Apr 8th, 2013


Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the worst analyst of them all? All signs point to Michael Pachter, as he’s at it again with his Wii U flip-flopping. Pachter  has been notoriously hard on Nintendo in particular when it comes to analyzing the company’s strategies; he’s gone from stating he thinks the Wii U will be sold out during the holiday season and when that didn’t happen, he stated the Wii U was a failure. It has lead to a lot grief for Nintendo fans, as many try and reason that the Wii U is not next-gen and not capable of playing next-gen games.

In his latest episode of Pach-Attack on GameTrailers.com, Michael Pachter took two viewer questions directly related to Nintendo. The first deals with expanding the eShop outside of countries it is already available in:

PDantas: “Mr.Pachter, do you think Nintendo is expanding their eShop services for countries outside the US anytime soon? I’m in Brazil and I fear I won’t be able to download the new Wind Waker HD when it comes out.”
Michael Pachter : “Yeah I think so, I think Nintendo is very late to the party with the eShop. But so far what I’ve seen it actually works quite well, you know, I think in typical Nintendo fashion they did it right, they just did it late. So I think it’s their intention that any place you can download their games, they’re happy to sell them to you.”

The second question is far more telling, as Pachter admits he has no idea how do decipher Nintendo’s release schedule or what they could be planning because of it. He goes on to admit that despite the strategy being undecipherable by him, he would never question it because of how strong of software support the company has:

Marc42: “What do you think of Nintendo re-releasing Wind Waker? No mention of Mario, Metroid etc. Creative troubles?”

Michael Pachter: “Urm, I think Nintendo is an enigma wrapped up in a question mark. I have no idea what motivates Nintendo to release the games they release. I think you can safely assume that if Nintendo thinks they can make money re-releasing a game, they’re going to re-release the game. I certainly wouldn’t diss them at all for bringing back Wind Waker, and I would not rule out that because today there is no mention of any other game they’re not going to do that.

I think that pretty much anything that is Mario or Zelda is under Miyamoto’s control and I think that Miyamoto is given complete freedom to pick and choose what he wants to work on, what he wants his studios to work on. I think that he decided that Wind Waker would just look great in HD. The demos we saw it looks pretty great in HD. It’s a big big franchise and I think they will sell a lot of units. The only constraint to selling units of Wind Waker is the amount of Wii Us out there. So far not very many, but in time there is going to be 10, 15, 25 million and I when there are they are going to get a very high attach rate.

That audience is super loyal to the Zelda franchise, of course they’re also loyal to Mario but you’re going to get a new Mario title, probably more of these retro titles later on in the Wii U’s life cycle, but again I’m at a complete loss to explain what motivates Nintendo to do anything, they have their own method, it has worked for them for a long time. I would never ever question their software strategy, I think they do a great job on software, I consistently question their hardware strategy but not software, I think they know what they’re doing.”

This is pretty telling that Michael Pachter ultimately believes the Wii U will be a success. His doom and gloom predictions for the hardware side of things rely purely on Nintendo’s release schedule for software, which Pachter freely admits he’s unable to predict because of the nature of Miyamoto and Nintendo’s creative freedom with several of its franchises. As many of you have stated, the answer here is that once the great line-up of games we know are in the pipeworks become available, the sales for the Wii U will follow.

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  • Dominicruz

    Michael patcher doesnt evento know What he is talking about .but he is going to be wrong about win U

  • djvalbnc

    I think, for the first time, I can agree with what Michael Pachter says.

  • Captinn2

    I say that I would “always question Pacther’s flip-flopping”

  • I´m so tired of Michael Patcher.

  • MechLord

    I’ll troll this section tomorrow

    • Zorbo85, sithWiiU & Friends


  • Nobody

    I’d say that Pacter isn’t as bad as you make him out to be. He has a point about Nintendo’s hardware having issues when compared to the competition. Nintendo makes great software, but it often comes out on limited hardware, which in turn affects third party support as well.

