Mar 11th, 2013


This weekend at South by Southwest in Austin, Michael Pachter gave a presentation concerning the future of the video game industry. In the presentation, Pachter addressed the future of home consoles, branding the Wii U as “underwhelming” and nothing more than a DS split into two parts. He also mentions that the console is “not innovative enough to drive huge interest”. Perhaps the only positive thing Pachter had to say about Nintendo’s console was that new titles would certainly generate sales boosts for it.


Pachter labelled the PlayStation 4 as impressive and likely to sell between 85 and 95 million units in its lifetime. He even made mention of Microsoft’s as of yet unannounced Durango project, making a few predictions as to what we’ll see when the Redmond giant finally gets around to announcing their next console. Pachter is certainly not popular around here and his opinions are even less so, but it’s important to remember that stockholders and investors look to his opinion when it comes to investing in companies.


It’s unfortunate that Pachter feels as though the Wii U won’t be competitive against Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles when the console hasn’t seen any system seller games yet. What do you think?

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  • AAAkabob

    I think I speak for everyone when I say absolutely no one wants to hear about patcher at all, unless he’s being fired.

    • Tecpedz94

      I seriously hate him so much

    • WiiUltra

      You know what I just realized? Knowledgeiswhatsup reminds me of Michael Pachter.

      • bizzy gie

        Michael is his dad.

    • Laud

      This is the logic of Pachter.






      This stuff is ridiculous, it's an obvious bias. The Wii U is doing decent, I hate that very subjective word "Underwhelming." Underwhelming to who? You clown.

      I love how he's like, "NOT INNOVATIVE." to the gamepad and then like a clown he goes, "MORE RAM? INNOVAAAAATION!!!!"

      • The_Last_Metroid

        you only need at max 2gb for a console. unless you for some reason need to multitask 3 games at once, you don’t need 8.

        • Laud

          That much RAM gives them more options and makes things easier.

          You’re forgetting that the PS4 has more things running at the same time, it has the OS and the social stuff which will take about 2 gigs or more.

          • all systems run os and games same time. I think sony and ms will tear a page from nintendo’s book and use 1 processor core to handle the os, and everything else to handle games. sounds smart to me, that why nintendo is still around.

          • Laud

            Yes all systems run OS.


          • The_Last_Metroid

            tri-cores ftw!

          • yeah we can make a game faster untill we see more powerful tvs better frae rates high res all thay can do is work on shading and texture poor graphics monekies with there over powered over priced storage boxes

          • The_Last_Metroid

            im not saying its bad, but 8gb is a little much, especially if it would cut the price to bring it down to 4gb

          • Elem187

            They bumped to 8, because when it was a 4, they could only reserve 2gb for games, and devs probably complained, so they kicked it up to 8gb… with 8gb unified, it is over kill to give games 4gb, so they had to come up with things to do with the rest of the memory, and there you go, video recording.

          • [000]

            No, it’ll take a lot more than 2 gigs. The OS probably has over 4 gigs reserved. The capabilities they were talking about would take quite a lot of memory.

          • Elem187

            The video recording feature alone will chew up 2gb… There is a reason they went with 8… if they went with 4, they wouldn’t be able to do the video recording.. my guess is another 2 gb will be reserved for OS and system processes. That will leave 4gb for game rendering, which is pretty impressive still.. but the sony fangirls thinking all 8gb will be used for games is cute.

            Although how many of you out there want to post video of your game play to youtube/facebook? I know I’m probablyg oing to block all my friends on facebook who buy a PS4, as I’m aleady sick of everyone sending me farmville crap. i’ll take the same approach to PS4 crap.

            Sony dropped the ball, they should have made their own miiverse to post these videos at.

          • smashbrolink

            Yeah, but that social stuff is all stuff that we either didn’t ask for or need [read: Letting others take control of our games to play over tough parts for us], or stuff that people with a PC have been doing for ages already. [Read: Posting streams of their gameplay to various media sites, most of them not Facebook like the PS4 will be.XD]

            Besides, RAM is only as good as the people using it.
            We’ve had life-changing experiences in games long before we had the huge amounts of RAM that even high-end PC’s, let alone the PS4, are sporting.
            Having more RAM won’t automatically increase the quality of the games the system will get.
            Heck, it doesn’t even make it more LIKELY.
            Innovation in games will still be solely down to the creativity of the developers.
            Giving them more room to work in ideas doesn’t mean that all of their ideas are going to be any good at all, let alone improvements over old formulas or innovations in their own right.

