ps3 is powerful! AND PS4 VS WII U???? play station 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck nintendo! it is for kids! are you guys men are kid?

  • Sony Give up the Vita already

    Sony, I enjoyed the ps1 alot, I enjoyed the ps2 alot. For some reason, the ps3 just doesn’t give me that same feeling of “wow! This is awesome – factor” except for a very small number of games. I blame terrible DLC plans, fuck it – almost every game I play is a half assed piece of shit because of this… Mass Effect, Call of duty, BF3 to name a few. Wii games weren’t crazy with DLC. If games are gonna be at full price while being DLC based, I’m gonna go on the pirate ship until a new gaming business comes out, it’s my way of saying “Fuck You” to greedy business men who do jack shit and pay the creators dirt cheap, and yeah, I am kin to a few devs so I know how little they get compared to the business sector. If I enjoy a game, I want hard earned money to go to the creators but currently there’s no way to do it without paying the lazy ass holes (devs are usually happier and work harder when the boss is not a greedy fuck). If the wii u is plagued with DLC, I fear my gaming days will be over. I should start a new game business where I’m also an active developer.

  • Kav

    Seems like Sony vice president doesnt know Wii U game pad is a controller and not a console.

  • Tehtriggerman

    I recall SONY saying you could stream PS3 games through VITA as it was a selling pitch. What, like 2 or 3? FAIL.

  • Alextreme!!!

    Wait…Scott Rohde Thinks The Wii U Is Just A Portable Device…(Double Facepalm!!!)

  • Tim

    sorry sony you have to admint at wii u is better sorry but this sunday im getting a psp vita and im not sure if i should buy a wii u but i am only saying wii u isi better because it has a good look but sony make a realy cool conslole sell it four 200 pouds and ban you wil get i rates like nintendo and sony and nintendo are still fighting over wich is better and i got a 3ds and it is rubbish

  • playstationMan

    Alright everybody just calm the F*ck Down! the wii u isnt release yet! if you wanna know if the ps vita x box 360 ps3 or wii u is better just buy them. i fuckin love sony, of course my fist system was the nintendo ds but my friend showed me his psp and i got that the i got my ps3 will i go back to nintendo
    Hell to the fuck no reason: because the graphics compare to psp looks like shit and compared to the ps3 damn i had to throw that shit nintendo away then i got the wii and i didn’t like it because the graphics compared to ps3 was like lookin at a dirty as butthole . i dont like nintendo because of their graphics , they have crappy games ( in my opinion) and their devices and shit gives me a headache
    nintendo had a few games that i like but they dont have games that i really like such as little big planet, uncharted, halo, call of duty, grand theft auto and the only reason i bought the psp and ps3 was to play grand theft auto, and little big planet the gaes on the wii u cost 60 fucking dollars and the ps vita games cost half dat.the 3ds hurts my eyes the wii is doring and all the other systems from nintendo has shitty graphics so its embarrassing to buy a wii in 2012 the wii console streams the video game to the controller so i think its like a spin off of psp to ps3 remote playand i recommend having a portable system instead of a console cuz im always outside but since the wii u is supposed to have the better graphics than any other nintendo system then probably it will have more mature games like call of duty and grand theft auto but in a few months im getting $300 and i dont know whatg to do with it

    • playstationMan

      y creo que los sistemas de Nintendo están dirigidos a los niños ya las personas mayores quieren una mejor calidad de mierda como PS3 y Xbox 360 como la forma si no iban a conseguir tantos fans como he dicho a las personas mayores quieren mejores cosas

  • Common Sense

    You all keep using the same arguments: the vita costs $250; Sony steals ideas; (and the ignorant) Sony sucks!
    First off, none of those arguments hold any actual value to them. You may not have read the statement right, but he said the vita CAN do what the Wii u can do. The ps3, vita combo is quite capable of the type of interaction the Wii U and it’s new gamepad can do. The catch is that developers aren’t going to do that currently for the ps3, vita combo. The truth of the matter is that it doesn’t even matter whether the vita could do this or not, because everyone will get the console that has the games they want most.
    Nintendo has a lineup of class A console exclusive brands such as Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Pikmin, etc. Microsoft has their own list of class A console exclusives as well; I mean, unless you’ve been living under a rock your whole life, you should have heard of Halo, Gears of War, Fable, etc. And Sony is also sporting their own class A exclusives: God of War, Uncharted, Ratchet&Clank, Resistance, Killzone, INfamous, etc.
    The fact of the matter is that games sell consoles, and while the features of a console may be enticing, if it doesn’t have the games to support it properly, it will be worthless. So back to what you’re original argument was, yes, the PS Vita can do MOST of what the Wii U gamepad can do, and more just because it itself is it’s own console. But it’s not going to because there aren’t any developers right now, other than Sony, that are going to design games for it to do that currently.
    I’m no Sony fanboy, and I love games from all 3 systems. But that being said, you Nintendo fanboys convinced that Sony just copies everyone could do with checking the facts instead of just assuming things. You’ll find out that Nintendo isn’t as innocent as you believe.

  • Cyb3rPunk

    Am I missing the point here? How are SmartGlass and Vita platforms considered gimmicks while the Wii U goes unscathed from ridicule on this blog? Biased much?

    We all know that developers are what make a majority of the system great. And with countless of iconic mascots under Nintendos’ first party developer roster such as Mario, Link, Pikachu, etc. there’s no way they can go wrong. Even when they release such a bad idea.

  • Brosnan Fighter

    I agree with Common Sense.
    Most comments before him/her were all by crybabies.

  • Teves153

    I think you’ll need more facepalms than that

  • omg

    well i never thought the wii u would be better than the ps vita because the vita seems cool portable hot …… but the wii u is way too big and not portable but i think the wii u wins

  • SuperVegitoFAN

    Well ehh… the vita is quite a bit cheaper than the wii u… as of right now its around 66% of wii us price…. with wifi model and 75 with 3g model… a vita AND a ps3 however is another story… that and the vita appears to have longer range, BUT it also lags more and doesnt support as many games, the idea is gold however, very much so, that i hope its used in the future… call the wii u controller clunky, but clunky is good for a controller… remember the 360 won over the ps3 EASILY… controller wise, since its larger, its more comfortable.
    Same thing i say with 3ds and vita, vita is the larger, and more comfortable one, hell IMO the only controller that can win over the 360’s is the wii u’s… sadly i have yet to try it, and i wont buy one myself due to nintendo pulling some crappy stunts in EU that i dont like.That and the device itself doesnt have any games as of right now id buy, i already own me3 for instance, but i really like the idea and hope sony and MS is gonna take it to them…

    Sony did use it before nintendo though (remoteplay is older than wiiu) so maybe orbis is a better one for that.