Feb 18th, 2014

Nintendo has a great repertoire with indie developers, so it’s not surprising to find more indies looking to land their spot on the Nintendo eShop. This trailer is for Pier Solar HD, a Sega Genesis RPG HD remake from developers WaterMelon. Originally conceived as a Kickstarter project that received twice its asking amount in funding, the game was originally supposed to release on the Nintendo eShop last year in December. However, the team decided to hold off until later. Now, it looks like we’ll be seeing this one in April.

The game is said to have 50 hours of play with more than 300 locations to visit. Despite the Wii U release, the game will be coming to a huge variety of platforms, including the defunct Sega Dreamcast, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Android. The developers are also looking at the possibility of a Nintendo 3DS release. So what makes the Wii U release special? Well, the developer says the second screen.

“On Wii U, we’re definitely putting the second screen to good use, a feature that will be exclusive of that platform — well, maybe not for long if we end up making it to the 3DS, but that’s for later. We planned a few functions for the second screen that will add to the gameplay; I’m sure the Wii U players will enjoy them. We’re hoping to release the game in April.”

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  • Gameonfool

    looks kinda cool, never played this before. i know it was a genisis game but it reminds me of the snes, probably cus of the 16bit rpg’s on the system.

  • Jhal Fullantes

    That new look made it look like it was done on a cheap RPG Maker, I prefer the 16-bit graphics more…

  • steveb944

    I hope those characters develop a ‘run’ skill. That’s some slow movement.

    I’ll be checking it out due to the good length.

    Correction: insta buy. Long story short this team is great.


  • Virus6

    I find it weird that they never show off anything related to the battle system. I just want to know if it’s more Final Fantasy or Crono Trigger or even if it’s an Action RPG.

    • Entropyguy

      That does have me a little concerned, I must admit.

    • Roadkill409

      I have owned this game since they launched it a few years ago. My opinion is its closer to Chrono Trigger. But it was also influenced by other RPG’s of the era such as the Sega CD’s Lunar series and the Phantasy Star Series. Pier Solar has been out for a while now, just check out the reviews. If this game was released during Sega’s prime, there is no question it would have been a huge hit. Even though the Genesis had good RPG’s, Pier Solar would have given Sega fans a great RPG game to point to that was on par with some of the SNES’ best. It even has Mode7 type graphics. The story behind the company, Watermelon, and people who made it is equally as good.
      But keep in mind that it is a game that was made for the Genesis and it has limitations. I am sure some of those will be ironed out for modern systems, but at its heart it is a 90’s RPG

  • Simon Stevens
    • Shota

      lol foxy arc

      • Simon Stevens

        ahhhhhh heh heh heh heh 😀

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    Day one. I’m disturbed by the fast moving arrow in the menu selection. That arrow must be epileptic or something.

  • I too am curious about the battle system, but something tells me it’s more Chrono Trigger battle style. The game looks very much Chrono Trigger-like to me, music also Chrono Trigger style 🙂 Most likely I’ll pick this game up.

    • The Clockwork Being

      My exact thoughts

  • tlopuse

    I didn’t paid $350 for my Wii U to play fucking 16 bit games. If I want to play 16 bit games, I connect my SNES and play. Indies stop making 16 bit games n start making real games, please!!!!!!

  • Enumerating Wishes

    I think the Wii U is lacking some JRPGs so despite it being an indie game I don’t mind adding it to a potential roster. Admittedly though that elf looks kind of strange xD

  • Daniel

    Wish they’d just redo the characters as well. The sharp background makes the pixel characters look worse. I’d just prefer to keep it on 16bit mode IMO.

    Glad their using the second screen though!