Apr 2nd, 2013


In an interview with Gamespot UK, Peter Moore gave a telling statement that wraps up his company’s opinion of the Wii U. Many fans had hoped with the departure of John Riccitiello as the CEO, the company could begin to mend fences with Nintendo and we’d see more EA games available on the console. However, recently Battlefield 4 was announced and it was flat-out confirmed that the title will not be available to Wii U owners.

In his interview concerning the demise of console gaming, Peter Moore states that he believes the industry isn’t in dire straights just yet. His statement says:

“The console business is still a core part of our business; it’s the majority of our business. The demise of console gaming is very premature as far as we’re concerned,” Moore said. “We still have thousands of people focused on developing current-generation Xbox 360 and PS3 games, as well as people focused now on the next generation when that finally arrives,”

The emphasis above is mine, as it illustrates that Peter Moore doesn’t consider the Wii U to be next-generation hardware and that they’ve currently got no manpower on developing games for the system. In fact, the last EA game we’ve seen made available for the Wii U is Need for Speed: Most Wanted U, which is a port of an already released title similar to what they gave us with the release of Mass Effect 3.

It looks like the rift between Nintendo and EA won’t be mending any time soon, so let’s hope third-party support from other publishers like Ubisoft continues to be strong.

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  • Jerry Garcia

    “John Riccitiello is so cool”
    –No one

  • Kylexile

    Upcoming? It has already been released. And Need For Speed wasn’t even a direct port. They made it separately for the Wii U.

  • nigeriangamer

    here we go again, downgrading the wiiU once again.i dont care if its next,last or this gen.just bring good games for goodness sakes sigh

  • audi lover

    what a smug twat, were better of with out games from a company like this, wont be buying EA on pc, 360, or ps3 either

  • Kylexile

    Oh and btw your analysis is terrible. Just because he made the statement he made does not mean that nothing is coming for the Wii U. This web site is unbelievable anymore. Great games just came out for the Wii U and you don’t even have reviews for them, instead its more doom and gloom. I am fine with some doom and gloom thrown in, but it seems that is all this web site posts anymore is trash.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more. The articles (in general) and analysis on this site seem to be getting more amateurish and poorly written with each passing day. But the so-called ‘doom and gloom’ articles actually bother me less than the generally poor writing, editing and conclusions drawn by the articles and analysis here on wiiudaily. Sorry to be a hater, but it’s something that has become glaringly obvious since I’ve become a regular around here.

    • Revolution5268

      well said i hate the new changes that wii u daily did since wii u launch. they went downhill from people writting BS for hits to the new commnent section which they still dont fix. WHY DONT YOU POST SOMETHING WORTH IT INSTEAD OF POSTING PACHTER CRAP AND APRIL FOOLS SHIT?

      • greengecko007

        Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not trying to tell you what to do or anything. It’s just a suggestion…

        But if you have been coming here for 4 months and haven’t liked it, and have noticed it going downhill, why do you keep coming back? If I don’t like a website, I don’t make a point to keep coming and letting them know how much I don’t like them. There are better ways to spend your time.

        • Revolution5268

          Its not this site that’s doing it, but most Nintendo sites, a lot of Nintendo fans keep requesting that don’t post pachter crap or articles that they know that will cause flame wars…. and that’s the other thing they ask not to start flame wars and they post articles in there sites that lead to that.

          I’m not against you greengecko007 I know what you mean but you got to understand that as Nintendo gamers we always get these BS articles.

          Its like for every 1 good news, we get 4 bad ones (counting 2 bad news, 1 pachter, 1 unnecessary.)

          • greengecko007

            Well, you were talking about how Wii U daily was going downhill. As far as other Nintendo websites posting the disappointing news for the Wii U, that’s because it’s relevant and IT MATTERS to Wii U owners.

            Let’s also not overreact. The disappointing news may get more comments on them, but there is definitely just as many positive articles as there are negative ones. On the same day as this negative article, we get good news about Duck Tales and the patch for The Runner 2. Thats a good to bad ratio of 2:1.

            Long story short, if negative articles bother you, don’t worry about them. The only doom and gloom that is on this site is from people imagining it. Wii U daily has a great balance and posts ALL news for the Wii U, both good and bad.

    • jcnba28

      They do it on purpose to get more web traffic.

      • Bob Brochee

        Exactly. Whether the quality of the articles are terrible or not, they get the heads though the door by falsifying the titles of their articles. Why do they do this, might you ask? They do this because they have to meet certain requirements when it comes to net traffic to qualify as a review site to get the free games and everything else. These people, even with shitty writing, editing and using mostly opinions instead of facts, are becoming rich off of advertising and freebies given out by developers and publishing companies. Joystiq and Destructoid are also guilty of doing this. They falsify their articles all of the time, that is why I deleted them out of my bookmarks and no longer frequent them. The generations have changed. Reporting the truth does not matter anymore. You make your own truth nowadays…

    • LucyHeartfillia

      This is why i go here nintendoenthusiast . Com

      • Tecpedz94

        Thanks i found my new place to check for Nintendo updates :p


        Wow thanks dude. That website is much better then WiiU Daily. So long WiiU Daily! Have fun continuing to post garbage people don’t wanna read!

      • bizzy gie

        There’s also nintendolife.com. They post articles much faster than articles here.

        • Veries Seals

          this one is good too thanks. i think i am about to be out of this site too

      • ps4ultimania

        dude… what a win

      • Veries Seals

        Wow! thanks, I like this site!

      • val berger

        thanks for the links, guys. I guess, I’m off then. This website is just full of fans who can’t think straight (which is actually not such a big deal on a webpage like this) haters who got no social life, so they bash stuff they don’t even know to start another little war and as you said very simple minded written articles. and the news aren’t even very up to date. bye, bye, wiiU daily.

    • Shit, that the state of the Wii U right now – doom and gloom. What else do you expect them to report on? If it were happy things, then they should be able to find such news on them.

      • Kylexile

        I already stated what I expect them to report on. Do some reviews for the games that just came out!

      • david jarman

        I think everyone is mad cause of the assumption that’s being made about ea’s feelings towards nintendo. Sales are up and that is good.

        • No, they get mad anytime someone does not hype up the Wii U or Nintendo. They (not Sony or MS people) hate on the comp and always bring up Wii sales (like that matters) or the PC when talking next-generation consoles. They do anything to divert attention from the facts. The Wii U has flopped.

          • Wiiu, 3ds, ds, and wii Nintendo is still making more money than any of their compiters in gaming shut up bro

          • If it’s not making money for me, I could care less.

          • NkoSekirei

            ur just as greedy as EA bitch its not alway about u getting money,Its about getting quaility games then bad ones

          • Then stop fucking posting on this site.

          • NkoSekirei

            if u love EA so much go get a room troll

          • You are trolling me you son of a bitch. If you claim that I am a troll, why do you keep following me and responding? Keep it moving.

          • david jarman

            Like you. That’s why you’re hating on us. Hating on nintendo. If we weren’t any competition then why are you on here? You never give anyone any good reason. It manages to capture your attention. You never leave this site.
            You know it would be one thing if they were going to your favorite site bring up the wii sale, but they’re not. You’re the one who keeps coming to this site.
            A wise fellow said insanity is someone who does the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

          • You confuse criticism for hate because I do not put positive spin (lies) on what I write. I come here for one prime reason – to see if Nintendo will have games that are about something for the Wii U which will change it around, or to get word on when it will be discontinued.

          • david jarman

            But the way you play it off it almost seem like hate. Saying wii u is shit or constantly attacking. You’re a little past criticism. No sir. You confuse hate for criticism.

          • The Wii U is lacking. They should have started off it’s debut with software that looked better (without having to examine) than the current systems. If what he have seen is it, then they will have even more problems.

          • david jarman

            You’re old just like me so you should now how all the console launches have been for the last decade. Wii u launch was decent compared to both Xbox and ps3.

          • Speak for yourself. I am old when I look it, need a cane and can’t whip any ass anymore! Shit, I don’t even have grey hairs yet.

