Nov 26th, 2013


Twitter is a great place for people to stay connected and from that, we can often glean information about what people are doing since they’re apt to post about their daily lives. An interesting piece of information has come from Twitter in the form of Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada discussing Pikmin designer Masamichi Abe. In a reply to a user, Harada stated that Abe was at Nintendo working on an original game.

No further information was shared and we don’t know if this is an announced or unannounced title, since the likes of Yarn Yoshi and Kirby: Triple Deluxe are both new and original yet have not made it out the door yet. Do you think Abe is working on a new IP completely, or perhaps something else?

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  • Anomandaris

    perhaps it is Miyamoto’s new IP

  • WiiUisgaming

    Might it be Miyamotos new IP?

    • Simon


  • gamesplayswill

    Whatever it is, god hope it will please all audiences. 😐

  • sdmac200600

    Nice maybe not people can stop saying nintendo don’t make new games

    • InsaneZucchini

      no, they’ll refuse to buy it because it’s not mario or zelda and continue saying nintendo doesn’t make new games

  • I will confirm that like a boss 🙂


  • Kenshin0011

    I hope for new ips, though I do not see how that tweet automatically means a NEW ip, could be an existing original Nintendo game

  • Fred

    Everyone gets so worked up about new IPs, but then they don’t go out and buy them even if they’re really good. Wonderful 101 only sold 80,000 That’s HORRIBLE!!! Especially for such an awesome game that had good reviews and was fun to play.

    • D.M.T

      People are scared of unique new IPs like The W101 but are willing to buy The Division, a so called new IP that will have gameplay similar to Splinter Cell, Rainbox Six, Ghost Recon etc.

      People complain when companies dont take risks but gamers dont take risks either, they play it safe.

      • val berger

        Division is a bit more than that. And being grumpy about people not buying games they just don’t understand isn’t the way either. The problem is, that there is just not too much room for new IPs managing to really stand out.
        With Nintendo, if you want something Jump’n Run-style, it’s gonna be Super Mario. Adction Adventure, it’s Zelda or Metroid. Arcade Shooter, Starfox. Fun racing, Future Racing, Strategy blablabla and so on. Nintendo wouldn’t just create a new Jump ‘n Run IP if it wouldn’t really differ from Super Mario. And there isn’t really too much need for something else. W101 is the answer to a question, no one ever asked. It’s a damn great answer for sure, but people just aren’t looking for something like this. A friend saw W101, liked it but was just wondering, how much it does cost as games like this would sell way better if they would be just sold over the eShop and I actually agree. On Steam you find plenty of experimental Arcadegames. W101 might have been far too expensive to produce to sell it at a low price digitally, but the sales model would have been a better fit for such a type of game. I mean, obviously.

        • Simon

          W101 isn’t Nintendo. After Pikmin do you really think Nintendo doesn’t hace the ability to make something that stands out?

          • Fred

            They made Wii Music look how well that stood out

          • val berger

            That’s not what I meant. What I’m saying is, that for every possible Idea, they already have a franchise they can use. Even if they have the idea to give the player the ability to jump from planet to planet, they can use Super Mario. Or if they want the player to fly around a floating village they can do this with Zelda. And so on. No matter how abstract the concepts get, Nintendo already got many genres covered to make use of them in a way that makes sense. With Wii Sports they invented a new franchise because they were heading for some concept that should differ from a Mario-Sports title and it actually turned out to work quite well. So sure especially due to the WiiUs better online infrastructure, Nintendo could surely find a new franchise to make use of newer demands. I just don’t see what would make sense there as using an existing IP would still be more safe, especially on a struggling system like the WiiU.

        • D.M.T

          I’m not being grumpy, it’s the truth. Even gamers don’t like to take risks. They buy the same type of games over and over again and buy the same type of gaming consoles over and over again. A lot of people don’t own a Wii U simply because they think that buying a Wii U is a huge risk, they don’t know if the console will succeed or fail and they dont know how much 3rd party support it will have. So they choose the PS4, a console that is guaranteed to have a strong support from 3rd parties. They know that PS4 is nothing more than an upgraded PS3 but they don’t care because 3rd parties support Sony and the graphics will be great. Gamers play it safe too.