    Nintendo does make some weird choices when it comes to hardware and online, and it’s almost always about piracy and trying to make everything safe for kids.

    • RyuNoHadouken

      finally, someone on this forum that makes sense and isnt blinded by this Ninty fanboy culture

      • Zorlac79

        It’s not a “Ninty fanboy culture”, it is an “Anti Troll” and “anti PS3-4 fanboy who is pathetic so he has to come to a Wii U site to try and disrupt them with his hate” culture

      • Most gamers don’t take anything Pachter says as truth. The only ones who do are trolls and people who have no idea how the gaming industry works.

      • Captain Falcon

        *cough* *cough*
        *cough* *cough*

    • Cesar Barroso

      i will throw to your statement, “it could be that the other consoles are way ahead of their time in the gaming industry, and that hurt them in their firs 3-4 years of their life”

      • Nobody

        You mean Sony and Mircosoft? No, they made the right choice by making gaming consoles into a decent entertainment center rather than the classic SNES/Genesis type console, and that really helped them. Even when faced with a massive fad like the Wii, they came out on top because both the PS3 and 360 offered better things.

        Nintendo on the other hand didn’t do that as fast as the others, and made weird choices during the N64/GCN eras that turned off many developers.

        • Wayne Beck

          They didn’t come out on top. They sold less Hardware and Less Software.

          The only mistake Nintendo made with the Wii was not sticking to their Standard 5 Year Console life. Xbox and Playsation are barely profitable because of the amount of Money they waste subsidizing Hardware and trying to buy exclusivity from third party companies. They literally have to pay people not to make their games on Nintendo just to compete.

          • Nobody

            I’d say the PS3 and 360 did come out on top, even when the Wii was outselling them in raw hardware numbers.

            When people discuss gaming now, it’s almost always PS3/360 games. Even the general public has a very indifferent attitude towards the Wii. And Nintendo has made more mistakes than just some five year console life. Their mistakes were Friendcodes for each online game, console locked downloads, and some harsh policies that made them less attractive compared to Sony and Mircosoft. And all of those added to their userbases, while Nintendo is mostly stuck with Mario and Zelda fans.

            As for the comment about the other’s paying third parties to not put games on Nintendo consoles, that is just not true. A big factor is userbase, which is why Ubisoft delayed Rayman in favor of the American audiences, which a ton of them have 360s.

          • Wayne Beck

            “As for the comment about the other’s paying third parties to not put games on Nintendo consoles, that is just not true. A big factor is userbase,”

            I’m sorry, but you are the one who is wrong.MS and PS both go well out of there way to try to buy up IPs or exclusivity on every Third Party game that looks remotely Promising. Install Base is only a factor at the launch of a Console. That is why Rayman was Delayed. After consoles are established it is no longer a factor. If it was, Nintendo would have had every Third Party game on the Wii. They had Double the Install Base of their competitors for four years.

            You can dislike any part of Nintendo’s consoles you want, but in this industry, a Mistake is something that is detrimental to your profits. Friend Codes and Locked Downloads did not hurt Nintendo at all. Not having the Wii U ready when the Wiis five year life Cycle was over did.

            There is a reason Nintendo has always been profitable while all their competitors have struggled. Even the GameCube, widely regarded as a failure, made them a huge profit.

          • Nobody

            I’ve seen a lot of great exclusive games get put on the Wii/GCN, and then they get moved over to another console only to get finally recognized for what it is; a good game. Most of it is done by the third parties themselves, not MS or Sony. As for MS and Sony, it’s a smart move to get new exclusives, it creates a reason to get their consoles.

            And I must say this; but friendcodes did affect Nintendo. Why play CoD or Goldeneye on the Wii when I can get better online on the other consoles? There are people out there who would rather play Smash on third party online emulators because they hate the FC system. And locked downloads turn many people off from buying games. What if my Wii breaks? How easily can I transfer my stuff if it isn’t just locked onto my account? That isn’t fair at all to the consumer giving money to Nintendo.

