Jan 20th, 2014


Wonderful 101 director Hideki Kamiya revealed on Twitter earlier this week that one of his original ideas for the game was to let players use their Miis in game as a hero. Apparently the feature was unable to make it in to the final game, for some reason though. He does say though that he hopes that they include Mii functionality in the game’s sequel.

This wasn’t the only idea that didn’t make through the development period. Originally the game was set to have a darker style,  but was changed when the director wasn’t satisfied with that look.

Despite being an incredibly unique and fun game, The Wonderful 101 has had disappointingly low sales. Kamiya believes that poor marketing is to blame. While one would think such low sales might hurt The Wonderful 101‘s chance for a sequel, Kamiya is apparently still hopeful, as this Twitter comment shows.

Would you like to have used your Mii as a hero in The Wonderful 101? Do you think it would make a cool feature in the sequel? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Lil J Moore

    Hell yeah. Nintendo needs to start adveristing this along with Bayonetta 2, X, Fire Emblem and ther non First party games.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Nintendo needs to do more advertising in general.

      • Nathan C.

        And not just more advertising…but GOOD advertising.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          And stop apologizing.

          • nexxus6

            And order me a pizza.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Lol 🙂

          • NkoSekirei

            that be iwata

      • NkoSekirei


    • JeanPaul


    • Fred

      X and Fire Emblem ARE first party games.

      • Maddok

        X technically isn’t first party since it’s made by Monolith Soft, they are owned by Nintendo now but they’re second party.

        • Wrong x is first party Nintendo owned controlling interest in the company after Namco Bandai sold 80% of its 96% stake in Monolith Soft to Nintendo. This went into effect May 1, 2007.[2] Later Namco sold the remaining 16%, making Monolith Soft a first-party developer for Nintendo. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monolith_Soft

        • Fred

          How do you figure they’re second party if they’re owned by Nintendo? I don’t understand that.

    • ~OMEGA~

      this game can hold its own with the best of them i completely agree

  • uPadWatcher

    There’s always hope for a sequel… and having a Mii character for “The Wonderful 102” would be more than just a treat.

  • JuleyJules

    I would love to have my miis in a sequel! Some of the kinks from the 1st game could be worked out as well. I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to have my mii as a superhero!

    I do agree that in 2014 Nintendo needs to start advertising all the games that are on the Wii U regardless of what they are especially the exclusives!

  • Schultz38

    So this is basically W102 confirmation? That it’ll come in the future at some point? Awesome!

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      There is no confirmation. It’s simply hoping that one will come in the future. Certainly not a guarantee.

    • Fred

      I hope/wish, but I wouldn’t dare say yes. I’d say the only thing it confirms is that he wants to do a sequel.

      • Schultz38

        This is what I meant. Before this, we never knew if Mr. Kamiya even wanted to pursue a sequel.
        Original comment was worded poorly on my part.

  • Rick Valenta

    Still haven’t gotten around to playing this. Will have to check it out at some point. I think being able to use your Mii is always a cool option; as long as it’s not mandatory…

    • Fred

      If you hurry it’s on sale for $30 at Best Buy and Walmart

      • Rick Valenta

        Thanks! For 30 bucks I will pick it up now

        • Fred

          Smart move! It’s a GREAT game

  • That guy who hates Spike

    I decided not to buy/play The Wonderful 101 or it’s demo, because it would involve recognizing Kamiya’s work.

    • Daniel Carvalho

      Mind clarifying that? Why would you not recognize Kamiya’s work?

      • That guy who hates Spike

        The guy doesn’t respect people on Twitter, calling people fags, and telling people to fuck off.
        These people were simply asking if Bayonetta would be in Smash, and if the Wii U games would one day become multi-console.
        Which is fair, because Bayonetta is part of Nintendo’s line of characters, and with Snake in Brawl, it was possible.
        Beyonetta and the Wonderful 101 were funded by Nintendo. However, there have been games funded by Nintendo that went to other consoles. Banjo Kazooie, Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge.

        • Daniel Carvalho

          I agree that he could have found better words for that, but to fair, Smash Bros. fan community is really annoying! I saw a lot of the tweets he received, and it’s just terrifying.

          Well, I understand your point as well, so be it.

        • tronic307

          It’s not that Kamiya doesn’t respect fellow Tweeters, he just doesn’t have much time for bullshit. If you ever go into business you’ll understand.

