Jul 19th, 2013


Nintendo is offering a special promotion for our pals in Europe who will be getting both Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 before those of us here in North America. If you purchase Pikmin 3 from the Nintendo eShop, Nintendo will give you a 30% discount on The Wonderful 101. Once again, this is only for the digital versions of both games, so if you’re planning on getting Pikmin 3 in a store, you won’t be able to get this deal.

In order to qualify for the 30%, you’ll need to download Pikmin 3 between July 26th and September 21st. Once done, you’ll receive an automatic discount on The Wonderful 101 when its released on August 23rd.

Currently this deal is exclusive to Europe and there’s no word if a similar promotion will be available to North America when the games are released there.

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  • Hopefully this comes westward… It’d make me consider buying Pikmin!

    (Not that I dont like pikmin or the idea of it, I’m just TERRIBLE at it…)

    • victor

      I have only played the pikmin version on nintendoland, and I did not like it. So I doubt I will buy it even whit this deal. Usually I like strategy and pussel games.

      • Pikmin in Nintendo Land is VERY different… if you like strategy and puzzle games Pikmin is a good fit.

      • KnowledgeIsPower

        I know what you mean. I was gonna buy Luigis Mansion for 3DS but then I played Luigi’s ghost mansion in nintendoland and didn’t think it deserved its own game. Same thing with F-Zero. Everyone is always asking for a new F-Zero but I played Captain Falcon’s twister race in nintendoland and I don’t see what the big deal is.

        • I cannot tell if you are being sarcastic or not but if you are serious then you are not very bright… Comparing those Mini games in Nintendo Land to the full games is just plain silly. By your thinking the Zelda Mini game should be compared to a full Zelda game and that is just plain dumb.

          • KnowledgeIsPower

            Of course I am being sarcastic. However, four idiots have downvoted me so far.

      • Clel

        The Pikmin minigame is nothing like Pikmin. It’s like saying that Mario Chase is pretty much what Mario games are.

        • Or the Nintendo Land Zelda Battlequest game is pretty much like what all Zelda games are like.

      • Chris Heskin

        You are missing out on one of the best strategy games ever made if you pass on pikmin 3. Nintendo land’s pikmin is boring, I agree but the actual game is far above and beyond what you’ve experienced so far in nintendo land.

      • I am the opposite…. Never played pikmin before but kind of liked the Pikmin mini game so I borrowed Pikmin 1 (Wii version) and played that and loved it.. So I bought a used copy of Pikmin 2 (Wii Version) for $10 and I am playing that now and love it. I, for one, am glad I stumbled onto this gem of a game as it is great strategy game with lots of fun and “kooky” elements. If I never played the Pikmin mini game on Nintendoland I would have never known about this game. I saw it before but had no idea what it was all about. The NintendoLand Pikmin is similar only in terms of game control really. The full games have more of a challenge and a story to keep you into the game.

    • JBeauregard

      I agree! But, for me, it would make me consider Wonderful 101. Come on, Ninty, give us some DEALS!

      • 101 I might get anyways. IGN’s coverage has convinced me

  • ican1992

    I doubt this promotion is coming to america but it would be nice if it did.

  • Ballzbeard

    Now I wish I hadn’t pre-ordered the W101.

    • Nicolas Eddowes

      You can cancel where you ordered it

  • Veliki N

    Thank’s Nintendo

  • Ernie Sanguyo

    good deals but I prepare physical copy 🙂

  • Nintedward

    This would be a good deal if the UK Eshop wasn’t a total rip off. Pikmin 3 will cost me £39:99 from my gamestore right. But on the Eshop it will most likely be £54:99

    I really want to speak to the idiot who decided to add £15 onto the price of Wiiu games like it was nothing.

    • Petri

      Pikmin 3 has a price on eShop at 49,99€.
      If W101 is the same, this is still worse deal than on retailer.

      • Baum 「ツリー」

        I really want to know where you people are buying games -.-

        I won’t get my hands on full price titles like Mario with less than 60€ and actually think, that the eShop pretty cheap (unless it’s the same exact price of course, but that’s rare in my region…)

        • Petri

          Internet is pretty useful for checking prices.
          If I just went to buy my games from the closest local supermarket, I would have to pay from 50 to 70 euros depending on the game, the biggest game retailer here, Gamestop is also a major rip-off.