            And the amount of consoles sold is big, but a lot of consoles don’t mean too much sadly if developers and gamers pay little attention to the Wii or Wii U for that matter. The Wii is known for being simple to hack, a fact that also was able to push a ton of PSPs.

          • Wayne Beck

            The Most Hardware Sale + The Most Software Sale = The Most Successful Console.

            You are looking at this through a very tiny skewed point of View. You like Online Gaming, You were scared of loosing your games. Most people did not care. You are ignoring actual facts in favor of the opinions of loud mouth “hardcore” gamers on the internet. The 20 Million Xbox Players who bought 3 Xboxes will not dictate the future of this Indutry. The 90 Million Wii players who bought 1 Wii will.

            That is why Nintendo isn’t going to the extreme with it’s hardware.
            That is why Nintendo is courting Indie Developers instead of buying every Third Party franchise on the market.
            That is why Nintendo is the only company to offer backward compatibility.

            No matter how many New Baubles the competition shoves in to the background of their overpowered and overpriced consoles, it will always come back to Gameplay. Nintnedo knows that, despite the fact that people like you try to deny their Complete and Total Victory in the last Generation.

          • Nobody

            It actually goes back to money. The 360 and PS3 were more attractive to the average consumer for doing more than just playing games, which adds value to your purchase. If I got the Wii now, unless I hacked it, I would consider it to be wasted money since it’ll be hard to move my digital games over to another Wii, it can’t play DVDs or Blu-rays without modding it, and a lot of the big games it does have has ports on other consoles or has decent games similar to Mario or Zelda.

            This is why even Nintendo has made the Wii U into a media center, because no console would ever survive in this day and age with the amount of tech that goes into them and just be a machine that plays games.

            And finally, those 90 million Wii owners don’t mean a lot if they either hacked their Wii for free games, just bought Mario, Zelda, Smash and nothing else, or got bored with Wii Sports/Wii Fit and put it up in their closest.

          • Wayne Beck

            I don’t see how your not getting this. For all the “Value” of the additional features on the Xbox and PS3, they were crushed in hardware sales. Obviously, those 90 Million Wii owners didn’t just put them in a closet, otherwise Nintendo would not have Crushed the competition in software sales. Everything your trying to point out is directly contradicted by the sales numbers. The only things the PS3 and Xbox360 have on the Wii is longevity. PS3, like all Playstations, was designed to be a ten year Console. Xbox360 was built as a media center. Two and a Half Years after the Wii’s life Cycle ended, they still have not caught up. That is why Nintendo’s only real mistake was not having the Wii U Ready in time for their standard five year Life Cycle.

            For the Record, If you want to Keep your Wii Downloads, it is as simple as downloading an app on your Wii, Copying them to an SD card and Placing it in your Wii U. If you happen to be one of the 1 in a Million people who managed to break their Wii, it’s a Phone Call to get your Content Moved.

          • Nobody

            And for all the sales the Wii got in hardware, it sure is ignored by developers and gamers alike. While I’m not trying to be offensive with such a comment, but when the Wii does get brought up, it’s usually by younger kids or women. Which would explain the high sales of games like Mario and Wii Fit/Let’s Dance outside of bundles. When I discuss games with people my age, so like 20-25, it’s all about the PS3/360. Nintendo is just pushed off to the side unless someone brings up OoT/ALttP and then everyone just collectively nostalgias over that one time when they little and just slashing chickens.

            I am a person who actually loves the Wii, and have bought many games for it. Despite for being an overlooked console, it has a great selection of shooters, not unlike back when the N64 was steaming hot with games like Goldeneye and Turok. But I usually don’t bring up Nintendo in a video game discussion, because for most people, Nintendo is just a joke to them. I disagree, but I cannot deny that Nintendo’s actions have given people reasons to think so. The PS3 and 360 have a lot on the Wii, being able to read DVDs and BDs is a big one. With a PS3, you don’t have to buy another BD player. Also, having all that third party support is a plus too. Maybe I wanted to play Skull Girls on my Wii too? Oh, it wasn’t made for it, so I’ll have to buy myself a PS3 and enjoy a mountain of great games along with it. You can kinda see how easy it would be to have someone swayed away from Nintendo when they see Nintendo consoles being left cold like that.

