Dec 14th, 2012

PlayOn is a streaming service that lets you stream all sorts of TV channels to your devices. PlayOn is now available on the Wii U and lets you stream 45 Internet channels to your console, including HBO, MTV, CNN, NBC etc. PlayOn costs $39.99 — and that’s a lifetime license. Just check out the chart below to see how many channels and how much more content you get from PlayOn compared to what’s on the Wii U already. It looks to be a great alternative while we’re waiting for NintendoTVii. Getting the service to work on the Wii U is a bit tricky, since it’s not a standalone Wii U app. You can follow the instructions here on how to get it to work.

PlayOn Wii U

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  • Captain Falcon

    Lifetime license? Worth it.

    • Austin Burn

       no it is currently crap

  • Immallama22

    Lol, this is pretty much a no brainer ūüėõ

  • TheDetonator

    i still dont get it. can some one explain in detail what this is?

    • tsuki

      From what I gather it is something you download to your computer, add the necessary accounts, then go to a site on your wiiu to connect and stream.

  • Ummm, not really. ¬†Every year or so they add additional features not covered by your “lifetime license,” and to get access to those features you need to purchase another “lifetime license.” ¬†

    Also, no Mac support makes it worthless…¬†

    • Immallama22

      Are you sure? I’m not exactly sure what the program really is… Why would your os matter?

      • you can only use it for PC not for Mac yet they say. Only drawback

        • Immallama22

          Oh, that really sucks…Would the computer you have it on need to be turned on when you want to use PlayOn?

          • Yes. ¬†The computer is used to stream the video to your device of choice. ¬†It’s the computer that does all the processing. ¬†

    • Lol mac. Get a real computer and you wouldn’t have to cry yourself to sleep.

      • Jannes van Arkel

        please die sir

      • Immallama22

        Seriously? I laugh at your stupidity ūüôā

        • Mauricio Guaura

          15 likes vs 2 likes


          Now tell me, what benefits do you get from owning a Mac? May it be the great Steam support? …No? Uh…the great lack of virus? …Yes? Oh wait! My PC doesn’t gets virus, either! And it’s a simple computer with Windows 7!

          I’m waiting

          • Macbook Air. ¬†/discussion

          • Very pretty expensive laptop that can’t play the games I want. It’s easier to just build a $400 computer than can play any game at 1080p at 45 fps. Macbook air is no better than the Microsoft Surface to me.

          • Immallama22

            Lol, I have no time for this. I find it sad you’re upset over this.

          • NintendoNoob

            ¬†Lemme see… Oh! Mac is $1,000 plus! I dont have that kind of money. OH LOOK HERE! An Acer that has the same hardware specs yet is $500 cheaper… Which is better? Oh definitely Mac. I love getting overcharged -_-

      • mikes1025

        ¬†you’re telling the truth. pcs are great. i don’t know what the big lure is with mac besides retina display.

      • Illidan Stormrage


      • Mac is FAR superior over Windows……maybe not superior over Linux, but its much better than Windows…..Mac products hold their value, folks still will buy a G5 Mac, how many folks want a single-core Windows machine? ¬†Also, with Mac, you don’t have to worry about Spyware/malware nor do you have to worry about Viruses…I am aware that there is viruses for Mac, but what? like 10 compared to over 500,000 on Windows? ¬†Macs run programs much more quickly, etc…..I’ve had years of experience with both Windows and Mac, and Mac is much better…unless of course you want to play games, then Windows has more options…..

      • All of your arguments are invalid. If you want a real computer, get Linux on there. I suggest Ubuntu because you don’t have to be a computer nerd to get it. And it has a program called Grub, which allows you to use more then one OS. That means you can still use Windows along with whatever version of Linux you use. And with Steam coming to Ubuntu and how it’ll run Minecraft while Windows 8 won’t, I’m thinking the future of gaming is in Linux. A lot of people already use it without even using it. Android devices, handheld toys and games, Chromebooks, and even the PS3 supported it for a while.

    • Why don’t you just install windows on your Mac? There’s an application that comes with all Apple computers that’s called “boot camp”. I switched to Mac for this reason… Now I can have the best of both worlds. (Now you can’t do that on a PC, now can you?) ūüėČ

      • Immallama22

        I don’t exactly have the money to buy Windows right now ūüėõ

      • Austin Burn

         ya you can. its called hackintosh. its simple and effective.and oh wait ITS FREE

        • And not to mention illegal!¬†

          The advantages of a mac are plain and simple, video editing is far superior on a Mac than a PC, even Mac’s built in free iMovie owns Microsoft Movie Maker.You simply cannot edit movie’s and music on a PC in the same way you can on a Mac, and I use both and work with windows daily, windows needs to make the change to a file system for security and improved reliability, it’s like android OS, it’s rubbish because it has to cross install on so many different hardware types that makes it bloated. Windows fails at least 50% more than the Mac built system, this is what you are paying for when you buy a mac, hardware and software that just work.BTW my Macbook Pro i5, intel HD4000 512MB, 16GB DDR3 RAM and 256GB SSD only cost me ¬£899, compare that to my similarly spec’d windows based HP computer that was ¬£200 cheaper that I bought last year and has already failed due to overheating due to poor design and manufacture quality control.

