Apr 17th, 2013

pikmin 3
After a long time of speculation, Nintendo has finally set the official Pikmin 3 release date: the Wii U exclusive strategy game will hit the store shelves on August 4th. In the recent Nintendo Direct presentation, the company revealed a few more Pikmin 3 details as well.

Nintendo revealed that Pikmin3 will feature new flying Pikmin, which will help getting items across rivers, etc. Pikmin 3 was originally intended as a Wii U launch title, but Nintendo decided to delay the game as the Wii U appeared to launch with plenty of third party titles. This also gave Nintendo quite a bit of time — 9 months — to polish the game.

Many were hoping to see Pikmin 3 released this Spring, but we’ll have to wait just a few more months. And we’re sure the wait will be worthwhile. Earlier this month Nintendo revealed that Pikmin 3 will feature 3 playable captains. Be sure to check out the latest Pikmin 3 screenshots as well.

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  • Johny

    well.. finally some release date info on their 1st party titles. its a start

    • JuleyJules

      exactly and E3 should be fantastic with Smash Bros, 3D Mario, Mario Kart, WW HD, etc perahps even more Bayonetta 2 coverage and very likely some games we’ve never even been told about yet. I won’t be surprised if they have some huge surprises for E3 since Sony and Microsoft will be pushing their new consoles.

  • hurpderp

    for anyone wondering this is for japan not america

    • False.

    • JuleyJules

      Japan is July 19th or something like that.

  • Levi Johansen

    Cool! Now how about that Mario game?

    • Cesar Barroso


  • Laud

    So I was thinking, did anyone else notice how good Iwatas English has gotten? I’m impressed. LOL.

    • Hec4Mets

      With all the NIntendo Directs now its probably making him learn english much faster now since he’s talking to all audiences now πŸ˜›

  • Nintedward

    It’s disappointing that this game has had such a lengthy delay , but good things come to those who wait.

    We all know E3 2013 is going to be a Wiiu showcase. It’s gunna make you piss your pants , mark my words.

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Ehm… I really dont think so. I believe Nintendo will try to rerelease the Wii U on E3 by focusing on the tablet again. Of course will they mentio Pikmin3, Wind waker remake, a Mario Kart title and perhaps something from 3D Mario. Those titles will be spread out through the rest of 2013 and beginning of 2014 (and probably delayed too far beyond). The problem is that these titles are not going to be too breath taking. Alot of people feels like they where cheated for Pikmin 3 that first was supposed to be a launch title – the reason to buy the Wii U in the first place. Then it was moved to be released during the first financial year (the so called launch window), then Q2 and so autumn. Nintendo did similar things with N64 and GCN. Deliberate delays to spread out software. We are probably going to see the same thing here…

      • Nintedward

        Ehm. I really do think so. Nintendo has a lot of suprises for E3. Smash bros , Mario galaxy successor , Mario kart Wiiu , X and much much more.

        • Magnus Eriksson

          I hop you are right. But I dont see it in the cards… πŸ™‚

          • Pikachief

            Well they already said they’d have Mario Kart U and a new Mario 3D Platformer to play on the show floor. They also said they’d have new Smash bros details. They’ll probably also give more details on Wind Waker U and most likely show X. Along with some videos of Pikmin 3 and Bayonetta 2 it’ll be a good show for them if they only show that much.

          • Magnus Eriksson

            Yeah, some of you are really like the ostrich putting your head in the sand – incredible. And I said this about the games in my post too. But there is no reason whatsoever to believe that Nintendo will launch them at once after E3. This actually means that they will START to launch games after E3 probably beginning with Pikmin 3 in august. This is a game that was supposed to be a launch title. A little bit of logic and reason should be enough to tell you why they did this. Nintendo plans a relaunch of WiiU this E3. But remember, this is a release of an origanally launch title in the middle of the second financial year. They will probably focusing on the third starting after march 2014. This is where you will see the good games releasing. This is strategical from a business point of view when N where unable to build up momentum. Its not a “doomed” or “failed” console, its just not the boom Nintendo hoped for and thought it would have. Therefore Nintendo will probably go back to the strategy they had with Gamecube and N64, holding back titles and spreading them out over the year. My guess is that we will se a launch of Pikmin3 and Windwaker remake this fall. Maybe MK or another block buster next christmas and not much more but maybe some remakes or so until 3rd financial year. Nintendo is a company wanting to make money. They are late to the party and now must rely on a slow but steady pace instead of a boom. These are my asumptions, and I think they are supported by basically everything written on this issue.