          Gamers were asking for Nintendo to give them a new IP so yes W101 is actually the answer to a question everyone asked. Nintendo’s answer was W101 and people didn’t buy it. This proves that gamers a lot of times want things they can’t have but when they do get it, they don’t buy it. This is why Nintendo relies on Mario, Zelda, Pokemon because people just want more of the same because they are scared of new things.

      • Fred

        You, my friend are spot on!

    • val berger

      Although I’m one of the (very satisfied) customers who bought W101, I wouldn’t see it as one original Nintendo IP. Nintendo put their money in that game, indeed, but that’s it. If Nintendo would come up with something like Pikmin, things would be different. Although Pikmin isn’t the #1 selling game, but still, there’s a huge difference to non-nintendo franchises. Games like Pikmin, Zelda and Mario just don’t need too much introduction, they just work. And that was exactly the main problem with W101. Nobody understood it.

      • D.M.T

        Excuses, excuses. Who cares that W101 isn’t an original Nintendo IP? What matters is that its a new IP exclusively to Nintendo platforms and people should expect it to be good because most Nintendo IPs are good.

        Plus why didnt people understand W101? W101 is about a group of superheroes trying to safe the world from alien invasion. It’s that simple really. People who didnt understood it didnt care about it. Those who understood it cared about the game.

        • Simon

          Nintendo always puts out good new IPs. We aren’t talking about 3rd party IP’s, and yes, there’s a difference. Also Nintendo hasn’t made a big new IP in 11 years back when Pikmin launched, so it’s a big deal.

          • D.M.T

            The Wii series (Wii Sports, Wii Fit etc.) is a big new IP during the Wii era so you’re wrong.

          • Fred

            This isn’t 3rd Party Nintendo Published the game. They paid Platinum to do most of the work, but they were involved. Interviews leading up to the game talked about how Nintendo supplied a lot of good ideas. They also mentioned that it was going to be a darker game and Nintendo influenced them to make it like it was instead.

          • Frankie

            Xenoblade Chronicles is a new Nintendo IP.

          • val berger

            Yes and No. It’s like W101 some bought IP of another studio. But yeah, it’s an original new IP exclusive to the WiiU. Still, a Nintendo IP would be something different to me, especially as the Xenobade is a game of the Xenosaga series which is not Nintendo exclusive. IP is more than a game, it’s a whole franchise. And theoretically speaking, if W101 for instance would’ve been very popular, then the second game could have possibly be released to other systems as well. That’s why I wouldn’t say these games are real Nintendo IPs, just great exclusives.

          • Frankie

            Nintendo owns Monolithsoft and owns Xenoblade. Xenoblade is not apart of the Xenosaga or Xenogears games. They renamed it from Manado: Birth of the World to Xenoblade Chronicles because Takahashi put so much into the game. It was out of respect for him.

          • val berger

            Hey, didn’t know that, thanks for the info. Didn’t even know they own Monolith although I may remember reading it somewhere ages ago now that you mention it, so thanks for the intel 🙂
            In this case I’ll admit I’ve been wrong and got irritated by the ‘Xeno’ in its name

        • val berger

          The last sentence actually pointed out what i’ve been talking about, if you consider how many of those people are out there 🙂

        • Simon Stevens

          W101… Alice Mcgreggor, I’ve made my point ^^ <3

        • Gabe Hoffman

          If you watch the trailers for W101 its easy to think, what the heck is going on. The game also has a pretty steep learning curve which was likely a turn off to quite a few

          • Dez

            Tons of heroes attacking alien monsters, still pretty simple. If the masses can’t even understand that, they exceeded my expectations in terms of regression. Too much hand-holding last gen, we don’t need to dumb down games even more. Moreover, notice how the easiest to play games have the most toxic communities (LoL and CoD). I’m glad W101 wasn’t easy as dirt, perhaps you will have to use your brain again. Sick of all these whiny casual players that basically want to be handed things, why play the game then; why don’t you just buy the awards instead of playing to earn them? The current mass appeal to casuals isn’t incentivizing them to play to earn their achievements and trophy systems are only making it worse, you get them for everything so nothing is special anymore. Might as well just cut out the interaction altogether and merge the Gaming and Film industries together.