          • david jarman

            You know what I mean. We’ve been around to see just about all launches. I was there for the nes launch.

          • david jarman

            So what would you do if I said Microsoft sucked and they mostly cater to first person shooters. You would get defensive and give me a list of why they are number one and all the none first person shooters that are triple A. You would also do the same thing if it were playstation. You’ve already showed some of that on here. You’d would defend it. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t being do the same had it been you on the receiving end.

          • No, I would not give a damn if you said MS sucked. I am not brand loyal and I am always opened to switching. As of now, the PS4 has my attention more than the next Xbox from what I have heard. If I had the PS4 and Nintendo haters were to hate (even more), I would not care because Nintendo would be a non-factor, so it would only be hate without basis except jealousy.

          • david jarman

            Everybody is to degree. Everybody! Everybody always lean or sways to the side that feels right for them. Yes we would be a factor. So don’t be arrogant.

      • Zorbo85

        EXACTLY!!!it is all doom and gloom at the moment for the wii u but lame nintendo slurpers are to blind to see this and think that this is all some sort of clever strategy by nintendo!!!

        • david jarman

          What are you his lap dog?

    • Laud

      Yeah, these writers have a thing for putting words in peoples mouths.

      I still believe EA will come around once the user base increases.

      There is a reason this company is voted worst you know.

      • greengecko007

        That made no sense. You think that EA will do something sensible like supporting the Wii U when it sells better, and back that up by saying they are the worst voted company?

        • I think he’s referring to the fact that EA has been bitter with Nintendo as of late.

          • greengecko007

            I know, but “There is a reason this company is voted worst you know” doesn’t make sense. Why include that? How does EA being a hated video game publishing company make them want to back the Wii U later?

          • Well because they make stupid decisions.

    • If you want to know about the author and her analysis of the commenters of other Nintendo sites, look no further than her Twitter account:

      “Sometimes I really hate the commenters on Nintendo-centric sites. It’s like it’s impossible for them not to get their jimmies rustled.”

      • Jess Purdy

        That is actually pretty true, though, haha. Spot-on analysis.

        • The same can be said with any audience on any site.

          • Jess Purdy

            Is it getting your jimmies rustled that she said this

          • Negative Ghostrider.

      • Hell, if she wrote that, then she is correct! Too many paid agents do nothing but lie, lie, lie and then after that – tell more lies.

    • wiiucompl

      EA opinion I interpret as follows:: “Sorry, but too much we invested in people and old technology that is on the market for several years (Xbox360/PS3.) We did not even learn how to create for the excellent Wii U to be ready for new titles. Surely we will be ready for other next-gens, but who knows, maybe even we wiil go back to the Wii U and it will be our priority. Meanwhile, we go on training to the headquarters of Ubisoft”

    • Nintedward

      Yeah. Wiiu daily – Please change the title , it’s absurd and Untrue. OF COURSE 10000000000 BILLION PERCENT EA will develop many more games for the Wiiu FFS. Maybe they won’t be the ones you want or expect .

      Criterion said ”The next need for speed games will arrive on Wiiu the same day as they do other consoles” That’s confirmation.
      You can pretty much guarantee that Wiiu will get Madden , Fifa and possibly tiger woods this year and maybe more stuff that we do not yet know about.

      It’s not absurd to suggest that they think the core madden users play on Ps3 and that they will develop a ”gamepadified” version for Wiiu .

      All in all , i like this site a lot , but in my opinion this title is unnaceptable. It shocked me and as far as i am concerned Wiiu daily , you owe me a new pair of underpants and a new coffee.

      EA don’t decide what generation of a console the Wiiu is. Nintendo and its fans do. Whilst wiiu is NOT a traditional power based Next gen console. It is a unique and innovative next gen console that some might label underpowered. They can label it what ever they want though as the Wii kicked ass and was innovative,unique and underpowered.

      • greengecko007

        “possibly tiger woods this year”

        EA confirmed that Tiger Woods isn’t coming to the Wii U this year. Sorry bud, but EA has no plans to actively back the Wii U.

    • I totally agree. This website was amazing back in the days before Wii U launch, so many cool things to read and nice news. Even the “bad news” were treated differently. Now it’s all doom and “blah blah Wii U will fail”, bad news and stuff… that’s sad.

    • Herbert Miller

      In no way does Peter Moore imply what this article is saying, Is there something wrong with you Ashley? Making false statements.

      You would think a supposed Wii U fan site would not do such things.

    • NkoSekirei

      peter moore is a douch along with EA

    • Untrentide

      Lego City and MH3U will take a while to review. Also, they are reviewing the latest news on the system. If people want to be gloomy then that is all they got to report. General population that doesn’t like the Wii U likes to speak up 😛

    • LopsidedPasta

      Then why are you here commenting? It’s like me using microphones to announce to people how much I hate microphones.

    • greengecko007

      Too be fair, it does say that the emphasis is his, and that this is HIS interpretation. Honestly, it is easy to believe that he doesn’t view the Wii U as current gen. The headline may have been misleading, but it is really that big of a deal? In MY opinion, Wii U daily is going downhill because of the raging internet lords in the comments section.

      Plently of great games? LOL like what? Lego City? That seems to be the only new game that isn’t a port of an older game, and it has a fine review on this site. Great games are coming to the Wii U, but they aren’t here yet.

    • Enigma

      Oh my. It’s a Wii U NEWS SITE.

      Get used to it. Their job is to post ALL Wii U news.

    • Gregory Edcius

      I said it before but what do you expect from a site that promotes ps4 on the mainpage

      The Playstation 4 was just announced… get the latest news from PS4Daily.com!

      Everyone should realize this is not a dedicated site they use the wii u daily to spread bad press and promote their ps4 site

      • Ben Kapferer

        [EDIT: I’m sorry for how harsh my comment sounded before this edit.]

        Aren’t you jumping to conclusions a little bit?

        • Gregory Edcius

          @Flamingoathere It’s no fanboyism i own every system i’m not some little kid.
          I don’t believe that people can write for multiple sites like this and are not biased and all those doom and gloom news proofs it there’s a lot of other news on other sites but they don’t put that here or way too late.
          @ben kapferer I don’t know what you wrote initially but im not jumping to conclusions i’m watching this for some time now and this site is 90% bad press and the other 10 is other news and watching other dedicated sites they have far better news bits it seems on purpose the way only bad news makes it way to this site

      • Flamingoathere

        Because the writers of a non-associated fan site should be dedicated to only one company? Smells like fanboyism.

    • SirDjss

      i must agree , i have stopped going to this site to read as mutch as i did before , becouse its too mutch “pick and choose storie lines here” .. im now a days reading my wii u stuff at the site mynintendonews(dot)com) becouse they usually are first with the stories and this site copy it and change a few words so it dont look so similiar .

  • Jojo the indian circus boy

    Ea can suck it!

  • darkstar18

    lol and they wonder why they are worst company of they year

  • John Andalora

    After the release of Dead Space 3, I officially stopped caring what EA does. They’re a boring company with little unique or special to offer.
    If they never release anything on Wii U, it’s no skin off my nose.

  • Ford Crews

    Stopped buying things from EA, Sony, and Microsoft long ago.

  • Wayne Beck

    At no point in time did he even once state that EA is not working on any Wii U games. You should not jump to conclusions. Yes, EA and Nintendo are not on good terms, but that doesn’t mean not saying Wii U means there is no Wii U.

    I know there is a much much lower standard for game journalists, but seriously?

