Jul 22nd, 2013


Pikmin 3 will be the hottest Wii U game release next month and Wii U Daily wants to make sure you get to experience it! We’re currently holding a contest on our Google+ page for Wii U Daily readers. We want to know your favorite character or variety of pikmin from the game, so head on over and let us know. Here’s the skinny on the contest:

  • This is a Google+ ONLY contest. You’ll need to comment, +1 and share in order to participate.
  • We’ll be announcing the winner on Friday, August 9th.
  • North America only – Sorry guys, the disc is region-locked.

We’ll be posting reminders periodically until the end of the contest on the 8th, so be sure to get your comments in before August 9th at midnight Pacific Standard Time, otherwise it doesn’t count. We’re looking forward to hearing about your favorite characters and what you’re most looking forward to in Pikmin 3!

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  • Paulo

    Is this open only in the U.S?

    • Unfortunately yes. The copy I have to giveaway is for North America only.

      • Paulo


        Thanks anyway xD

        • incoherent1

          You should enter anyway. If you win it, I’m sure you could sell it for pretty close to retail (a lot of North American users here would be willing to buy it, this one included), and put that cash towards games back home. πŸ™‚

          • Paulo

            Haha i entered. My Wii U is NA =)

  • Schultz38

    *reads article*
    *makes Google+ account*

  • New Super Luigi U is liable to be the hottest game release next month. Not Pikmin 3. πŸ™‚

    • Shota

      kinda strange.

    • disqus_sgtob6da3X

      I think Pikmin 3 will do great since Luigi U has already came out for DLC already. I’m picking up both along with Mario and Luigi Dream Team so it will be a hot month for Nintendo in North America. But Pikmin is my must play game right now.

  • Shota

    north american only:( .. Well good luck guys!

  • RockieOllie

    Done! I’ve been waiting for this game since it’s “Launch Window” last year!

  • Steven_Segal

    Is North America include Carribean? I’m from Puerto Rico

    • I’m not sure if you’re included in the North American region or not. That’s the only thing stopping me from saying yes. If you are, you could play the game. If not, you’ll put the disc in and it won’t do anything.

      That’s Nintendo and its pesky region locks.

      • Steven_Segal

        I can play games from the North American region, my question is if I can participate?

        • Then yes, that’s the only thing holding others back.

          • Steven_Segal

            Oh, ok thank you!

          • Eduardo

            Great! I’m from Brazil but since the Wii U hasn’t officially release here yet, my console was bought in the US (and usually Brazilian consoles are in the American region which isn’t just for North America).

  • Ducked

    I have a google + account! I’ve never used it until now…

    • Clel

      I love Google+, my only problem is that absolutely no one I know uses it XD

      • Ducked

        Yeah, I’m wondering if it’ll ever be as popular as facebook

        • Clel

          I doubt it :/

          • Ducked

            Yeah same here, I think facebook has the advantage because they make it so simple.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            That and facebook is more highly regarded anyways. People will refer their friends to facebook more than Google+. Have one as well, but just like you, i never bothered to use it.

          • Ducked

            Yeah, since Facebook was there first, it’s hard to get all your friends on facebook to convert over Google+. Unless facebook started having tons of problems like Myspace, but I don’t see that happening either.

          • Clel

            It was too little too late

          • nah, its just because they got there first πŸ˜›

      • It’s so much better than facebook…

      • wober2

        There is a small nintendo community that are fun to talk with. Sometimes a small community is a bit more personal and relatable.

      • Entropyguy

        Even in Silicon Valley, I don’t know anybody that uses it.

        • Clel

          Yeah, even the Google employees don’t really use it that much XD

  • Luna Moonfang

    Too bad Nightsilver Woods is not in the the US :c
    Good luck, everyone!

  • Stephen Davis

    I dont understand the +1 and share? Can u explain that in more detail? I have google plus account (so first part of it is done)

  • jay

    Poor person who “Liked” this. Why even put up Twitter or Facebook ? πŸ™

  • Pebbicle

    >mfw North America only πŸ™

    • I know, I’m sorry for our European and Australian friends. The disc is region-locked and if it weren’t, the contest would be open to every one.

      • Nameucanthate

        if you dont live there, but have a wii u from there can we still enter?

        • Yes.

          • Paulo

            Ah so I can participate. I’m not from the U.S, but my Wii U is american.

          • Arthur Jarret

            So, your Wii U is incompatible with a wii fit board and runs on Cola and McDonalds instead of electricity?

          • Josh Samson

            LMFAO!! YES get it!

          • Douglas McCunn

            Those jokes should be reserved for Mexico, United States is now the 2nd fattest country!

          • Arthur Jarret

            Darn, I missed the memo.

            No more taco’s for me!

      • LopsidedPasta

        I know this comment is a bit late, but why Google plus? The only reason I have one is that YouTube forced me to get one. Why not use Facebook?

      • Majora’s Mask

        then buy the disc when the guy wins it so you get the right region for the game

        • Gotallofthem

          That would mean they would have to pay more for the disc. Think about it, If I go to amazon uk purchase a disk have it shipped to me in the states, it would cost them more.