            And for the phone call thing, we shouldn’t have to put up with that. We could just have our downloads account based and just transfer our stuff easily.

          • Wayne Beck

            I’m pretty done with this conversation. Clearly you have drank too much “Hardcore” Kool-Aid. I just wanted to point something out to you.

            “When I discuss games with people my age, so like 20-25, it’s all about the PS3/360.”

            20-25 year olds are collage Kids. People who thrive on over stimulation, a quality targeted by Microsoft and Sony. The average gamer is over the age of 30. The Majority of Gamers are not 20-25. You can’t judge a growing Population of roughly 200 Million people in over a dozen different markets based on what your friends think. Especially when your friends are the smallest demographic in the Industry.

          • fireheartis1

            Although I did hate friend codes I really never bothered using them lol. I just got online and jumped into a game. The only time friend codes mattered if you wanted to play with friends around the world. Well all my friends live in my town, so I just played online multiplayer by jumping into a game. The fact is your right friend codes did hurt the Wii, and that’s why Nintendo changed that whole thing on the Wii U. Usernames are way better than friend codes for real.

          • All three companies would define “coming out on top” in exactly one way: sales. They’re corporations. They could give a damn if their consoles are talked about. Nintendo came out on top in sales, which is meaningful for one reason; consumers don’t truly care about graphics or horsepower as much as the companies think. In fact the most powerful system rarely sells the most. Nintendo has said repeatedly that they aren’t trying to compete with Sony or Microsoft. All they really have to do is sell Wii u’s to Nintendo fans and they’ll be fine…

          • fireheartis1

            You sure are the smartest guy on here who really isn’t a Nintendo fanboy or PS3/360 fanboy. Than you for not hating on Nintendo for making some really big mistakes in the 7th gen. You for one are right Nintendo’s policy towards 3rd parties is a little harsh. They are making them better but still their policies are harsher than they should be. Although Nintendo came in first on hardware sales they did loose a lot of 3rd party support last gen. I loved my Wii and there were many great games on it, but there were also a whole lot of crap to sift through to find those great games. When a 3rd party actually tried on the Wii the games were amazing. Games like Conduit 2, Red Steel 2, Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, XenoBlade Chronicles, and even Call of Duty were great on the Wii. Despite the limited power when people tried to make great graphics for the Wii the games would look amazing. I’m a huge Zelda and even Mario fan but I do enjoy other types of games as well. Nintendo promised new IP’s and only one came out, but it only hit Japan and I think even Europe. Project Hammer would have been awesome, but for some reason Nintendo cancelled it. That was another mistake. Having so many party and casual games sucked as well. I’m just hoping they don’t make the same mistake with the Wii U. Wii U is a great console and it would suck if it fails.

          • Nobody

            Honestly, it’s really hard to hate Nintendo. And it’s not like the 360 and PS3 aren’t full of annoying issues.

            Nintendo is just sort of stuck in their ways, but sadly doesn’t have a strong enough following to be like Apple, and get away with it.

        • Cesar Barroso

          there you have it, entertainment boxes vs gaming console.

    • AAAkabob

      What about hardware makes it safe for kids that any other of the big 3 wouldn’t do?

      • Nobody

        I was talking about the Friendcode and the sort of striped down online, since it’s like they were covering their butts. The idea is that kids would have to know the person IRL to play online. But kids just posted their FCs everywhere making it useless. The others at least have accounts and you can just give your account name to someone and play all your games online with your buds that way.

        And so we all understand, this is what Nintendo wanted to prevent from happening. There are other similar reports with other systems like the 360, but this is notable.


        • Guest

          That news story is ridiculous.

