Nov 23rd, 2012

Game analyst Michael Pacther, who’s been critical of the Wii U and Nintendo in the past, believes that the current “negativity” that surrounds the console won’t have an impact on sales.

The negativity surrounds the launch, some update issues with the console, some critics didn’t like the games — this is always the case. And as Pachter points out, “negativity will never go away”. Pachter doesn’t see this to affect the European and Japanese launches either.

Pachter believes Nintendo will ship 3 million consoles to stores by Christmas, and that all 3 million will sell out. He also thinks that Nintendo will sell 5.5 million Wii U consoles by March 2013, on par with what Nintendo has forecast.

This is quite a backtrack from Pachter who last month said that Nintendo’s “5.5 million” sales number was “unrealistic“. Now, apparently, Pachter believes it’s quite realistic.


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  • ssb43dsFC3007 8585 6950

    oh Pachter, when are u gonna learn that no one cares what u say?

    • DMoney

      lol seriously, when will this guy just shut the hell up

      • Sikora

        Its not him, its WiiU daily that won’t stop giving him attention.

        • Boing

          Finally people notice that!

        • Seth


    • revolution5268

      sony drone do care because he bash nintendo.


      Exactly! Seriously, this guy just talks down stuff to get views, plain and simple…everybody has to eat and get paid. How else do you think Pachter will be able buy all those WiiU’s for himself and all his grandkids!

      • Michael Pachter

        Damn! My devious plan to get all the Wii Us for myself by telling the media it sucks and will be sold out has been cracked. To the Pachter Mobile! You haven’t won yet.

        • PenguinGames

          This made me laugh so much milk came out my nose. I’ll get you, Patcher… 😛

        • ssb43dsFC3007 8585 6950

          HI PACHY! WE HATE U!

        • Bicentennial_Pidgeon

          PACHTER!!!!! Time to DIE!!!!




    • Nko Sekirei

      i agree he so annoying and he needs to go get a life and stop bashing nintendo on stupid things

      • Colton

        He gets paid to say what he thinks.

        I think he has an amazing life and would gladly trade places.

    • Britton

      Agreed. And any jackass could do what he does. He changes his mind so damn often its not going to be hard for him to say, “look! I was right they did sell out!” Moron.

      • u mad bro FC: 0559-7101-5495

        @Michael Pachter: kiss up to Nintendo much?

    • grandlx2

      He will never shut up because people with too much free time on their hands give him attention. Hence… us.

    • OceanJ

      Actually what Pachter says unfortunately is important. See – Nintendo is a business and their stock price is hurting really bad, it’s down 77% since last year, the 3DS lackluster sales caused Nintendo’s first Annual money loss in its history last year…Nintendo needs to succeed with the Wii U, and these sales figures Pachter is talking about matter a lot. If Nintendo doesn’t fix all the bugs and sell a ton of Wii U’s…which by the way, they lose money on every single system sold currently, then the Big N will be forced to change strategic directions, and the Wii U’s lifespan will be shortlived. Any true Nintendo fan should care a lot what Pachter says and watch their sales and stock price numbers. See, Microsoft and Sony are giant conglomerates and if the PS4 or XBox 720 don’t work out for them…they’ll be ok. But this is all Nintendo does and if one of their systems fails, it hurts the company very badly.

      • Zomegax

        While Nintendo sells each console at a loss, all it takes is for one game to be bought per console to turn it into a profit.

        • idea

          One First Party game

      • Uh…

        Nintendo is bigger than Sony…

        • Bicentennial_Pidgeon

          Sony makes tv’s, cd players, bluray players, etc.

          Ninty is games only.

      • marioravesto3d

        Not to sure of sony position,I work on technology department we were told 2013 last year there making tvs there losing lot of money.Watch this space !

    • edward montgomery

      I like pachter

      • Nko Sekirei

        then get a room

    • Nko Sekirei

      I don’t like nintendo and I don’t agree it will sell. The controller is to gimmicky and kiddish. Ps3 ftw

    • ssb43dsFC3007 8585 6950

      OH YEAH 103 LIKES!

  • MEJM

    Silly Pachter. 🙂 Always swaying with the wind. Bless your soul.

    • Samurott

      Or better yet… BLESS YOUR FACE. I agree though, he changes his mind A LOT.

      • Bicentennial_Pidgeon

        “Bless your face. If you sneezed during this video, bless you. Peace off. Boop!”

        –Toby Turner

    • Michael Pachter

      I love the Wii U! I hate the Wii U! I love myself! I hate myself! Babble, babble, babble…

    • Pachter Jr

      Silly MEJM, having to recant a statement when your in the media business is never a good thing for your reputation. He believes what he believes and when he’s wrong he owns up to it.

  • Tobbe

    Talk about “turn the nose after the wind”

  • NiNtEnDoLoVeR

    mmm it’s been a long time I have heard his name…like 2 months ago? well go to h*ll Pachte…Wait HE did say 3 million by Christmas 2012?! Are you really Pachter or?

  • Max Lazy 10 / NNID: MAX_LAZY_10

    This guy confuses the crap outta me.