        • Zanzama

          Banjo belongs to Microsoft since Rare has been bought. Bayonetta 2 is PUBLISHED by Nintendo unlike Ninja Gaiden 3: RE which means that without Nintendo’s permission Kamiya will never be allowed to put it on any non-Nintendo console no matter how loud the fans get. And Nintendo is very possessive of such licences.

          • That guy who hates Spike

            So what if Sony buys Platinum? Does that mean Beyonetta 2 won’t come to the PS4?
            What if it gets remade 10 years later? I suppose it’s still exclusive to Nintendo now is it? No.
            And whether people have the right to say this or not, you can’t argue against the fact that Kamiya didn’t treat the situation properly. Why should I support someone who does not respect the curious people who keep him popular? These “Smash Idiots” are the same guys who want to buy your system, who enjoy Beyonetta. But Kamiya gives less than a shit for them, and that dissatisfies me.
            I’ve seen how developers treat crazy situations like that, and they get ridiculed as well. Kamiya shouldn’t get a free pass for treating the situation horribly. Either ignore it, or even simply say she’s not going to be in Smash. I’ve never seen a high-rank developer ever call their fanbase idiots.

        • lonewolf

          Nintendo does not own banjo kazooie as an IP the same goes for ninja gaiden 3 razor edge that game its not even funded by nintendo. you know nothing about gaming and how business is done

  • marth175

    Just bought this game yesterday on sale at Walmart. I’m on mission 003 and I have to say I’m very impressed with the game. Highly recommend it to those in doubt.

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    I would love a sequel.

  • Tacorevolution

    I’m sure poor advertising is to blame for a lot of things not selling well.

    • Daniel Carvalho

      Same here. Nintendo is doing right in Japan, but for US, they only have children with graphics instead of people playing games on TV ads! Who the hell is going to buy their console like that?

  • D.M.T

    I’m not a fan of Miis, they look stupid and too friendly in my opinion. Please don’t include Miis in any game.

    • Daniel Carvalho

      I share the same opinion. Miis are great for games were they were made to appear, as in Wii Sports or those 3DS mini games. But to take the effort to put them on games like Mario Kart makes it kinda lame. Specially if we’re talking about a game that has aesthetics completely different from what those Miis represent!

      • C4

        They could convert Miis into another look, I mean technically it’s possible if Nninteno alow it, Miis bodys are quite simple and I guess tha’s what makes them look “cheap” to some people.

        • Daniel Carvalho

          If they find a way to make Miis aesthetically fitting for the game, then I’m all for it. Depending on the game mechanics, it could be optional. But as far as I’ve seen Nintendo using Miis, it’s not something I want on my games.

    • Fred

      Are you kidding? I love when they include Miis in games. It makes it feel more like I’m part of the game

    • Brandon

      I think they should do what microsoft does with the avatar awards, so when people play a game like mario that have a chance of getting a mario outfit for there mii

  • John Kinsley

    dis artistical ned mor bias i em gret at bias.

  • LevenThumps

    I agree completely that poor marketing is to blame for low sales. Hopefully Nintendo will increase the marketing campaign for all of their games, because TW101 was a very fun game, and I would definitely love a sequel.

    • John Kinsley

      dis coment dos nat hav enuff bias 4 th john kinsley to devuar

  • Lusunup

    Sweet even though its the most underated game Hideki decideds to make a sequel still! let that be a lesson to the developers of zombiu they just made an excuse there game didn’t meet the requirement for a sequel? bull so many people bought it compared to wonderful 101. thats way I love Platinum

  • Zanzama

    It’s always nice to hear a developer supporting a sequel even though the sales are not at their best. That’s something you don’t hear often on todays video game market where sequels are often discouraged the moment it can’t become a money-milking IP.

  • Fboogey

    Awesome! Hope there is a wonderful 102!

  • FutureFox

    The problem with Nintendo in general is marketing. They’re being extremely cheap and conservative for reasons I don’t understand. I see PS4 ads on TV even more than Xbox.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    I have pestering this site for over 3000 comments now. And I promise you my dear fans that its just half of it. Ill stay here until Wii U is discontinued three more months) and continue to cheer you up with my cheerful comments 🙂

    • It must be a sad life being a troll. You’re so desperate for the Wii U to be discontinued because you think that once it is you can stop trolling and try and get a life. But don’t kid yourself. You’ll just find something else to troll and remain miserable. 🙁

      I pity you.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Lol. Sorry, Magnus. They’ll never appreciate your sarcastic humor. Too many serious souls on here. ;P

  • Levi Johansen

    They should then pull the facial features from the Mii character and put them on a differently shaped head.

