Jun 11th, 2012

Pikmin 3 multiplayer
According to Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, Pikmin 3 won’t be getting online multiplayer. Miyamoto said that they considered adding online multiplayer to Pikmin 3, but found that Pikmin 3 is a game that would be difficult to “sync up over an internet connection”, because there are so many characters and figures on the screen at once. This would lead to a drop in the frame rate below what is acceptable (Pikmin 3 is rumored to run at 60 fps in singleplayer mode). Speaking to IGN, Miyamoto did confirm that the game will feature local multiplayer when it’s released later this year. Miyamoto said:

“But in the situation of Pikmin, for example, since you would have lots of individual Pikmin, whose every movement and location is going to be really important in the game, it would be very difficult to sync up over an internet connection.”

Miyamoto’s reasoning took us a bit by surprise, since there are plenty of online multiplayer games that have a lot of characters online at the same time, namely, RTS titles. Games like StarCraft 2 have a lot of characters and units on the screen at the same time during online multiplayer. We’re unsure how Nintendo couldn’t do this with Pikmin, as the game is essentially an real time strategy game. From what we’ve seen during E3, Pikmin 3 doesn’t have that many more characters on the screen than say, StarCraft 2, which can have hundreds of units on the screen at the same time during online play. We’re a bit puzzled that Nintendo couldn’t figure out how to make work — one could imagine lowering the amount of Pikmins for online multiplayer, for example.

For more on Pikmin 3, check out the gameplay trailer and the recent Pikmin 3 screenshots.

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  • Shankovich

    Whatever, Pikmin is a ground single player game. Online multiplayer would get messy; It’s not like you can build defences and buildings like in almost every other RTS. Actually, this should make the fans a bit happier; There’s clearly a lot of effort going into what make Pikmin great: Story, game style, and graphics (even though it’s a Wii port to some degree, looks like they’re really putting in some effort into the visuals).

    I’d rather have a 30+ hour Pikmin that’s been focused on by the entire team.

  • swic11

    This is a great way to start. Is it me, or am I the only one who is starting to become skeptical. This game is supposed to be a launch title, Nintendo is supposed to revamp their online multiplayer play, and yet, they cant support it on their own games. This seems like a great game for multiplayer, even a competition mode where you compete to get tasks done quicker than your opponent would be cool.

    I hope they get their act together.

    • gabe

      You do realize this was a Wii game and they ported it just to get those sexy HD graphics…what do you expect them to do, spend thousands of more dollars on something just to add tedious online because some people whined months before launch? please try to be real.

      • Swic11

        Thats exactly what they should do to attract more gamers to the game. Some games I only play online because I like to compete, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who does. Core gamers game hard, games are a natural competition whether it’s pvp or playing against the computer, it’s what keeps it fun

        • Skozo

          You know. . . You just sound like an online whore. NOT EVERY GAME NEEDS ONLINE! If it is solely around team based work then fine, but this game is solely on single player team based control. Some games, sure- all not at all. It’s like adding online play on Legend of Zelda or Metroid Prime when it was for gamecube. You need to accept online is not always necessary for a fun, good game.

          • Maleficent

            Solely on single-player, huh? That why they incorporated local multiplayer?

      • CedrictheDragon

        I sadly never got round to buying the original Pikmin on the gamecube but this looks very interesting.

    • BluChuChu

      I am slightly upset that it won’t offer online multiplay, but theres always local. Fortunately for me my friends like Pikmin also.

  • Dan

    i don’t play online much with anyone, i mostly play single players plus 2-4 split screens, i am still getting Pikmin 3 anyways

    • The Kid

      Yeah, but other people like playing online man.

  • Yoshiwhirlwind

    It doesn’t matter to me. I’m tired of former single player games shoe horning multiplayer into the mix. I’ll gladly play single player as long as I get to see other peoples stats online.

  • MYCO


  • Joe

    WHO CARES!!! still is a great game

  • Brian


  • Hafid

    I dont play online at all !!!
    This really dont bother me …
    I think its Time for Nintendo to do the best of What they know to do …
    Big games !!!

  • Skozo

    Um. . . So?

  • Shankovich


    Seriously dude? Pikmin online is going to attract a lot of hard core gamers? Think about that for a minute. It won’t be super deep, that’s for sure, something you’ll want to play with friends from time to time; lasting value, not that much. By nature, Pikmin isn’t a game that will have selling online multiplayer, and Miyamoto knows that very well. Be real.

  • Alienfish

    Yeah, there’s no excuse for this. The game should be okay without any online components, but saying it isn’t possible just doesn’t ring right. Command and Conquer games come to mind.

    • The Kid

      Yeah, I think it may be possible. But Nintendo was originally working on the game to be on Wii since like 2008. I think that it would probably take them longer to develop & they don’t want to do that. 2008!? You kind of can’t blame them, but dammit this would be nice online. I never played a Pikmin game personally, but Pikmin 3 looks like it could be fun online.

    • The Kid

      Speaking of what I seen of Pikmin gameplay online of course. It just looks fun, and multi-player could have made it better.

    • swic11

      there isnt, a simple competitive mode would be entertaining/addictive. Nintendo is being cheap

      • Skozo

        No, you kids are just being spoiled.