            Similarly, making things easier can also make it easy for devs to get lazy about their development. With nothing pushing them to find ways around limitations or problems, they don’t put out as much effort making the games interesting or unique to get around the underlying technical issues.
            Much as we might want a game three times the size of Skyrim someday on a console, the fact is, the RAM being bigger doesn’t do anything substantially positive without some truly innovative IDEAS behind those that use it.
            I doubt, as a related thought, that we’ll be seeing a truly unique shooter for a very long time to come, outside of, MAYBE, Destiny.

      • yes more ram more fucking graphics!!!! who in there right mind but the followers of todays society care about who good a game looks i own cod bo2 its a beautiful game but the only thing that excites me is the chamgain the first time around then it sucked online same old competiton I WANT BETTER AI more fun idgaf about if it runs 1080p and 60 fucking frames per second whoopty doo wiiu can match that in half the power any sony and miccrosoft console can ohh and no nintendo products break themselfs just from being on microsft owners of the new console will pay 600 plus and cuz of lack of time in cooling itll break itself i bet you it will bet you just like the 360

        • Nathaniel Lopez

          You lost me half way through your post because of sentence construction, can you please edit?

        • Gamefreak361

          Just can’t get a good education these days.

      • Well, by making these absurd predictions, he’s shown he is impervious to logic. How can you argue with a man like this?

    • Nathaniel Lopez

      Just when you thought Patcher couldn’t get any more obnoxious…

      • NkoSekirei

        pachter is an @$$ and has an i.q. a low as patrick star

        • RoadyMike

          Why are you insulting Patrick?Don’t compare the most famous starfish ever to this BS spewer

      • Rogelio

        That last quote that Patcher said made me want to strangle him around his neck and choke his ass

  • Bravyoura

    U definitely needs a big first party title soon. Monster Hunter U will keep us busy but is just a polished wii title with some DLC. What happened to Pikmin 3.

    • AAAkabob

      I agree, I didn’t enjoy it on PSP for the week I played it so I’m not too excited. I’m hoping Legos will be good but I’m predicting a good to mediocre game

  • AAAkabob

    Also, I feel his powerpoint has the most ludicrous points I’ve seen in a while. Already predicting the total sales of a console that hasn’t been announced.
    God damn I wish I was paid to make bull shit predictions.

    How about this: I predict the consoles will not sell nearly as much as everyone expects. Maybe they will do slightly better than Wii U, but not much better.

    Sony will get the Hardcore gamers (people like us who do our research on games)
    Microsoft will get SOME 360 owners, but not everyone will transition
    Nintendo will get their faithful and continue to be looked at as the kiddie console.

    A toss up of who wins this console war in terms of sales, but I believe they will all sell less overall than this current generation.

    • Nintenjoe82

      You mustn’t forget:

      HUGE RAM = more innovation

      • AAAkabob

        Not sure if sarcasm, or just sheep…

        • Sarcasm mate, sarcasm

          • AAAkabob

            +1 well deserved

        • Nintenjoe82

          I was joking.

          Pachter is hilarious but people have got to stop talking when his stuff goes online. He’s just like any other troll and should not be fed.

        • The_Last_Metroid

          gotta be dat sheep

        • RoadyMike

          I wish it were easier to tell too :/ We need a “sarcasm” button or something

    • mchelski

      I agree, sales on videogame will be smaller. I think only hardcore or older gamers will keep on the market (besides, hardcore for me has nothing to do with the idea of adult fps some around us have). Most casual will be pretty happy with their smartphones.

      • Too me, being a hardcore gamer is anyone that keeps up with gaming news and knows about all systems. I feel strongly that most CoD players are really casual gamers. How many of them owned more then 20 games that weren’t CoD?

