Sep 28th, 2012

The rift between PC and console gamers has always existed. PC gamers have ridiculed their console brothers for being too mainstream and not hardcore enough, and console gamers usually respond by telling PC fans to shut up. Now PC Gamer magazine takes a humorous swipe at the upcoming Wii U.

Wii U toyThe Wii U has been criticized and called all sorts of names over the past year, but PC Gamer probably takes the cake by referring to it as a “toy computer”. You’re probably wondering, just as we are, what exactly is a “toy computer“? According to PC Gamer, it’s probably something that sits under the TV and has a weird controller with a screen bolted to it. And it plays some game with a guy called “Mario”.

PC Gamer’s comments are a part of an article about the upcoming Little Inferno indie title, which will be released on the PC and Wii u. It’s almost certain that PC Gamer is just trying to troll Nintendo fans, and they seem to have a decent sense of humor about it. At least, that’s what we think.


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  • Ninjafish

    Friggin’ PC’s. Lol.

    • AKA-Link77

      The trolls are jumental asses that jump to any conclusion without any info or knowledge of the subject!

      • Matt N.

        mitchell zachman is that guy that i know.

        • AwesomeNES

          It’s a “Toy Computer” because you’ll have a lot of fun with it “like a toy” with the size of a computer.

          I dare them to process that thought on their PCs.

          I hate PCs because they are wayyy too expensive, and even if you have a top-of-the-line PC, it’s ridiculously slow regardless of how much RAM there is simply because the OS takes far too much space to process and leaves nothing to play softwares.

          Oh, and after 2 years, if it’s still alive, you’ll still need to upgrade.

          What a Waste!

          • Schizza

            “Even if you have a top of the line PC, it’s ridiculously slow”

            WOW… Did you seriously just type that?
            Look I am a HUGE nintendo fan and fully back the wiiu.

            Please think a little, just a little before typing such stupid comments.
            the processing power and speed of a top-of-the-line pc destroys any console on the market, today and always.

            Why do you think they use top-of-the-line pc’s to MAKE the video games we play!

            Seriously think before making your comments. Thanks

          • deSSy2724

            Console games and PC games (yes, including Sony, Nintendo and MS) are made on COMPUTERS, COMPUTERS, COMPUTERS….. should i repeat more times?

            And i have nothing against the Wii U…. why they said its a “toy computer”? simply because PC has better graphics etc. But what does it means if the gameplay sucks? (just an exapmle).

          • European Gamer

            What are you talking about ? 0_o
            I have an Amstrad computer from 1985,and all of its hardware and software still works 100% flawlessly. Unlike the power brick of my SNES which ceased to function early on,my N64 controller’s sticks that become loose,my Dreamcast and Gamecube consoles that stopped reading discs after a while,my Xbox’s hard drive that failed and made the console to completely cease to function,and all of my Xbox360s that died with RROD.

            And by the way you say you hate PCs because they are expensive ? Then what you typed this message with ? A PC that costs 500,or a smarthphone that costs 500 ?

            Btw,a toy is a device made to play with,and anything that processes data,even if it doesn’t use electricity like a brain for example,is a computer. Toy computer means a device that processes data that is primary function is to play with.

          • MasterOC

            Hahah i think you need to hide under your rock that you came out of . i can build a pc for bout 500 quid ( only 100 pound more then release price of ps3)
            that will trance any console , and will last you as long as the current gen consoles will :/… Most games apart from bf3 and the odd exception are graphicly increase ports straight from console devs haha . so even in 6 years time when you pc componants are obsolete you can still play games at true 1920 x 1080p and not upscaled like all consoles are right from the start. deluded . for 500 quid i got an fx6100 3.3ghz cpu , m59a7 USB3 SATA 3 MOBO, 1gb gddr5 GTX550ti GFX , 60GB SSD , 500GB SATA 3 , 12 GB DDR3 1600. & this in a years time will still proberly more powerful then next gen consoles haha ur all divvvy

          • AwesomeNES

            For 500$ you get a basic PC.

            A small one.
            Oh, sorry, MY standard for a High End PC is over 1000$.

            I already have a PC with 4 cores and 10Gb of Ram that I bought for 500$.
            A basic PC. And regardless if the strength is superior, or that I have 25Mbps download, My iPhone always seems to be much faster.

            How odd is that?

            What I meant to say is that The Windows OS suck.
            Instead of doing like Apple “using a smaller OS in order to maximize the potential for other apps”. Windows takes out most of it’s power to run windows itself, and not anything else.

            Again, when I bought a Vista, it became ridiculously slow and a had a lot of issues when I was using Excell or Word that I didn’t had on XP.

            My comment wasn’t to “undermine” the strengths of a PC, but rather say it outright that the OS often failed on me in many ways that, say, other OSs didn’t.

          • AwesomeNES

            I’ll give you an example.

            Say you take 2 guys for a race.

