Dec 11th, 2012

Game analyst Michael Pachter, whom we just can’t stop writing about on the site here apparently, predicts that Nintendo will slash the Wii U price by $50 in 2013.

He sort of predicted this several months ago as well, saying that competition from the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft will force Nintendo to cut the price of the Wii U.

Wii U price cutAnother reason he believes the price will be cut is that it’s too high for a mass market consumer device. After the initial Nintendo base has purchased their Wii U consoles, Nintendo will have to slash the price to get the average consumer and gamer to consider buying the system.

In theory, Pachter’s words make sense, but keep in mind that Nintendo went years without cutting the price of the original Wii, even after the competition had cut the price of their consoles several times.

Nintendo has confirmed that it loses money on each Wii U console sold, which means they probably aren’t too keen on cutting the price just yet. It’s entirely possible that we’ll see the console bundles get more value. For example, the Basic set could get a bundled game, while the Deluxe could get another game or Wii U eShop discounts.

Pachter’s predictions came in the latest episode of his show Pach Attack, which you can watch here.

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  • Laud

    Yeah yeah, who cares about this old guy, any one wanna play something? I got all teh games.

  • ceramicsaturn

    I know you guys have an obsession with the man, but he’s obviously wrong about nearly everything he says. Why do you (daily) pay so much attention to him? We don’t care about what he says. Let it go.

    • Revolution5268

       its all about the hits man, it boost people site by rating and hits on people go on what site, plus advertisement. They don’t care about Nintendo or their fans (im not talking about this site) there care about money in their pockets.

  • Pachter is useless when it comes to predictions about  what nintendo will do. I wish people would stop paying attention to him.

    • Revolution5268

       the trolls and screw attack won’t….sad is in it?

  • pachter also thinks that nintendo selling 5.5 million wii u’s by march is unrealistic. It’s been out for just a couple weeks and is just now releasing in japan and is already nearing 1 million. If sales continue as they are right now nintendo will easily make 5.5 mil if they can keep supply up

    • EponaVsCrimsonLoftwing

      He actually said that Nintendo was low balling that. However, he did say that when Nintendo said that they expected to sell, what was it, somewhere around 22 or 24 million games in the same time period. That’s about 4.5 games a person. That’s a lot. Patcher said that that’s unrealistic. And it admittedly is a bit of a stretch. But I guess we’ll see. Though, I do see where Patcher is coming from with a $50 cut. Sony is gonna have cheaper prices for their tech at launch than Nintendo since they waited a year, as well they didn’t have to cover the cost of the gamepad in their system, so that leaves them with plenty of room for a more powerful console at virtually the same price as the Wii U, maybe starting at $350. Microsoft, on the other hand, has no reason not to blow cash on a super console, they got the cash to spare. Plus, they actually had a marketing strategy with the 360 late in the game where they sold the kinect bundle for only $99 where they made up the rest with an overpriced Xbox Live gold membership contract, which would end up more than making up for the difference. Rumors have it they plan the same thing on a large scale to bring the next Xbox down from some $500 or $600 to the $350 or $400 range. If they do that, then people will only see that buy in price and pretty much overlook the Xbox Live contract when they decide to buy the machine. So, with 2 consoles that will, being a year younger, definitely be stronger than Wii U is, and probably even coming with a lot more hard drive space, Nintendo will have to do something to entice customers. Patcher says a price drop. I don’t think they’ll do that. I think they’ll wait one more year for that. But I do think that Nintendo will come out with a new bundle. Include Nintendo Land in the basic bundle and throw in either another game into the Premium or maybe a Pro controller. This way you don’t feel like you spent and extra $50 for buying early, but people who held off feel like they got a special little bonus after being patient and waiting. Just like the guy says in the article. This is all speculation though. It personally doesn’t effect me, I’ve got my Wii U waiting for me under my Christmas tree as I type this. So whatever. Just thought I’d share some outlook on this stuff. 

  • tronic307

    No they won’t. Pack it in, Pachter, you’re done.

  • Squid king

    I’m tired of this guy. He’s annoying, And I Hope he’d just give up -_-,

  • D2K

    So in order to compete with consoles that will be 100-200 dollars more in price Nintendo is going to lower the price of the Wii U and sell it at a LOSS? 

