Feb 24th, 2013

Nintendo NetworkNintendo will be doing maintenance work on Wii U’s Nintendo Network tomorrow, February 25th, for one hour. The maintenance will take place from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM Pacific time. It will affect the Wii U, and the following games: Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge and Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper. Nintendo says that during the maintenance, parts of the Nintendo Network service might be unavailable — which is expected.

However, keep in mind that not all Nintendo Network features will be affected — for the most part, it should function normally. No news on what Nintendo will be updating/tweaking tomorrow, but they’ve been hard at work to improve and speed up the various Wii U online services.

What are your thoughts on Wii U’s online features so far? What would you like to see added to the console in the future? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • bizzy gie

    I’d love to voice chat with the BUILT-IN MIC if that’s not TOO much to ask.

    • me too. it can be used sorta like a phone. voice chat without the video chat. and while youre chatting, you can get on the internet or different software while still talking!! probably not , but it would be cool.

    • Cesar Barroso

      Monster Hunter will allow to use the mic. As nintendo said, its a game basis feature.

      • Tim van Broekhoven

        Trine 2 uses the mic. as well

    • DragonSilths

      Party Chat is coming at some point Iwata said so. Some games you can chat already. BO2, ME3, AC3, MHU3 for example. Just gotta be patient.

      • KinkyKeath

        LIke xbox live party chat?

      • Elem187

        It doesn’t sound like they are adding cross game chat…. Just fixing some issues with NG3 and Warriors orochi

    • AAAkabob

      ME3 let’s you use it…dunno why COD didn’t

      • Jordan Jones

        COD  does let you use it, just need headphones plugged in…

        • AAAkabob

          No, your earbuds have a mic on them and it’s using that mic. I used my earbuds and it won’t activate the gamepad mic. That rumor was debunked long ago

          •  It wasn’t debunked because I can use headphones to do it myself.  I’ve tested 5 different headphones, 2 worked.  It just doesn’t work with all headphones for some reason.

          • Elem187

            Because the 2 headphones that did work have a tiny built in mic… Take a closer look at them.

          • I like how you know what his headphones look like

      • NintendoNoob

        Too many squeakers

    • Kirzan

      Yeah… that’s up to the dev. It seems Nintendo’s guidelines don’t require the good stuff. They should have it so: 1. The game HAS to support the gamepad mic if it has voice chat. Any other microphone is up to them. 2. The game HAS to have an option to output all sound from the gamepad, even if it doesn’t support playing the game on it.

      In short, all the good stuff is entirely optional, and it pisses me off!

      •  No way, I like it this way.  It shows you which developers/companies actually care about the consumers.  If they don’t take the extra few minutes to add it, it shows how little they think about their fans.

        • Kirzan

          “Extra few minutes”… Sorry, but you don’t know. I work in QA (Quality Assurance, bug testing) and, I’ll be brief, but a day 1 patch that fixes one crash (preventing the game from releasing) can take 2 weeks to fix and cost around 50 grand. Every time a developer adds in, or modifies code, it can break so many OTHER things. Sure, in a perfect world everyone does their job flawlessly and it doesn’t happen. In the real world, it happens, all the time.

          I understand the point you’re trying to make, but it still makes no sense. Most people buy their games themselves. I’m not leaving it up to chance to go out, spend 60$ on a game, and realize the feature I want is missing. Of course I can “look it up”, but things like “Does the game support all audio through the gamepad” are surprisingly hard to find.

          “Finding out if the devs care enough” VS “It’s a requirement, it’ll be implemented in EVERY SINGLE GAME”. Think about it. Spoiler alert, you shouldn’t really have to think about it.

  • Matthew Mckechnie

    u can voice chat on BO2 just stick any headphones in the GAMEPAD and speak to anyone ive done it and its clear as day.

    • Kyle Berger

      nope the headphones need to have a mic

  • Juan Benitez

    take pictures while surfing the web!

  • Mark Thom

    YEAH!! UPDATE!! lol ….Nintendo need to take a page from Microsoft ONLINE SERVICE like voice chat i hope that update helps 🙂 🙂

    •  your mother

      • Mark Thom

        U just said ur mother and u get 6 likes. lol u guy are so dumb that y nintendo will continue 2 butt fuck u GUYS lol

        • Yet posting a video of a dude ranting about a system that hasn’t even proven itself yet and that the fact the PS4 isn’t even released yet proves a point? 

          No sir, you are the dumb one 

        • Arthur Jarret

           My body isn’t ready for that…

      • Mark Thom
    • Oh so they need to make a laggy mess with Adverts than no one is going to like and force people to pay for the internet access? 

      Sound legit to me 

  • Yuri Karamian

    hard reset!

  • john madsen

    they already did this update in the u.s it doesn’t do anything nor add anything and we got this update 3 weeks ago does it really take 3 weeks for u.k updates to happen on the wii u that sucks 

    • azac13

      this is for everywhere not just uk its for us as well.

