Jul 24th, 2013

The European launch of Pikmin 3 is just two days away and with that in mind, Nintendo has released a new trailer that shows off how the GamePad can be used in the game to snap snazzy pictures of all your Pikmin adventures. The trailer also gives a brief introduction to the new rock type Pikmin, which can be used to break down crystal barriers.

Once you’ve taken pictures of your Pikmin, you can quickly share them to Miiverse, too. It’s too bad Nintendo hasn’t focused more on what makes the GamePad unique for Pikmin 3, but I suppose we’ll see more of that over the coming weeks.

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  • Toadlord

    Hopefully all this information about this game will really start to boost Wii U sales in Europe. Nintendo has been really good about advertising their product for pretty much the first time since launch.

  • I think you can play this game totally from the game pad and I hope that includes being able to use the touch screen to direct where you throw the Pikmin. The WiiMote controls are nice but I think I get more accuracy out of using the touch screen kind of like what you do with the Pikmin mini game in NintendoLand.

    • CharmanderRulz

      When using the gamepad it works very similarly to the old GameCube controls. It may have a second touch screen gamepad control styles I haven’t heard about but I’m quite sure you’re movement also moves the pointer. Bit of a shame as I liked the Kid Icarus style but a lot of people didn’t.

      • I guess I will have to find out when I get the game on Aug. 4th. It looks like the gamepad is used for maps and such which is why I asked about the controls.

    • Nintedward

      Yeh man, Pikmin adventure (imo) is BY FAR the best Nintendo land attraction. Nothing comes close.Actually Donkey Kongs crash course is a close second.

      I’ve finished Pikmin adventure twice, start to finish.

      • It was the Pikmin mini game that turned me onto the series. I actually ended up borrowing Pikmin 1 (Wii Version) from a friend and played that all the way through and bought a used copy of Pikmin 2 (Wii Version) for $10 and I am almost done with that one.

        I enjoy Nintendo Land and can play some of the games with family and friends for hours. Mario Chase and The Luigi’s Mansion mini games are great fun in a group.

        • Nintedward

          Yep, They’re all good in their own right. But for me Pikmin adventure was the one that felt like a proper game rather than a party mini game.

      • val berger

        that’s funny. I never liked Pikmin Adventure as I only tried it out once with friends who weren’t too much into WiiU and Pikmin Gameplay, so it ended up being kinda confusing and not really that fun. Didn’t play it for ages and now that I was waiting for P3 (and because AC3 got me frustrated all the time) I played through Nintendoland again and gave it another try and…well… it’s really fun. I’m kinda surprised how long and deep the missions are. Actually they are often even too long (but that’s not really a bad thing)
        As you said, it feels more like a proper game, so I can’t wait to see what P3 turns out to bring us, if Pikmin Adventure is already so well done.

  • Edward

    Sign this Petition. An upgrade for the Game Boy Player to play DS/3DS games on your Wii U. https://www.change.org/petitions/nintendo-co-ltd-create-a-peripheral-that-plays-nintendo-ds-and-3ds-games-on-the-wii-u

    • Ducked


      • Edward

        I think it is a pretty good idea.

        • CharmanderRulz

          It’s joining 2 consoles that where both not planed to connect unlike the GameCube and GBA that where made for this. It serves no function as if you have a 3DS and want to play a 3DS games just do it! It’s like the Vita cross play with PS3 games (the PS4 was made with it in mind though) and I can’t think of a single example of a 3rd party dev even using it. (just more Little Big Planet DLC). Finally if you wanted an HD resolution 3DS game that’s not going to happen as many games code depends on knowing the screen res.

          • Edward

            They are both using the same concept, 2 screens one being able to use touch screen. What would be so hard making a device to attach to your Wii U? Before Launch Miyamoto stated that the 3DS could be used as a Wii U controller. So saying that it wasn’t planned to connect to each other would be far fetched. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2011/06/miyamoto_3ds_could_be_a_convenient_wii_u_controller

          • CharmanderRulz

            You say: “3DS could be used as a Wii U controller” yet all he said is: -“3DS Could Be a Convenient Wii U Controller” and “it might be just more convenient”. Nothing on actual plans of doing so or whether or not it’s comparable hardware wise. Lets say it can 100% connect with the Wii U; then what? nether console can improve the experience of each other or solve any points I made plus it would likely require you to buy an add on to play the same game.

          • Daniel Brown

            There is a point though. 3DS is hard to play and let others watch. I used to play GBA games on the GameCube because my brothers wanted to watch me play. They’re pretty bummed that I can’t play Luigi’s Mansion 2 on the TV so they can watch.

          • Mochlum

            But that isn’t that big of a problem for most people :/

          • CharmanderRulz

            Well I never said it wouldn’t be good to share a games viewing experience with friends but portable devices like phones and handhelds are made with a single user in mind. It wasn’t even so much about how good or useful it could be as connecting these two different devices as one wasn’t the plan like GBA player. Even if you could get the Wii U ruining such software it would need a new (and likely expensive) add on with all the internal 3DS parts and hook ups for SD memory drives as many 3DS games use SD card memory for things like saves.

          • Edward

            I loved the Game Boy Player.