    • Veries Seals

      Actually the author did say that EA isn’t making any more Wii U games. He or she chose the title and the title sets the tone for the article. The title should not have been that because in all honesty Peter Moore did not say that, which make this article untrue. It should have been more like “Is EA working on any more Wii U titles? I don’t think so!” That would have then made this article opinion. The author would have then prepped the reader for their opinion. As far as EA guys, lets give them a little time. Switching gears and all. I am sure will will see plenty of news from EA and Nintendo soon. You know thats why I believe Nintendo created Mii Verse, so the customer no longer had to communicate though sites such as this. We now give our own opinions and I own game news and tips to other players across the globe. I now have met people, through my Wii U from places I have never been or may never have the money or means to visit such as Canada, Australia, Europe, Italy, Mexico, Sweden, France and I think Russia. lol. Guys Listen to me. Do not listen to these tabloids! Yes we read them for any once of news and that is the truth. But the Wii U is a rich console with a RICH Manufacturer, with RICH resources. They have done a wonderful job with Wii U with improvements to come which can all be corrected through software updates just like any other console before it and like the new competition after it. The false articles, which I dont know where they came from, about the Wii U not having many games is an out right lie! There are about 50 as I have stated before and many of them got high scores from the major sites and customers if you read Mii Verse. Don’t doubt your self. Invest! Get a Wii U. I think you will be amazed at whats all ready out there. Everything for Wii U is not on store shelves guys. A lot id downloadable. You don’t even have to leave your house to buy tons of Wii U software now! Download and play your other games at the sometime. Even online. For free! There is no Playstation Plus paid for accounts, no xbox live subscription fees. Free online everything! And it runs pretty nice online as well. BUY IT PEOPLE!

  • SWES2012

    Ummmm…… He didnt flat out say their not developing and he said current gen consoles in that quote which is 360/ps3. Wii U is next gen. Desperate for hits much? And if they dont work on wiiu titles anymore, good riddance. Nintendo is better off without that black plague of the industry

  • fjonkan12

    Beeing a Wii U site, i must say im surprised by the amount of negativity towards the system that you choose to publish. Even now, when nothing is even mentioned about “not creating games for wiiu”, you choose to make that conclusion, rather than “still cloudy EA/Nintendo relationship.

  • Emanuele Gioffi

    The headline is so misleading… noob!

  • Mortalcon

    This is all of the 3rd parties biggest down fall, Doubt. Wii U sales have tripled in Europe, doubled in France and the UK, all because of two 3rd party games: Monster Hunter 3U and Lego City. They are extremely underestimating the potential of the profit they can make from joining Nintendo. Wii was the highest selling console of the tri war between Ps3 and 360 and it had the least amount of 3rd party support.

    Nintendo’s 1st party titles and creative innovation has proven time and time again that Nintendo is one of the most independent companies in gaming. They have been in the market and business of virtual consoles for over 30 years and quite honestly, people shouldn’t own a Nintendo system for 3rd party games, they should own a Nintendo system for the greatest titles of all time, which history has proven, are Nintendo 1st party games.

    I have no doubt in my mind that the Wii U is suffering from 3DS syndrome but like the 3DS, it will blow up and many consumers will dive nose first when it does.

    Underestimating your opponent will get you killed.

    Nintendo First Party series:
    All of the Mario, including Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, Mario Party, Paper Mario etc.
    Star Fox.
    Fire Emblem.
    The Last Story.
    Pandora’s Tower.
    Punch Out.
    Donkey Kong.
    Kid Icarus.
    Nintendo Land/Wii Sports etc.
    Xenoblade Chronicles.

    These are some I thought of, off the top of my head.

    • Cloud W Omega

      Lego City was a 2nd party game due to Nintendo publishing

    • Here we go again with the “Wii was the biggest selling console” BS!! First, they do not decide to make Wii U game based on Wii sales. Second, the Wii was a novelty item of old generation technology and the only ones who sold software was Nintendo. That system was a novelty item which means that it was used mainly for Wii Sports, Wii Fit and maybe another game or two, then done. Nintendo is going in the wrong direction and publishers don’t want to follow them.

      • Laud

        Nintendo providing a innovative system with good hardware and value?

        If they don’t want these things, we don’t want them.

        • No, Nintendo did not provide those things which is why developers AND consumers alike and staying away and waiting for the real deal – the leaders of modern gaming to bring forth their next-generation. Until then, GTA V is one hell of a transition!

          • Laud

            They didn’t?

            So then you must think the PS4 is doing great, they’re definitely hitting a home run with their innovative… touchpad in the center of their…. controller…. that has an accelerometer… and gyro… just like the WII U GAMEPAD?!!?

            Anyway, what you consider to be innovative matters not because fortunately, there is a definition.

            (of a product, idea, etc.) Featuring new methods; advanced and original.

            Omg, that’s what the Wii U is doing! Giving us a completely new way to play.

            By the way, there’s a reason why they call them the BIG 3. You need to quit underestimating Nintendo.

          • Wait for the public to cast their votes, not for junior publicist to try and lie their way into sales.

          • david jarman

            Aren’t you the one who stated the sales prove it??? If your statement was completely true then why did people keep buying if for so long???

          • The Rubik’s Cube (look it up) sold long after it was played out too. Some people jump on things late.

          • david jarman

            Yeah it was fun and still is.

          • So sega, capcom, namco, ubisoft, Activision, 505, atlus, suda 51, xseed, 2ksports, square enix, and wb don’t count as thrid party developers ? All of these companies are bringing games to the wiiu we get it you don’t like Nintendo its the same agruement with you all the time.

          • That’s a small amount and Capcom has always been with Nintendo so that is never a surprise. Namco is not what it used to be, same with Square. Sega needs to sell anything that it could. The bigger question is, after July, how many will still stay and can they gain any?

          • There are others dude. My question is why do you care so much many people enjoy the game console of their choice. The many people who post here enjoy the wiiu why are you arguing with people all the time about dumb shit. You always are alone on majority of your post no one here cares what you want to say. We are all just annoyed by it. Yes Nintendo eiiu isn’t the hotest selling thing on the market we get that. The company is never going to go 3rd party stop wishing for the failure of a great company its not going to happen. Stop annoying all of us with your shit. I’m a gamer I love all thing’s gaming honestly I do I love nintendo sony and Microsoft they all bring great things to the table as long as gamers are happy then we are the true winners of the console race ! (Sorry for grammar I’m on my phone typing this)

          • NkoSekirei

            continue to make ur self look like an @$$ dude ur getting the most downvotes on here for being a obnoxious troll

      • david jarman

        So making money is the wrong direction.

        • Jimmy D. Fugate

          Lol if making money is the wrong direction, then Sony is going in the “right” direction.

        • How are they making money when no one want to develop for a systems that is not moving?

          • david jarman

            We were talking about the wii. Wii u sales are picking up and will continue to. Just like the wii/des/so/dsxl/3ds/

          • You can’t say that sales will continue you to pick up, they may drop down to zero soon.

      • NkoSekirei

        how about no one cares about ur stupid opinion fking troll

  • Wiiudaily.com’s desperate trolling for website hits via inaccurate, inflammatory headlines is obnoxious. I had this site bookmarked since its inception, but am removing it now, and won’t be visting again. There are plenty of other sources for Wii U gaming news that have at least a sliver or journalistic integrity, unlike this site…

  • Nathaniel Lopez

    You guys can agree to disagree but it’s not about being negative it’s about posting what EA had to say about the Wii U. They didn’t exactly say that they weren’t going to support the Wii U but there’s a lot of context clues in this guy’s statement that should at least hint at the idea. Just because something may be negative doesn’t mean it isn’t worth hearing.

    • Shawn Spitler

      The issue is that the headline is misleading and inflammatory because most people never read beyond the headline.

      I’m all for receiving the information, but it should be done so with honesty and integrity.

      • Nathaniel Lopez

        Yeah, I know what you mean it is misleading. They should maybe add a question mark at the end of the article title.

  • CalebTheBoss

    He said he’s focusing on the masses. then when all next gen consoles are out at the same time then they will focus on next gen including the wii U.

  • goldenfirered136

    Lego city undercover isn’t a 3rd party game

  • Nintenjoe82

    I don’t see where he has said that EA is abandoning Wii U. They’ll not miss the opportunity to port Fifa and Madden once there are a few more Wii Us in the wild.

    EA give Nintendo much better support than most and get no credit, just whining fanboys complaining because Fifa 13 is Fifa 12 with a few new players.

    Go compare any EA games on Wii with equivalents in their genre. You’ll find that stuff like Tiger Woods, Grand Slam Tennis and even Godfather: Black Hand are excellently made games with great usage of the Wii’s unique controller. Even in the GC era, EA gave us decent games like the LotR games, Freedom Fighters and Medal of Honor.