        • AAAkabob

          This was true before but they broke down…if only 3DS would get rid of friend codes

        • one of those kids wasnt even playing a DS. he was playing an SP…

    • Adrian

      I never bought a Wii because the hardware wasn’t appealing. It wasn’t powerful enough, didn’t have good enough graphics, and honestly I felt my PS2 was better. I bought a Wii U because it finally brings Nintendo hardware up to the level where I have NO complaints.
      Plus of course the gamepad is freakinawesome.

    • Sidney Majurie

      While I somewhat agree, why didn’t third parties spport Gamecube more if lack of power was THE issue. It was more powerful than PS2?

      • Nobody

        In the case of the GCN, it was because of the discs. Had Nintendo just used normal sized discs instead of mini-DVDs, it would have gotten way more support as the games could just be ported straight on there without removing content. To give you an idea, Resident Evil 4 was a two disc game on the GCN, but every other version, including the Wii version had one.

        It really was the exact same issue with the N64, a CD could hold far more content than a cart. So, when I refer to hardware being an issue, it’s also about the media the console plays. Even if the PS2 was a weak console, it could still handle more content than the GCN with far fewer discs.

        • Some Fat Dude

          Except that the only issue with the GCN’s media format was FMVs. A game with alot of cutscenes (Ex. MGS: Twin Snakes) would need more than 1 disc. PS2 was a juggernaut because it was out first AND was a DVD player. Powerwise, PS2 was a bit more comparable to the Dreamcast.

          • Nobody

            I think what also helped the PS2 was the fact it could also play PS1 games. So if you loved your PS1, you would be a fool to not upgrade to the newer system that could still play your favorites while you wait for a brand new next gen game.

            Compared to the Gamecube, where you had to abandon your N64 games because the GCN was a totally different beast from the last console.

          • Some Fat Dude

            That depends. The way history sees it, BC isn’t a deal breaker for most. It’s an expensive feature. One that the PS4 won’t have. I personally prefer BC because old consoles eventually die. It may have helped then as Sony was (I believe) the first to do it. But I knew a few people with PS2s that didn’t care for it. Yeah, GCN didn’t have it because it was a disc media console. N64 was not. However, I’m sure I am not alone in saying the N64 was very durable. I had a launch system. It survived 16 years of over use. Died on me a few months ago.

        • Sidney Majurie

          Dude sorry but adding an extra disc was no big deal or cost. You must not have played rpgs on PS1 like Final Fantasy. Discs are super cheap and adding an extra mini disc cost pennies. The reason why devs didn’t support Gamecube was because many were still butt hurt by Nintendo licensing fees from NES, SNES, and N64 era. The thing that hurt N64 the most was cost of cartidges, not space, and N64 was a b**ch to develop for…

          • Nobody

            My point with this is that because the Gamecube had a lower amount of space on a single disc, it made porting games over to it harder without removing content or adding more discs. And yea, discs are cheap, but you shouldn’t have to resort to using more than one disc to play a whole game. Resident Evil 4 wasn’t even really that long and yet it was a two disc game.

            As for the N64 problem, space is a big deal. There are some N64 multiplats that had some content removed (like voice acting) because the devs couldn’t fit it in those carts. And yes, I know that N64 games had voice acting, but it was usually (usually is the key word, Conker is a massive exception) limited compared to what the PS1 could do. You have to understand just how much space video and audio can take up. Bringing Conker back up, that game was said to use some extreme compression for it’s voice acting. And it’s a game that was going into PS2 levels, like Majora’s Mask did graphically. But generally, the N64’s problem was being hard to develop for and lack of space on carts.

          • Cubester_64

            Not as bad as the Sega Saturn, I think. IDK.

    • Michael Pachter

      Why thank you.

    • I sort of agree, but he still flip flops pretty damn awfully

    • mikel334u2

      I agree, and Nintendo should market their “family/kid-friendly” games more to attract casual gamers while still having all hardcore multi-plats, with which gamers will already know about through gaming websites or internet ads.