          • they’ve already confirmed everything he’s said in his post

        • Rick van der Linde

          Mario Kart is all I need πŸ˜›

          • Nintedward

            Funnest game ever! Mario kart 7 on 3DS was awesome.

        • WarioForever

          I want a new Star Fox for Wii U!

  • JuleyJules

    I’m fine with this coming in August. We know when the update is for spring, VC, Wario and now Pikmin 3. Just waiting on Wonderful 101 and Wii Fit U as well. In the meantime there are a bunch of 3rd party games coming out and Zelda WW HD was announced previously for August so that might happen (or early fall). Bottom line is we now have games coming out in May, June, July, August, September and October that have been announced. That should keep people busy I would think. Some of them will keep sales going in advance of the other big Nintendo games like WW HD, Mario 3D, Mario Kart etc. Plus in the summertime we’ll have another update perhaps with other new features.

  • Finally a firm release date even though it’s still almost 4 months away. Must be hard if you’re looking forward to this game (I’m not really looking forward to it, so bothers me little but I feel for those who are waiting for it)
    On a side note Game and Wario sceduled for June 23th release. (Yet another game I personally am not looking forward too, but many others do)

    • Cesar Barroso

      then why do you have a wii u?

      • When did I say I have a WiiU? I never said I have one, I will get one in time, but for me Pikmin 3 and Game and Wario don’t do it. Don’t automatically assume everyone who posts here has a Wii U mate. I’m interested in WiiU nonetheless but for now there is just not enough available to pursuede me to get one besides that I have a living to make as well and therefor there simply is no money for a WiiU at this time.

        I prefer Zelda, Metroid, X, Monster Hunter and those kind of games, just game and wario and Pikmin don’t do anything to me at all. Many other exclusives do though. aswell as multiplats like Assasin’s Creed, Watch Dogs, Rayman etc.

        Edit: Oops I forgot games like Smash Brothers and Mario Kart for which I’m also excited.

      • ZakAttack7

        no offence mate but that was a bit presumptuous, there are reasons to have a wii u beyond pikmin and game and wario…

  • Adrian

    Well this should make alot of people happy. I’m not planning on getting the game. I actually don’t know anything about it (Pikmin).

    • JuleyJules

      I don’t know much about Pikmin either but from what I’ve seen and played in Nintendoland I can’t wait to play more Pikmin in August!

      • Adrian

        That attraction is fun in NintendoLand, but it’s not my idea of a fun game. If Pikman was like banjo kazoo or something then maybe it’d be interesting to me.

        • Lord Carlisle

          The actual Pikmin games are worlds better than the Nintendoland attractions. You should at least rent the game or download a demo.

  • jjmesa14

    And some people are wondering why the Wii U isn’t doing well. Where are Pikmin 3, Wii Fit U, Game & Wario, and The Wonderful 101? These were all promised to be in the “launch window” of November 18, 2012 and March 31, 2013. Nintendo should have waited to release the Wii U this year.

    • Hec4Mets

      Better to have delayed quality products than to have mediocre titles just because someone wants a game. The other consoles went thru the same thing this is no different and anyone who tells you they didn’t (ps3/360) is kidding themselves because they did.

      • jjmesa14

        Let’s just hope they don’t turn out like Aliens: Colonial Marines. Of course Nintendo always has top quality software.