    • Gregory Edcius

      yeah and it’s already announced that tiger woods wich sold the most on wii won’t be coming to wii u don’t defend EA they really suck and fifa13 used the fifa12 engine they just did a roster update in the meanwhile the old ps360 get’s a new engine?
      Fuck EA

  • Shawn Spitler

    Wiiudaily – please DELETE this post unless you have evidence Peter Moore does not believe the Wii U to be “next generation”.

    This is irresponsible journalism and damaging to the Wii U community as you are spreading gossip and misinformation with your headlines.

    • greengecko007

      Did you read it?

      “as well as people focused now on the next generation when that finally arrives”

      It’s pretty easy to interpret this is him not thinking the Wii U is next gen. It also clearly says that this is her own interpretation. It’s fine to disagree, but saying it’s irresponsible for a website mod to voice their opinion on their website is just ridiculous.

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    My hopes lie on Ubisoft, Capcom, Square Enix, and Warner Bros. Interactive.

    • thedeciderU

      i hope to see lots of good sguare enix titles on the wii u and am excited for the deus ex director’s cut. i hope capcom makes a variety of titles as well. ubisoft is already doing some great stuff and i look forward to watch dogs and rayman.

      • Jimmy D. Fugate

        I’m focusing on what is coming to Wii U (third party-wise) not what isn’t. As far as I can see we have a good selection for 2013: Injustice, RE Revelations, Project CARS, AC IV, Watch Dogs, Rayman Legends, Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut, & the load of first party & second party titles.

  • Let’s believe the words of the man responsible for killing Shenmue and the Dreamcast now, shall we?

  • AlienFanatic

    This site is clearly devoted to pumping their page hits by creating controversial stories with scant data and poor analysis. I’m done with this site, period. Nintendolife is far more balanced even if they don’t write the sensationalist stories that Wiiudaily does.

  • Zorlac79

    Even if EA does or doesn’t make another game for the Wii U will not affect me either way since I have vowed to never give them another penny of my money.

    They are a terrible company that completely lack and morals or values toward their customers. They have proven this time and time again and more so recently than ever before!

    I don’t say this in reference to not getting Wii U games, I focus this towards my Xbox, PS3, Wii U, Ipad and kindle.

    They have been ripping their consumers off with games filled with DRM, In app purchases and requirements that are absurd.

    Like with simcity: Lets force people to play a game online but not build a structure that can handle it. So since it can’t get online, you can’t play! So they had to give everyone that purchased it a free new game!

    Look at Battlefield and simpsons tapped out. Laden with in app purchases! spend over a hundred dollars just to be able to “fully” enjoy a mini android game?!?! But when their system accidentally wipes everything you had and bought, oops.

    And then they add so much DRM in their games that you have to jump through hoops just to get your games started.

    Oh, and how about their little battle with Nintendo. They wanted to run the whole Nintendo network on their CRAP origin network. Nintendo declined, so EA is throwing a tantrum. So now YOU the consumer suffer since they are giving you the finger while they are Nintendo. They will not support your purchases, that you spent your hard earned money on, with any more updates or DLC.

    Yeah, I have had enough from them and they will never see another dollar of mine. I am sure they don’t care either since there are plenty more where I came from. At least these are continuous circumstances that many others are getting tired of too.

  • Scott Duperree

    He definitely didn’t say they weren’t working on any more Wii U games. If you were to say he didn’t mention Wii U and then in the article suggest that that fact is troubling then that would be appropriate. But until you can source or quote him saying they aren’t working on any more Wii U games, you can’t say that he did.

  • Johny

    Exposed 😀
    EA not developing games for wii u is very likely to change in the future…but still 😛

  • Adam Fox

    personally, I say F*** EA…they are a garbage company and the crap that Activision floods the market with (Call of Duty crap), I wouldn’t care if Activision stopped making Wii U games too……we don’t need TONS of FPS games on it…look at how many FPS games that the Xbox360 and PS3 have on it….its like typing in “Fart” or “flashlight” on Google Play or AppStore

  • vampirr

    Mass Effect 3 din’t sold well on Wii U and they now fell so hurt because not many people bought it from what I know and they just ported NSF:Most Wanted(U) and no advertisement for it while its a lets say a definitive version since it has some high res textures on buildings… Wii U is fine, only the CPU is weak because of low clocks thanks to increasingly dumb Nintendo.

    • Comparing vastly different architectures and internal chips is not nearly as simple as just seeing which one has the higher clock speed.

      • vampirr

        hahahaha Wii U’s and Xbox 360’s CPU is similar…

        • david jarman

          Yeah but wii u’s gpgpu handles a lot of what the CPU use to do. It’s more of learning and understanding the architecture.

  • Cap9

    Maybe Wii U daily is working for the wrong team if you know what I mean…lol

    • Or maybe they are unbiased, unlike you posters – paid and random fans?

      • david jarman

        Says the man who is bias.

  • jcnba28

    Misleading title!

  • Cap9

    I wish people wouldn’t buy EA games on any console anymore. Me personally, I feel like boycotting all EA games. I believe EA is trying to kill Nintendo by starting a trend of “no support”. It’s really messed up cuz Nintendo is a legend. I know Nintendo will survive but man, it’s so messed up. I hope EA dies out. But I know all those xbox and ps3 fans will buy EA games…I like all consoles thou, it’s just messed up to see Nintendo constantly treated with indifference. Wii U is a next gen console, it’s focus is not just power but innovation. These game developers are so biased.

  • Adrian

    Ashley, you are cool. But I have to point out that I don’t enjoy misleading article headlines (Yahoo! does this all the time).
    There is a fine line between:
    “EA isn’t working on any more Wii U games.”
    “EA isn’t working on any upcoming titles for Wii U.”

  • Mortalcon

    When did the word “Generation” change in the dictionary?

    • routerbad

      When publishers want to attack Nintendo for not kowtowing to them.

  • Glen Bradford

    All you Nintendo gamers want is Mario branded games, all systems get very good games no matter what system you own, Xbox and PS as every type of game you can think of but most of them are not branded games they need to be search for.

    If you look at all 3 systems PS3, Xbox 360 and the wiiU the only thing that is really different is some of the games, Xbox and PS as 8 years worth of games, older games you have missed are just as good as any game coming out for these 3 systems, you don’t have to sit and wait for good games to come out because I can list 100s you have probably missed out on as you wait for branded games

    • Laud

      Yeah lets compare launch windows then.

      Wii U

      Go ahead, make me laugh.

      With every new console there are a lack of titles. These titles take time to make, it’s only been a few months.

      You’re right about us loving Nintendo IPs but that’s because we have high standards when it comes to games. You try playing Zelda or Mario all your life, watch what happens when someone hands you a mindless shooter, you’d chuck that shit in the garbage.

    • routerbad

      The Wii U also supports 8 years worth of games from the previous generation, and the gems on Wii were much better than pretty much anything released for either of the other consoles.

      • thedeciderU

        that’s opinion, and you know it. i own all three consoles, and the previous generation’s consoles as well and have enjoyed many games for all of them.

        • Glen Bradford

          Why can’t all systems be good and have good games? I chose a game system not a brand I just go for the system that seems to be working the hardest to bring the best games out and this changes over time so dose my choice of system that I buy, this dose not make the other systems bad, I just have to chose 1 system

          • thedeciderU

            that’s what i was trying to say – i must not have done a good job :/ i don’t care about brand. all systems have good games. i have had the wii u since launch day and the nintendo elitism on this site is kind of ridiculous, just like the ms and sony trolls. if the game is awesome, platform, hardware, etc. don’t matter. defending what you like is one thing, but you probably know the kind of posts i’m referring to haha.

        • routerbad

          The fact that the Wii U supports 8 years of Wii content is not opinion. That was the main focus of my reply because you stated that Wii U has a limited library of games while the previous generation systems have several years of games available to play. As far as Nintendo exclusives being better, yes it is an opinion, though one that is widely shared and shows in sales. I owned all systems last gen too. My console of choice was my 360, I got rid of the console because for the past couple of years anything that came out that I wanted to play was on PC as well, other than Halo4 of course.

