Pikmin 3 is a strategy game for the Nintendo Wii U. Pikmin 3 is the third installment in the Pikmin series, which were previously released on the GameCube. The game will be released in Fall 2012, and will be a Wii U launch title. Pikmin 3 was originally intended as a Wii title, but Nintendo later decided to shift development to the new Wii U console. The new version of Pikmin 3 will feature HD graphics and will utilize the new Wii U controller in various ways. Online multiplayer and a co-op gameplay feature is rumored to be included via the new Nintendo Network online service.

Pikmin 3 story

Pikmin 3
Pikmin 3’s story will be very similar to previous Pikmin games, according to creator Shigeru Miyamoto. Pikmin 3 will see the player control the character of Captain Olimar and or other characters. Via Olimar, the player controls small Pikmins, which they have to command and retrieve several pieces of their spaceship, in order for Captain Olimar to rebuild the ship and return home. The full details of the story are yet to be unveiled, but it’s expected that players will once again control Pikmins and have a limited time to complete objectives, as the player can’t stay on the Pikmin planet longer than 30 days due to lack of oxygen and life support.

Pikmin 3 gameplay

Pikmin 3 gameplay is set in third person, top down view, much like other real time strategy games. The player can control up to 100 Pikmin creatures at the same time, organized in different groups or “mobs”. So far it’s uncertain how the Wii U controller will be utilized in Pikmin 3, but it will undoubtedly have a huge part to play when it comes to Pikmin 3 gameplay and controlling the Pikmins.

Pikmin 3 characters

So far only the main character, Captain Olimar, has been confirmed as a playable character in the game. Considering that Pikmin 2 had two playable characters, Captain Olimar and his co-worker Louie, we expect the game to have at least two playable characters, perhaps more.

Pikmin 3 screenshots

Pikmin 3 trailer

This is the first Pikmin 3 trailer, released during E3 2012. The game was also demoed at E3 by creator Shigeru Miyamoto.

We’ll be updating this page as more and more details are revealed about the Pikmin 3 game.

  • Joaquim

    I hope if nintendo do a game like: Pikmin Collection.
    The disc will have the 2 previous games adapted to Wii U and this one that is coming on.
    Pikmin 4 ever.

    • Mike

      I think they’ll do that. Remember ”Metroid Prime Trilogy”?

      • Retro Studios

        They need to bring that trilogy back for the Wii U. That thing sells for a lot now and it’s rare to get anywhere below 90-100 dollars.

  • Link

    it looks sweet saw a pic of it

  • Devin Sdot

    umm… this is all wrong. there are 4 players, and olimar is NOT a playable character. also the logo is wrong. and shigerY miyomoto… really? u guys need to get your facts straight.

    • Joshua Sanders

      No, one person plays with 4 people, just Like in Pikmin 2,but 4 people instead of 2

      • Axe

        …Why did everyone downvote this comment? You’re right, maybe just poorly worded. 1 player controls 4 characters.

    • Jesusxd96

      actually you control 4 characters and there’s also multiplayer, noy online but Multiplayer

    • Nintendo Defender #1

      well what if olimar and louie were kidnapped and its a part of the story or something

    • Rami

      Reason why Olimar isn’t their right now is a secret to us. So since its a secret right now it means he’s going to be in the game we just don’t know how yet.

      • Arsonist Monkey

        Maybe he has become the new President of Hocotate Freight!

    • Cody Torrez

      Man Devin chill out bro, Olimar is going to be part of the story, hes on the freakin cover, so hes going to be in the game and most likely a playable character, be happy its 4 fuckin players!!!!!!!! dipshit.

      • WouldULikeToPlay

        That cover is fake. You know that right. The official cover hasn’t been shown yet.

  • BowsersEvilPlot

    I loved the game pikmin since the very first one but I hope that it wont be timed like the first one, like anyone whos played Pikmin will know that the very first one, you have a certain number of days to rebuild your ship because there isn’t enough oxygen on that planet to last forever. Which is kinda pressuring and why I like Pikmin 2 a little better, no time limit no worries. So I hope that nintendo will change their minds on the whole timed days thing.

    • Pretzels

      Sadly enough that might not happen. But I’m hoping for the best as well.

  • Joshua Sanders



      yo joshua sanders,
      sadly, olimar not in pikmin 3…
      / \
      | |
      / \

    • james

      olimar wont be showing in pikmin 3 sadly, as far as ive heard

    • Captain Espevold

      Shigeru Miyamoto said at E3 2012 that Olimar was not at the chart of the playable characters and that it was a surprise why.