            One is a strong guy, the other is a colossus.

            On the strong guy, you give him a weight of 10 pounds, and you give the colossus a weight of 180 to 250 pounds.

            Then you ask them both to run like hell to the finish line.
            Who do you think would win the race?

            That’s all I’m saying.

          • FrustratedAssassin

            Oh, I’m sure you’ll never, ever, EVER use a PC after getting a WiiU.

      • *.*

        Im sick of this crap im canceling my pre order and droping out of gaming. Thx fan boys you have put of a gamer with all the bs you chuck at each other

        • *.*

          Btw that was a anti troll. Of course im still getting a wii u!

    • Darks

      that might be the most disturbing and confusing trailer I’ve ever seen.

    • OcarinaOfTime

      aint that the truth? amen sistuh, hallelujah. praaaaise jay-zus! prrrraaaaiise the laawwwwd mmmm-mmm. lol im gonna be indifferent towards anything negative or positive, from time to time, about anything in regards towards the wiiu.
      i am getting it with mario, and zombiu MAINLY. pc hates cuz they dont have mario o:

      • Cugno the Swiss

        The facts are this: would you prefer to pay 350 dollars on something you’ll play for the next 6 years or 1000 dollars for something you’ll have to change in 2 years?

        • Cugno the Swiss

          *these. I’m sorry, as you probably noticed, I’m not a native speaker. Always trying to give my best though. Cheers, and let’s hope for thousands of epic Wii U JRPGs!

          • Cugno the Swiss

            And I also noticed I wrote “on” instead of “for”, dafuq have I been drinking lately???
            Well, if you guys decide to create an operation (such as operation rainfall for xenoblade, last story and pandora’s tower) to port Ni No Kuni to the Wii U, just let me know :P. We need another gaming heaven just like the good ol’ SNES.

    • Captain Potato

      It is an honor to have PC Magazine recognize the Wii U as a “Computer”! Doesn’t matter if it’s a toy or a real computer…it’s a computer! Thank You for giving the Wii U the highest honor a video gaming system has EVER received!

  • zombi

    i dont care of them
    they just fools

    • Laud

      I’m one of those PC gamers so try not to categorize us, yeah?

      We’re all individuals here, PC gamers don’t all think alike.

      Ahh, who am I kidding, first impressions are the most important and obviously no matter what I say I’m gonna be branded an elitist. >_>

      • Saucy17

        Don’t act like you must be branded by a title, if your a gamer, your a gamer,Pc gamers don’t exists, but gamers who play on Pc’s do exists,i play all consoles pc,ps3,xbox360,nintendo, i prefer nintendo, but im not branding myself just cause i prefer one more than the other, im just a gamer, and so are you,and anyone else who has gaming as a hobby.

        • JumpMan

          preach it, brotha!

        • LazerK


        • deSSy2724


          Totally agree… same like me 🙂

      • zombi

        i am sorry but i dont mean all pc gamers
        i mean These gays who want to make the wii u like Scrap

      • H

        What about Minecraft, Terraria and the upcoming game, Cube World by Wollay? They’re PC and Mac games. (Well, mostly…)

    • Nintedward

      Its just a big stupid contradiction . A wiiu has M rated and E rated games just like a PC does right ??? so they both must be toys by this logic ???
      Yes the wiiu is a dedicated games console , but it also has many other features like web browsing , video chat , Tvii , Applications and many many other things .

      So by this guys pathetic and absurd logic , a PC is a toy . Nuff said .

      The wiiu is a games console . For Adults and children . Action man is a toy for children ……

      • zombi

        yes i agree
        but they dont think that
        they just want to Distortion Image of the wii u

      • Jeffery02

        Exactly! A toy is an object designed to give someone joy or entertainment. Since this isn’t private, I will just name my example as “Adult Toys”. “Adult Toys” are far from a child’s play and yet they are still “toys” so to say the Wii U is a toy is like saying a human is an animal and to use it as an insult is just a fail. Just because you don’t think of something a certain way doesn’t mean it isn’t just that.

      • Herox95

        And barbie dolls are for kids like TheRatedD and DaShokioPyro.

    • Drybones5

      I’m a major major PC gamer. But I love Nintendo consoles and games because it’s different than games I can get on PC and Xbox.

      And PC gamers tend to like Nintendo games much much much more than Xbox or PS3. PC gamers also have many points of views on matters since the platform is not a single communities together. There’s Steam users, origin, minecrafter, WoW users, Starcrafters, DOTA players, League players, Indie players. People who take sides with companies like Valve, Blizzard, Activision, and Ubisoft.

      There’s people who build their own computers, people who buy expensive pre-mades, people who play on budget or normal computers trying to get by, on game optimizations.

      Classifying PC gamers into a category is extremely hard and shouldn’t be done. Categorize based on sub gamers like people who play Battlefield 3 on PC. People who play that game the most tend to be different kinds of people. Those would most likely hate on Nintendo and their fans.