  • 3ds guy

    There will be other online games jus enjoy pikmin for the game it is

  • Chris

    Pikmin was always about the singleplayer mode, multiplayer is nice but Pikmin is that sort of game that you just want to experience on your own and maybe with a friend with the other controller.

    I think it would have been nice to have online multiplayer but to be honest it is more better to have lan multiplayer than online multiplayer sometimes.

  • DerikGotro64

    Its really no big deal. Online multiplayer is best for competitive games. So what if this game ain’t online…at least its gonna have ghost recon online and, uh, black ops 2.

  • Neonridr

    You have to see what he was saying in his comments. He never said it wasn’t possible, but apparently they have a very strict 60fps which will be unattainable if you are online playing with someone else. Sure maybe 30fps would be more realistic when playing with someone else, but they have a certain level of quality they want to maintain. Personally I don’t necessarily need an online component. If it naturally fits the game then fine, but if it’s just thrown into the mix to please a few fans, then I would rather them take the time to ensure the single player experience is the best it could be.

  • mario is epic

    i am a classic pikmin player and i had no proplem with the game play but in pikmin 2 that could use co-op so that could be cool if they add that

  • swic11

    you guys dont get it do you? This is Nintendo starting fresh on a new system. They are supposed to show off what the system can do with online play graphics and everything else in the book to attract people. Are you all really that ignorant, ignorant enough to keep telling yourselves that “oh ya who care about online game experience”. For those of you who dont like it fine, but it should be an option. I feel like Nintendo is cheaping out on it.

    • Owen

      That’s why they have so many 3rd parties coming in. There wont be a lack on online play on WiiU. I personally play Fifa online and used to play Modern Warfare 2 a few years ago, but hardcore gamers can “game hard” by turning up the difficulty too, not just through playing strangers.

      • Swic11

        I agree with this, but will pick have a difficulty setting.

        • Swic11


    • DerikGotro64

      Dude you seriously need to quit trolling nintendo on being cheap. Online will get better over time. If you really feel letdown by nintendo, go troll somewheres else. We don’t need your negativity.

      • Lord Carlisle

        Hey, he’s just voicing his opinion. We should all be aware of existing skepticism. I highly disagree with him, but he’s not trolling.

  • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

    Dear fans would you rather have a great single player with gorgeous graphics or have Myamoto tack on some one on one multiplayer. They’ll figure out hard core multiplayer later. Id actually rather play Nintendo Land with online and see all the other miis running around and such. Hey if you want hard core multiplayer on Wii U get Ghost Recon Online or Black Ops 2(the formula maybe as old as dirt but it’s still fun)

  • Owen

    Look, for you people that are complaining about a lack of online multiplayer, you need to realize that Pikmin is a SINGLE PLAYER GAME. You also need to realize that online multiplayer ISNT a lack of online connectivity. Nintendo has already said that they will have trophies and achievements, you’ll be able to compare to friends and whatever else through the game and Miiverse. Trust me, there will be plenty of third party games on WiiU that have crappy single player and focus on online play.

    • Swic11

      It’s not single player at all, Nintendo confirmed multiplayer.

  • Swic11

    I’m not trolling at all, I am clearly stating what I think. I believe that’s what the comments are for. I am just simply saying that it’s bull that thre is no online play. If there is local multiplayer, why not online. If there weren’t people who criticized/scrutinized, then there were never be any improvement.

    • Skozo

      If there were people with reasonable arguments things would be better but instead we get you.
      It’s cool stating your opinion, not cool over criticizing something just because it doesn’t fit you but the Nintendo fans.

      • Swic11

        But this is exactly the problem. Nintendo wants to cater to other gamers, who may not exactly be Nintendo fans. Competitive online gameplay is a way to do this.

  • Brian

    Good for Nintendo. Always going for quality.

    “Games like StarCraft 2 have a lot of characters and units on the screen at the same time during online multiplayer. We’re unsure how Nintendo couldn’t do this with Pikmin, as the game is essentially an real time strategy game.”

    It is an RTS game, but StarCraft 2 doesn’t really have physics or freeform movement, just position, stats, entity status, and type, which is why they can get away with 100’s of characters at a time. If they’re trying to achieve 60fps, that leaves the average household (around 1mbps upload) with about 17kb per frame. Imagine trying to cram that much data into the pipeline without killing the CPU. That’s why most FPS games have a max of ~32 players per server– and even then it gets kinda slow unless you have a monster host.

    … besides, isn’t this just upgraded from the Wii era anyway? They probably weren’t exactly focused on multiplayer during development.

  • Shankovich

    Swic has his own opinions, he’s not trolling. ” It’s not single player at all,Nintendo confirmed multiplayer.” But seriously dude get your facts straight, I really hope you’re not saying that because of the E3 demos, else you have a really long way to go when posting lol. No offence but have you ever played pikmin?

  • Pretzels

    I’m just glad they are making a Pikmin 3. Heck I can’t wait for those awesome graphics. It will be cool enough for the single player even local multiplayer. I would rather have tons of campaign gameplay than an online multiplayer that could end up like Brawl’s laggy online multiplayer.