Jun 24th, 2016


Game industry analyst Michael Pachter has been a vocal critic of Nintendo lately, especially the way the company is run by its management. But he’s certainly a fan of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

He recently told Gamertag radio that the new Zelda game “looks amazing”, and added that he thinks all NX owners will buy one.

“I think everybody who buys an NX will absolutely buy it, and I think it will sell them 10 million consoles pretty quickly. Zelda looked great. I mean, it really looks like a good game.”

Pachter also said that it’s “sad” that it took Nintendo so long to launch the game, but that the good news is that when it launches on the NX, it will be a big deal. “It’s going to launch on the NX, so the NX is going to be something you will want to own”, said Pachter.

You know that the new Zelda is going to be a big deal when even one of Nintendo’s biggest critics is impressed and thinks it will sell 10 million new consoles.

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