  • RyuNoHadouken

    i can agree with this

  • METHical reality

    since the guy is buying Nintendo games .. leave him alone let the dog bark for awhile all you should care for is that he is buying Nintendo games ergo he is making Nintendo profit ergo he is Nintendo’s bitch xD .. and about the analysis he gives no body really cares except maybe his wife i dunno i don’t think she really believes his shit either xD .. Nintendo will always be in the top

  • Jeffery02

    I lost interest in this guy ages ago. This time he seems correct, but he has played devil’s advocate for the Wii U so long that this all of a sudden seems like he just doesn’t actually know. I guess he figures that if he throws enough opinions out there that at least one will be correct. The Wii U is going to do well, or it is going to be Nintendo’s last console. Yeah, pretty much sums up what I already knew myself. Great analyst…

  • CuriousManiac

    Their Motto is ‘Create something unique’

    Question answered!

  • Levi Johansen

    He says the most obvious things, like: Slow sales = few people have the system…


    more games = more sales

    then he makes the most stupid predictions based on this:
    slow sales = “Wii U is doomed”
    more sales = “Wii U might survive”
    more sales confirmed = “Wii U WILL survive, Nintendo is cool after all”

    the next time there is the slightest fall in sales for the Wii U he will be back with more rubbish.

    He is only interested in making headlines and even Wii U Daily is giving it to him.

    He is quite clever though, basing stupid predictions on ACTUAL FACTS, like the fact that sales WERE slow. But that doesn’t turn his opinions into facts, Wii U is NOT DOOMED.

    When he bases his opinions on FACTS like this it is hard for people to ignore him, they feel like they HAVE TO show some other facts that prove his predictions to be unrealistic. This doesn’t matter to him, because by this time he has gained some headlines and made some fuzz, even though he might not even believe his own predictions.

    He is very good at getting people to respond to him, and that’s his job, he makes money on this. HE IS A PROFESSIONAL TROLL!

    • Levi Johansen

      right now he told the truth though – you kinda have to let it go when the facts turn against you.

      The next he will troll about is the Xbox 720, that’s my prediction!

    • Nobody

      But he is going off what everyone can see with the Wii U. It also doesn’t help Nintendo that the Wii U isn’t as much of a runaway hit like the Wii was, so that does affect how people see the success of the Wii U.

      Also, Nintendo is unique in that their consoles are mostly bought for a few popular series and that’s it. So when the Wii U comes out without a major Mario/Zelda/other big series, it comes off as a bit of a red flag. And realistically, any console is capable of failure because of tablets, smartphones, and other devices that simply do more than just play games and Netflix. I’m really wondering if it’s worth putting down 250 bucks on a PS3, do you really think I would even consider 350 on a console that does less? The big three are trying really hard to make their consoles still relevant.

      • Levi Johansen

        I agree, I was a bit surprised to find so few Nintendo games at launch, and then Pikmin 3 was delayed beyond belief and Rayman Legends beyond comprehension!!! (Rayman Legends is not a Nintendo game, but still)

        But there has never been any doubts in my mind that the Wii U will be a great success, because PS4 and Xbox 720 isn’t out yet, and when they are; Nintendo will have a huge line-up of amazing games!

        Wii U has had a better launch period than PS3 and Xbox 360 and I think the PS4 and Xbox 720 will have an even weaker launch:

        Why would anyone buy PS4 or Xbox 720 when most next-gen games are coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360?

        Watch Dogs, GTA V, Assassins Creed 4, BF4, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and the list goes on.

        the Wii will not get those, so Wii owners HAVE TO buy a Wii U to get in on the next-gen fun, but PS3 and Xbox 360 owners can relax with their current-gen systems for atleast a year and maybe two.

    • NkoSekirei

      will pachter is an idiot thats all im gonna say on this matter

  • TS;DR

    (Too Stupid, Didn’t Read)

    Stop with the Pachter guy, can’t you find someone else more credible on giving actual info on the Wii U than this guy?