          Also, we don’t just want Mario branded games, we want as many Nintendo games as we can play because they are always excellent thanks to Nintendo’s undying attention to detail and want for perfect game design. I enjoy exclusives for other consoles as well, though not as much. We also want third party games, and I can’t wait to see what developers come up with for the gamepad in future games. We don’t put as much focus on third party as Microsoft fans because Sony and Nintendo fans will always get good 1st party games and aren’t propped up as much by third parties as Microsoft.

          • thedeciderU

            you have responded to me partially and glen bradford partially/mostly. i stated that it is your opinion that the wii games were much better than games on other consoles. over the years, i’ve enjoyed the wii very much.

            there’s no tone in these stupid fucking messages, but i was pointing out that nintendo fans can find fun games on all systems because they are there. i don’t concern myself with sales. i am not a business man, and i’m not accusing you of being one, or of having an elitist tone, but when all people do is throw numbers around, who cares? i did not respond to offend anyone. you voiced your opinion (some of which was statement of fact – totally fine), and i voiced mine.


          • routerbad

            I can wholeheartedly agree, There are great games to play on every platform, people who own multiple platforms understand that. I try not to concern myself with sales, but I’ve been guilty of using them when it suits me. I don’t mean to come off as an elitist or anything, the statement about Nintendo exclusives was an opinion of mine, even though I still enjoy Halo very much, as well as Sony exclusives. There is lots of fun to be had, if people would stop worrying so much about which system had the most powerful and let developers make games for the strengths of each individual system. Games on all three next gen platforms will look amazing, just like games coming out now for last gen systems look amazing, if we’d stop focusing so much on which system happens to have the most FLOPS and look at the system and environment holistically, it would be a better way to decide which platform is best for you. All of the systems will have, for all intents and purposes, the exact same abilities overall, all are based on the same unified shader architecture, but there will be drawbacks and limitations on each one that will need to be addressed to create visually compelling games. I wish people would talk about the differences in gameplay that each platform offers, because that is an area where they differ wildly. I like the control options Nintendo is giving us, and I like the new PS4 controller and think there are some fun mechanics that can play out there as well. I’m also a big fan of Kinect, and can’t wait to see what happens on a system that was built with that control mechanic in mind. This generation won’t see too very much in the way of graphical enhancement over last gen overall but it will do the same things better, but the control mechanics might lead to some great innovation in game design that starts to move the industry forward again, and my opinion is that Nintendo is leading that charge. Since the Wii U was announced in 2011, we now have smartglass and will have Vita integration, which to me says that the idea has struck a nerve with the industry, that along with crisp motion controls and Microsoft’s Kinect will definitely bring some interesting stuff this gen, and I wish them all the best of luck, because we absolutely need all three of them to continue to foster innovation and progress in the industry.

          • sithWiiU

            Wow, after reading your reply, it’s obvious you’re a fool. It was clear WiithedeciderU was referring to your Wii has better games bit being opinion. Stop playing games, take more english classes. That was totally embarrassing for you.

          • routerbad

            Does it really? Of course it was opinion son, I said as much in the supposed “embarrassing” reply. “As far as Nintendo exclusives being better, yes it is an opinion, though one that is widely shared” did you really read my reply? I’m not playing any games, and as I pointed out, the opinion part of my original reply was ancillary to the main point. It certainly wasn’t embarrassing for me, though your concern is touching.

  • routerbad

    So I guess we can expect to see more support from Activision with something like this. COD will have zero competition on the Wii U if they hold pattern here, along with other EA titles that Acti has answers for.

  • Cerus98

    Hey guys, I’m trying to figure out if I need glasses or not because I can’t see where it says he said no Wii U games in the works. Not that I care since EA needs to just die but wow, talk about trolling. This entire site has turned into one big trollfest filled with misinformation, poor grammar and spelling along with plagiarism. Hop on over to PS4 Daily and its all sunshine and rainbows.

    • Mario

      Not me! Nintendo is everything to me! I have been a Nintendo fan in the past. And I always will be.

  • Chiwawa

    tisk tisk, EA. tisk tisk.

  • Twilord

    And then EA were plunged into eternal darkness by Nintendo sudden defeat of the other two consoles.

  • ludist210

    “In fact, the last EA game we’ve seen made available for the Wii U is Need for Speed: Most Wanted U, which is a port of an already released title similar to what they gave us with the release of Mass Effect 3.”

    Need for Speed: Most Wanted U was built from the PC version and is considered to be the superior console version. Don’t compare it to the 360 and PS3, as you inferred in your quote, because it’s not same graphically…not even close. Wii U kills it.

    Also, Moore’s quote doesn’t say they aren’t developing for the Wii U. He just didn’t include it in his statement, but that doesn’t mean they’re done. EA is a business, and he knows there is money to be made on the Wii U (just like there was for EA on the Wii). They’re figuring it out like other publishers/developers. It takes time, and support will come.

    I’m starting to wonder why I visit here anymore. It’s all doom and gloom (if only to generate hits) and most of your “articles” (if we can call them that) are late (like the Runner2 patch that went up today…about the same patch I’ve had since Friday of last week) or random speculation, which I can get from message boards.

  • Chiwawa

    EA is just one big troll. hell, if you look at the pic of peter moore, you see the resemblance of a troll. EA only supports microsoft and sony. they just piss off wii u owners with shit like this. those dicks wont be laughing when us wii u owners are enjoying a round of SSBU, or Zelda ww HD! and theres plenty more where that came from.

    • Chiwawa

      peter moore does look like a troll. seriously, does anyone else think so? really, just take a good look at him…

      • david jarman

        I thought he looked like a second rate Captain Piccard.

        • Chiwawa

          hmmm. seems legit.

          • david jarman

            Make it so number one!

  • ECM

    Wow, gunning for a job at Kotaku with that headline, eh?

    (This’ll be my last visit here–this site is a joke and now you’ve stooped to *making things up* to drive traffic…unbelievable.)

  • Edward Rhoderick

    They’re acting like Douches cause Nintendo turn them down for Origin on Wii U it was next gen enough for them to want Origin on there now that they can’t it’s not ?

  • redd214

    Wow, misleading title much?! Total clickbait…not a good look WiiDaily!!

  • Rafael Saldana

    With the 4th best selling game in the US Lego City and the badass Monster Hunter 3 ultimate, the wii U is beginning the process that the 3ds went through and the 3ds is the top selling gaming device in the world right now, the ps4 will probably sell a lot when they lower the price from like $500 down to $400 and then Sony will go even broker lol, they lost so much money with the Vita and now they’re going to lose even more when they actually lower the price on it haha

  • zajac1661

    Articles may be negative. But man… the comment section on the site has been terrible from the start as well. Kids arguing on top of each other. Trolls moving in, to stay on every article. No really constructive feedback on each other. The small ammount there is, is well… little in comparison to the bashing and slashing. Even hardware state is a battle topic so big, that it throws a bit shadow on the fact, that every comming console will run midrange hardware. And yes.. it is a fact that a big ammount of articles here, always goes around the quite obious fact by now, that EA avoid Nintendo.

    • Jimmy D. Fugate

      I agree this site is getting ridiculous. I come here to read news, not dumb remarks from trolls. Try nintendolife.com – much less trolling there.

      • zajac1661


  • The wiiu will miss out on medal of honor, battlefield, madden, fifa, need for speed, mass effect, dragon age, and mirriors edge 2. The inly games I Care about from them are mass effect and need for speed. But I can honestly live without them until I get my ps4 in 2015 so see yeah ea we don’t really care if you don’t want our money lol

  • Zorbo85

    LMFAO!!poor nintendo SLURPERS!!!Ubisoft screwed you over with rayman being delayed on now EA owns you again!!!BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    It is nintendo’s OWN fault to why heaps of 3rd party cannot be bothered with making games for it!!
    Zero marketing,Lame launch line up I mean seriously the big game was mario bros u?a total rip off of mario bros wii but with just HD graphics?WTF!!no new wii sports game bundled in, pathetic 350 bucks price tag, just a little bit better graphics than 6 year old ps3!!!
    All the above has made the wii u sell really bad and after the 3ds fail launch i really thought nintendo would have learned their lesson but with the wii u they have gone worse!!!
    All these problems point to one simple thing….the wii U was rushed just to try and get ahead start on the next gen…..EPIC mistake!!
    If 3rd party continue down this route then after the big nintendo games come the wii u will be finished!!!