  • pikmin awesomesause

    the story detail you put is wrong they didnt tell us anything about the story and what u told us was basiclly pikmin 1

  • olimar

    What? No, hocotatians can’t stay a long time on the Pikmin planet because oxygen is POISONOUS to them. Sheesh, haven’t you played pikmin?


    Okok… pikmin three probabily will have sagitarious (olimar’s son) the presedent or someone who’s related to him,and a relitive of louie for all of the playable characters, although i don’t know bou’t the fourth playable character… i think its olimar’s doughter, libra.

    • BOSSMX

      Saggitarious and Libra are parts of Olimar’s ship.
      Saggitarious was a present from his son and Libra was a present from his daughter.
      Where do you come off saying that those are the names of his son and daughter?
      Get your facts right before commenting man.

      • Ted

        They are their names olimar said he named them after his son and daughter

        • TheEpicEnding

          @Ted Maybe Olimar In real life went off to collage or somthing and he got removed from the game also Lol that would be cool šŸ˜›

        • Random Anon

          The ship part Libra was named after the Astrological sign of the same name. It isn’t said what he named his son and daughter, just that Libra is her Astrological sign. Sagittarius is also one of the Astrological signs, but it isn’t said that it is his son’s sign.

      • iforgotthename

        those ship parts are named after them

  • nintendon’t

    I think the 4th character will be Yoshi… he got sick of dragging Mario’s a** around and decided to join the Pikmin series.

  • Pokemon Master#1

    Shiggy said that it’s a secret why Olimar isn’t there.

  • creed

    uh you said pikmin 1 storyline not three threes story line is unknown to pepole outside nintendos pikmin team

  • Dmonkeyman

    This game looks awesome too bad there’s no online

  • Lord Carlisle

    People keep thinking that this game is going to be timed. But Miyamoto said himself that all footage of the game thus far is from CHALLENGE MODE. Therefore, not story mode, so there’s a good chance the time limit won’t be there.

  • Come at me bro

    Ben waiting for this since 2004

  • Come at me bro

    Having a month to get ur ship rebuilt sucks

    • Random Anon

      But many of the parts are placed in areas that make it possible to easily get 2 or 3 ship parts in a single day, 4 if you really know what you’re doing. 30 days isn’t an unreasonable time limit, even if there are at least 3 days where you can only get one part by default (Day one, return to the impact site, and the Final Trial)


    Nintendo hasn’t actually unveiled anything on the stoy from this game.
    WiiUDaily should just say that they don’t know anything about the story for Pikmin 3, instead of fooling people by telling the story of Pikmin 1.

  • secret333

    I found 2 hidden pikmin. One behind the yellow flower and one pushing the bluish berry to th hocotation. He is fat and red.

  • power of life

    pikmin 3 is good game iwould say and the grafix is the spefic game looks really good 1080p hdv, and the added a few things to previous pikmin games iam not sure if that was enough , but the inovromnet of the game that makes game really well looking as well as sort fun game to play and again the game runs in 1080p so i,am probably going to buy and i already left money on it eitherway i,ts good game to just have .

  • The 4 players

    Pikmin 3 is awesome but listen to this:
    There is a ruby shaped like a heart on pikmin 2 saying it looks like his wife’s eyes raging with fury and olimar says that he will take her on holiday somewhere next year this probably means the next pikmin will have olimars wife in it.
    The four players will probably be olimars son, olimars wife, olimars daughter and louie NOT OLIMAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob

    Pikmin 3 has to come out on the normal wii

    • NoPUNintendo


    • Random Anon

      This game was ORIGINALLY designed to be released on the Wii, but it got pushed back to the Wii U because Miyamoto felt the Wii U would be a better system for the game.

  • Release date

    Pikmin is supposed to be released in november 2012

  • tony

    i have a friend who works at nintendo he said that olimar crashed with 4 other people on an exploreation mission olimar got lost after the ship crashed at now the others have to look for him olimar will be in the next pikmin game but not right from the start he will be like the presadent in pikmin 2

  • Epicman555

    Captin Olimar IS a pikmin lolz just a guess.

  • Terrible

    (this means pikmin 3 is not terrible)

  • Metroidkiller

    This looks amazing! and the graphics are really good! Cant wait!

  • Frank

    Pikmin 3 has to came out on normal wii

    • Ted

      Yes I agree

      • EPICGAMER111

        SO DO I

  • Lazara The Last

    Can’t wait!!
    Anyway, some mistakes here ^^
    Captain Olimar is NOT a playable character, and Miyamoto stated that there was a reason for it. And there are going to be four playable characters in total.