          But fortunately, I have cheaper retailers in short driving distance, saves up to 10 to 20€ on Gamestop and eShop.

          Haven’t imported many games within EU, but I hear that can be also a cheap way to get games.

    • jcnba28
      • Nintedward

        That is cheap! I rarely use the internet to buy games though anymore… I just like going to pick them up in store ^_^ . I bet I would save tons of money though.

        • everyone

          Not sure if you have Best Buy where you’re from, but they price match Amazon.com in store here. Maybe you have a store that does it.

      • I pre-ordered Pikmin a while ago when Best Buy had a deal where if you buy one game you get the other half off so I got Pikmin 3 for $30. I cannot wait to play this game.

    • Jack5221

      Its kind of the same here in Costa Rica. :-/ New Super Mario Bros U which costs 60$ is 52,000 colones here. Thats about 104$ in U.S currency. Some games prices vary, but its they’re normally 90 – 105$ each. Consoles are about an extra 200$. Since we don’t have gamestop we have to buy everything from this store called Vertigo which jacks the price up on EVERYTHING. Luckily for me, my father lives in the states so I just buy online and send it to his house, then have him mail it to me. 😀

      • Nintedward

        I hear you bro… that’s a pretty steep mark up. £55 is about what, $90+ ? It’s daylight robbery.

        £39:99/$60:00 is just the right price for a good game , and even that is borderline expensive.

      • e_rocket

        The same thing happens in Mexico, no mater if you buy on the eShop or in a store, every game is way more expensive that in USA.

        • Me Gusta

          Me No Gusta NZD. 130 NZD for a game Me Gusta and that is 100 USD. No Me Gusta expensive game!

    • Dimitra Giorgiou

      actually i went on the eshop and says pikmin is for 39.

  • Petri

    Not worth it here…
    Still atleast 10€ cheaper on retailer.
    Unless they decide to sell W101 for 40€, which I doubt.

  • Linskarmo

    Why does EU get all these deals? JK, they deserve it with some of the game delays there have been.

    • Majora’s Mask

      ARE YOU FROM EU OR AMERICA? i am from EU and i think america is better

      • well that escalated quickly

      • Mark

        We all know Japan is where it’s at!

    • DragonSilths

      Canada continues to get no special attention. Last thing we got was the Wii Mini being exclusive to Canada, yet that was pointless.

      • AM Real

        ya…what a useless “exclusive” (it’s out in europe now).
        We should definitely get the euro deal though…all we get is a chance to play it a day earlier…-_-‘

      • Dimitra Giorgiou

        exclusive? it even came to cyprus, do you even know where it is? in the middle of nowhere (EU)

    • Dimitra Giorgiou

      yea but we at EU still get these games quicker than usa, (luigiU physical copy, pikmin 3, w101, rayman)

    • val berger

      Somehow the EU management seems to be better these days. In the past, I asked that question about the US. Or actually I never really asked it, as it was clear to me, that the US market is an easier market to handle then the European market and easier to please with campaigns like these. I think thanks to the eShop, it’s easier now to do stuff like that while stuff like the bestbuy-E3-demo-tryout-campaign wouldn’t really be possible in the EU… or at least not that simple. In the end, I am really glad, that for once I, as a EU player, don’t feel like a total outsider anymore.

      I actually cancelled my orders of P3 and W101 immediately and looking forward for my first two full game digital purchases on the WiiU. finally my premium-account will make any sense. And that’s the real cool thing about it, as you get enough money back to even add some VC or eShop game.

      If only Non-WiiU-Owners could see how great it sometimes can be to have this underrated system at home ;D

  • D.M.T

    Nothing will make me buy games on the eShop. If I can get it physically then i’ll buy the retail version.

    • jcnba28

      Not even Earthbound?!

      • Zombie Boy

        I’m with DMT on this. Maybe it’s because I’m an old-skool gamer, but I definitely prefer to have physical copies every time. Virtual Console games are different though, as you can’t get physical copies (well, you can, but they are a lot more difficult to find and more expensive) and they are small enough memory-wise to not have to worry about your hard-drive being full.

