Jul 15th, 2012 publishUpdated   Jul 22nd, 2012, 9:02 pm

Pikmin 3 gameplay
Pikmin 3 is one of Nintendo’s launch titles for the Wii U, and was the main attraction at E3 2012. We have about 8 minutes of off-screen footage from the game, showing off the Trial Mode. In Pikmin 3’s Trial Mode, the player has to collect all the fruit on the level with the help of the Pikmin. We have to say that the colorful HD graphics of Pikmin 3 look absolutely gorgeous. Officially, Pikmin 3 is one of the Wii U launch titles, however, it’s uncertain whether it will launch with the console, or a bit later. Recently, it was revealed that another “launch title”, New Super Mario Bros U, will actually launch after the Wii U console hits the store shelves. Head on after the break for the Pikmin 3 Trail Mode gameplay video.

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  • Non-Specific Action Figure

    There you have it PS/X360 Fanboys!
    Microsh*t and Phony can’t keep up with awesome NINTENDO!

    • Garzard

      Umm…I don’t think those guys will really care about Pikmin. They’re more focused on CoD and that stuff.

      • olimar

        They should! Bwahahaha!

      • Non-Specific Action Figure

        They will when they see this!
        BTW, I made this comment on the Wii to show Nintendo respect! (But doing that was tedious!)

  • Draco Breach

    The shadows!



    Nintendo is now showing off. Pikmin 3 looks nice, and it’s one of the games competing for my attention at launch.

    I just wish this was a more professional recording – like with a HDMI capture card. The camera is too shaky, and a lot of details are easily missed.

  • Shankovich

    Whatever, let them launch it a bit after the Wii U comes out, gives them more time to improve the graphics to shut up more haters. It looks pretty finished though, especially considering it’s a Wii port.

    • Gamer

      Bro you and I always agree, but on this one am correcting you. Miyamoto said it was built from the ground up for the Wii U. I think they might be pushing Mario back for Pikmin to launch with the Wii U. You know how Mario and Luigi do. They will outsell everything when they launch, might even outsell the Wii U :).

      • Shankovich

        O.O snap, thanks guys!! Could have sworn the early stages were done on the Wii, twas why I said that; that’s good to hear :D.

        • Gamer

          You are welcome bro. Imagine if Sega were to announce through high voltage that the grinder is coming January. I would be happier than happier :).

          • Shankovich

            (I agree with you), but I would actually like to hear of a Sonic Adventure 3 battle, as long as the sonic team is staying dedicated.

      • Marmor

        Pikmin 3 was designed for the Wii and late in development it was transfered to the Wii U. That’s why you control it with the Wiimote and have to place the GamePad somewhere to use it as a map.

        Nothing wrong with it. Pikmin 2 controls were perfect on the Wii.

    • Jewelarchon

      Actually Shan, this won’t be a Wii port, it’s actually from the ground up and Wii U title. They were initially working on it for the WIi, but when the U started coming along it was reworked from the beginning. This will be an amazing game, for sure.

    • Lord Carlisle

      It’s not a Wii Port, this is a game all on its own.

  • Nintengoth

    looks bootifuls! i have one Q… do you have to play the game with the old Wiimote or can you play the whole game with the WiiU gamepad?

    • Owen

      either or/both simultaneously

  • Gamer

    I have the Wii play Pikmin 2, bought it for 20$. This has convinced me, I need Pikmin 3 at launch for my Wii U. Also the game retro is working on. Supporting third parties, am buying batman and project cars.

    • The Beeshnu

      Same bro
      I got pikmin 1 and 2 for $10 each

  • Shankovich

    Sorry, didn’t even comment on the game that much LOL.


    Can’t wait to get back into a new Pikmin, I’ve been waiting a LONG time. I really hope they have some good orchestral music (for at least the first world, as Nintendo did with the Mario Galaxies). Wonder what the story is this time haha, probably his son’s trying to get rich or something?? I just hope there won’t be a finite time limit like in the first game (I hate being timed).

    I also loovvveeee how the bridge was build, where each tile was actually picked up from the pile instead of it just being a static object that generated an animation :D!! Same with the wall breaking down, all the particles *drool*.

    This is Nintendo practicing on HD hardware boys and girls, and it’s only gonna get better visually for the rest of the first party titles coming our way (for the love of all that is good let Retro make a Metroid on the Wii U hardware).

    • Alienfish

      I’m hoping for a little more replay value. You could always replay the first two games for a better score or faster time, but I never really found a good reason to replay them. I think the story is going to be like the gold rush was in the US with everyone rushing in to grab some loot. The different characters in the game are probably a team from another company looking for their slice of the pie.

  • Akuago220

    Beautiful. I managed to play it at the Wii U Experience event yesterday at Miami Beach.

    Speaking of said event, anyone else around here went there, or the one that happened at New York?

  • Non-Specific Action Figure

    I used to be a Phony Fanboy, until I got a Wii, that was in 2009.

    • db89

      So now you’re a Nintendo fanboy? You know, just because you bought a Wii doesn’t mean you now have to hate Sony, you are allowed to like more than one console/ company, they are only videogames and dont require people to wage online wars on their behalf.

      • Non-Specific Action Figure

        I hate Phony because they copy Nintendo!

        • Draco Breach

          I used to be a “nobody but Nintendo fanboy”. It’s a phase. It’ll pass.

          You should enjoy games, no matter what system(s) they come out on. If there are no games on the other consoles you like, there is certainly no reason to buy them. If a game comes out on multiple platforms, buy it on the platform you most want to support.

          I usually buy Nintendo > Sony > Microsoft for a variety of reasons. I have all three consoles, and watch game releases fairly closely.

          Trust me 😉 You can be a Nintendo fanboy and still enjoy games on other consoles. I missed out on a lot of games until the phase passed, but pass it did.

          • Non-Specific Action Figure

            Thx Man

    • Alienfish

      It’s not like girls man. You can have more than one and they won’t hate you for it.

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Wow and I thought pikimin 1/2 were gorgeous this is stunning I can’t wait to get this diffinatly one of my 1st in library games. 🙂

  • Joey

    I’ve always thought that Pikmin was a little… Bad. (Just an opinion) But, when I saw this, only one thought went through my head. THIS. GAME. LOOKS. AMAZING!

  • Madmagican

    Pikmin 3 looks sexy as f**k 😀