Nov 28th, 2015


Michael Pachter shared his thoughts in Nintendo’s chances with the upcoming NX console. In the latest episode of his new show, the games industry analyst said that he believed Nintendo has about 60% chance of succeeding with the NX.

He said that he believes the NX will be some sort of “convergence device” between home and mobile consoles, based on recent Nintendo patent filings.

“I think you will see Nintendo games launch on NX and maybe on mobile later.” he said. Which wouldn’t be too far off the current trend, where Nintendo releases some of its popular games on both the Wii U and 3DS, such as Super Smash Bros.

In terms of sales, Pachter says he sees the Wii U sell as many as 30 million units if it launches late in this console cycle (which is two years in). By comparison, the PS4 has already sold 30 million units.

Pachter did underline that these are his pure speculations on the NX, and that they’re not based on any inside information. Nintendo has bene very tight-lipped about the NX. So far all we know is that codename (“NX”) and that it will be a home console.

Image via Bleach Bypass

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