        • mchelski

          really think you hit the mark with this hardcore explanation

  • Holyfire

    Just commented on this on an article based on that same presentation. Its nuts, this guys getting paid probably top class salary’s being depended on by investors as their broker? All he’s doing is make minute by minute random guesses. Unless these journo articles are missing more to the story, he never provides a shred of evidence.
    How can he predict anything on a console that hasn’t released its info yet. Even PS4 is missing major functional details and price.
    I want his job, I can triple my income to wear a suit and tell the press blazé non-sensical mutters

  • djvalbnc

    Since I own a Wii U I am gaming almost everyday! This console is f**king awesome!
    All my friends who came by to try it, were completely surprised of graphics, gamepad and innovation. The fact that you can play “hardcore” with the awesome gamepad or the pro controller, or just play “innovative” with the wii controller is awesome.

    when somebody wants to watch tv, I can just plug in headphones and play on the gamepad with awesome graphics on it. When somebody is in the room where you playing, and wants to be calm, or sleep, you can just switch of sound on the tv, plug in headphones into the gamepad and continue to play on the tv.

    This dude has no idea!!!

    i love the wii U.

    • Don’t you love when trolls comment on a person that likes a product they hate and call them paid and full of sh!t?

      • Gregory Edcius

        i find it rather pathetic that these people exist

    • TheUnBiasedGamer

      I haven’t played mine in about 3-4 weeks, it needs some must-have games like a NEW Zelda, main-series Mario (like 64, Sunshine, Galaxies), Metroid Prime, all that talent that I KNOW Nintendo is capable of. They just aren’t putting that talent to use on the Wii U. Currently, I’m on my second playthrough of Fire Emblem: Awakening, so that’s where my play hours have been going.

      • Laud

        Oh you know, forget that the console has only been out for a few months.


        Good games take time, you should have known what you were in for when you bought the console at launch.

        • TheUnBiasedGamer

          Then they should’ve taken their time before the Wii U launched. Simple. This EXACT thing happened with the 3DS. Although I think the Wii U will be fine in the long run, they certainly haven’t learned from their mistakes with the 3DS.

          • Ice Climbers

            All consoles have had a major drought right after launch. This isn’t something new. DS, Wii, PS3, and 360 all had the same problem. Quality games take time. Skyward Sword came out 2 years ago, so its absolutely ridiculous to expect a new Zelda now. Sakurai was busy with Kid Icarus, so he couldn’t work on Smash Bros until last year. After last year’s E3, its obvious that Nintendo is saving things for this year’s E3, such as Kirby and whatever it is that Retro is working on. Point is, you should never buy a console at launch and expect a constant stream of game releases. Mark my words, PS4 and 720 will both be in a similar drought.

          • TheUnBiasedGamer

            Okay, then all consoles have had bad launches. So that makes this one not bad?

          • Elem187

            correct… The PS3’s launch was one of the worst launches in history.
            PS3 had a total of 12 games on launch day, 10 of them were ports, 1 exclusive was terrible and the other was COD3 … COD3 was the only game worth it.. the rest were garbage.

        • Ishatonyou


    • Orange Lada

      I got one, and didn’t expect much of it other than the TVii – I had hopes it would replace the Harmony remote. It won’t.

      Guess what console gets used now though. No, not the PS3 with 40-50 titles. It’s the Wii U. NintendoLand, ZombiU, The Cave, and Trine 2. More of an issue is that the Wii U’s web browser, Hulu and Netflix access is far better than that on the PS3.

      It needs more games and I see those coming, but the nature of the games we play has changed DRAMATICALLY and until you play it, you just don’t realize.

      I might by another console (or two) if there is a compelling argument, but as far as I can tell now we’ll sit with the PS3 in standby, nad use the Wii U. PS4 isn’t a consideration as no backward compatibility – Xbox720 is a maybe, but doubtful unless there is a clear advantage (no, not “ram”)

  • In other news, the sun will rise tomorrow.

  • Sozcumber

    I had never heard of this douche until just then. What a joke! What were his predictions for Wii? Go finger corporate America.

