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Puddle Wii U Review

Our full review of messy physics-based puzzle-platformer Puddle on Wii U.


Check out these amazing animated Nintendo shorts

If you’re a fan of Legend of Zelda, then do yourself a favor and stop reading this post and watch the video above. Done? Good. Wasn’t that amazing? The series is called Read Only Memory and is a collaboration between Shamoozal and GoNintendo that has been available since 2010. This is my first time running …


Nintendo discounts several eShop titles

Did you get a Wii U for the holidays? Nintendo has a nice bonus for us Wii U owners in the form of a few discounts on downloadable games. The discounts include: Little Inferno for $9.99 until January 4th Chasing Aurora for $7.49 until January 3rd Trine 2: Director’s Cut for $15.99 until January 7th …


What is your Wii U GOTY for 2012?

The Wii U has only been available for a month and a half and the full range of launch titles isn’t out just yet, but of those available, do you have a favorite so far? Your selection should be a game that is currently available or will be released within the 2012 year. As for …