      • No need to infect my computer with that os….

  • .

  • tsuki

    Free one year trial on right.

  • Kirbyomega


  • Levko Iwanusiw

    Is it available in Canada?

  • uPadWatcher

    I’ll just wait for Nintendo TVii. ¬†Thank you very much.

    • AlienFanatic

      I’m doubting that TVii will include support for local files, though, unlike PlayOn. ¬†Yes, I know about the browser-based method, but it is nice to have a more graphic way to browse your videos. ¬†Still, TVii seems far superior to this “channel” method, and the cross-service search engine will be very nice.

  • DemonRoach

    free for 1st year

  • Hunthe Universe

    Wait, so if you buy this, is it a one time subscription to Netflix and Hulu?

    • Bryden Gollhardt

      Some of the services require active subscriptions. You need a Netflix subscription. Hulu (NOT plus) is available on PlayOn so you can use it on a gaming system without paying for plus. 

  • JumpMan

    BET my channel! lolzjk i’m a little white kid. CN!!!

  • Linskarmo

    Sounds very reasonable, but I’m wondering if that cost is just for the app itself and you need to pay extra for some of the services within.

    • Bryden Gollhardt

      You need a subscription for a few of the channels, but there are plenty that you do not. Science, discovery, cartoon network, adult swim, comedy central do not. Most sports will. 

      • Linskarmo

        Thank you for the info. I don’t watch much besides movies, but I was curious.

  • the WiiU gets the lifetime for free. ūüėÄ

  • Why doesn’t this article tell people you can get a FREE YEAR OF PLAYON ¬†right now as a special offer??? I don’t get why you wouldn’t put that in this article….

    • Bryden Gollhardt

      Free offers are deceptive in nature… whether or not the exclusion was a mistake, I think it was for the better. The price will probably rise by the time the free year is over.¬†

  • i am not even trying. i bet switzerland will get again ZILCH of all that. like with every cool on-demand-service. i thought we were in the middle of the almighty globalization movement? we are able to transport stuff around the globe for virtually 20 cent profit but they are not able to declare DATA across the borders so that everybody involved gets their right amount of money? well, something feels very wrong here.

  • Hmm looks like plenty of support from several sides on the wiiu. Interesting. But imo I’ll also wait for Tvii,¬†perhaps after that I can decide whether or not this app will be worthwhile.

  • *Requires active subscription with content provider!

    Says as the bottom of the instructions. So it’s not like you get to watch those channels for free, you still have to pay. Sooooo…. what’s the point? If I already pay for them, I can simply watch them on TV. Why would I need to watch it on the WiiU? Also, when TVii comes out, I will be able to watch all those channels on the WiiU anyways because I already have the subscriptions.¬†

    I find PlayOn useless. Sorry.

    • Bryden Gollhardt

      The * is only present on a couple of the channels.. like Netflix, ESPN and Fox Soccer. There are still many channels available without a subscription.

      • Austin Burn

         such as?

  • Jeremy Rollins

    PlayOn has been around for a minute it’s¬†available¬†on all the game systems, roku, android and iphone the price will stay the same unless they really increase¬†the included content.

  • Jeremy Rollins

    PlayOn is a great application. The article fails to mention that Wii U users get a year of service for free. The app also allows you to stream all of your local video, picture and music files. The App has been available for PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 for the same price for a while now.

  • Austin Burn

    i just got the trial. it kind of sucks

    • angel

      can u watch all those channels?

  • Joe Norman

    1 year for free? Sure, why not?

  • AlienFanatic

    One thing to note about PlayOn that is probably covered in the link but not in this article is that it serves as a DLNA server. ¬†What that means is that you have an app running on your PC that serves up the content to your Wii. ¬†The reason I mention it is that it also allows you to stream movies from your PC to your Wii, just like the other article listed on Wii-U Daily that mentions the browser-based method. That method, though, means that you must know know the IP address and folder locations of content on your PC, whereas PlayOn is much more automated and easier for novices. ¬†It is also more flexible and certainly a better presentation for people who like to browse pictures and descriptions of the content. If you don’t already have a DLNA server (like Plex), PlayOn is probably a pretty good product. (I last used it about a year ago before I moved to using a NAS to serve up local content to my Rokus and XBOXes via Plex and Roksbox.)

    I’d love to hear from people that did use the service to see if it, like other versions of PlayOn for Windows Media Center, can transcode videos from other formats. ¬†If that’s true, and you have a pretty beefy PC, you should have a wider variety of source material available through PlayOn vs. the browser method, since the browser can only accept .MP4 and .M4V files, whereas transcoding should open options such as .MKV and possibly even .TS and .MPG files.

  • there’s at lest 20 of those¬†channels¬†that I’d pay for

  • TheSchaef

    Beware the subtitle for this headline.

    From my experience with the PlayOn trial, this service DOES NOT offer “45 TV channels”. ¬†PlayOn is basically an aggregator for multiple online content providers. ¬†You don’t get to watch Nickelodeon on your WiiU, you get to browse through the video content currently available through, for example.

    This is a neat service and will probably raise awareness of the amount of available content through online services.  But it also raises awareness of how many of them require paid accounts, and it definitely is not a 1-to-1 replacement for cable TV service.

  • ronaldco91