          • Majora’s Mask

            i am not the one paying it and you are god damned stupid they should buy the game after the winner is announced simple logic so no extra costs americans are stupid after all praise the europeans

      • kevin nun—-

        Ashley for those like me who are new to the franchise, never played a Pikmin game before, are we excluded from this contest or do we just say which one we think looks nice?

      • Zakariyya Al-Quran

        WHO WON!! Please I need to know

  • Steven_Segal

    Good Luck to everyone!

  • Adrian

    Blegh, no me likee contests to gather “popularity” points on random social media sites. No me likee one bit :(.

  • fireheartis1

    Done and I can’t see if I win. Wii U Daily you rock for doing this contest.

  • Entropyguy

    Well that’s *one* way to get people to use Google+…

  • Connor Cota


  • I live in Mexico but I have an American Wii U. Can I still participate?

    • majora :D

      I think you can, just that it won’t come in spanish… also, why I’m talking in english, when we’re both latin-americans?

      • Thanks for the reply! πŸ˜€
        Also, you’re right. I don’t know why we speak in English. I think it’s because everybody else does it and we don’t want to be the odd ones out, don’t you think? πŸ™‚

        • majora :D

          Y que cuernos me importa que nos veamos raros? xD

  • Sdudyoy

    While luckily this is my Google+ account.

  • Laud

    Come on Ashley, rig the giveaway for me. πŸ˜›


  • You made me log into my Google+ account that I have not been in for many months just to share this. I wouldn’t mind a free copy.


  • Madmagican

    …Time to make a Google+ account

  • JBeauregard

    Done! Hope I win, I’m broke and me and my kids want this lol

  • Alex Kitzberger

    Finally a use for my google+ account!

    • Anthony K Aurelia

      there was that thing for Google Glass a while back…but same here πŸ™‚

  • martin valles

    I want pikmin. Pikmin are great. I am from mexico, can you send it here? (If I win, wich I am hoping to)

  • Jose Bautista

    Leave a message…Oh yes i hope i win a copy!!

  • Your money

    Good luck to everyone

  • Ricky__Spanish

    Endless email spam good lord

  • Zackary Bruley


  • Nintendofreak

    never played pikmin but played the pikmin attraction in nintendo land and loved it and dont have a google+ account….but its free so fuck it to google

  • sd

    The reviews of Pikmin 3 are coming in now. Its doing pretty well, sitting around 87-88 at the moment on metacritic. The negative comments are kind of annoying in that they are saying it is too similar in many ways to previous Pikmin games, but more polished! So they score it less than they scored the original. Reviewers are weird sometimes.
    Its like the reviews saying this is the best version of the game, but it was released 6 months later than other versions so I am scoring it less. I get frustrated.
    But anyway it looks like it wont disappoint. Roll on Saturday for me to get this.

  • Linskarmo

    I think I shared it twice by accident… Google plus confuses me. But I think I’m in! Great contest, Wii U Daily!

    My username (and image) is different on Google+ than it is on here. Could that be a problem?

  • Mekayla Trujillo

    Really excited for this game to come out! Very close to my birthday when it comes out on Aug. 4! <3

  • Adrian Collins

    *reads article and comments at the SAME DAMN TIME!!!*

  • Jeremy Spencer

    I shared with FaceBook

  • Anthony K Aurelia

    Gawd I want this game…loved Pikmin on GC.

  • RogΓ©rio Cruz

    I’m Brazilian, my Wii U is American, can I participate too?

    • Gotallofthem

      Well the game will run on your american WiiU, don’t know if they’ll ship it to Brazil though.

  • Pedro Natera

    I want this game

  • Elem187

    dang, I already purchased the game at gamestop on Saturday as part of the pre-order deal (Gamestop says I can download it 2 days early, while Reggie says 1 day early… who is right?)

  • Michael DeVore

    By comment does it mean comment here in the Disqus comments, or in the Google+ comments. I guess I’ll do both.

  • Steven Scott

    Hope I win

  • Klashin

    awesome. Would be cool to play Pikmin. I can’t ever buy games

  • if I win… I will cry happiness.

  • Les Johnson

    I shared on Google + (Les Johnson). Thanks for the giveaway! Looks like a fun game.

    • Les Johnson

      katja9_10 at hotmail dot com

  • Kazelis

    good luck everyone!

  • Mario

    So, when will the winner be announced? πŸ™‚ Hope its me!

  • Henry

    sooo can you announce it??!

  • chad

    hey where is it?

  • manda


  • leeche21trollhunter

    we want to know the winneRR!!!!:)

  • leeche21trollhunter


  • leeche21trollhunter


  • leeche21trollhunter


  • ilovepikmin

    Man you guys let me down,, no winner anouncced yet?? πŸ™

  • mastercutsac


  • andrewjcole

    Awwww… c’mon! I’m a day late! Can you please, please pretty please let mine in? I just got a Google+ account!