    The round head would look a little strange next to the other heroes I think.

  • Mario

    He’s already planing a sequel?

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      No, he’s just hopeful for a sequel. It’s up to Platinum and Nintendo to green light a sequel.

  • Mickey Mouse

    I’ll buy a sequel, loved the first one. Never thought I’d hear of the possibility of a sequel, what with the first ones poor sales. Best news I’ve heard today, over all the Nintendo doom and gloom.

  • Rinslowe

    It’s great that they would even mention the posibility of a sequel. Considering the first game wasn’t widely received. One of the best experiences of 2013. Mii’s would be awesome.

  • I hope it gets a sequel. The game deserves it. I read an interview where he said he wanted to do bayenetta 3 after bayenetta 2 so don’t expect a sequel any time soon.

  • davemay89

    everyone run out and get this game its so much fun and utilizes the gamepad very well its a must buy, the graphics have a style all their own

  • Matthew Stapleton

    Two words…….Hell Yes!

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    Please make this happen! Please!

  • Dylan Groot

    He should be focussing on making a (spiritual) succesor of Okami, forget this 101 stuff. It was fun, but it doesnt need a sequel.

  • ~OMEGA~

    1. i’m hoping for more than 102 hero’s in the next one 2. too bad we may never see a sequel….

  • starwars360

    The Wonderful 102!!!!! Seem like confirm now!!!! 😛

  • AndyVGR

    I just picked this up yesterday on sale at Walmart, I played for 2 hours straight and I’m on mission 008 of Area 1, I have had a blast with this game, I really hope Nintendo pushes titles like this that are only available on The Wii U. That’s the thing I really hope they show case, yes you can play Console Games on PC (CoD, BF4, Halo, Gears) and cross platform in other words the same game on multiple systems, But on Nintendo’s Wii U you get a “Unique” experience that you can’t elsewhere. The PS4 and Xbox One play alot of the same games the same way plus even their exclusive console only games still are just the same pickup a controller and mash buttons to play or use an eye or kinect to move, the more they try to be different the more they are becoming the same, heck they both have almost exact specs now!. I have a buddy who is a die hard PC gamer and we played over 8 hours of Wii U this past weekend and he said it himself “it was a very fun and unique experience that you can’t get anywhere else”. I think Nintendo needs two have a two fold strategy on it’s new Marketing line-up. 1. I want to see Reggie Fils-Aime on shows like Jimmy Fallon (just like the PS4 and Xbox guys did) showing off what the Wii U can do and how it is different than it’s competitors, also while showing just how handy the Wii U game pad can be, actually say the line “yes it can be gimmicky in certain game’s, but it can also add depth to others, but best of all is this” then flip the game down to the game pad. Jimmy Fallon is also a new parent and will also appreciate the fact that a lot of Nintendo’s first party titles are family friendly, fun and challenging. Then Reggie needs to flip it over to Call of Duty Ghosts and say “yes, we can even do that too”. The second fold is getting people to recognize that the Wii U game pad is not an add on, Run commercials actually informing people about the new console, it’s cheaper price, it’s good looks, it’s mobility in the house but do it in a really straight forward way not with little kids wanting their parents to play mario with them. I don’t know about dropping the Wii U pad, yes that would make the console cheaper and then they could sell the game pad as an accessory but that breaks the experience of the Wii U and it then becomes just another console with a controller. Just my 2 cents. Either way I have been enjoying and loving my Wii U since I got it, to me it’s been the most engaging console I have ever played. If anyone ever wants to play I’m on as AndyVGR

  • Blugrave

    Wonderful 102 better happen! I freaking loved this game. It’s a true true gem. I also still want that Wonder Blue spin off Kamiya mentioned. It’s such a great game with a unique cast. I want mooooore!

    • AceRuby

      I agree its a real shame really that more aren’t buying it currently (although sales of it did apparently pick up slightly during the holidays) its one of the best titles easily on the Wii U and shouldn’t be missed by anyone who purchases the console.