  • lol these little fanboys are crying because the truth hurts. The wii u can’t even sell 40k a week and yet they think the wii u will have a great future. keep dreaming fangirls, facts are facts; this is the little n last console. RIP wii u

    • jcnba28

      How is the Vita doing? How much of a loss will the PS4 be sold for? LOL

      RIP Sony

    • angel

      While Sony has been closing buildings Nintendo has been building new ones. Nintendo has been around for 123 years do not expect them to go out to easily. The only reason Sony is still going is because of their t.v’s, but hey don’t get me wrong i will be getting a PS4 if less the 400 or until price drop again. Now the Xbox, my brother has one and it is pretty cool but in the same time it sucks. I usually or all the time buy him his games and i think it is pretty stupid that we need to pay to watch netflix when we are already paying. If they do not make online playing and the rest free i would not be getting it for my brother but most likely two PS4(i already have a Wii U n my brother also) i would pay for Xbox if they give discounts for games are extra special features if they make it optional. So far i am pretty sure i would be getting a Ps4 eventually.

      • ACOD

        You are aware that the Sony Television business has declined for 8 years straight, right? To say they are still going because of their TVs is nonsense.

        • angel

          they also get pay by t.v patent

    • Fred

      How is the Wii U doing that much different than how the 3DS started. The 3DS is doing just fine now and the Wii U will also turn it around as soon as the BIG games start coming out. Pikmin 3 will help, Game and Wario will also help, Wind Waker will help, Wonderful 101 will be a game changer have you looked at the sales numbers of BOTH Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus those 2 sold Wiis and Wii Fit U is coming this year. When 3D Mario comes out all the hard core gamers will come in droves nevermind Whatever that X games is (Xenoblad 2???) At some point Retro Studios will come out with another game and all their games are system sellers.

    • mchelski

      I agree, facts are hard and final, so, let’s assume since wii sold a lot more than any other console of his generation, is it the best?
      Even being a nintendo fan I believe this statement highly wrong.
      Please, give us a better explanation.

  • Nintenjoe82

    I predict Michael Pachter will make 30-50 million more predictions about Nintendo.

    • i predict pachter is just an attention monkey

    • HSN1

      “Huge RAM makes innovation likely”
      Oh great! I’m off buying an Alienware PC then: you know, with 32GB+ RAM, gameplay innovation is beyond this century’s possibilities!

      • AkaLink77

        yah! His predictions dont make any sense! Just wait till Smash, Mario Kart, And the 3D Mario games come out! He’ll totally get pwnd and eat his words!

      • Kuzon

        “CPU power allows huge improvements.”

        Not even an improvement over my Phenom II quad.

        • Elem187

          the CPU in the PS4 is pretty weak sauce… If I was building a midrange gaming PC, I wouldn’t start with laptop CPU like the AMD Jaguar thats in the PS4.

          But for a midrange gaming GPU, the 7850 is a good balance for performance/cost… By this fall when the PS4 releases you will be able to make a PC equal to it for less than 600-700… how much per dollar cost do you expect Sony to eat per machine with all their money trouble, my guess is they wont eat more than $100 per console. So expect a 500-600 launch price for the PS4.

          Congrats to Sony fangirls, your favorite company is going to price gouge you on a overpriced midrange gaming PC.

      • michael546k

        To him, more RAM brings more innovative ideas than a 2nd screen…

        • Elem187

          As a person who builds PC’s, both for work and gaming, he comes off as someone who doesn’t understand hardware.
          Remember his last statement that the PS4 will have games in 120fps??? So far the PS4 unveil all the games were running at 30fps… so he’s off by a factor of 4.
          The guy is a complete idiot, why do people listen to him… I do see the Sony fangirls claiming some outrageous things because “8gb gDDR5 bro, it will blow high end computers out of the water” which is absolutely absurd.
          The PS4, no matter how fast the ram is, and how much of it, its performance is severly limited by the subpar CPU and midrange GPU (that Jaguar CPU is a laptop processor, and the 7850 isn’t exactly breaking any frames per second records)
          yes the PS4 is going to be faster than the Wii U, but by how much? We will find out at E3 as we really don’t know what is inside the Wii U (I have heard everything from Radeon 4000 series from sites with heavy bias against Nintendo, DF…. I heard Radeon 5000 from multiple sources on GAF. And we have heard from at least two sources its based on the Radeon 6000)
          2 devs have already stated it can hardware accelerate DX11 effects, so that rules the Radeon 4000 series out. So its either a 5000 or 6000. But either way, it will be at least 2.5x to 3x the PS360.

    • I predict this man must be getting a lot of money from Sony and Microsoft to keep saying all this bullshit.