      • u mad bro

        I just wish that Trolls would shut up cause Im getting a headache. Speaking of Trolls… welcome back Enigmatic! JK

  • Wii Uoops!

    Has this mumble-jumble gotten old? The trolls… they are everywhere. I just wish these people would give up and look at how well the reception for the Wii U already is.
    Nintendo haters, dislike me from everywhere! It’s not like this Website isn’t for you, anyway.

    • Wii Uoops!

      I’m so sorry you couldn’t join, Lucifer. Assuming your email has been banned, we’ll all miss you.

      • The Detonator

        liked both posts:) made all nintendo fans proud!

      • Herox95

        Why the heck did some dopefisticocadoderpoholicbrainicack thump down your post?

  • Lancer

    Well the specs of the WiiU compared to a high end gaming comp would make it look almost like a toy. Thats besides the point though, as it’s the quality of the games on a system that determine how good it is, not the name or the specs.

  • Hater Of Zer0

    Face + Palm = … -_-

  • JC

    I am a PC gamer and I love the wii u, so what?!

    • Nintedward

      Same here !!! I guess my PC , Laptop , PS3 ,360, Wii , 3DS and many retro consoles are just ‘toys’ . Would someone like to explain to me how games like AC3 , ZombiU , ME3 are ‘toyish’ .

      This guy’s logic is just as absurd as someone writing an article titled .

      ”Wiiu is sophisticated , PC’s are dated toys” – no sense or logic right ?

    • Nintedward

      Same here !!! I guess my PC , Laptop , PS3 ,360, Wii , 3DS and many retro consoles are just ‘toys’ . Would someone like to explain to me how games like AC3 , ZombiU , ME3 are ‘toyish’ .

      This guy’s logic is just as absurd as someone writing an article titled .

      ”Wiiu is sophisticated , PC’s are dated toys” – no sense or logic right ?

      • Nintedward

        Excuse the double post .

        • NintendoGator

          @Nintedward……. Why does u’r computer double post & how?…….Out

  • Tobbe


  • Britton

    I thought the same thing when I read they said “toy computer.” I was left scratching my head trying to figure out what they meant by that. Is it an insult? Is it neutral? Is it…. what the hell is it?

    • Michael

      I’d say neutral. It’s just calling it what it is. It’s a computer, and you play on it, therefore, it’s a toy. Then again, so are computers to PC gamers. I see no real insult.

  • Drawin

    Something tells me PC are upset that they don’t have a exclusive anymore. Oh, how cool would it be if Little Inferno sold more copy’s on Wii U?

    Although it’s not likely, it would definitely send an amusing shiver down their back as they wonder. “Maybe we are actually going to get competition..”

  • Dant

    PC Gamer didn’t seem to really mean what they said. Prob just a writer trying to find a synonym for console and since you won’t find one in a thesaurus he just came up with that and didn’t really think about it.

  • 3dsguy

    Will never play games on pc i want my toy computer

    • Switch_Back

      I 100% agree

    • Herox95

      Well maybe you won’t, buy you definetly gotta play the games like Minecraft, Terraria and the upcoming game, Cube World by Wollay! Also, ask me any questions if you’d like. 🙂

      • Dan7el(WiiU day one purchase)

        Toy computer is what I want. The best toy EVAH

  • Jetty

    Classless, just pure ignorant mockery to the word gamer.

  • Fi

    I don’t care at all.

  • Mida

    Haters gonna hate…

    • Michael

      Lovers gonna love,
      I don’t even want none of the above.

      • Taco Bob

        I wanna piss on you.

  • Nintendonoob

    Sometimes I wonder… Maybe pc gamers love insane graphics, giant monitors, multitasking, and an insane electricity bill… Meh it might just be me who thinks that. I admit pc gaming is good but the only thing better with it is better graphics… No innovation what-so-ever.

    • Laud

      Innovations are made all the time, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

      Nvidia and Intel innovate with every release of their hardware O.o

      /inbefore I get called an elitist.

      • Enigmatic

        No innovation you say? It’s called modding. The ability to easily shape your games how ever you want.

        I know that PC gaming is the most superior form of gaming, I will admit it.

        It’s just too damn expensive.

        • CountShaqula

          Hey Enigmatic is back!

          Must have got a life for a couple days huh?

          Not enough time to visit Nintendo Wii U sites, and complain about it?

          • Nintendonoob

            Well no offense or anything… all I see in my pc is a good graphics card… What I meant by innovation is like what the Wii or Wii U did. New thing am I right? Pc is usually only monitor, pc, and good controls.

          • Enigmatic

            Oh, why of course. I finally did that “got a life” thing that you are speaking of. It was quite nice, not spending only a mere 5 minutes of my day commenting on this site.