    Wii U Daily staff……..WHY are you posting this?

    • ZeldaFan83

      Nintendo is already selling the Wii U at a loss but if at least one game is purchased with the console then they make a profit.

      • D2K

        I know that.  Since if you obviously are going to buy a game if you by the basic model and those that can afford to purchase the deluxe model more than likely did not settle for just NintendoLand, the Wii U essentially sells at a profit.

        • ZeldaFan83

          Not exactly, while most will purchase a game with the system Nintendo will only make a profit if one of their games is purchased with the system like New Super Mario Bros U. If someone buys a Wii U and ZombiU then Nintendo makes no profit. So Nintendo only makes a profit off of the consoles they sell with the purchase of one of their games.

          • D2K

            Once again, a core gamer is not going to be resigned to just one game and a casual gamer most likely is not going to start off with a game like ZombiU. 

            Even if that were true (which I highly doubt and have not heard from any Nintendo personnel or anyplace else that is the case) if it only takes one game purchased to turn a profit then the loss is minimal at best.  Possibly under the cost of a Wii U game..  That also is probably why they didn’t mention it until asked because it wasn’t worth mentioning.  Not only that, with the largest launch library in recent years there are more than enough choices to increase the attach-rate beyond two games. 

            The point is that if Nintendo were to lower the price of the Wii U this early in the game it would cause a REAL loss in which they could not make a profit off of a single-game attach rate like they do now. 

            Overall, the Wii U is a profitable system RIGHT NOW.

          • ZeldaFan83

            Speaking as a core gamer $300-$350 is a lot of money in this economy plus $60 a pop for each game adds up. I myself only bought one game with the Deluxe Wii U because shit ain’t cheap these days. I believe the attach rate for each system purchased was about 2 games per console sold at launch but don’t quote me on that. I personally hope Nintendo is making a profit as one of the number 1 games being purchased is Super Mario Bros. U I’m guessing they are for the time being but they just have to keep that momentum going…

  • Nintendude


  • I see no reason why nintendo would do that, as the most recent statements from the developers who are working on dev kits for both the new ps and Xbox have already confirmed that the competing “next gen” systems will hardly be more powerful then wiiu, so once again pachter is wrong. Daily don’t waste posts on this douchebag.

  • AAAkabob

    Stop publishing pieces about this guy! It’s actually getting annoying that this moron gets an entire article everytime he utters another ridiculous opinion. How about you add a ‘patcher update’ at the bottom of other articles so I’m not completely let down when I read your pieces and am not expecting a mediocre topic.

    • Revolution5268

       again like i said above, its all about the website getting promoted in cash in their pocket.

  • ZeldaFan83

    That is unlikely, the Xbox 360 was $399.99 when it was released while the Playstation 3 was $599.99 and I don’t see the Xbox 720 or PS4 being any cheaper than that most likely more expensive. Nintendo even said they have no plans to drop the price for a long time which would probably be a couple years.

    What exactly is Patcher an analyst of? Because he really does suck as a Video Game Analyst of what Nintendo is going to do. Personally I think he’s just an idiot who doesn’t like Nintendo.

    • Revolution5268

       exactly, but keep in mind hating Nintendo in the media is like a juicy thing to them, hits man hits.

  • ObiBoing

    I would like Wii U Daily to be the first site not give attention to Pachter anymore.

    It’s getting old with the “Pachter said this” and junk on every fansite.

  • Fuchey

    I hope he’s right, for my sake. 😉

  • Fernando Mattos

    I’m a big fan of Nintendo and I’m hoping the WiiU succeeds. But for me, WiiU is a big mistake. A generation ago Nintendo said to me: “Hey, movement is the future of gaming.” And I bought the idea!

    Now comes the WiiU and says: “Forget the movement. I’s time of two screens.” When developers begin to see new possibilities in movements, Nintendo completely changes the concept. For me, now, was only launched a more powerful machine than Sony and Microsoft. And in next generation, two screens.

    Perhaps Nintendo needs to understand that the mass of buyers do not have the speed of innovation that it hopes. Please, hope I’m wrong.

