Mar 27th, 2016


“The Wii did really well, but it was replaced by a turd: the Wii U”. So said game analyst Michael Pachter during the latest episode of his Pachter Factor show.

Pachter was talking about game consoles and fads in the game industry. With the Wii, he mentioned music games, such as Guitar Hero, which were hugely popular for a couple of years and then faded away — like the Wii, according to Pachter.

In the same episode, Pachter says that he still believes that the NX will launch in 2017, and that its success all depends on the software and content that’s available.

Most believe that Wii U’s struggles are due to a complete lack of third party games, and if the NX is to succeed, Nintendo needs third party publishers on board, says Pachter. But it doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out.

You can watch the episode below (Wii U talk starts at 6:05, NX talk at 0:30)

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