      • john madsen

        no it isn’t because i was in warriors all day long with no network issues here in the u.s

        • azac13

          it starts tommorow at 4 or are you in the future?.

          • Kirzan

            All of a sudden http://mthrty.com/snowball/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Safety-Not-Guaranteed-Time-Traveler.jpg makes so much sense!

  • Johny

    i have a VERY hard time connecting my wii u to wireless router… the strenght is SOO weak… i made it so there are no obstacles in the way… and its only about 20 meters apart… but its soo weak.. and if someone just steps in between, i get disconnected in some games >.> whats up with that ??

    •  i’m calling it, it’s a ghost! it’s blocking the signal waves, because it hates you! ooOOoooOOO

      • Kirzan

        Who you gonna call?

    • Captain Falcon

      Do you have a Wifi Repeater?

      • Linskarmo

         I set up a router as one of those since my online was spotty, and now the Wii U’s online seems to work a lot better. I would recommend that for anyone who can’t move either the router or Wii U closer in a big house.

    • Cesar Barroso

      20 meters? that is not close to it. 20 ft is another story.

    • Geek_Daddy

       Have you tried changing the channel on your wireless router? Also move any other devices that broadcast a wireless signal (especially wireless phones and their bases) away from your wii u and away from your router.

    • 20 meters is pretty far…

      Hell, 20 meters is an absurdly big house. Either you’re rich as can be and live in a hefty mansion, or you used the wrong word there. 

    • sounds like you need a new router, my wii U is 30 feet away from my router and between walls and upstairs from it.

    • wober2

      my wiiu connects like a champ, my xbox360 connects like a flaky girlfriend. sometimes it wants to, sometimes it doesnt. both are 15 feet from the router.

      • Kyle Berger

        good joke man

      • NintendoNoob

         lol I thought you meant the chick is always 15 feet from the router


      You mean 20ft, right?

  • Edward Rhoderick

    Janez sounds like an issue with your router.

  • Had no problems connecting to internet lucky for me and it’s very fast.

    • $41809923

      me too

  • Pedro Natera

    I want to see a better message system, Voice Chat and Cross Game Chat

  • Tobias Naustdal

    ram expansions like the n64 :PP

  • Linskarmo

    I would love it if the “paused” downloads wouldn’t restart automatically every time you launched or quit an application, and I would also like an option to automatically start downloads late at night (when my downloads are unlimited) so I wouldn’t have to get up then to start them. Other than that I think the online features are great, albeit a little slow.

  • Kirzan

    They need to add the amount of HDD space digital games eat up. Seriously… You can’t ship a console with 32gb HDD space and not show how much a game takes. The “An external HDD is recommended” tag is fun and all, but I want specifics, dammit!

  • This and your ISP is why I do not want a strictly digital, disc less machine. 

  • Genesect4ssb4

    Things I need
    -Voice Chat for all games
    -no more 15-30 seconds for going thru applications (miiverse loads forever)
    -posting videos on miiverse
    -communites for unleased popular games (metroid, smash bros, pikmin)

  • Benmartin1974

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  • NintendoNoob

    I hope they make Miiverse like steam. Notifications popping up in the bottom right of the screen, and you can play online games while checking on that Miiverse post

  • Tecpedz94

    The normally dont say what the maintenance is about a couple of weeks ago the 3ds had maintenance they never mentioned what for??

  • Justin Grandon

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    do you think its just a mistake?

    • PacoJerte

       how come your getting 0 attention but hopefully its true nice find

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  • MewThree28

    I want to see Cross-Game chat, and to voice chat with the built in mic, I would also like to have my friends to be able to spectate my TV/Gamepad’s screen (like the ps4).

  • David

    Cross-game voice chat with the BUILT-IN MIC, like “bizzy gie” suggested. A more centralized network experience like you would find on STEAM. The ability to join any of your friends games. The ability to form parties and join games as a party. The Friends List app being actually relevant….. Seriously what is its current purpose? The ability to private message your friends using “any” USB powered keyboard.

  • Tim van Broekhoven

    Voice chat via de gamepad zou idd wel mooi zijn, maar bij trine 2 kan het al!

  •  It REALLY needs an integrated party chat option and a better friend-request/messaging/notification system. With those two things this console would be perfect.

  • bugart19


  • bugart19

    I would like to see some maintenance done to improve download speed, and overall look and feel of the Wii channels.  I wish that the Wii channel was more streamlined with the rest of Wii U and not so separate, that along with that unfinished TVii feature that seems to just be extra work to get to.  Nintendo would please fans greatly if they had someone else create their hardware.

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  • thedeciderU

    does anyone know what was fixed/altered?

  • David Ben Agosta

    photo channel for Nintendo network  Say like you take a pic with the Wii u it can be stored in the photo channel we can also use the scene shot’s as Achievement’s