      • Michael

        I think what he means is that the advantage consoles have is the ability to seriously change the way a game is played. e.g. with the gamepad etc. pc gaming might have superior specs, but can’t have quite the innovations that consoles have. Both have their advantages.

  • CountShaqula

    I’d advise anyone not to talk bad about the PC. If BlackB0nd finds out. It’ll be the crusades all over again.

  • ZombieGuns

    I’m a PC gamer and even I think this is a trolling fail. Come on PC Gamer magazine grow up.

  • Opticine

    I remember the good old days when the PC was terrible and consoles like the NES, SNES, Sega Master System, Genesis, TurboGrafx 16, and Neo Geo dominated the gaming market. Good times…..

    • Schizza

      ha ha ha

      PC gaming has always been more advanced then consoles.

      • NintendoGamer


        • Schizza

          Ironic that you have chosen an avatar from a game that doesn’t appear on a nintendo platform to represent your virtual self in a nintendo forum.

          • NintendoGamer

            It’s called PS3.

  • Nko Sekirei

    well they can go screw themselves if i really care about pc gamer magazine their nothing compare to nintendo power magazines also i like some games on pc but these pc gamer magazine editors make them selves look stupid by saying that to nintendo.I have no quarrel over the pc system it self its these editors like to be @$$es like patcher and that one writes who got the idiot award

    • Laud

      Nintendo Power no longer exists, just a heads up.

      • Nko Sekirei

        i know but im just saying pc gamer magazine editiors better choose their words wisely or their gonna end up on the next idiot awards

        • Gabe Hoffman

          They were probably just joking

  • RSBzero

    I have a lot more fun with my $250 wii than with my $2100 Alienware

    • Nintendude

      Alienware is overpriced anyways. I know somebody who took his own computer and upgraded it making it better than Alienware computers, and cheaper to do too.

    • Schizza


      Cause a $2100 Alienware gaming rig running Dolphin Emulator makes the wii upscale to better graphics than the upcoming wiiu graphics. You can also use your sensor bar and the wiimotes. It’s really a thing of beauty!

      Something tells me you don’t own a $2100 alienware rig… you probally don’t even own a wii!

      • Obi Wan Cumboneme

        Dude, your name is a fail. It is “Scheiße.”

      • Obi Wan Cumboneme

        As in “Ich werde in deine Maul Scheiße putzen.”

  • Shankoivch

    Hypocritical comment coming from a magazine that’s supposedly written by people who know about computer hardware.

  • Nintenlord

    And those same people have nintendo sistems emulators

  • Wildman

    That’s a shame…

  • Carlos Hugo

    When a PC allow you to play a game using all the wonders that the gamepad can do I will see at the Wii U as a “toy computer”, meanwhile that does not happen I will stick with the words “game console” while referring to the Wii U.

  • Nintendo Power of Canada/America (Star Mission)

    Well PC Gamer, you are know to have the best graphics and power then any game consoles……But you know to have the WORST gameplay in history, heck, I couldn’t even play Splinter Cell with the mouse and keyboard.

    • Bladgrim

      Though, in all fairness, the controller vs. keyboard/mouse argument is completely subjective. Personally, I prefer the keyboard/mouse combination for most everything (mouse has more accuracy/speed, keyboard controls are customizable). I would rather play any cross platform game on the PC.

      • Nintendo Power of Canada/USA(Star Mission)


        Game controllers can have accuracy and speed too, its called controller settings

        • Bladgrim

          Controllers can have accuracy and speed, but at the top level of play the mouse has been proven to be more accurate.

          As an example, place your mouse cursor on this dot .

          With a mouse, most people could do it almost instantly. For most people, it would take a tiny bit longer to centre a controller’s cursor on it.

          Anyways, I am not trying to start a flame war of what is better, or anything – I was just stating that you shouldn’t make an objective claim on a subjective topic.There are thousands of people who prefer mouse/keyboard over controller, and there are thousands who prefer controller better. It’s just a matter of preference.

          • Nintendo Power of Canada/USA(Star Mission)


            What controller is better, is for everybody. You like keyboard I like Wii remotes…….and Wii U Gamepad

          • tray

            LMAO TO me the best controller of all time is the wii MOTESif you would see me play call of duty on wii i DO IMMPOSIBLE SHIT you’ll never see done on 360 or ps3 or wii U if use wii COntrollers when i get wii U with black ops 2 FUCK THE game pad i’m useing the wii motes & i think wii motes is better than mouse & ki cause you got more COntroll & FREE ness like REAL LIFE or is that just me & BETTER acrucyy i can qouick scope with thamal form across the map with a mote in a instanst it AIn’t funny soor y for the spelling

  • TheLoveOfGaming

    I was at Eurogamer expo in london just a few hours ago. My first stop was zombi U and it was awesome.

    I also tried out colonial marine’s MP, being run on pc’s with an option of a pad, which i chose 😛 and despite not getting my sensitivity right and my aim being all over the place, I walked away with the most kills, more than the guys using mouse and keyboard.