      • LonDonE247

        the guy is a industry shill an gets payed to say whatever the industry giants want him to say to sway public opinion, he harps on about games, but doesn’t even play them i bet,once on game trailers he claimed he an his wife couldn’t even work a tv remote,so how in the hell does he expect us to believe that he has played an completed skyrim on pc? its total bullshit! all he knows about are stocks,an stocks related to video games, that’s it, he knows nothing about how to run a business like Nintendo have been doing for over a hundred years! they have been around the longest, an know their stuff,he admits himself that even if Nintendo made a loss of 200million a year, they could still operate for over 50 years, since they have over 9 billion in cash,pure profit an reserves, they are one of the richest companies in japan for petes sake!

    • NkoSekirei

      pachter is a bitch and needs to be retired from his job cause he sucks at his job and by the way pachter u forgot there some great wii u games coming out next week like monster hunter ultimate,need for speed most wanted and lego city undercover and its a shame u waste ur i.q. on bashing nintendo over false statements

    • Gamefreak361

      I predict he will predict his predictions are so predictable.

    • Frostbite9

      Change that to a trillion.

  • Captinn1


  • angel

    those who have a Wii are most likely to get a Wii U but can’t afford it yet because of economy. The next reason is that as soon as E3 is over they are going to start advertising the console and those who have a Wii but are casual gamers will know about it and if the next consoles are more expensive the parents are more likely to get a Wii U. As soon as the parents are aware of the Wii U they will be getting it for their kids birthday. I already know that some of my younger friends of my brother are getting it after using my Wii U. They were not aware of it but are now getting it either by saving, birthday or holyday

  • Pachtner Predictions are just like the predictions of the Mayan and other predictions of the end of the world…. Essentially wrong

    • RoadyMike

      Why can’t anyone understand?The Mayans NEVER prediced the end of the world.EVERYONE ELSE misinterpreted.The Mayans just made a CALENDER.And,like every calender,it has to end at some point.In this case,in 2012
      It pains me to see the ingorance when it comes to this topic

      • I know that but it was widely spread that the world would end. My point is that people predicting doom that will not happen. Pachter doomed the Wii and said it would not sell and it would be Nintendo’s last console. Called Motion controlled gaming a gimmick and yet both Sony and Microsoft did the same thing with Sony pretty much directly copying it with the PS Move.

  • jcnba28

    Anything and I mean ANYTHING that this man has predicted in the past did NOT happen. He needs to be fired asap.

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    people on this site get very butt hurt if you say anything bad about Nintendo but pachter while still a bit of a douche isn’t exactly wrong here. I own a Wii U and Love it arkham city was probably the best thing I’ve played all year. but for the price I paid, and a slew of games already out on other systems, aside from the two 1st party games and controller options whats stopping people from waiting or even worse not buying at all. the Wii was weak in power but its controller was enough to draw in people who never played to pick one up. we’re not getting that with wii u. with wii u we’re getting the same concept with none of the draw in power the Wii had. as some have said though Nintendo fans will buy as long as Nintendo provides, and I am part of that rank and file. sony and microsoft proved people will pay for a powerful console, nintendo proved people will pay for the same console twice if the interface is original enough. I just hope nintendo combines the two schools of thought and blows everyone away before its too late.

    and that the wii u pulls a 3ds out its butt sales wise

  • D.M.T

    You’re paid to hate on Nintendo for no reason. You’re no better. Everytime Wii U Daily posts a new Wii U article, you are one of the firsts to comment on it. It’s almost like you have nothing better to do. You spend more time on this website than most Nintendo fanboys. Admit it, you’re getting paid to hate. There’s no reason to hate on the Wii U and you know it.

    You should change your name from Knowledgeiswhatsup to Ignoranceiswhatsup.

    • jcnba28

      He has no life, hence why he trolls on Nintendo sites.

    • NkoSekirei

      i agree i think knowledgeiswhatsup is pachters secret lover and they need to get a room

    • Grammar Nazi 2000

      I’d rather have the spammer who writes “Swag” all the time on the comments here than these type of Sony fanboys.

      • John Novakovich

        GameXplain rocks. I’m glad I’m not the only one watching him

  • Trevor D Andrew Link

    I hate this dick.

  • Kyle Zawacki

    Hmm. These are some decently reasonable predictions.