    • VX


  • HyrulianUtopia

    Make up you’re mind!

    So do you like it?

    • Leeroy

      It’s on purpose. Either way now, he can say he called it.
      I do it betting on baseball games againsed my friends I can see it from a mile away


    Haha, he can’t make up his mind it seems like!

  • marioravesto3d

    He looking at the overall positive from the game developers and the general public he as to change is mind.I go on a number of site really positive start for wii u.New consoles and new technology have problems when they start of its overcoming them problems it sounds to me nintendo were quick to react to them problems.

  • metroidfusion2

    He likes nintendo ha ha

  • WiiUWiiUWiiU

    PACHTER!!!!! Not you again.

  • 30yearsofnintendogaming3dsfc184828109359

    pachter, do you have mood swings or something

  • King rat

    He makes himself look like a fool by not actually knowing what is happening and constantly changing his mind based on what he hears in the weekly news. Complete tosser.


    Pachter, i don´t really hate U … you are so funny to hate u… LOL
    just look that face



  • Nintedward-WiiU is 100% paid off.

    Pachter is finnaly waking up to the fresh smell of common sense. The wiiu will be a success. Sony fanboys seem to think because a rushed launch port of one game on wiiu peforms a TINY bit worse than elsewhere that will dictate the success of wiiu.

    Look at 3ds’ launch , a LOT of its launch titles looked worse than a psp.And people were saying , ”this is a fail it’s just on par with a psp in 3d” – look what happened , games started showing up that looked twice as good as the psp and things moved on.

    Nintendo Land and NSMBU are effectively the 3ds’ Steel diver and Pilot wings , aka Rushed demonstrations. The ports remind me of the ports that showed up on 3ds like Splinter Cell 3D and Rayman 3D and Samurai Warriors chronicles.

    Would you realistically sit here today and refer to the 3ds launch titles as some sort of idea of what the system was capable of ? or would you point to Resi rev , kid icarus , Mario 3d land etc .

    This time next year , everyone will not only be not doubting the wiiu, but wondering how Sony or Microsoft is going to stop it.

    • Nintedward-WiiU is 100% paid off.

      Another comparison you can draw about the whole ”wiiu specs issue” is this.

      PSP CPU – 300MHZ / 3DS CPU 200MHZ
      PSP GPU -130MHZ / 3DS GPU 400MHZ
      PSP RAM- 32MB / 3DS RAM 128MB

      See how much a slow CPU means in that case ? nothing , the 3ds is far far more powerfull than a PSP in the same way the Wiiu will be far far more powerfull than a PS3. The haters will soon learn this.

      • Ljink

        Very well deduced Nintedward but we all know that power alone doesn’t win a console war. Specs are important but what will sell the wii u is Nintendo’s first party titles like Smash. Bros, Zelda, Donkey Kong and Star Fox.:D

        • Nintedward- Wiiu will be mine on Wednesday midnight!

          Indeed they don’t , but it’s all the haters who are jumping on wiiu specs not me lol

          • Ljink

            Yeah I know, I was just making a point across to “core” gamers. Believe me bro, you seem like the voice of reason here.

        • smallNdeadly

          Not to disagree but I don’t like many of Nintendos games. I love my wiiu though. The pad rules. As u all no already. Was a ps3 fan but I’m also smart enough to realize that power of console does not denote fun

          • Ljink

            This is very true:) I respect the thoughts of all gamers but believe me when I say this. “All it took for me to become a Nintendo fan was to play Zelda: Ocarina of Time.” Yeah, Super Mario. might be a bit overrated but he got his reputation by doing something right.

    • Tobbe

      U sure your paid of isnt credit?

      • Nintedward-WiiU is 100% paid off.

        What ? ZombiU bundle £329 , NSMBU £40 , Nintendo Land £40 , Blops 2 £40 , All paid for. Just need collecting on wednesday midnight.

        • marioravesto3d

          Wednesday were is it released ? I thought you lived in england release day friday ! Anyway have paid of me zombie u with wii u pack, getting batman next month buying at least four games.Good times ahead

          • Nintedward- Wiiu will be mine on Wednesday midnight!

            Yeh. I mean thursday midnight 🙁 . But I had wednesday set in my head.

        • dr scoobie

          need to charge the controller.
          ends up paying electricity bill.

  • Ljink

    And you, Pachter, you’re a pancake you’re flip-floppity!

    • Checkitnow12

      I’ll properly reach across the aisle and bitch smack Patcher as an equal!

      • Bicentennial_Pidgeon

        Of the people, by the people, for the people–EAGLE!

  • “Paid of, I have a Wii U”

    Change your namea plz

    • Tobbe

      Ofc its paid of and u have a U console.
      Or is your console in credit and i know a guy who know a guy that owns a U

      • Nintedward- Wiiu will be mine on Wednesday midnight!

        What’s wrong with my name lol ? :S . It makes perfect sense.

        Wiiu is 100% paid off – My wiiu and 3 games have already been fully paid for. All I now need to do is go and collect them on midnight on wednesday.
        aka – wiiu is 100% paid off !!!!