    I heard comments about my aim, but I had the last smile 😉

    • Schizza

      probably had auto assist on 😉

      • TheLoveOfGaming

        It had more to do with the fact the team lacked situation awareness but whatever XD

        Where i would jump out of the way of chargers at the last second and checking the corners and high spots. The rest of my team relied entirely on good graphics and a mouse and keyboard to win.

        My point. The system doesnt make you a good player or a better gamer. Enjoying the game does.

  • Naterman

    PC gaming is what real gamer wannabes go to when there mom hasn’t given them there allowance yet

    • revolution5268

      or there parents did not buy them a console.

  • Alex

    I am starting to get sick of so many trolls out their, Nintendo is the only video game company that gets pick on and gets bullied by companies, other fans, magazine company, reporters, and now PC gamers Sheeeeeeeeeesh! And besides I am going to buy a WiiU no matter what.

  • TheBoldman67

    I’m part PC gamer (I only play free games off steam) and I think these guys are wrong. I’m getting Wii U as soon as possible with Batman and I think it looks great.

  • Armani

    Why are people Jelous? Haha if their console or pc is better than WiiU, why do they hate on it so much? It’s like they want it to suck, they are just afraid on how powerful it is 😀

    • Enigmatic

      “they are just afraid on how powerful it is”
      That makes no sense. You obviously don’t know the power of a high end PC.

      • Armani

        Never said more powerful than a PC did I? And if their PC’s are Sooo powerful why judge other consoles? Specially when it’s not even out yet, now THAT MAKES NO SENSE!!

        • Enigmatic

          “Never said more powerful than a PC did I?”

          Uh, I never said that you did.Read properly please.

  • Mac

    lol its funny cause a pc in the gaming world is just something that us console guys throw around as a way to win an argument. they are completely irrelevant.

    case and point.

    Sony: our online is free
    Microsoft: we have cross game chat
    Sony: we have better graphics
    Microsoft: they aren’t better than pc

    they just get thrown around just to win an argument. so anything a pc gamer says about about a console, its irrelevant.

  • Xblade13

    Gaming PC: a computer you play games on
    Wouldn’t a PC be a “toy computer” by definition?

    I guess it could be taken as a compliment… being closer to a PC than the other consoles…

    Still a troll though.

  • James

    As a PC gamer, I find this battles between console and PCs to be childish.
    Both are great gaming systems, and I cannot encourage enough people to have both.

    PC gaming offers you game genres, graphical and sound (if you get a dedicated sound card) experience that simply isn’t offered on console. If you don’t like these genre of gaming. That is fine, at least you tried, same applied for the reverse.

    While console gaming, offers you a more budget entertainment solution, but with amazing value. Plus, you get to use controls that beats mouse and keyboard for many other genres, such as racing.

    As for Nintendo, Nintendo was all about offering an experience that you simply can’t get with any other system, including PC. I don’t have to start enumerating everything that Nintendo revolutionized or evolusionized in the gaming industry, in short the N64 provided us with rumble control, proper 3D camera, and 3D controls, and an amazing analogue stick, at the time. GameCube with virtually 0 in game loading. Wii unique controls (while you can get an emulator for the PC, and play Wii games in HD, I tried it, and it doesn’t really work unless you are incredibly lucky, but it does you make wish the WiiU came out faster to play these newer iteration of games in HD graphics and properly). And finally the WiiU provides you with a dual screen gaming experience, which no other console or PC can provide. Well not easily or properly, at least.

    As a PC gamer, I tend to push others to get a Nintendo console, and get their head out of their ass and see that a fun gaming experience is not only exclusive to the PC. And same applies to these so called “hard core gamers” on XBox and PlayStation even though, we are the real hard core gamers, as we seek for new experiences, are not afraid of change, play hours, and we played, since our childhood a huge collection of groundbreaking games that defined the the future of the gaming since we were kids… and those were on a Nintendo console. And many of us, adults now, are proud to give our kids or future kids the chance of experience what we experience, and get them a Nintendo console for them to experience that true gaming is.

    • Damiao

      Did i really just get teary eyed while reading the last sentence to James’ comment!? Maybe its because i myself have a child.. and I’m overly emotional. It’s very likely that i will get teary eyed while i watch my first wiiU commercial.

      My boyfriend thinks I’m a pansie. All i have to say to that is atleast I’m a cute pansie, who likes nintendo games and hockey..


    I think there all just jealous of the Wii U lol! Look what it can do! Just about anything and more! XD

  • seriously

    atleast they have time to comment n between upgrade cycles

  • dojo

    heres what i think pc gamers are scared they know the wiiu is good as far as it seems the wiiu has crossed the bridge of console and pc gaming i think wiiu may end up better then pc and pc gaming sucks itas very expensive 400 dollars for a computer and if you want persion controlle 25-50 dollars for a controller over all thts 450 bucks almost twice as much as the wiiu for little diference

  • KirboFer

    Making PC gamers look bad… >_>

  • Ledreppe

    I’m both a pc gamer and Nintendo gamer, and I find this so childish. I feel I get the best of both worlds by keeping an open mind on what platforms I use for my gaming.