  • Fishy

    Pachter is a bomb-thrower. He’s one of those people that just relishes in being vicious and making people irritated – you can see this in not only what he says, but how he communicates it. That being said, some of his comments have a basis in reality, while others are spurious. Despite owning and loving my Wii U, I think the launch, advertising and marketing efforts have completely bungled to a degree that is absolutely baffling to me. I am astonished to say that I still have not seen a single Wii U advertisement outside of gaming websites I frequent, which is just downright bizarre considering how much money – billions! – Nintendo is sitting on. Don’t they want the system to sell and do well? Cut it out with the amateur hour nonsense and make some moves . . .

  • Anyone can make their own predictions and personal analysis, but most of Pachter’s predictions are either obvious, lack any logical explanation as to why we should believe it, or are flat out wrong. Taking a look at his past predictions, he was incorrect in GTA V’s release date 3 times, the time setting of ACII, the cost of Kinect, and much more. Any correct predictions he does make are painstakingly obvious, such as GTA IV being a great seller.

    The biggest beef I have with Pachter, and perhaps others may as well, is that he is an analyst for current trends, and doesn’t have a grasp of how the video game industry works. When someone is as wrong as many times as he is with his predictions, why should anyone take his word seriously? Game devs and most CEO’s are more trustworthy than Pachter.

  • Nintendo clearly does not have any Wii U 9native) software out there which they should have had, so they release these old school games. They should have just waited. Releasing old time games just confuses consumers. People see a new system but old games and graphics and wonders why?

    • Sonic the Hedgehog

      Because Iwata thinks you are bananas

    • CyanideInsanity

      releasing a newer port =/= remake…

    • JPASK

      In the end, it shouldn’t matter, as long as the games work, then the console has served it’s purpose.

  • Nintendofreak

    i have to admit i dont give a shit about mario…other than mario kart, n sunshine…i get nintendo because of the legend of zelda, super smash,metroid, kirby, and donkey kong i could live withouth mario….also the jrpg that come to nintendo like earthbound on snes, xenoblade on wii , and hopefully x2 on wiiu

  • Cadrion

    The wind is blowing from the east today…

  • Superstick98

    Pachter should just stop talking about Nintendo because It’s pretty obvious that he can’t predict what they’re going to do. Almost nothing about Nintendo he predicts is actually happening. Yeah yeah. I do agree with SOME of the stuff the guy says but then he just goes back and forth and back and forth over and over again. I don’t even know If I should trust him anymore. With comments like “Wii U is doomed”. And then saying “Wii U will outsell this holiday season”. It’s just frustrating.

  • SYates

    Article aside, that last picture made my day!

  • Squid

    Hey, for once I like his thought of Wii U not failing. Still think he’s bananas though. 😛

  • hjgkjhg

    Wiiudaily and this ashley king continue to be retards. wow.

    I understand being nintendo fans, but the amount of fanboyism in this site is just pathetic.

    • JPASK

      Because it’s a Wii U site, theres bound to be fanboyism and calling people like Ashley King retarded might backfire in the long run.

  • Guest

    “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the worst analyst of them all? All signs point to Michael Pachter”

    So I have a few drinks before making a prediction. So what? What analyst hasn’t?

  • LopsidedPasta

    Pachter: The gaming mercenary! Speaking for the highest bidder, one ridiculous statement after another!

  • The Clockwork Being
  • William Cole

    Nah, Pachter just goes wherever the wind waker takes him. He’s still like a pancake, He’s flip floppity. He tries to say all the right stuff at the right time but what he doesn’t realize is that he can’t take back what he says so he applies more smoke n’ mirrors to patch his mistakes which isn’t working well.

    Third parties need faith in Nintendo. Alot of third parties became successful through Nintendo’s own NES and SNES consoles. They should know who they’re dealing with. They’re going to be angry when they find out how well the Wii U will do eventually.

  • Lophs

    I don’t see anything that contradicts what he says. In the past he questioned specifically Nintendo hardware strategy, stating it its HD features were too late, and that the WiiPad was not innovate enough to overcome the technical prowess of its next gen rivals.