          • Edward

            Yeah that is the whole point it would be an add-on, which means you wouldn’t have to buy it. Some people would like it some wouldn’t. I believe it could be improved by being on a larger screen. Obviously Nintendo thought it was a good idea in the past because they have done it twice, once with Super Nintendo (Super Game Boy) and Game Cube (Game Boy Player) so I don’t see why they wouldn’t revisit it this time around. I would buy it, and guess what you don’t have too. It’s not like it would be required or take away from either system. The only thing I see it could do is put more money in Nintendo’s pocket. They would sell more games(which is the real money maker).

          • CharmanderRulz

            “wouldn’t have to buy it” well you would if you want the features! The way you put it is almost like it would be better as an add on then if they could somehow do it without paying for more equipment.

            I too think it would be “improved by being on a larger screen” as I said “it wouldn’t be good to share a games viewing experience”. “don’t see why they wouldn’t revisit it” other then how both the Super Game Boy and Game Boy Player did very bad, almost costs the portable console, where hard to make, how add ons killed SEGA, How the Wii U was doing bad partly because people thought it was an add on and how unlikely it would be to “put more money in Nintendo’s pocket”. (I have no idea what you based the profitability on)

            Whare would you even plug it in? The Wii U’s expansion port or cartridge slot? It would be a 3DS on the back of the gamepad.

          • felony211662

            Mh3u utilized cross play with 3ds

  • Yousif Alromaithi

    Lucky UK. Hope they have fun. While I wait for it.

  • sdmac200600

    While I’m sad that the US gets the game last, we do mostly get games before Japan even so it’s all good. Gotta go out and buy me a couple of amazon gift cards to purchase this off amazon on the 4th!

    • Madmagican

      Why not just buy it at a store on launch day?

      • sdmac200600

        I have no way to get to a store besides walking of course but if I’m gonna be walking past a place where I can get an Amazon gift card, why waste energy?

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    The UK also gets some pre_order bonus with Pikmin 3. Sure we get the game one day early with the purchase of digital pre-order but games like these I prefer the hard copy.

  • Squid

    I have to wait..

  • dinos24
    • Me Gusta

      No Me Gusta 3DS and Wii U cross platform gameplay mechanics.

      • Edward

        Why not, they had the Super Game Boy for the Super Nintendo and the Game Boy Player for the Game Cube that were pretty successful why not for the Wii U? Your own personal preference? There is a quite a few people that would like to see this come to the Wii U and if it actually came out I bet a lot of you would actually buy it too.

  • Merrfn

    I have not tried out Pikmin yet. But it looks like one of those really cool games where it requires skill and strategy. Games these days are so easy. Give my thumbs a challenge Nintendo.

    • Elem187

      Nintendo seems to be the only big time publisher that actually creates very difficult games…. Their franchises may look like they are for kids, but the difficulty spread is so much harder than any other system or from any other big time publisher.

      As much as I love my ps3, there really wasn’t any games i purchased or rented that was difficult… every single game would let me retry a single part over and over again until I got it… Shooters are absurdly easy with health regeneration everytime you get hit…. I miss old school shooters on PC that you die with one shot without any health regeneration…. Button mashers are too easy, just well button mash to win…. Adventure games pretty much played themselves (Uncharted was wickedly easy) Press ‘X’ to awesome!

      And its these memories of last gen is why I’m going to skip over the PS4 and xBone, well that and the pay for more multiplayer is some serious BS…. I’ll stick with the challenging games of PC + Nintendo.

  • Nameucanthate

    I’ve never played a Pikmin game, can someone help me understand the appeal?

    • rp17

      It’s a real-time strategy game where miniature aliens crash land on earth and must use an army of ‘pikmin’ to find rocketship parts, treasure, or fruit. The strategy is that the pikmin are each immune to a specific element depending on their color, ie. if a pikmin other than blue touches water, it drowns. Later in the game, these elemental challenges are combined in very difficult ways to overcome.

      • Nameucanthate

        thanks! I will probably not get it, but only because my allowance will die if I buy Watch Dogs, Batman Arkham Origins, AC IV, Mariokart 8, Super Smash Bros., AND Pikmin 3.

  • Me Gusta

    Me Gusta Pikmin. Me Gusta Olimar. Me Gusta wants Olimar!

    • Chris Heskin

      Olimar isn’t in this game.

      • Me Gusta

        Me Gusta Olimar. Me Gusta wants Olimar!

        • val berger

          then there are 2 Pikmin games just for you 😉

  • Mr. J

    lego marvel
    rayman legends
    zelda windwaker
    Guy goes to mailbox while thinking about the great games about to come out for wii u. Guy gets paycheck in mail. Guy realizes he can only afford two of them. Guy goes to his room and cries. decisions decisions………..

    • rp17

      EXACTLY SAME SCENARIO HERE. I finally decided on pikmin and lego marvel

      • Mr. J

        Thats the two I’m getting!!

        • val berger

          p3 & w101.

          w101 = viewtiful joe x 101times 😉

  • val berger

    I hate the SUN! just because it’s so damn hot, I’m literally FORCED to go to a little countryside-holiday and I’ll be missing the release of P3. That’s traumatizing. I’m sure I’ll end up throwing little rocks, leaves and blossoms on our cat while collecting random garbage …
    So, sunday evening it is for me then …

    By the way, I’m wondering how much size the Pikmin are gonna eat up from my 32GB flashspace? (I’m gonna download it)

    • Elem187

      From what I heard its a 4gb download… I picked up a fairly cheap 1.5tb Western Digital external drive that works like a dream, I highly recommend it if you are going to be downloading lots of retail games..

      I could conceivably download over 350 copies of Pikmin 3 before it fills up.