    No rift or fanboyism here. I own a gaming PC Rig that that screams & can play anything on ULTRA. And I’m getting a Wii U and looking forward to it. Haters will be haters. PERIOD.

  • AnesthesiaGamer

    I hate how the term hardcore gamer has essentially become synonymous with Xbox fanboy retard. Thanks to trolling buttf$#ks who like to hate on Nintendo. I owned PS2 Xbox and GameCube. And Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii.

    I am a hardcore gamer in the real sense. I chase good gaming experiences. But I’m also loyal. My first game was the first Mario and I’m Loyal to Nintendo and their innovation.

    These g4, pcgamer, ign, you name it assholes just do this kind of crap for hits and stirring their little controversy. They all need get on their knees and kiss Nintendo/Miyamoto’s ring. Video gaming as we know it would not exist without Nintendo, and they keep pushing the business to grow and to innovate.

  • 007 1/2

    theyre just mad bc PC doesnt have a gamepad.

  • SteampunkJedi

    Toys aren’t bad. That’s what video games are, in a sense. So it can be said that the Wii U computes toys, just awesome ones. Does this magazine think PC games are serious, important work that’s no fun? Sheesh.

  • Josh

    I love PC gaming but sometimes, I just want to abandon it due to how absolutely horrible some the fans are. Seriously, the fanbase itself is a flaw of PC gaming. But I won’t say every PC gamer is a horrible person. On one hand, you have the mature PC gamers that don’t go trashing someone else’s tastes, on the other one, you have these annoying ones who HAVE to say it for the hundredth time that PC gaming is beast. Look people, shut up and leave people to their own opinion.

  • Dtm808

    I am a pc and nintendo gamer. I love both systems equally. Cant we all just get along :D?

  • Monster

    Well this is stupid. I know for a fact that I’m more of a hardcore gamer than 70% pc gamers, only reason why I don’t have a pc is because I don’t have 1000+ dollars to throw on a computer.


    As the old saying says:

    When your taking Flak, you’re over the target.

    Haters will be Haters.

    I’m looking forward to Christmas break even more so.

  • Ness

    I assume that by “toy computer” you mean an electronic device that is built to market towards little children… How is a game that involves burning all of your belongings, house, and even you and your friends supposed to be for little children!………. Then again that seems to be who they are marketing the game towards.

  • PKMNcharizard1995

    Please the Wii U destroys that retarded PC.All PC has is just MMO RPG games that are full of nerds.They’re just jealous because PC doesn’t have any games XD

  • NightºƒCore

    Damn them a-hole PC gamers *holds fists*

  • CountShaqula

    Wait a minute……

    I just realized something. When were there enough PC gamers to warrant a magazine?

    One exclusive worth buying a year! Usually turns out to be a disappointment! *cough*Diablo 3*cough* Half assed ports! Insanely expensive hardware! Just to play a GAME! Benefits include better graphics! That only an insane graphical fetishist would notice!

    Oh boy sign me up! Sounds like this style of gaming has much character! It’s not at all bland, or soulless!

    • Derp


      Oh wait… Wii U supports that

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    Toy PC… that’s new…

    Well, I always hear people say “PC is way better than consoles”, “consoles can’t do what PC does”, “games in PC are awesome” and blah blah blah…

    I have some awesome experiences with consoles, something I’d never have by playing on PC. I can’t use movement controls to play a game like Skyward Sword on my PC, I can’t press more than 3 keys on the keyboard without activating some weird command, I can’t look for walkthroughs while playing a full screen game, something I can do while playing on the console and having a computer by my side.

    I understand that a computer has much more power than a gaming console, but that is limited by your wallet! You can launch a HD world wide game, with online features, and whatever you want to put in it. If I don’t have enough money to buy the latest NVidia 3D Graphic Board, I won’t be able to play the game at all. A computer is something you have to update frequently, while a gaming console is something you buy once in 5 or 6 years. And you can still have lots of fun with past consoles, something you can’t do on your past computer because it’s too old to run Windows 98! Technology put into making computer parts were made to last as little as possible, so you can buy another one, more powerful and more expensive. A gaming console is something you buy once and enjoy to it’s fullest for the rest of it’s lifetime!

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Pc gamers should just shut up and play Wolrd of Warcraft or better yet bring Wolrd of Warcraft to the wii u just too shut them up.

  • NoPUNintendo

    Call the Wii U what you want, it does not matter. People who want to buy it will buy it. Want to call the Wii U a toy computer? Fine by me. I’ll gladly by the toy computer. I honestly don’t care. I do feel that now, with the Wii U about to launch, trolling will only get stronger and more often. Watch the last two weeks til Wii U is launched.

