Apr 2nd, 2014


April Fool’s Day has exploded on the internet, with everyone going beyond simple jokes and pranks. Yesterday’s tweets from the Frostbite account were no different, were the Wii U was mockingly made fun of in terms of its capabilities and the Frostbite engine. Apparently Peter Moore felt the need to apologize for the tweets, which he did on his personal Twitter account. He issued an apology both to Nintendo of America and its fans, calling the tweets unacceptable and stupid.

It’s nice to see an apology from EA top brass, but it still stings when the person apologizing is the same person who announced that games would no longer be coming to the Wii U despite an “unprecedented partnership.”

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  • Razo_E


  • Jon

    lol, I am surprised they still bother to make these. They should know that no one believes their “apologies” If they really cared, they would have fired the people who were in charge of their twitter the first time that something like this happened but it just keeps happening and they just keep apologizing. it’s like the boy of cried wolf. lol. one of these days, their lies are going to bite them in the ass.

    • Its like a bully, apologizing to the teacher. everybody knows hes going to beat the living crap out of his victim again.

  • Lusunup

    Ugh! such two-faces! sure they apologize be again one can never always mean it, and peter moore is one of them.

  • CEObrainz

    I don’t see the point in apologizing, it was April 1st…it’s just a joke….

    • gtosheex

      Yeah but it was at Nintendo’s expense. If someone called me ugly and then said just kidding i’d still feel that targeting me in the first place with something negative is kind of messed up.

      • CEObrainz

        I see what you mean, but as I posted above it’s a thing that just seems to happen nowadays.

        • Freddy Velásquez

          The fact that it may have become the norm does not make it right. This industry owes a lot to Nintendo, so they should be treated with respect, just like any other game-developing country. The fact that EA is managed by assholes does not justify anything…

          • CEObrainz

            Very true, Nintendo is still a big player in this industry and will continue for quite a while. It’s unfortunate that EA still makes one or two games that I enjoy playing otherwise I’d write off the company completely, but as that’s not the case…*shrugs*….

          • Freddy Velásquez

            I´m also to blame there (I bought Mass Effect 3 for the Wii U). It´s a shame that their big mouths speak louder tan most of the games they publish. And LOL, I just notice I wrote “country” instead of “company” in my previous comment.

          • CEObrainz

            I though ME3 was a total rip-off considering what the other consoles were getting at that time. Also a game-developing country sounds like an idea that would bring about the most expansive game of all time….hehehe…..

          • Freddy Velásquez

            I know it was a rip-off, but I get my hands on what I can get… I don´t own non-Nintendo consoles, so I do try to support 3rd parties whenever they release something good on a Nintendo console. So far I haven´t lamented one bit about owning a Wii-U, but that´s probably because I still have tons of Wii games and DS games I haven´t played yet…

          • CEObrainz

            I see. The last console I bought that wasn’t Nintendo was my PSP (because of Monster Hunter) and that hardly gets any use from me anymore. My next move seems to be a gaming PC so whilst the PS4 and XBone are pretty options…I’ll be going one up on that…


      Because it’s unprofessional for someone who works at a company to post something negative about another regardless if it was a joke or not.It makes the whole company look unprofessional. It was a very passive aggressive tweet. Not too far off on what happened a few months ago. This is how people loose their jobs behind “It’s a joke” mentality. There is a time and place for jokes and humor but never in the work place and especially at the expense of one of your business partners because there the risk of offending someone and your assed out of a job.

      • CEObrainz

        I understand that with the current situation between Nintendo and EA it was a tad bit aggressive, but the game industry has come along to the point where it’s almost the norm to ridicule each other, especially Nintendo in that manner. Not that I agree with it all, but it shouldn’t be taken word for word….

      • Rinslowe


    • Because they act like nintendos console is bad, when in reality they just suck at developing for it.

      • CEObrainz

        That’s the ironic thing, we already know that the Wii U can run Crysis 3 (something often used to Benchmark PC’s), so whenever EA mentions something about the Wii U you know never to take it too seriously.

    • BIG Franky

      I totally agree…. but sadly the ninty fanboys are PUSSIES.

      • Adrian

        What URFT said. In the professional world you should never insult or poke fun at a company you ever plan to do business with.

        • AWwriter

          Or any other company, at all – because it just makes you look unprofessional and like a jerk. EA has about as much class as a roach motel a week after several “guests” walked in.

      • AWwriter

        Just like the ones that have to put BIG in their name (which usually means – you’re not) and come to Nintendo sites just to troll.

      • Gam

        You are a disgrace to American people everywhere! This is why the world stereotypically looks at us as if we are arrogant, steroid-inducing snobs and are worse than the French’s attitude.

        Every fanboy who is absolutely stubborn is a pussy in general. But they aren’t what they eat because they are also dicks.

  • disqus_Dk6KM2972y

    I think they have alot of making up to do for the wii U fans.

    • Petri

      How can they make up anything for Wii U fans, when they cant make up for their own fans.

  • Thomas Fitzgibbon

    You would think the developers of EA were literally children and Peter Moore is their surrogate father apologising for their childish antics.


      He’s needs parenting classes then….

    • Squid

      Moore called the wii u crap.

  • Xero Azure

    Good…. Good lol

  • Capt. Smoker

    I feel sorry for em when they get told off behind closed doors….

    • Rick van der Linde

      That’s a long time ago, epic battles.

    • RecheDiazrivarola

      shirohige, sakazuki.
      i want one piece unlimited world r for wiiu.

  • Honestly, I’m not suprised, but seriously, EA should go to juvy.