    • Will Carpenter

      I really enjoy my wii u. Even though it doesn’t have many games.

      • Zorbo85

        You enjoy a console with no and rubbish games?

        • Jimmy D. Fugate

          Yes, because ACIII, Batman Arkham City, COD Black Ops II, Darksiders II, Epic Mickey 2, Mass Effect 3, NSMBU, Nintendo Land, Scribblenauts Unlimited, ZombiU, Madden ’13, Ninja Gaiden 3, Sonic Racing, Tekken, Lego City Undercover, NFSMWU, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Injustice, RE Revelations, ACIV, Sacrilegium, Smash Bros., Game & Wario, Bayonetta 2, The Wonderful 101, Watch Dogs, Wii Fit U, Wii U Party, Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, Wind Waker HD, Mario Kart, Project Cars, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Xenoblade, Yarn Yoshi, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem and Zelda U are all rubbish games…. stupid fuck.

        • me1034

          Sorry dude, I didn’t quite understand your statement. I THINK you were asking Will if he enjoyed his console with rubbish games and no games at the same time? That seems like a paradox but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. The simple fact Jr. is that the WiiU had one of the best (if not the best) launch of games in history – and I’ve been following the biz since launch of the NES. There was a great selection of AAA ports and original content as well. Besides, VERY SIMPLY, the reason Nintendo fans buy new Nintendo hardware is because of their 1st party games that neither MS or Sony nor any 3rd party in the industry can dream of making. Trying to argue to Nintendo fans that that WiiU has and will have garbage games is like convincing us that you have a higher IQ than the condom I just used last night.
          And to the author of this article – horrible reporting Ashly. You should be ashamed. Misquoting is probably the worst thing you can do in journalism, second only to knowingly paraphrasing to generate clicks… oh, wait! And if you think for a moment that EA will stop porting their flagship IP to WiiU, you haven’t been in the business long enough to know how it works. The WiiU is only 5 months old and is far from dead. It is a focus of Nintendo’s right now and the ship will get corrected. They may not be number 1 or 2 this generation but they will be relevant and worth the significantly cheaper expense of porting. (EA will likely outsource it for cheap) Sales are sales and if they can port a title cheaply to a platform to eek out a few more dollars they will. Honestly, when will the gaming media actually employ people who know how it works!?

    • Darkscarab

      and how much will the ps4 and next box be? $200? i doubt it wii u is a great piece of hardware that brings something new sure the price is a bit steep but thats still a decent price for a console.

      • Zorbo85

        LMFAO!!no you tool sony has said that they will NEVER make the same mistake they did when they stupidly priced the ps3 at 600 bucks at launch and then wonder why no one bought it for 2 years!!
        They have said in order to get a great start the price of the ps4 must be just right,not way to high this time!!!

        • Darkscarab

          will still be more expensive than wii u

          • Zorbo85

            LOL the ps4 is 10 times more powerful than the ps3 so kinda obvious it will be a little more than wii u!!!

          • Cadrion

            That’s it? Only 10 times….I remember when they said the ps3 would be fully backward compatible too…. 😉

          • Gregory Edcius

            they’ll never make the same mistake again but you price vita at $300 seems they didn’t learn shit you tool

  • Cadrion

    I gotta admit…I read this a bit earlier and saw people rippin the author….I dismissed it…now that I had the time to see the full article…where the fuck does it indicate anything about wii U?! That’s a pretty far reach to infer that based on being able to imply EA doesn’t consider Wii U next gen. Then I read a fellow poster say something about Nintendo Enthusiast….thanks for that mention….I’m enjoying that site now.

    • Zorbo85

      LOL the wii u is not NEXT GEN!!!it has a LITTLE bit better graphics than the 6 year old ps3!!!
      The ps4 will be 10 times more powerful than the ps3 so again please tell me how the wii u is next gen when put next to the ps4 or new xbox it pales in comparison!!!?

      • Cadrion

        Man…of all the things you could be doing right now, you chose to troll on this site? I think you could use something more than a video game system to help you in life. You could learn a thing or two from Mario or Link.

        • Zorbo85

          Aww just as I am stating FACTS you are crying!!!
          I have a question for you u slurper why would 3rd parties want to take risks with the wii u which such a SMALL fan base when they can make games for ps3 and xbox with fan base of over 150 million and no from past experiance that big games always sell on those systems?
          Developers have to make money if they feel that the wii u has done way less than expected and want to delay a game and also bring it it out on rival consoles to give it a better chance of selling they can plain and simple!!!
          If nintendo had not screwed up so badly rushing the wii u it could have launched this holiday with a free game of a new wii sports,been priced at 250 bucks and launched with pikmin 3 like it was supposed to and nintendo would not be in this mess!!!

          • me1034

            The WiiU has a small user base because… ummm… It’s only 5 months old??? Using your logic, no one would make games for new consoles. And launching Pikmin wouldn’t have saved WiiU. And how in the hell would not “rushing” the WiiU result in a $100 dollar price difference? That’s pretty myopic and simplistic thinking. Sounds like something that would come from a 13 year old. The WiiU has it’s challenges but no more than other hardware manufacturers have had previously. they’ll work it out. Nintendo has been in the hardware business close to 30 years… They’ll right the ship – like they did with 3DS. And where is Sony’s Vita compared to 3DS now?

          • JBeauregard

            You know what you’re talking about! You’re 100% right!

          • me1034

            Thanks Josh!

          • Cadrion

            I totally disagree…the Wii U should have been free, had a selection of endless games (200+ on release), should have been 400times more powerful. Here’s something to ponder: If any of these systems are “next gen” why I have been playing BF4 graphics since BF3 came out? Also, if PS4 is so powerful, why does it have a less than top of the line gpu? My point is that there’s always the bigger dick somewhere…I wonder how many of those “150 million” are being used just as bluray players 😉 Think about how the original wii (which you probably ripped on too) has sold over 2/3 of that 150 million? See, real gamers understand that power is important, but game play is EVERYTHING. I’m sure the next xbox and playstation will be powerful, but fact is I don’t care. I’m happy with my Wii U…I love that they’ve inspired the industry again… and to top it off, let’s give a little respect to the company that invented the gamepad…the analog sticks…motion control…ir pointer tech… Sony has not invented shit….and while Microsoft has mostly mimicked the success of others, I take my hat off to them for the Kinect…PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale- wow Smash Bros reskinned. Anyway, I hope you end up happy with whatever system you buy.

          • Zorbo85


          • JBeauregard

            I see your point (Nintendo messed up HARD with the release), but new consoles have no fan base, right? lol I mean, that’s the point. No one has one until it’s released haha The majority of people are preferring Xbox and PS3 right now over WIi U simply because of the game libraries available for each console. This argument isn’t valid. Games sell consoles, not just hardware and power.

      • JBeauregard

        Next gen doesn’t have to be machine’s that offer the same hardware specs. Everyone thinks that the PS4 and Nextbox are going to be these powerhouses, yet at least the PS4 won’t be as powerful as my 2 year old mid-line PC with its original video card lol (Nextbox has no specs, yet). Innovation in gameplay could be considered next gen, and that’s some of what the Wii U is offering – and that’s not a bad thing, imo.. In fact, the PS4 and Nextbox aren’t even all that concerned about advancing gameplay. They simply want to be a larger part of our living rooms by offering us social media, general media, and computing options. I think we’re all going to be somewhat suprised at all of those that plunked down 450 bucks for something that will offer a fraction of a percentage difference in visual appeal. Because lets face it, current gen consoles aren’t even close to using their current capabilities with the games that are being made. And BTW, these are FACTS lol

  • Zorbo85

    Poor nintendo again got really cocky using the sucess of the wii to price their next console stupidly high then think every nintendo slurper will go out and buy it even if it has epic lame games for it!!!
    They made the same mistake with the 3ds,just as the ds sold an amazing 150 million again they price it way to high then cry when no one buys it until the price drop!!
    The exact same thing has happened to the wii u,priced way to high mediocre games for 4 months, zero marketing!!!