  • Death

    Oh, how I wish we lived in a world where people could just appreciate what they liked and ignore the things they didn’t, that others did.

    I’m so tired of the mindless hatred toward PC gaming, console gaming, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, handheld gaming, Call of Duty and all other big budget, popular titles.

    Everything would be so much easier if people could just accept that everyone is different and enjoys different things. No one deserves ridicule for playing any particular game, game console or game genre.

    Note: I play across virtually all systems, even systems that have long been abandoned.

    • Ibiexplorer4

      Indeed. In the end, we’re all gamers who love to play games. Who cares about which system you play? We all have our preferences.

  • Dan

    They are hard at work emulating wii games so they can play it on PC!!! Lmfao

  • walterlopez

    who cares what those people says, i dont care pc´s games, even the editor´s game too. example, re6 the next year for pc jajajajajaja, maybe. pc gamers don´t have enough money to buy original games. they have to been downloaded games copy. jajajajajaja, the consoles are for who can buy original games.
    sorry for my bad english.

  • Dan

    No wonder EA left PC gaming,,, theres money as most using pirated copies to play games on it,, bwa hahahah

    • Dan

      Theres no money

    • AwayToHit

      origin would like a word…

  • Christian

    Hmm. These guys have a very different definition of ‘toy computer’ than mine. A toy computer is one of those kid’s toys that only shows the alphabet, and have really boring educational games. If PC’s definition was right, then the PS Vita with its crossplay would consider the Vita a ‘toy computer’. But they said nothing of the sort. This is definitely trolling.

  • AwayToHit

    I am a big PC gamer but im also a big Nintendo gamer (i have every nintendo console ever made so :P). I like to experience the best of both worlds 🙂

    This way i can avoid the lameness that are Xbox and Playstation since i can play those games with better graphic and frame rate on PC 😀

  • lick1nob

    I hate that almost every article I see of critisism for a new console is always a troll, It’s like people could give a shit to hire a reporter that will actually make fucking sense.

  • WII U 4 LIFE

    Lucifer being gone is so awesome

  • Guhtere

    So many trolls and so many Nintendo fans not caring what other people say.

  • Shane

    I think it’s a compliment. I play my “toy computer” way more than my “not-toy computer”, so it doesn’t really matter. Besides what Christian said about toy computers teaching kids the alphabet and stuff: I honestly think it’s a great idea. If I would have had a toy computer when I was little I probably would have been alot smarter than I am(which is unknown at this time). If I had kids I would for sure get them Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster, and I would LOVE to play it with them and their mom. HELL YA. I just psyched myself up. HAHA.

  • Schizza

    Did no one READ the source article???

  • FrustratedAssassin

    They weren’t talking about the WiiU, they were talking about consoles in general. All consoles are toy computers because you PLAY with them. Is that really that hard to understand?

  • Nintendoro

    PC my ass!!! Those who have too much money can buy the damn PC and have “better graphics” if they want to. No matter hom much you spend on f…ing PC, in couple of years you need to upgrade it in order to run latest games and that cost a lot. Not to mention, you have to use the damn keyboard and mouse to play something. Nintendo Wii U might be generations behind latest PC, but it’ll do gorgeous graphics and that will do me. If I was mad about graphics, I would probably stick with PC, but I’m glad I aint.


      well said, PC has no innovation, its a boring square with 108 buttons, “how fun…” yeah, no

  • Justin Samuel

    100 percentage right you are pc gamer, How would we even be on this site if it wasn’t for pc, and children buy the wii u not 13 or 34 23 19 etc.! #Berrywithfuck

    • Xblade13

      I am 19, gonna get Wii U.

  • John V.

    Not every PC gamer has the same opinion..
    I’m a PC gamer too and it’s my first choice for gaming, but I love Nintendo, and Wii U is a heck of a machine!

  • DVE

    Something that gets alot of h8t gets alot of attention as in selling out everywhere rite now lol.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Stupid PC fanboys! I think it’s a bit stupid to call them “gamers” if they restrict themselves to 1 platform and hate on everything else simply for being less powerful. So what if Consoles are less powerful than PCs? in a few years time PCs are going to be more powerful than today’s, does that mean today’s hardware is bad? does that mean all the fun we had with it counts for nothing? HELL NO! I don’t have any problems with PCs but I hate it when fans become haters insult other things – This could be said about fans of any platform. And “toy computer” I take it that was a little jab at Wii U being less powerful than PCs and maybe even that Nintendo don’t fill their games with blood & gore in order to appeal to a broader audience, well so what, Wii U is going to be the most powerful console on the market, and the first to run in full 1080p as well as providing new gameplay and entertainment (TVii) – Does that sound like a toy?. It also has great 3rd party support and the best library of 1st party IPs out there, PCs can keep MMOs and ports of FPSs (most of which can be played on consoles anyway) I know I’ll have more fun playing Zelda, Metroid, Starfox, Smash Bros etc than I will even on my favorite games on other platforms – that’s why I love Nintendo & their consoles the most.