        • Mark

          I always like to play the real thing. For example, I got a Super Nintendo just to play the original Star Fox as well as Super Mario World. It’s actually quite fun to play old consoles.

          • Zombie Boy

            I agree. I picked up a gamecube the other year for £10 second-hand (I bought a Wii soon after), just to experience the games that I’d missed out on, as I’d owned a PS1 and N64, but then just a PS2 for the following generation, and missed all of the GC stuff first time around. There’s nothing like playing those games with the control pad that they’d been made for. I wish they could do something like this for the Virtual Console (adapters for different control pads), as I’d love to experience that again.

          • Mark

            There’s actually a Super Famicom/Super Nintendo controller you could hook up to the Wiimote. Looks and feel like the real thing!

          • Zombie Boy

            Well I’ve upgraded my Wii to a Wii U since, so it’ll need to be compatible with that. I shall go hunting on amazon and see if I can find anything similar.

          • val berger

            It’s indeed fun, but … it’s like with ebooks. I like reading real books, but I never do it. Since I started reading ebooks I read through quite a bunch of books, as they are more accessible.

            And especially playing VC games on the Gamepad really adds something unique to those games. playing Super Metroid in bed before going to sleep or at the kitchen table is very cool.

            Still, I know what you mean and I know that real lovers of oldschool games and collectors need to go for the original. It’s just that this isn’t a very mainstream-compatible way and the VC is a welcome solution to get the mainstream masses playing the antique stuff t see how real gaming used to be ;D

      • Pikboss

        I’d way prefer physical too, however I would download Earthbound because I don’t have a snes or would even pay over 100$ for the cartridge.

    • Ducked

      I agree with the Intellectual Savior of the Masses

      • D.M.T

        You’re Welcome!

    • Luigi.Videogame

      For me personally, I’m going to get First Party Games digitally and the rest are physical!

    • val berger

      I usually would agree with you, but one of the main reasons, not to go for digital copies was their price tag. You really often get new games far less expensive on Amazon (AC3, Batman and so on). But in this case, I’ll save just the amount of money, I would expect digital copies to be cheaper by standard. Plus, due to the premium-membership, I’ll get additional ~10 bucks to buy more stuff on the eshop. I actually totally get why you don’t wanna go for digital copies though, Nintendo got these kinda unclear and strange account policies, you can’t share those games with friends and so on. But I guess I’ll make an exception with these, as it’s gonna be quite a blast to have a 5 Player Coop-Game like W101 and a 2 Player Coop Game like P3 always available on the system.


    I can get both games for £66.88 on Amazon UK using the Super Saver Delivery, with the option to sell/trade in at a later date.

    I doubt the eShop can beat that!


  • Jack5221

    How can anyone say no to this deal!?!?!!!

  • Peter Joll

    I’ve managed to pre-order both games now for a total of just over £50. Well chuffed as at £40 rrp each, I may not have gotten these until much later.

  • Nintyfan

    This game reminds of Pikmin and Viewtiful Joe. Can’t wait!

  • Mochlum

    If it came to the west I would actually consider it, because of all the games coming out this season, I would need to save as much money as possible.

  • Mitch Hall

    It’s a decent deal, but I prefer to have physical copies of most games (unless they’re from the Virtual Console or Steam.)

    By the way… it’s a bit off topic, but who else wants to see Wonderful Red in Smash 4?

    • val berger

      it’s very possible. I guess if it’s happening, they’ll announce it around the W101 release to push its marketing.

  • Kevin Sepulveda

    I want this promotion in the States 🙁 I am buying them both and digitally!

  • Wishsong214

    Please come to the States. The biggest reason that I’m not stoked for Wonderful 101 is my lack of money. A 30% discount could help ease that pain.

  • mightyanon

    Someone who plans on buying both titles. I want this!

  • discuss

    E-shop prices can’t compete with budgetgaming.

  • blindtiger

    finally they realize they need to give some incentive to purchase digitals…

    • They have from the start if you have the deluxe system… You essentially get 10% back on all eShop purchases through December 2014 in credit towards future eShop purchases.