  • stefyg

    maybe that blue boy that is a playable caracter may be olmar’s grandson! They both have similar hair styles but I wander about the other 3?

  • Zak Iceblade

    I am really excited about pikmin 3. Also excited about the new pikmin. im wondering what other pikmin could there be other than rock pikmin.

  • Zak Iceblade

    Nintendo totally picked the right time for a new pikman game.

  • Shane

    “as the player canā€™t stay on the Pikmin planet longer than 30 days due to lack of oxygen and life support.” That was Pikmin 1.It was also learned that Olimar’s species cannot breath oxygen thus only having 30 days to recover all his ship parts.

    You could spend as many days as you wanted on Earth in Pikmin 2.

  • VX

    I dunno why they wrote that Olimar would be in this one, cuz he’s not. As for the story, Miyamoto wanted to have both the freedom to explore and also have some time-management challenges, so I think they should do something like, the four new characters crash land and you have 15 or so days to find parts to repair your ship, cuz the ship controls the life support. So you have a little time management- thing going on in the beginning, then after finishing this difficult thing, you have the freedom to explore and maybe rescue Olimar if he’s lost there or something. Anyway, this is the only wii u game i’m really looking forward to, and it looks A W E S O M E !! PIKMANIACS UNITE!!!

  • nintendo hero

    looks awesome! already pre ordered it!!!!

    • zombii2

      you payed 100 for pikmin 3

  • Madmagican

    Pikmin 3 looks amazing, this game alone could’ve been the sole reason I’d get a WiiU and progressively, I’ve been getting more and more attached to the WiiU and now I can almost feel the gamepad in my hands
    I CAN’T WAIT!!

  • zombii2

    the wiiu might come out 11/6/12 or before

  • ssb4

    the wii u release date is rumored at 11/11/12 or 11/18/12. both are for USA. The price varies. there are potentially 3 different packaged wii u sets. one i think has 1 game pad and the console, $249. another i think has 1 gamepad, a game, and a wii mote plus with nunchuck, 299. the third has 2 gamepads, 2 wii mmote pluses with nunchucks, a game, and the console, $349.

    • 00EpicGamer00

      Umm yourĀ informationĀ is way incorrect -__-

  • Ave

    Well, according to the E3 presentation, the four players are shown only on challenge mode. Olimar might be the only playable character in thse STORY mode, but in order to keep as much of the story secret as possible, they only showed challenge mode in the preview. Really, the entire game is still a secret, just as Olimar’s story is now.

  • Waluigi

    I’m disappointed that Olimar will be absent from this game, if the Majora’s Mask trailer is real, I decide that will make up for it though.

  • Magiphart

    Sigh… Plural for Pikmin is still Pikmin.

  • Hello

    I like pikmin

  • ineedawiiuNOW

    this is me: i crash landed on a planet. FLOWERS ARE CHASING ME!!!!!!! I GOTTA RUN lawl anyway pikmin is a great game

  • ineedawiiuNOW

    its being released sometime after 2012, but before launch window ends in march 2013

  • mii


  • Pikmaster

    Plural of Pikmin is Pikmin not Pikmins.
    Nice to know Olimar is returning though.

    • Pikmaster

      Wait, since when was this info confirmed!!!
      The Box,The Olimar,The White/Purples…
      Where does this info come from?

  • legoman

    Did anyone see that flying pikman at the end of the trailer?!?!

    • Pikmaster

      they are Pikmin, not Pikmen.
      And yes.

    • iforgotthename

      im thinking that may be 1 of the best pikmins there is

  • Pikmaster

    …Most of this Article is WRONG! WRONGO! INCORRECT!

    Maybe if there was a edit button…

  • the guy

    release date is wrong

    • Mustache Man

      Ā lol true, true.

      • Luigifan64

        um i will disagree with you

  • SideScreamer

    Seriously, how the fuck often do you guys update your articles?
    I thought you guys were all ‘Number 1’ for Wii U information.

  • mickey

    Maybe they could update this page sometime???

  • Hero Of Time

    Okay, I love Pikmin, but can SOMEBODY tell me if the Purple Pikmin are getting replaced or not (or at least modeled differently (like a sudden evolution))?

    • Lazara The Last

      I think it was confirmed by Nintendo that even thought we haven’t seen any white or purple pikmins in any trailers, they will be in the game.

    • Vsdhzuhisvdgiuhdszhvihzgy


  • technoxan/pikmaniak

    I hope the storyline is good, like WHAT IS IT!!!!?????