    • NkoSekirei

       wii u is not a mistake its the most bad@$$ system to date with a beast online service which i love and of course it has tons of third party support and more awsome games to come in 2013.Reggie alrdy said wii u can give ps4 and 720 a run for their money due too wii u wil have more games under its belt and have farm ore support and fanbase even after the new systems from sony and mircosoft comes out and wi u sales will probably be over 5 to 10 million before the end of 2013 and many third party developers that support the wii u alrdy confimed last few months ago that the wii u is 80 to 100 percent more powerful then the current gen consoles

    • The gamepad still has the same exact features as a Wiimote and Nunchuck, they have just ADDED. Also the Wiimote and Nunchuck are still supported. They have added ideas and concepts, not changed ideas and concepts. It’s like people complaining about the screen on the tablet because they have a 50+ inch tv. It’s not replacing the tv, it’s adding on to the tv. Don’t worry, there will still be games that focus on the movement aspect.

    • D2K

      If what you said was true then there would be no Kinect or PSMove.  There also would be no Smartglass, Kinect 2.0 (and possiblity a tablet controller of it’s own for the 720/Durango/XBOX) and augmented reality glasses ‘possibly’ for the PS4/Orbis. 

      For 40 years Nintendo has set the threads, others have followed.  Nintendo has taken the risks of trying something new and different, others piggy-back their ideas and success.  Microsoft and Sony already knew Nintendo was on to something with the Wii U Gamepad which is why they have already implemented similar tech for their next-gen consoles.   

      You don’t have to hope, you ARE wrong as many people have been time and time and time and time again. 

      No one knows more about how to be successful in the gaming industry than Nintendo which is why they have been the most successful and will continue to be.  Even when Nintendo does actually make mistakes it turns out pretty good i.e. the 3DS launch.

  • Patcher also said that the Walking Dead had no chance at winning any VGA awards.  Look what happened then.

  • Henry Hotspur


  • DemonRoach

    When the Wii U is 1 year old, yes, I’m sure it’ll be 50$ cheaper.  That’s how Nintendo rolls dude. And 2, there is no way microsoft or sony will compete on a price point. Both Sony and Microsoft are failing companies, and Nintendo has loads of Cash on the Balance Sheet. Sony might not even be able to release a system next year since they are in poor financial trouble.

    • MS and Sony can survive any financial issue, while when this Wii U keeps flopping, Nintendo won’t be able to survive.

      • DemonRoach

        That’s not what their Balance Sheets say.

        •  That’s what their assets say.  All Nintendo has is Nintendo.  Sony messed up trying to force people to buy the PS3 in order to get a Blu-Ray player under $1,000.  Nintendo keeps messing up with poor marketing (calling the system Wii again) and making cheap systems focusing on baby games.  These people still have not learned.

  • Justin Gray

    Well, the next consoles aren’t even going to be out next year until the holidays if at all. What Nintendo will do, instead of taking further losses on their hardware, is release some fireball titles that will draw a ton of attention to their platform. Say MS comes out with the XBox 720 or whatever and no games that aren’t already available on other platforms besides a couple crappy MS exclusives and the big N puts out Zelda and/or Metroid and/or Dragon Quest X. What do you think that will do for Nintendo’s sales? Look at history for the answer. Have a nice day.

  • Yeah maybe next christmas, for over a year, this guy is an idiot

  • bloodace45

    Reggie stated before “People who are waiting for a price drop will be waiting a long time.” Took 3 years for the Wii to get a price drop. Will be 3-4 years before the Wii U gets one. Wii U will still be cheaper then the other next consoles anyway.

    • You assume the Wii U will be cheaper than the others..

  • Steven McCall

    I really want to stop hearing about this Pachter guy. He is a useless pos. Nothing that he says has any baring on anything…. ever. And so I would rather the useless items including his name stop appearing on sites.

  • $400+ for an iPad mini is just fine, but $350 for a WiiU is too much? I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  • frumpus

    Only $50? Try $100.

  • GoldenBIGbean

    Are you serious, The wii U is not bringing in profits when one of many sells….
    Bull shet

  • andrewjcole

    He just hates Nintendo and spends too much time on his 360 and PS3.

  • Donald Black

    this is coming fromt he same guy that says sony ps3 was gonna win last gen and the wii was going to be last place. hahahaha what a dunce

  • Bridget Wiggens

    well if they drop the price by 100 dollars i am sure they would sell out fast.. i am sure by this spring of 2013 it sould drop i hope????