      I still prefer the physical disc too in most cases especially since it can be a pain to get your content back with Nintendo if your system should ever break or be damaged beyond reasonable repair. I have seen it done but it takes a few calls to Nintendo and is a complicated process. If there was a way to activate your Nintendo ID and link it to a few systems eligible for content so you could easily recover your own content that would be great. If your system is ever broken, damaged, stolen, or lost you should be able to contact Nintendo and deactivate that system from your account and put a new system in it’s place. That way your downloads on that old system will become null and void

      • blindtiger

        i bought wiiu when deluxe was sold out everywhere… that deal should be available to everyone. what if you scratch a disc and send it to nintendo for an evoucher for the digital version? i think that would be cool too

  • Ducked

    I have a bad feeling this is going to bomb sales wise in the states. A lot of people don’t know what type of game it is, and people here in the US don’t really take a chance unlike in Japan.

    Edit: (I’m talking about Wonderful 101)

    • Zombie Boy

      I’m curious, is the recession still affecting the states? It’s still a massive problem here in the UK, and people not having much cash to throw around is one of the reasons they aren’t willing to take such risks, in my opinion. I also believe it’s why the majority of people I know are planning to hold onto their last-gen consoles for as long as possible, or at least until they’re in a better position, financially. I think it’ll affect the sales of the PS4 and XBox One in the same way it has affected the Wii U.

      • Me Gusta

        Me Gusta money.

        • Zombie Boy

          Me too, but it’s thin on the ground at the moment!

          • Me Gusta

            No Me Gusta financial crisis.

      • Ducked

        It’s like that here in the states too. Although a lot of people still don’t know what a Wii U really is, and what it’s capable of.

        • Zombie Boy

          Well there’s that too! I’m sure things will turn around soon, though, when people discover they can’t play the wave of upcoming games on their old Wii’s! Time will tell, though, and hopefully we’ll all come out of this financial slump soon and, along with it, things will take a turn for the better in the gaming world.

          • Ducked

            Yeah, they are cutting off online gaming servers for the old Wii, if that hasn’t been done yet I know there doing it soon. This financial is a killer, were just have to depend on our leaders lol.

        • And if you walk into many Electronic Stores or Video Game stores they are filled with smug teenagers that think they are hardcore gamers and when you hear them talk to customers they pretty much do nothing but insult Nintendo and steer people away.

          • Ducked

            That’s a very true statement. These teens think owning a Xbox, or PlayStation, and playing Call of Duty, and Grand Theft Auto make them all tough and mature. If only they knew real gaming.

            I proudly hold 3DS and Wii U games at the cashier when I make my purchase. I try to spread the good word on Nintendo since everyone else bashes it.

          • I do as well… I have no problem admitting that I rather have family and friends over to play a multiplayer Nintendo Game or in some cases play online when available compared to playing some random FPS or other game on other systems with random players. I tried to get into playing games like Halo and even Need For Speed online with random players but found it was not enjoyable as I could get when playing with people I know either in person or online.

    • Luffy

      type of game: fun!

  • Your money

    I can see that the UK is really desperate to get some sales up.

  • Me Gusta

    Me Gusta Nintendo eShop deals.

  • John Raybell

    Fuck you nintendo, cant you do deals for everyone instead, i am tired of seeing other places get games before others, get better deals then others, cant you just do the same thing for everyone, fuck.

    Its like japan getting games almost a year before us, this kind of thing is getting pretty fucking old, hell japan also gets better hardware like the new gamepad battery before us

    • The world does not revolve around John Raybell.. The US gets some deals the UK and Japan do not and they get some deals we do not. No need to shout out profanities like an immature spoiled brat.

      Heck there are parts of the world that do not get any promotions and in some cases do not get the games at all. There are different rules in different countries. Heck sometimes there are different rules within the US alone which is why you may see that an offer or contest is only available in certain states or countries. My point is that there may be regional restriction out of the control of Nintendo (or any other company) to why an offer does not come to that region or why a game is released early in one part of the world vs another.

    • 00EpicGamer00

      You sir, really need to:

    • discuss


  • Christopher Westcott

    I could really use this promotion. I’m fully intending on getting both games, I think.

  • Einar

    Finaly Europe gets some promotion rewards instead of US for a change.

  • AAAkabob

    Sweet I was buying them both anyways now I just need to get a hard drive=o

  • Jack Sharkey

    Do u think that this also counts for Australia as Australia and Europe are linked in the gaming world as both are the Pal format?