  • technoxan/pikmaniak

    sorrey forgot to add I dont know what the storeyline for pikmin 3. šŸ™‚

  • ????????

    that ship on the pic (on the top of the page) looks weird,and can you throw the other charecters(on the video on this page) because so for in pikmen 2 I have not been able to.

  • iforgotthename

    Has nintendo thought of doing the whole thing of getting pikmins out of your unions via the gamepad , would be amazing and i hope for less (but not 0) caves šŸ™‚


    Are there still going to be pikmen flowers?(purple flowers and white flowers)
    I like having oinions better.

  • pink?

    are there going to be PINK pikmen? I think there the flying pikmen. how maney other pikmen are there!? I CANT WAIT!! until pikmen3 comes out!!!

  • Naterman

    Is it me or did the pikmin music suddenly turn more epic than it already is?

  • blooger shnub man

    it is legendary

  • Scott Rusk

    Is it out yet???

    • zak

      fuck you

      • remix4594

        You would probably go for uncensored version. (read my comments and you will understand).

  • HARSH!!

    Zak, dude seiriosly!?! and to scott no, its not out. But read stuff on the page to find out cool stuff about pikmen 3. šŸ™‚

  • Pablo Samaniego

    when it will be released? it seems pretty awesome, I have finaly finished pikmin1 and i’m gonna pass the 2nd part, canĀ“t wait 4 this game

  • Connor Cota

    Target lists pikmin 3’s release date as december 31, 2025!

    • remix4594

      You mean they should have released this on 23/07/03

      • Luigifan64

        no 12/31/13

    • Oliver Lake

      no ur all wrong its 2013 q2

      • Matthew Tilley

        Good point

      • Luigifan64

        ur is not a word

    • Matthew Tilley


    • Luigifan64

      šŸ˜ I was alive then šŸ˜

  • Banjobug

    This is really outdated. You basically described just the first game. They’ve showed you how the controller will be used and they’ve even showed you pictures of the four captains you can control.

    • Luigifan64


  • How many pikmin does it take to screw in a light-bulb?

  • 00EpicGamer00

    The graphics are amazing! it’s so beautiful and the animation is so smooth šŸ˜€
    Give me my Pikmin 3 now nintendo!!!

  • remix4594


  • remix4594

    WOW! The Pikmin series was amazing on Gamecube and now they have Pikmin 3! I hope they release the Gamecube again. I CANT LIVE WITHOUT THIS ON MY GAMECUBE!!!!!!!

  • remix4594

    They should make Pikmin 4.

  • remix4594

    With RAINBOW PIKMIN with max abilities.

  • remix4594

    Why can’t you play Gamecube games on WiiU directly through a Gamecube controller? I swearthe Gamecube controllers were immense, comfortable, easy, logical and always have and will be the best. Yes I am living in 2012 but you have to admit it’s true.Ā 

    • MetroidZero

      I agree.

      GameCubeĀ ControllerĀ > All Wii U ControllersĀ (exceptionĀ Gamepad)Ā > All Wii ControllersĀ 

    • The Gamecube controller was really nice, but compared to today it had its problems. Most notably the c-stick is out dated and the analog triggers needed work

  • remix4594

    Imagine Pikmin 4 with black and white Pikmin who disagree due to racism.

  • remix4594

    Pick a side. You picked white. Well that’s just RACIST! I pick byproduct of 2 different Pikmin hypnotised to reproduce or raped, Coz then I am accepted in both worlds.

  • remix4594

    Why did they discontinue Gamecubes anyway?

  • remix4594

    At least you still have Amazon.com

  • remix4594

    Pikmin reproduction on Pikmin 4 LOL! It would be like an 18. Oh Yeah they didn’t go above 16+ so 3+ with optional censoring. JUST KIDDING! I am not Peado.

  • remix4594

    Black and White Onions which have a massive battle on last level when suddenly BOOM! Brown onion. Brown onion annhilates both teams NO DEFENSE AGAINST IT! YOU DIE – game over. No option to be brown. Besides Pikmin show bare love to each other they are not racist.Ā 

  • gooj gty

    I want to know whether there will be like a limited edition console cause that would be truly amazing (but extreemly unlikely)….

  • Gabriel Tinge

    i wouldnt be surprised if they change the name. they did this with Ā luigis mansion 2 now dark moon.

  • Update, Update, Update! Ā Excited for a new installment in the series. Ā This is slated for a Q2 release. Ā Ā 

  • Tecpedz94

    I know a lot of these pages need major updating. All the dates/years are wrong and way off!!

  • Luigifan64

    Wow, i like the screenshots.

  • Luigifan64

    and the trailer.