  • On The Fence

    This is wierd I was thinking the same thing last week, Nintendo come from a time when consoles were toys and they haven’t changed while other companys are make consoles Nintendo products still have a toy feel to them.

    This isn’t a dis I like Nintendo they really know how to get to your inner child and make you feel like kid on christmas eve.

  • Arsonist Monkey

    In my years as a gamer, i have had a Sega Megadrive, PS1, N64, PS2, Gamecube, Xbox, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360 and soon the Wii U. I even have a decent laptop for playing PC games now. I love going on New Vegas and modding the hell out of it. Even so, i will never get the same feel playing a PC that you get playing on a console. I will always love Nintendo more than any other game company. Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox, Kirby, Pokemon, etc. I love these games more than anything.

  • Derp

    I like consoles as I like my computer, and I like my computer as I like consoles. Both have advantages over the other. One is designed to be a reliable computing machine; the other is designed to be a gaming station. But why argue about graphical capabilities?

    Mainstream doesn’t care; Heck they laugh at our “fanboyism” and ridicule “hardcore” gaming because of these ridiculous arguments.

  • Sethlaw225

    Most people who play PC don’t have alot of real friends or social life ….fail

    • Schizza

      Way to pull a baseless fact out of you A55!!
      Did you perform the world wide census yourself?

  • PC Failure

    Really? I can’t wait for Nintendo to laugh at their faces after November. No mercy!!

  • bearmon2010

    The PC Gamer magazine is sicko and disgusting, thats all. They dont know what they are talking about. I think that they are jealous of Wii U and its new technology.

  • Nebel Spieluhr

    A toy?!
    Just as a computer can be used as a “toy”.
    Graphics do not make a console more toy or makes computers less toys.

  • Coval

    Dear Pc Gamer… First enjoy the play with WiiU then try same taste on the Pc…

  • Daemonrunner

    I think Nintendo fans should take that as somewhat of a compliment.

    At least they acknowledged in some way that the Wii U is closer to a PC! Most PC people just call consoles “toys” and weak little machines. The Wii U gets toy “computer”.

    See the difference?!

    To me that implies the Wii U is worthy of being a computer, but still “goofy” enough to be a toy. Let it be known, the gap between PC and console has shortened with the Wii U!

    November 18th, get here quicker!

  • TheShmow

    Really, PC Gamer? Did you really go there?

    I can understand when some bird brains bash PCs or consoles or do the whole console war crap. They’re too stupid to know better.

    But you guys are supposed to be grown-ups. Unless child labour is common in publishing. Act the part. At least pretend that you’re professionals.

    That “toy computer” has more fans than you do. Think about that, you sad little men.

  • Ronnie

    I’m a major major PC gamer. But I love SONY consoles and games because it’s different than games I can get on PC and Xbox.

    And PC gamers tend to like SONY Playstation games much much much more than Xbox or WII or WII-U. PC gamers also have many points of views on matters since the platform is not a single communities together. There’s Steam users, origin, minecrafter, WoW users, Starcrafters, DOTA players, League players, Indie players. People who take sides with companies like Valve, Blizzard, Activision, and Ubisoft.

    There’s people who build their own computers, people who buy expensive pre-mades, people who play on budget or normal computers trying to get by, on game optimizations.

    Classifying PC gamers into a category is extremely hard and shouldn’t be done. Categorize based on sub gamers like people who play Battlefield 3 on PC. People who play that game the most tend to be different kinds of people.

  • Manni

    Toy PC… that’s old…

    Well, I always hear people say “PC is way better than consoles”, “consoles can’t do what PC does”, “games in PC are awesome” and it’s true…

    I have some awesome experiences with PC’s, something I’d never have by playing on Consoles. I can use any movement controls to play a game like Skyward Sword on my PC, I can press more than 3 keys on the keyboard without activating some weird command, I can look for walkthroughs while playing a full screen game, something I can do while playing on PC in windowed mode or in other monitor plugged up on the same pc.

    I understand that a console has less more power than a low/mid/high range PC. You can launch a HD world wide game, with online features, and whatever you want to put in it. A computer is something you don’t have to update frequently, while a console is something you buy once in 2 years because of hardware failures. You can’t still have lots of fun with past consoles because it’s too old, something you can do on your computer.
    Technology put into making computer parts were made to last as little as possible, so you can buy another one, more powerful and more cheap. A console is something you buy and can’t enjoy to it’s fullest because it’ll get major hardware failures that you’ll never see on pc!

  • pc asta el fin así me cueste cuatro beses mas q  las nuevas consolas aver como le va ala nintendo wii u corriendo crysis 3 a 60 fps jajajaajjajjajajaj