  • starwars360

    EA will have this Golden Poo award again by next year for Worst Company in America. Oh dear, EA ruined many things for reasons. Blamed themselves for bought bugged BF 4, ruined many of their Franchises, too much yearly Franchises released, some broken games, many medicore games, always bought many games with DLCs and more.

    Now hurting Nintendo. EA is butthurts.

    • Blue Hernandez

      It..its so beautiful…

      • Nothing5555

        Before I scrolled down to see the whole picture, I thought it was the top of a frosty cone from Wendy’s.

        • Marcus Larsson

          It was

  • Ryan F

    I understand all the hate for EA. But, lighten up people. Eventually, EA will re-up their support for Nintendo. It may not be the same as you’d get on PS or Xbox, but you’ll get it and I’ll think it’ll be something worth being happy for. There are some jerks within the company, but I give the majority of the company the benefit of the doubt.

    • That guy who hates Spike

      They don’t see benefit in it. Simple as that. Neither do alot of developers. If they don’t see them making money in that opportunity, respect their wishes. Why would a company make something that have such a small chance reaching profit?

    • Dark Lord Sauron

      fk no all EA wants is to force origin down our throats and take full control of miiverse and start charging us for stuff we dont want.If i had the smiley icons from xat chat i would choose the face giving the double birds for Ea

  • Kirbyomega

    Why didn’t Nintendo have one last year like the super Wii u 🙁

    • Shaise

      I don’t think Nintendo made that prank. Someone just took a Nintendo direct episode and edited it, with subtitles.

      • That guy who hates Spike

        Nintendo was responsible for the one about Pokemon related subjects can be majored in university though.

  • Ducked

    I think EA will support the Wii U again, maybe later this year if sales build up.

  • Chris

    Everyone buy the new Oddworld new ‘n tasty then email EA to let them know we bought the game, becausethis is how we show our support to a real company and will not be buying another EA game.

    • Capt. Smoker

      That’s pointless, I never saw a reason to buy a game that doesn’t interest me, especially to support devs…. when your a dev you gamble that your game will be successful, Wii U is a platform only certain games can be popular on, that’s down to the kind of audience it serves, if devs want to be successful on the Wii U, it’s probably for the best that they keep that in mind and only release games that interest the Nintendo audience.

  • AWwriter

    EA will be answering to Disney soon enough, when they realize that the developer chosen to do Star Wars games refuses to produce them for the very platforms that Disney gets far and beyond the most sales from.

  • Donaald

    Actions speak louder than words, Mr. Moore.

    • nin-10-doughfan

      they don’t care!

  • Magnus Eriksson

    its funny cause its true 🙂

    • WIIU305

      Prove it

  • anthony optimo

    Thanks Peter Moore… Now get the fudge out.

  • Shaise

    So it was him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • companyoflosers

    hes not sorry, hes just saving face and covering EA’s ass. the tweets show how the people inside really think. the only way EA can ever redeem themselves to nintendo fans would be to fire a few high up people, and release plans for a few nintendo exclusives that run in frostbite to prove that what they were saying about frostbite not being able to run on wii u was a lie to begin with (which it is).

    • Dark Lord Sauron

      with so many problems with their battlefield 4 continue to suffer through glitches and bad patches and of course getting sued by their own investors Ea is in some serious trouble

  • LJay

    Hey peter,take control of your kids/employees and take your cheap apologys and shove them up your arse,while you’re at it keep your half baked cash in games to yourself too ya jerk! 😀

  • Sam

    Apology accepted.

  • janco tianno

    Actually the only game from EA that I wanted to see on Wii U and will not be available was Fifa 14. I can play in my pc anyway.

    And of course, once the harm was done, people usually don’t accept apologies, but that guy just did what he had to do.

    If you are not going to release or make a new engine for a console because of the market, it’s ok to accept. You know, some people (including haters) were using April’s fool to provoke others with real problems and then say after few minutes “HAHA, April’s Fool!”.
    Wii U is an excellent console with excellent games. The only problem is that it lacks of 3rd Party Support (but it’s not 100% true. Ubisoft is still a great partner), and it is more powerful than PS3 and Xbox 360 (so definitely is not something Soooooo far from PS4 and Xone as some developers are using as excuse). Maybe it was between Wii and PS3, but this time it isn’t.
    And then, April 1st, a person that is 12 years old (mental age) decides to make an innocent joke on April’s fool… and what does he say ? Well, exactly the kind of thing that piss of millions of nintendo fans.

    So yea, Peter Moore may have his own problems, but at least he’s not a child (mentally) and made clear that he does not support this kind of behavior.

  • LordiMcKill

    He can apologies all he wants, i bet the likelihood of EA releasing a Wii U game anytime soon is at 0%.

  • Rinslowe

    Lol… Ridiculous.

  • WiiUPS43DS

    Little too later EA

  • Carlos Webster

    You know, EA is being like Mitt Romney. Just like Mitt Romney, they’re lying.

  • Well, jokes on ea. We get mk8 soon, so they can suck on their nfs, even if it runs on frostbyte or some other fancy engine. And as soon as we get a new metroid, with hopefully some online multiplayer fps mode, we couldnt care less about bf4.

  • stevieMHz

    FROSTBITE ENGINE 3 on Wii U, LOL! What would have been even funnier is if they tweeted some way to bring FROSTBITE ENGINE 3 to 8 yr old consoles, because that engine is FAR too powerful for that. Now, if you’ll accuse me I have to go play BF4 on Xbox 360……WAIT A MINUTE!

  • anthony optimo

    Hey Peter Moore, show Wii U some support and give us NHL 14 with optimized graphics for the system.