Jul 10th, 2017

There’s no denying that the Nintendo Switch is one of the most interesting consoles to date. You can take console-quality games on the go with you for the first time ever. That’s something Sony attempted with the PS Vita and something Microsoft has yet to step their foot into… yet. That hasn’t stopped one guy from using a Raspberry Pi and a set of Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons to make his own PC streamable he’s calling the SwitchBerry Pi.

The best part is if you’re interested in building your own, you can do so by checking out the guide. It’s a thorough look at everything that went into making this Switch-like portable for PC, including the custom 3D designed chasis that holds everything together. There’s also a comprehensive look at everything that went into making the handheld, so you can see some of the internals.

How to make a Switch for PC gaming

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