    • Zuxs13

      They are still coming, and the Wii U still has sold better than the 360 and PS3 did in the same period, so there could be a flood of games from June-July on and that would be a great thing especially going into the holiday season where most people start to care about game releases.

      • jjmesa14

        I’m just saying that I bought a Wii U and had expectations that Nintendo would honor their launch window. I do look back at the Wii (launched in 2006 in NA) though and NSMBW and Mario Kart didn’t come out until 2008. I also saw what happened with the 3DS and where it is now.

  • Metal_Man_v2

    I’m glad this FINALLY has a set date. It’s disappointing that an original launch game, and the sole reason I wanted a Wii U, isn’t coming out until almost a year after the Wii U. But Nintendo has admitted that HD games take longer than they anticipated, and that’s the first step to correcting a problem. We should be getting a lot of news at E3, and newer games shouldn’t take this long to make.

    • Hec4Mets

      PS3 and 360 went thru the same drought anyone who tells you otherwise is kidding themselves that’s why I ain’t worried about the Wii U its going to get the big releases very soon and people will end up changing their tune soon just like the 3DS before it.

  • HydePark1980

    I gotta respect Nintendo’s stance on the quality of games that they produce……”we can either make a game or we can make a game right”.

  • Ducked

    I don’t care about the delay, I’m just glad there’s a official release date instead of it saying Summer, or Fall 2013.

    • Hec4Mets

      Technically it is still summer so i’m glad its in that window at least even though I think a July release would’ve been even better but that’s fine it’s coming that’s what matters πŸ˜‰

      • Ducked

        Couldn’t agree more

  • Zuxs13

    I watched the ND and i never saw them give this date.

    • Pikachief

      it was part of a Press Release that was sent out when the ND ended.

  • ExtremeAzure98

    After playing “Pikmin Adventure”, on Nintendo Land ~ I’m pretty psyched to buy Pikmin 3. Definitely on my radar.

  • DragonSilths

    This is ridiculas. Had this game pre-ordered and payed off since September…Uhg.

  • If the game looks like that pic, then the Wii U could be about something. They should have released games looking like that out the gate. Then again, Nintendo said it was not about graphics – and no one bought it.

  • Nicolas Dorion

    y u so mean nintendo

  • Zombie_Andrew

    Nintendo you dropped the ball, you better add online challenge maps and special NFC Pikmin to get to secret areas for this August release <_<

  • Dominic Coradazzi

    …to be covered in Pikmin

  • Th3PANO

    am i the only one who thinks the Pikmin 3 Cover on the package they reveleaed today looks totally amazing???

  • pokemonmastershadow

    So much for 2nd quarter.

  • Way too far out for me now. Not picking it up.

    • jay

      ignorant comments like this always make me laugh.

      It’s like saying “Too late!! I’m not hungry no more… Boo Hoo”

      • It has nothing to do with ignorance. It is merely budgeting for my gaming hobby. Wonderful 101 is going to be a purchase since it is probably coming out before this. Most likely 101 is going to be better. You can’t forget new systems are also launching three months later.

  • Cadrion

    Hmm…so now that this title that was supposed to be a release title has been postponed, as with Ubisoft and Rayman Legends, aren’t we suppose cry and say we’re not going to buy the game now? Personally, I see a strategy forming here…release a bunch of great stuff at the end of the year…yeah, I’m a little bummed that I gotta wait, but that’s ok…great games are worth waiting for…

  • Xavier Lopez Chabelo

    Nope… Shame on you Nintendo. so many time to make a Pikmin game?

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Why do you think this game was delayed? Even though Nintendo were heavy criticized for lack of first party support they didnt release this.

  • Dylan

    I must admitβ€”I feel pretty cheated. The only reason I own a Wii U is because I was told I’d be playing Pikmin 3 by now. I was clearly lied too. I know it will eventually come, and there are other games that are worth my time; but I have a special liking for Pikmin and have waited nearly a decade for this. I guess I will just have to wait a little longer. At least the game is officially dated now.