    He also states 25 million Wii U units sold which is consistent with his earlier estimates of 30 million units. However 25 million is still a paltry considering what the Wii, 360, ps3 sold in its lifetime. That is Gamecube territory, and with a low install base and escalating development cost, the Wii U would not be a attractive option as the other consoles(assuming his optimism is correct) to develop for except if you were Nintendo.

    I don’t see why people like to bust his balls so much. He is one of the few analyst that actually plays video games and knows first hand the the products of the industry he is analyzing. While he may be wrong, he act least he has facts and insight to make a well informed and articulated opinion as anybody else.

  • jeffp3456

    wiiudaily has made pachter what he is today, click bait for wiiudaily.

    nuff said

  • James Hubbard

    Flip-flopping? Look I’m much of a Nintendo fan as anyone on this site, but I also recognize the idiocy of fanboy-ism. Just because Pachter was harsh on Nintendo doesn’t mean he’s the devil and wants Nintendo to die; it means he’s an analyst for a reason. Honestly I’m getting tired of everyone being okay with Nintendo’s poor marketing and making excuses for their lack of software and blaming 3rd party companies (Save EA) for it. The truth is that Nintendo could have done better with hardware, storage, mic headset options, limitations with only using the Wii Tablet at certain times, digital L and R, lack of amazing Nintendo IP’s at launch, no Wii U Virtual Console at release, and other little things I could add… Some of the things wouldn’t have been as big of a deal except that Nintendo has boasted that they’re going to be for the hardcore gamers as well… well a lot of hardcore gamers have yet to take Nintendo seriously… Pachter is right on with a lot of things he’s saying.

    Best case scenario: Nintendo Wii U will eventually get high numbers like the Wii and be an amazing Nintendo-console with amazing nintendo games for nintendo fans.

    Worse case scenario: Nintendo Wii U won’t get high numbers like the Wii, but stille be an amazing Nintendo-console with amazing nintendo games for nintendo fans.
    I am probably a bigger nintendo-fan then most of you, but even I am realistic about Nintendo’s choices. Nintendo needs to pick it up.

  • DemonRoach

    Nintendo games on all consoles would blow their status up.

  • Martin Brentnall

    Pachter is right.

    I think the Wii U will probably manage 40 million units at best during the course of the generation, which will put the hardware sales far behind the competition. However, Nintendo as a company will remain very profitable and viable as a business, thanks to strong interest and sales of their games.

    These are not mutually exclusive predictions and certainly isn’t “flip-flopping”.

  • James Bond

    40 million Wii U units not too shabby this generation. I think Microsoft and Sony will struggle with sales as well. No way does anybody sell north of 60 million units in this economy.

    • CCM

      Agreed, but not just because of the economy. The world is a much different place now than it was back in 2005 / 2006 when the 360, Wii and PS3 launched. People are spending more and more time on smartphones and tablets. They’re portable, multipurpose and have way cheaper games (not better by any stretch, just cheaper). For most casuals, this is all they need nowadays. Last generation the hook for the Wii was motion controls – something no console up until that point had ever done well before. The hook for the 360 and PS3 was HD graphics, online gaming and expanding the consoles functionality via services to make it your living room media center.

      $ony’s and Micro$haft’s next-gen consoles look like they’ll deliver pretty much the same experience as their predecessors, just with better graphics. I believe it’ll be tough to convince customers (a lot of which who’ve purchased a 360 or PS3 in the last 2 or 3 years) that upgrading is even necessary. It’s tough to convince people to buy a $500 box that connects to your TV and $60 (or even rumored $70) games anymore when (a) their current PS3/360 already do most of the same stuff, minus the ultra high-end graphics and (b) they can buy an iPad for less and a whole whack of games for anywhere between free and $15 tops.

      This is where the Wii U will stand out once Nintendo’s big 1st party guns are released. Suddenly a $350 system with Metroid, Zelda, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, Starfox etc and a unique tablet controller seems like a deal compared to the competitions offerings.

      I predict lower sales across the board next generation though. I see it like: PS4 – 65 million, neXBOX or 720 or whatever – 55 million, Wii U = 45 million.