Jan 22nd, 2014


Unlike the Nintendo DS which had several different custom firmware carts made for it over its lifetime, the Nintendo 3DS has been pretty resilient to piracy. The Gateway 3DS cartridge is the only cart that lets you play pirated Nintendo 3DS ROMs and even then you need to have a Nintendo 3DS on ancient firmware and a single ROM per cartridge. Despite these limitations, people are buying them and quickly discovering that the pirates have employed their own anti-piracy measures.

Originally reported by Eurogamer, it seems as though the developers behind the Gateway cart have added code in a recent update that functions as a killswitch that will brick the users console if any code is modified within the launcher. Many users found this out the hard way when attempting to circumvent the 3DS region locking using the Gateway cart.

You can read the rest of the story here if you’re so inclined, but this goes to show that you shouldn’t trust those whose aim is to support piracy.

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  • Moral of the story is do not pirate your games or run the risk of bricking your device and you cannot blame anyone but yourself if this happens.

  • TaintedXGamer

    as soon as i get my 3DS back, I will be hard-copy buying all my games. Infact i do this anyway. Piracy doesn’t really interest me at all.

  • Sdudyoy

    I read this back around when the 3DS was released, I hate piracy, I do feel sorry for those Kids who can’t play games because they honestly can’t afford it, but that’s not how most people who pirate think.

  • Diaz


  • ETeach

    Don’t try to pirate the pirates, kids.

    • Mario

      Good lesson.

  • Skelterz

    Good ole’ switch-AROO!

  • If true and intentional, rather than an unforeseen side effect of their code, it’s clearly malware and illegal. Should make them easier for Nintendo to ban.

  • Mario

    So pirates are mesing with other pirates’ stuff?

  • Michael Ngo

    Deserved! If you can’t afford the games, THEN DON’T BUY THEM.

    • Oblivion

      “Deserved! If you can’t afford the games, THEN DON’T BUY THEM.”

      So pirate them?

  • darkcreap

    Hahaha. So Ironic 😀

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    *Resumes to playing R4 cartridge just to piss of commenters*

  • darkcreap

    I do not support piracy, but to enforce your industrial property there is the law, not fucking people who have nothing to do.

    It is not surprising, though, that people who know that their product is going to be used primarily for piracy by people who can afford games they would buy otherwise do these things. It speaks volumes of their so called ethic, if they actually had one.

    I think homebrew and added functionality is great, but it is not the primary concern of people who sell these things. People have this hardware usually to play games, not to have an MP3 player in their DS.

    I feel sorry for people who cannot genuinely afford certain games (I have been in that situation), but a lot of people could afford the games and they do not pay for them even if they are great titles that have the value.

    I actually had my DS with a flash cart and I discovered something:

    -Most of the pirated games, I did not like. I mean, I did not like to the point that I would not play for more than a couple of minutes. A lot of times I realised, “I could have known I would not like this game just following my instinct”.
    -Those games I liked, I needed to have the original copy (that is how I discovered Zelda Phantom Hourglass).
    -The games I liked were very little in comparison with the hundreds I had.
    -I also realised that, with my free time and economical situation I could afford anything I wanted to buy.

    Conclusion: I have never pirated again. Not only because I have the money, but because I don’t have the need. A game I would not buy, is a game I would not play. A game I would play is a game I love and that deserves to be supported. I can commit mistakes, but I am generally right.

    I also realised that behind piracy there is an irrational need to have content you will not consume. Why have hundreds of games if you just will play a select 20? Why do you want a USB drive with 3K ebooks? Most people can’t read that much in their whole life. Why have it?

  • Adam Fox

    OMG….this article has made it here as well!? SERIOUSLY…..people complaining of bricks from using GateWay are the ones using a modified code from GateWay themselves……Regardless of weather the GateWay lets you play pirated games or not, they still wrote code and they still have a right to their code, if you steal it and try to alter it, then you are risking your system…just like with any other console and handheld, if you try to alter code that is already altered, you’re at a much higher risk than you already were. I’ve got a GateWay 3DS and I use it mainly for playing Co-Op….I have 2 3DS systems, one on newer firmware and the other on 4.5 firmware. I have retail 3DS carts and I use the GateWay to play Co-Op…..New Super Mario Bros 2 with Co-Op is pretty fun….its not as fun as the Wii version b/c you can’t pick the other person up. Same thing with Mario Kart 7,its pretty fun too…but with download play, you can only have Shy guy as one of the characters which kinda sucks….I’d rather run a race against Mario and Luigi or something other than Shy Guy vs someone else….but i’ve already paid for the game, why should I have to pay for a second copy? I think the whole concept of needing two systems AND two copies of the game is so stupid…they have been doing that since the Game Boy, why haven’t they gotten it where Download Play gives you full benefits? And Yes, I have used GateWay to play games I don’t own…but I did go buy Zelda: Link Between Worlds after playing it on my GateWay….after having played the game, i saw it was well worth it……I also played Mario Party: Island Tour on the GateWay and didn’t buy it b/c I didn’t really think it was worth the cost of the game, so I no longer play the game….Yes, I use it to try games…sometimes demos just don’t cut it…..

    • It’s malware. They have no right to brick any device of anyone’s and they should go to prison for it. Many of the people who fell victim were people who weren’t trying to pirate anything but was trying to use their device to remove region lock. People have figured out how to do that by modifying the cards software which is a completely legal and legitimate thing to do. They then updated their software with this malware which illegally destroyed peoples property if tampered with. It’s as simple as that.

  • Kochou

    As much as I hate piracy with consoles of this age (AKA the current gen consoles), I’d support these things because of bypassing region lock. But I wouldn’t get a ROM to play foreign games, I’ll downright buy them and enjoy it on my only 3DS.

    Sadly, we still have RL, and I can’t play Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode knowing it. :c

    Honestly I’d give money to Nintendo just to unlock it, but that seems a little bit silly.

  • Bob Charlie

    So is Wiiudaily finally dead? If so, thanks for notifying your fan base that your website is offline or no longer in service.

  • Jeffery02

    I use flash cards on the DS for 2 reasons. 1) To back up and restore cartridge saves of GBA and DS games. 2) To keep a playable copy of games I ALREADY OWN so that I can leave the originals at home. There’s also the potential of using decent homebrew too, but it’s the first 2 for the most part.

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    Funny how these pirates think they have some sort of moral high ground…