        • Smurfman256

          the problem with W101 was that it wasn’t very approachable and had a HORRIBLE tutorial. I was actually able to pick it up pretty quickly while playing the demo, but my friend who has been gaming since about ’97-’98 couldn’t understand it and gave up withing the first 2 MINUTES of the demo.

      • Fred

        What’s not to understand? Aliens invade the planet. You control a secret agent group that has to defeat them. Yes the gameplay is a little different than other games, but it’s that what new IP is all about? If they took Super Mario 3D World and just put different faces on the characters and resold it as a new IP we’d feel ripped off, but when they create a game with a little bit different game play you complain that nobody understands it. THere’s just no pleasing you people!

        • val berger

          W101 was too complex for what it was in many ways. I’m not talking about the story, but about the game’s concept. sure, it was something new and people are scared to try out something they don’t know, which actually is a problem with AAA games these days. But W101 didn’t really do a good job in fighting these fears as it didn’t offer a proper introduction, didn’t appeal enough to the masses and so on. It’s not impossible to come up with fresh ideas on a mainstream level, things just need to be tailored to fit more than just the curious customers. You can keep complaining about people not buying stuff they don’t know, but in the end, it’s still a companies job to get them interested in your product and if I play the W101 demo and compare it to the actual game, it was a very poor bait as even I who really planned to buy the game really wasn’t so sure anymore after playing the demo. But yeah, in the end I’m glad I did as it’s clearly one of the greatest actiongames of the past years.

      • MujuraNoKamen

        Just because it wasn’t developed in house at EAD shouldn’t matter, it was still a great Wii U exclusive and it had been heavily influenced by Nintendo during development. Why should Nintendo have to do everything on their own, we should be grateful that outside devs and Nintendo are working together on great games like W101. Nintendo games will always be the best but it doesn’t mean that other titles aren’t worth our time and money. Platinum deserve more reward for their efforys.

        • val berger

          On a Nintendo system, it will always stay like this. People buy Nintendo systems to play Nintendo games and other IPs just never get too much attention. Only if they are just so much unlike Nintendo and still meet an existing demand like RPGs on the Wii. Platinum always deserved more credit, but I guess they’ve already got used to it as many of their games weren’t as popular as they should have.

          • MujuraNoKamen

            “other IPs just never get too much attention.”

            I’m aware and I don’t like it one bit. Look at Sony and MS’s consoles, they have their own franchies that are popular system sellers and and outsell just about every other game on the console but it doesn’t come at the expense of other games. I don’t know as its always like this, the NES and SNES owed a lot of their popularity to non-Nintendo games and the Gamecube even had a number of 3rd party games that sold over 1m units even early in its life. I beleive this sort of attitude that shuns what isn’t familiar to us is what we often describe as being a fanboy (someone who only cares about one brand e.g. Nintendo)
            I know Nintendo’s IPs will always be the killer app and Zelda, Metroid and Mario will always be the best but others should be recognised for their efforts. Especially when a game like W101 embodies everything we love about Nintendo games (colourful, unique, hardcore gameplay) and fills the void of a new IP we’ve been asking for. Oh well I guess now we can go back to complaining about no new IPs, no new ideas, no third party support, wondering why & making excuses, and buying no games then complaining about having nothing to play.

    • well honestly though wonderful 101 is a new type of game and its well done … i found it not my cup of tea… as well did others im sure … i wont spend 60 dollars on something i am not excited for.. i was merely interested then i played it at comic con san diego and the demo…. wont buy it. but i hope it does well …..!