    • JBeauregard

      I agree about the games being mediocre, and having a nearly non-existent library to choose from; however, I don’t think Nintendo’s pricing is an issue at all. If you want a PS3 or 360, expect to spend around between $260 to $300+ after you factor in an HDMI cable. Nintendo’s pricing is actually pretty decent, but that’s purely my opinion. The game pad’s are wicked expensive to make, considering that it’s simply a peripheral. Couple that with the actual console, and you aren’t paying all that much for a decent machine. I will say that the price is VERY tough to swallow, though, when there isn’t much for games to choose from, though. However, as of recent, thank goodness that MH3U and LCU have come out!! 🙂

  • Zorbo85

    LOL at you nintendo SLURPERS bashing the guy who wrote this article!!
    This guy has said numerious times that he is pi..d off with nintendo’s lack of marketing with the wii u,the 3rd party all turning their backs already,pikmin being delayed and no decent games for 4 months!!!
    A gamer can be annoyed that the company his console is from is doing NOTHING to stop the wii from being so terrible at the moment.
    Have you thought the reason why he is writing these articles is that after what ubisoft did to nintendo when rayman for wii u was FINSIHED they see the low sales and decide to delay it for 7 months and bring it to other consoles that this guy is PROBABLY correct that EA will not make games in the future for the wii u after alot of 3rd partys are already turning their backs?

  • Squid

    Is Patcher working for EA?

  • Petri

    The “quality” of recent EA games makes this feel like… meh.

  • I have to agree with several people here, this time you dropped the ball Ashley, but I’ll forgive you as most of your articles are some of the best on the site as of late, just not this time. They state nowhere that they won’t make any games anymore for wiiu, their main focus lies on current gen, not on next gen yet a few titles are in the work for ps4/720. I won’t be to surprised though if we won’t see any games from EA on WiiU for the remainder of this year…

    To follow the other mainstream half: Screw EA 😛

  • He does not say this anywhere . You my friend should be fired from this site for your flat out LIES. Show me where he says EA is not working on any wiiu games ….. Link to your source !!

  • me1034

    VERY poor journalism WiiU Daily. Exclusion of WiiU in his quote does not confirm the fact that “EA isn’t working on any more Wii U games”. It may be an indicator and historically, what he has had to say about nintendo may be an indicator. But he did not say they are not making games for Nintendo. He probably did not include them as making original content or unique content to take advantage of the WiiU’s features. In fact, it would be suicide for them to not at least continue porting to Wii U. As journalist, you just committed the biggest sin you could make. And you’ll be eating crow when the next Madden “port” (or any other popular franchise) hits the Wii U.

  • TheImaj

    You can do better than this Ashley.

  • $41809923

    how sad we do not like ea wii u need some games whats wrong with you people do you want to make money from the wii u?

  • DragonSilths

    Xbox 360 and PS3 ARE LAST GEN. THEY ARE NOT CURRENT GEN ANYMORE. Wii U has started the 8th Gen. Wii U is now currently the only CURRENT GEN SYSTEM.

  • Ray01x


  • Ray01x

    U guys should go to Playeressence. com

  • ps4ultimania

    i saw the emphasis statement knew it was her scrolled up and it was u need to get your facts straight this is clearly just an angered opinion of yours no where did the quote say WiiU was not next gen

  • JBeauregard

    So, you created a headline that would get clicks and viewers based on an ‘ASS’umption of what someone said. Horrible “reporting.” While it certainly may be true, he never said as such, and you shouldn’t mislead people.

  • Joey Perez

    horrible read.. does not mention or even give the slightest acknowledgment of him being a non wii u developer it simply reads current gen and doesnt even mention next gen. so for you to say this even has anything to do with wii u would make you a retard with poor retention skills.

  • Robknoxious1

    After looking at EA’s site I don’t feel that deprived, really. I’m more interested in the games coming from Ubisoft than EA. If they want to ignore my favorite console then I’m going to ignore their games – even ones I could play on the 360 (the first and last Microsoft console I’ll own).

  • brian murphy

    LOL the guy never said they will not be working in any more wii u games god this site makes to much shit up in its head lines to get you to read there bogus shit im pretty sure EA will make games for the wii U in the future but right now there busy with other games when EA feels like there are enough Wii U owners and a large enough demand for games they will spend the extra man hours to port them over this Ashley King needs bitch slapped for starting bad rumors just like the rest of thes guys that give the wii U bad press on made up bullshit

  • Mario

    Oh come on! Seriously!? I know you’re in a bit of a conflict with Nintendo. But seriously!? That does’t mean you have to stop making games for Nintendo! Why can’t you see that the WiiU has potential? I played the console’s games already and I think it has the potential to rival the PS4 and Xbox 720. Have you even tried playing with the console for once!? This is just plain dumb…

    • Mario

      And I don’t want any trolls commenting on this post! All right?

      • Mario

        No, that does not mean you can’t correct me. It just means I want good honest answer without insults and disrespect.

  • While the lack of mentioning Nintendo in his statements implies that EA is not working on any more games for the Wii U it doesn’t actually state that. A true journalist would have reached out to Peter Moore and/or EA for a statement clarification.

    • Mark Thom


  • Mark Thom

    LOL EA

  • olajuwon_patterson

    yeah nintendoenthusiast.com is legit and they have wii u fan petitions on there. so if there is a game you like and want it on the wii u thats the site to go to

  • olajuwon_patterson

    yeah nintendoenthusiast.com is legit and they have wiiu fan petitions on there. so if you want a game to come to wiiu then thats that site to be

  • Alienfish

    I didn’t see any part of that quote that says they aren’t working on WiiU titles. This article is just poor. Shut up.

  • Joey Perez

    this guy is an idiot.. no direct quotes and a complete mis guided piece of fake info.. the new ceo never says anything about wii u and it not being next gen.. lies… lies… lets ditch this site for a truthful site….

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Funny I didn’t see anything about him saying EA has no more plans for Wii U. Please stop jumping to conclusions

  • Goodnight E.A. LOL. Not that I’ve Actually Loved A Ninty
    Console since the N64. Never played the Wii also. Tired of those Bollocks-come-yank “Video games”. Perverse sick Violent Shooting and Racing Games. If Nintendo Get The upper hand in the next 5 years i hope your sad excuse for an Artist Studio comes undone. x

  • blackrabbit1

    e a games are only good for pirating on 360. nintendo is the only company i support. cant support microsoft or sony when they charge me to fix a new systemthat breaks. nintendo gets my money because they try to keep prices fair. microsony only get torrented from. they dont care about customers. and 500$ is to much for a system sony. stay in red with your expensive but cheap components and t.v.s.

    • sithWiiU

      You’re a tool. Nintendo doesn’t care about its customers too. Shut up dude, you’re making yourself like like a total dunce.

  • blackrabbit1

    cept criterion because they delevered with nfs wii u so i bought it.

  • Jerry


  • gg hh

    This article is the worst thing I’ve ever read! I think it gave me cancer. Stop the hate on Wii u especially on a site for its fans. Done with this site for good.

  • gg hh


    Go there way better site

    • me1034

      Thanks dude! WiiU Daily is now removed from my favorites bar with this in its place!

  • UnusualUsually

    Whoever wrote this article is a f-ing moron

  • Ashley King, I think you made a very inaccurate assumption here. Until a publisher comes flat out and says, “We do not plan to make any games for the Wii U,” then you shouldn’t make an article that says such.