    Not bad.

  • John Madsen

    true true this guys a bull %$#$ artist who likes to here himself talk

  • D.M.T

    I have a prediction of my own Mr. Pachter. I predict that none of your predictions will happen. Haters never learn huh? They keep underestimating Nintendo for no reason. People said Wii was doomed…100 million units sold isn’t doomed. People said 3DS is doomed but actually the Vita is doomed lol. People never learn. Nintendo haters are stubborn and hard-headed.

    You think Zelda will be available for your Playstation or PC in the future? Yeah only in your wet dreams.

    • Agent X

      I think his prediction actually means Nintendo well…He just doesnt get it yet

      • Gamefreak361

        Or never will.

  • Fred

    one of his complains is the Wii U is similar to the DS?!? Did he then go check and see how many DS’s and 3DS’s have been sold? Nintendo sold a ton of DSs and the 3DS isn’t doing bad at all.

  • Yamiryuu Zero

    Well, Patcher already said similar things regarding Wii, DS and 3DS, and how do we stand now?

    He says the Wii U isn’t innovative enough, but, even tough the PS4 has its fair share of innovation, it doesn’t get close to what Nintendo is doing! But once again, most of his previsions turned out to be mistaken at the end.

    The Wii U isn’t going to be Nintendo’s last console, both because sales won’t be as low as he foresees (specially once newly exclusive titles and Nintendo franchises start popping up), and because Nintendo has just left the last generation with lots of profit from both Wii and DS, which means they are not on the same bankrupt level SEGA was when they became a third party.

    • PS4 has innovation. It innovated blocking backwards compatibility to the PS3 to play games that people bought for that system both in physical copies and in online digital content I believe.

      You know if most people were as wrong at their jobs as much as Pachter is they would be fired.

      • in japan, they give you an office facing the outdoors, no one speaks to you. all this instead of getting fired. Nintendo of Japan did it to Gunpei Yokoy (Mr. Gameboy) before he die in an accident. R.I.P.

      • TheUnBiasedGamer

        So having all of that streaming functionality isn’t innovative? You people act like Nintendo’s the only one who innovates.

        • Maxime Haché

          The streaming thing is cool but I don’t see how it changes gameplay.

          • TheUnBiasedGamer

            This person said innovation, not gameplay changing.
            And being able to let your friend take over a game from online is a fantastic social feature.

          • bizzy gie

            Yes, because someone ELSE playing my $60 game for me is pure INNOVATION.

          • TheUnBiasedGamer

            Allowing a friend to help you in a game when you request it online is innovation.

          • bizzy gie

            It’s lazy.

          • TheUnBiasedGamer

            How is it lazy? It’s helping a friend out. Is Miiverse lazy because people ask for help on it?

          • bizzy gie

            No, because people don’t actually control the game for you. When asking for help, you still have to apply some brain piwer and apply to the game the new information you acquired.

            When some takes over the game for you, you could take a nap, watch t.v., take a sh*t and when you come back have that difficult boss beat. No feeling of accomplishment. No memories. It takes away from true gaming which I thought Sony was pushing hard for this console.

          • No because you are asking for hint and still have to do it yourself. It is like getting tutored in homework but you still have to do the work compared to having someone do your homework for you.

          • Maybe it’s just me but with Sony’s track record in network security this feature scares me.

            Also I rather do the game myself or have the friend over and be social that way if I need help in a game. Playing online is cool but still the actual human interaction is better.

          • Maxime Haché

            I think you mistook the streaming thing! Sony said you can spectate you friends with online streaming not play with them through screen streaming!

        • So you want to re-purchase all your games you have for your PS3 and stream them through the internet and deal with your ISP and their data limits and caps? There have been other companies that have tried the whole streaming of games and failed and with Sony’s network history I am not going to bank on they can make it succeed.

          Besides a console should be backwards compatible with the games at least one generation behind using the physical copies for most if not all games.

          So no I do not call that innovative… I call that restrictive

          • TheUnBiasedGamer

            You really want to talk about repurchasing games? Really? Have fun transferring your digital content from any downloads on a Nintendo system if it breaks.