    • Simon

      Nintendo always puts out good new IPs. We aren’t talking about 3rd party IP’s, and yes, there’s a difference. Also Nintendo hasn’t made a big new IP in 11 years back when Pikmin launched, so it’s a big deal

      • Fred

        Maybe not a “big” new IP, but I have a fun 3DS game that Nintendo put out called Dillon’s Rolling Western. Fun new IP. How about Harmonight? What about the Wii Sports/Resort/Play/Fit those were certainly big new IP. Wii Music.
        What about Xenoblade? How is it that Xenoblade had mediocre sales that game is incredible!

        It’s my understanding that for the most part when Nintendo comes up with a new idea they see if it fits one of their existing franchises and they only make a new IP if it won’t fit

    • DragonSilths

      Yes W101 was a flop sales wise. While I was very excited for it, I only got halfway through. I just hated the gameplay. Story was great, humor was great, cutscenes were great. But everytime I was playing I was just like uhg…I hate this.

      • Fred

        Really wow I haven’t talked with someone that didn’t enjoy the gameplay. What was it about the gameplay that you didn’t like?

        • DragonSilths

          Just way to much going on at once. That’s why I am hesitant about getting Bayo 2. If all Platinum games are a million things on the screen at once I’ll pass. My brain just cant handle focusing on a million things at once. Also there were parts where I was literally stuck for like 20 minutes trying to figure what to do and they just give you no hit at what your supposed to do lol.

    • 00EpicGamer00

      I’m pretty sure the main reason as to why it didn’t sell well, is because it wasn’t advertised. I mean, there wasn’t a single ad for it on TV, no duh it didn’t sell good. Basically, the only people that bought it, were people that had read about it.

    • James Enk

      you are right even many of the pure Nintendo fans don’t go out to buy this games and then they have a problem when there are no new IPs or not much 3rd party support

  • val berger

    Actually, this could mean anything. Original doesn’t have to necessarily mean BRANDNEW IP, does it? could be Pokemon Whatever or some random Partygame/HD Remake. Wind Waker HD was also some original Nintendogame, but still just a remake. Allimsayin is, don’t blow everything up like that. It’s one of the biggest mistakes people made over the past year and got disappointet although the stuff that’s actually available on the WiiU isn’t that bad. People just shouldn’t expect Mario, metroid and Zelda raining all the time.

    • Simon

      Original does mean new, actually…

      • Simon

        Orginal IP means a new game that isn’t a sequel or a remake or even branch off of any other game.

        • Kenshin0011

          They never said “original IP”, the quote says “working on some Nintendo original title”.

          That could MOST DEFINITELY also refer to an existing Nintendo IP, it could be either way. We don’t know for sure, too arbitrary.

  • darkcreap

    I wonder if it is Miyamoto’s new IP or another new IP. I hope it is a different new IP. The more new different IPs, the more possibilities they have to be successful with one.

  • Niknique

    Ahhh he’s not working on another Pikmin game? 🙁 Lol jk Now I’m excited for whatever he’s working on 🙂

  • Simon Stevens

    I hope it’s a game like Fire Emblem ^^

  • Can’t wait to see what they’re cooking up! The Pikmin games are so amazing; hopefully that spills into whatever new things they’re doing.

  • Wayne Beck

    I think the real question here is:

    Is he working on Miyamoto’s new IP or his own?

  • Squid

    Two new Nintendo IPs coming now. Can’t wait,

  • Kirbyomega

    WAIT WHEN WAS THE KIRBY GAME GIVE A NAME? I only check the 3DS section of this site for that came and it’s not covered 🙁

    • MujuraNoKamen

      It’s not been given an English name yet but in Japan I beleive it’s called Kirby Triple Deluxe.

  • Rinslowe

    Whatever it is…. Show it already!

  • LevenThumps

    I loved Pikmin, so I look forward to whatever game he makes next.

  • It must have something to do with the previous news about no more drought next year!

    Ohhh, i get vibes from what could possibly the surprise nintendo has for us on dec.7!

  • Wiiluigi

    Whatever it is. I hope it is amazing and keeps me entertained.

  • Nintendo are making games that we don’t know about… I’m I the only one who already knows this.