        • Nintedward

          *Thursday midnight! Damn , I had convinced myself I was getting a wiiu on wednesday and Now I have to wait till shitty thursday midnight.

  • marioU

    hey Pachter… you got a nice yellow t-shirt *eyes rolling up*

  • NNID TyGuy98

    He always says the wii u is terrible but I know for a fact that he probably bought a wii u the first day it came out.

  • eli

    oh…wow….just wow….

  • MinowaEli

    This man actually got featured briefly on a Time magazine article about the Wii U…

    • dr scoobie

      did he say something positive or negative?

  • Bill

    Why do you keep wasting bandwidth on this guy.

  • Shutthehellupnintedward

    Nintedward shut the hell up i paid off the wiiu in half a working week.
    so STFU!!

    • Nintedward

      Keep your knickers on small fry. I am just excited that MY wiiu is paid off and ready for pick up. Money is not the issue , just the fact that it’s ready and paid for!

      Half a working week ? My family are all stinking rich so suck on that noob.

      • ninjabake

        Not a classy response bro, you look worse than him

        • Nintedward


      • ssb43dsFC3007 8585 6950

        no onw likes snobby rich kids. Put british into that and you have a riot.

    • dr scoobie

      took me a whole year.

  • Shutthehellupnintedward

    Nintedward shut the hell up i paid off the wiiu in half a working week.
    so STFU!!
    And mod stop removing my comments

  • Prussia

    When is this guy going to make up his mind?!

  • Superstick(Using the Wii U web browser while doing this)

    My retarted brother has more sense than this guy does. And I don’t even have a retarted brother.

  • PKMN Trainer Red

    Leave nintedward alone! What a hater! Seriously, you just want to be as popular as nintedward you wannabe!

    • edward montgomery

      Lmao who the hell would wanna copy nintendoward theguy is a over opinionated moron who replys to commemnts in the past have been really low for example saying peoples bricked wii u deserve it also saying a troll had downsyndrome and a lot more


    Who are U and what did U do to Michael Pacther?

  • The Detonator

    this is good news! but come on dude! make up your mind!

  • Kingas of the Pingas

    Game Anal-yst

  • Yoyoyoshi

    Mr.Patcher, stop with you’re prediction please…

    • The Detonator

      it is his job. he gets paid. if your job was to do something and you got paid lots of money and i told you to stop doing it just because i don’t like you would you do it?no! stop harassing the guy. if you don’t like him leave him alone. it is his job just accept it and move on.

  • Retro

    I want to create a petition to not let this guy be news on the Wii U daily…. he is such a debbie downer….

  • Superstick(Using the Wii U web browser while doing this)

    Nintedward I freaking envy you.. getting a BLACK DELUXE SET WITH a pro controller which is probably going to take me half a whole stinkin year just to get a CONTROLLER. 🙁 And THREE GAMES?! It’s gonna take me a whole YEAR just to get TWO. Arrrrggghhhh!!!!

    • Nintedward

      Sorry didn’t mean to make you feel envious. I have been putting money away for my wiiu since about this time last year!

      You have a wiiu now anyway 🙂

  • VectorAKA

    I think WiiU daily may be Patcher fanboys, lol…they love posting everything he says concerning WiiU.

  • Bill Cosby

    He’s like a pancake! He’s flip-floppity!

  • Br

    Anyone else getting the feeling pachter talks down the wii u to lower stock prices and buy buy buy

  • NightºƒCore

    That senile old geezer *Insert b!tch please meme here* He used to be indecisive, but now he’s not so sure.

  • shutthehellupnintedward

    we dont care if u paid for a deluxe edition i have too but the difference is i worked for mine i didn get ”my stinking rich mummy and daddy” to buy it for me.
    you are just a arrogant nerd who needs to get a life.

  • Linskarmo

    Sometimes Pachter is optimistic, and sometimes he’s a grumpy hater. You never know with this guy.

  • Gamecube U

    His opinion on Nintendo depends on games.If he can’t get past a level on a Nintendo 1st party game he will hate on them, but if he can beat the level he will praise them.

  • Zak Iceblade

    Okay Patcher, can you please just shut the hell up and leave Nintendo alone. Just go bitch about something else but please, we get it.

  • NaX

    Well it doesnt matter to me how it sells :P. All i know is I love my Wii U. Well could use more ppl on BO2. 🙁

  • me

    He should run for office with all the flip flops he does.

  • Nintendog

    Patcher is a jackass, even if he thinks that. <:(

  • Nintendude

    I didn’t even read the article, I came here to read the comments.

  • Elite

    wait what…. Make up ones mind

  • marumo

    sorry but who is patcher again?

  • nm_nintendo

    and this must be a game analyst… He ain’t analysing shit, just talks crap…

  • kyuubikid213

    Nice to hear Pachter changing his tune…

  • gamenchick

    oh silly pachter, you big… -insert random hate remark-. But damn he flip flops more than a beach in the summertime…

  • nintendo gamer 38

    cant this guy shut up somebody pass the tape to put in his mouth

    • Pearson

      You don’t pass. You throw it in his mouth.