          • Transferred all my Wii content to my Wii U with no issue thank you very much and I can put a Wii game in and I can play it with no issue. I understand that there will be a $1 – $1.50 licensing fee to upgrade the Wii VC content to the Wii U menu so it can be upscaled to HD and allow off screen play on the gamepad (which is optional) but lets see if Sony offers any discounts for any games that you may have purchased in the past.

          • TheUnBiasedGamer

            Exactly! “which is optional”
            You say that it’s optional for Nintendo, so it’s okay but for Sony, you hate it even though it’s OPTIONAL, exactly as you said.
            btw, that upscaling thing… it looks a bit better for Wii games on the Wii U, but there’s no way that older games will look better at all.

          • You missed the point. I was able to transfer my Wii VC content for FREE, and play my current Wii Games off the disc for FREE. I then was able to give my Wii away or sell it and free up a connection to the TV and have one console to do all that I need.

            It is optional for Sony too but if you want to play ANY of your PS3 content you either keep your PS3 and have more stuff to connect to your TV or you lose it unless you pay for it again.

          • TheUnBiasedGamer

            What happens in the situation that your Wii U breaks? Not saying it will, but what if? Your downloads are stuck on that brick unless you get a repair. With any other system in 2013, you simply log into your account on another machine.

          • That is a bit over-exaggerated when it came to the content being tied to the console. Granted Nintendo did not make it easy but my brother had his Wii U brick because of a power outage during an update and he called Nintendo and since it was within 30 days they recommended he exchange it which he did. When he got the new console home he put his Nintendo ID on there and called Nintendo again with his case number and they transferred all his content to the new Wii U.

            On top of that Zombie U was stuck in the ROM drive and Nintendo over-nighted him a new copy which took two days to get there.

            On other consoles you are limited to how many times you can transfer your content as well. So essentially Nintendo added another layer to prevent piracy which you have to call in to verify yourself to get items transferred.

        • Man

          I’d rather have a hard copy. It just feels more right. Also I have a bunch of PS3 games, I would most definitely want to play them on the PS4, but sadly, no backwards compatibility. That’s a shame. Plus, some of my games are imported, and I want to play them. You can’t really stream these games, can you?

  • ACOD

    I don’t think anything Pachter is saying is that outrageous. Look at the numbers, the Wii sold 90M units. How many of those units were sold to non traditional gamers who used it like a toy for a couple weeks and never used it again? That group, 15M at least will not buy another console.

    Nintendo’s big market is going to be grade school kids. In a year or two when the Wii is at the $250 dollar level it will be a very attractive alternative for parents to the $500 PS3 and XBox units.

    Nintendo needs to have the games in that window to attract those kids and their parents. As far as the hardcore gamer, this is Nintendo’s time to get time to get them to invest and they failed. Outside of Zombie U what game is the hardcore gamer missing out on? It’s costing them 5-8M units.

    I have a Wii U and I live in the USA. I don’t know what the Wii TV functionality is even supposed to do, why would I waste my time when all cable systems have developed interfaces that perform the same function?

    And Mii verse, it looks like a bulletin board for grade school kids. What adult would ever bother? I think the FBI would kick in my door if I ever went on there for interacting with minors.

    • D.M.T

      Another gamer who thinks Wii U is for kids. Why am I not surprised? A lot of Nintendo gamers are adults but why bother explaining this to you? You won’t understand anyway.

      I laugh when people think that Sony and Microsoft consoles are much more hardcore than Nintendo consoles. Actually it’s the other way around because Nintendo consoles don’t need blu-ray player or DVD players to sell units.

      • ACOD

        Enjoy whatever you enjoy but don’t get bent out of shape for being in the minority. The fact is the only Nintendo game that has a release date scheduled for 2013 is the Lego game. I would never play a Lego game. I currently play Call of Duty and Batman on my Wii U, both of those experiences can be found elsewhere.

        What are you playing?

        • D.M.T

          Your so called fact is wrong. Lego City isn’t the only game with a release date for Wii U. Monster Hunter 3 and Need For Speed Most Wanted U will be released this month in less than 2 weeks.

          It’s impossible to find your experience on Wii U somewhere else since other consoles don’t have a touchscreen on their controller. Batman on Wii U plays differently than Batman on PS3/360. The touchscreen makes the difference.