    Furthermore, the part you placed emphasis on doesn’t necessarily exclude the Wii U. Right now, the current generation of games is the PS360, because they are selling the most games right now. The next generation technically does not start until the PS4 and 720 come out, and since they are not out yet, we are still in the current generation including only PS360. Since Wii U is the next generation, it was grouped together with PS4 and 720 as the stated next generation.

    And as somebody else has said, I’m kinda tired of the doom and gloom stuff. And it does not seem like you guys are listening to us, because you keep forking it out. That’s not what we want, especially when it is false and biased like this article was. Why don’t you guys catch up on the reviews of the fifty or so games that you have missed since launch instead?

  • Luke Wilson

    This is whats wrong with the articles on this site… no where in that quote does it say, “the company is not working on any upcoming Wii U titles”.

  • Quicksilver88

    Talk about reading too much into something someone says…..look EA is a publisher. They don’t own all the dev teams they work with though they do own certain IPs or properties……Tiger did very well on Wii and despite the SD visuals many real golfers i know played it because of wiimote and wii motion plus. They would be fools not to do a HD wii-u version that uses wiimote for swings and gamepad for course layouts and scoring. Golfers would buy Wii-U to play this. With some effort a truly great madden could be done with full play designer on gamepad and real audio audibles like kinnect uses with gamepad mic. I personally love RPGs and would love to see dragon age on Wii-u where I van switch play to gamepad when i have to give up the tv. NBA2k13 was great on wii-u for this reason. Look when Wii-U is about 18 months old and has over 10 million units and then current gen is fading and microsoft and sony are at less than 5 mil each EA will likely change its tune. Also this sites doom and gloom is wearing thin. New announcements are being made daily and lots of eshop and other support is coming. This month we got 3 good titles with NFS, MH3, and Lego….the team doing Dues Ex his very optimistic and saying Wii-u version will be better than PC and consoles…Pikman right around the corner and I think E3 will hold some pleasant surprises…..I for one am stoked for FE x SMT two of my fav series converge…..i bet we see more of next xeno game and many other things. All will be well so chill.

    • Elem187

      The PC version of Deus Ex will still look better, but the Wii U will get the boss fight fixes. But at least the Wii U will get full native 720p and AA where the PS3 and 360 were rendered in sub HD resolutions and zero aliasing.

      • sithWiiU

        The game was released two years ago. You Nintendrones really grasp at straws.

      • Quicksilver88

        Exactly and the devs seem really excited by the possibilities for the gamepad. I don’t think the fact the game is two years old should scare anyone off if it is a good game….a lot of x360 games didnt make it to ps3 for almost two years!

    • sithWiiU

      Well yeah, of course Deus Ex will be better, it’s a two year game!

  • Mizzah Tee

    This article should have been posted on April 1st cause it’s a complete joke. I PITY YOU FOOS!

  • Orange Lada

    No problem Peter – you may notice that some (myself included) are refusing to deal with EA too.

    Lets see what hurts more …. EA bleeding more revenue, or me missing a few games? I have enough content without worrying about EA. Bye!

    • sithWiiU

      Yeah, they don’t care. They make the majority of their money from PCm MS, Sony customers anyways.

  • My microtrabsactions backbone!

  • Leon Tizzano

    Peter Moore= dumbass

  • EA is a #ucking disgrace to the gaming culture! Every team working for EA should resign -right now- and form a new company. You can do it! EA go to #ell and stay there.

  • Erik Nadotti

    C’mon Peter, unce you destroyed Sega now it’s EA Turn…I don’t give a Sh.. on what you think.

  • bizzy gie

    Wait, so EVERYBODY is really focusing on the next Xbox and PS4 yet those consoles have an install base of zero. The Wii U, which has an install base of over 3 million, is getting overlooked by developers everywhere with little attention. That’s seriously not fair on ANY level.

    • sithWiiU

      Blame Nintendo for alienating 3rd parties since the N64.

      • bizzy gie

        Don’t be a moron.

        • sithWiiU

          It’s truth though. How am I being a moron for stating truth?

          • bizzy gie

            They couldn’t support 3rd parties because of limited hardware last generation. That’s it. Nintendo and developers wanted 3rd parties on the Wii.

  • Elem187

    Wont be missed…. EA games are 99% dudebro games. If I really want to play an EA game, I have a PC that will crap on the PS4 from great heights (It isn’t hard to do, being that sony decided to go with a slow tablet CPU and a laptop GPU)

    Although it would be a shame if Criterion were barred from making any new Wii U ports in the future, as they did a stellar job on NFS:MWU

  • Benjamin Knotts

    Ubisoft makes way better games anyway. EA is just arrogant.
    Dead space 3 was lame.

    • sithWiiU

      As was Swyward Sword. Overrated to the max!

  • Yes they will. EA goes wherever the wind blows. Reports out of Japan and Europe suggest that Wii u sales are picking up a bit. If it continues you can rest assured that a money grubbing entity like EA WILL be back…

  • Paladinrja

    Media trolls now… games reporting has gone to shit. I think I’m obliged to say that in regards to WiiUdaily it needs to be shut down.

    • JBeauregard

      I come here for the BS entertainment value. This site is definitely not where we should go to get any sort of quality news/reporting for the Wii U.

  • InterTreble

    Provided that ME3 and NFS are great ports, maybe late, but the greatest of all Wii U ports so far, Nintendo will be safe and sound without EA, but EA will lose this: $
    Shame on them! Will they learn from Ubisoft how to be a grat publisher, rather than a continuous fail…

  • Cerus98

    Go check out their sister site, PS4 Daily. No mention of the Unreal 4 comparison DF did. Just Epics high praise of the PS4. Where are the editorials criticizing the PS4? Only doing them here shows a huge bias against Nintendo.

  • Fuzunga

    It’s all good. They’re not working on any games I want to play anyway.

  • Johny
  • PlanesAreABless

    How this is surprising… Wii U is so doomed like a dreamcast.

  • Chris Aita

    just to be clear, Wii U IS next generation. Just because it may not be capable than the other two consoles means nothing. Because it is in fact more powerful than any game console on the current generation market and a successor to a console means it is. I’m amazed that EA can’t get their head out of their ass and just admit it.

  • Teem Four Tress Too

    3 words. F you EA

  • disqus_zCeT6xXRDm

    Title of this article should be changed. But to Moore, I could care less, if they do make, or dont make any titles for wii u. Wont get one dime from me. This company is greed, and its sad the studios vibe by them.

  • Miguel Garcia

    Does this mean FIFA 14 is not coming to Wii U?

  • CuriousManiac

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who doesn’t give a crap about this?

    When was the last time I played an ea game that I really liked? that would probably be the 1996 game firefight. All the sports games and things I can think of the top of my head were ether just average, or terrible. EA games for me are the ones you give them a try, play them for two weeks, then you trade them in for something better. They aren’t always bad, but they are usually mediocre at best.

    It may be something to do with the company itself, and I think alot of people wouldn’t disagree with that. Its just what happens when a company is more interested in making money then they are about making unique fun, and interesting game experiences. Which is definitely a reason I always vouch for Nintendo, since they are almost the opposite of that.

    If EA doesn’t want to make Wii U games at least for the moment, its not a big loss to gamers, but it is still a sign that Nintendo need to stop fumbling around and get more people and content on board with the Wii U. The Wii U is a great machine, but what it really needs is interesting… strange and inventive games and indie developers who see the Wii as a opportunity to make something different and Unique.

    So since EA is certainly not like that, I say….. meh.

    • sithWiiU

      That’s your opinion. EA also publishes for nfs and Mass Effect. Just because you dont like their games dosent mean anyone else does.

      • CuriousManiac

        Point taken. I’m sure people get enjoyment out of some of the games, but they never seem to wow me. They seem ‘safe’. I never got to play Mass effect, but I can’t deny that was a good game. I just hope they can actually get someone in the company to make better decisions and set the bar a bit higher.

  • Garydean Bell

    I think the problem with third parties on the Wii U is that they assume Nintendo fans are completely different gamers than what the devs are use to making games for. A big assumption they make is because it’s not made by Nintendo it won’t sell well. Yes I got a Wii U for Nintendo games. But I will buy any third party game because all I have is the Wii U.