Sep 7th, 2015


Of all the Wii U exclusive games Nintendo has released, Pikmin 3 is usually the one most gamers forget about. While everyone talks (and plays) Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros, Wind Waker HD, and Splatoon, Pikmin 3 is rarely mentioned as a “must have” Wii U game.

But that’s also because Nintendo hasn’t really been talking about Pikmin 3. The game didn’t get a big marketing push, and there wasn’t really any DLC or much post-release support.

But Nintendo hasn’t given up on the Pikmin franchise. Nintendo’s Shugeru Miyamoto confirmed to Eurogamer that the company is working on Pikmin 4, and that it’s actually close to being finished.

Which is a big surprise, because one would have expected Nintendo to make some sort of announcement, if the game is that close to release.

Miyamoto didn’t go into details, he only said that “It’s actually very close to completion. Pikmin teams are always working on the next one.”

However, Miyamoto did not confirm whether Pikmin 4 would be released on the Wii U, or the 3DS, or Nintendo’s next console, the NX.

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