          It’s funny how you say Wii U is for kids but yet you play a Call Of Duty lol. Most people who play COD are kids and female gamers and guess what? COD is one of the best selling games on PS3 and 360. Don’t accuse Nintendo of being kiddie and casual when you’re playing a casual game like COD.

          Right now I’m enjoying ZombiU, Sonic Racing and Nintendo Land. I’m an adult and I will buy Lego City and i don’t care what people think of Lego.

          • ACOD

            I missed those. You are right but it’s a port and a kid’s game that is big in Japan.
            Here are the facts, Nintendo stock in Oct 17.43, today it is 13.90 and it actually rebounded from a Feb low of 11.39.
            Reality is reality, I don’t play favorites, I’m an adult with a job I have all the consoles. The Wii should be doing better, I have one, I want them to be successful and innovate.
            To do so, they they have to make sure they shore up their base. Their base is gradeschool kids who’s parents purchase the consoles for them.
            It’s really not inflammatory, any Nintendo executive would tell you the same thing.
            I’m glad you don’t care what people think of Lego, good luck with that.

        • Gregory Edcius

          your stating bullshit like it’s a fact and he is right the most nintendo gamers are adults we grew up with nintendo and no adult would say nintendo is kiddie this is something that teenagers came up with after getting a ps2/3 for their birthday so all the people bashing nintendo calling it a kiddie console are probably below 20 and don’t have enough money to pay for everything

          • ACOD

            It’s hard to read when you don’t punctuate, so I am not sure what you are trying to communicate.

            Since you like facts, let me repost a few for you I just wrote out below.

            The Wii U sold 46,000 units in January 2013, In Jan 2007, the
            comparable time period for the systems, the original Wii sold 348,000
            units. That is a 87% drop.

            According to these numbers,The SNES sold 49M units, The N64 moved 32M units, The Gamecube 21M, why does 30-50M units for the Wii U seem so outrageous? Seems like an accurate analysis to me.


          • Gregory Edcius

            it doesn’t proof shit
            if you care for those numbers please dont be ignorant and look at the ps360 sales in the first half year the wii was something unprecedented nobody saw that coming and nobody is expecting the same sales for wii u

            and if they manage to sell 50 mil thats great with the crisis and unemployment at an all time high they don’t have to be number one just enough sales for some third party support and it’s all good

            Vgchartz seriously? you know they’re shady right they make up numbers and adjust them as soon as NPD releases theirs

        • Fred

          I’m an adult with a PS3 and a Wii U. My PS3 is currently only being used as a blu-ray player. On Wii U I’m playing NBA 2K13, Tank Tank Tank, Trine 2, New Super Mario Bros U, Nintendo Land, I realize that I can play NBA 2K13 and Trine 2 on my PS3, but the off-TV play feature makes it a no brainer for me to have it on the Wii U instead of the PS3.

    • Nintenjoe82

      I think the point Pachter makes about the Wii U performance being underwhelming is correct and the figures aren’t unreasonable but saying it lacks innovation and that more RAM is going to make innovation likely on PS4 is a bold statement considering most of what they showed was graphical improvements and their own take on other people’s innovations..

    • thanos1984

      Hello.I don’t know if what you are saying happened in USA but from my personal experience in Europe happened exactly the opposite.Most people I know bought the ps3 just for PES and FIFA series and were non traditional gamers while those who bought the wii bought it for nintendo IPs and were traditional gamers.If what you are saying was correct then wii should have the lowest attach rate but the fact is that ps3 had the worst attach rate with xbox360 in 1st place and wii 2nd very close to ps3.Now if you multiply consoles sold x attach rate you’ll see that wii sold more software than any other console.

    • Guest

      I like to think of Wii U as a console anyone can experience, there is a game for everyone to enjoy. Nintendo said that themselves. Including hardcore games, let me see:

      Bayonetta 2, a game that caused a massive uproar, and nobody can forget that.
      Monster Hunter, that game requires alot of skill and already has a huge following.
      X, a possible sequel to Xenoblade, also a game that requires alot of skill.

    • Silent

      I have to agree. Miiverse is pretty controlled. Im still waiting for that live chat system

  • Graham Gillman

    Nintendo just needs to advertise it more and tell people it is different from the Wii. And when Sony sells 85 Million PS4s, I’ll eat a sock, they’re losing billions a month, by the time it does catch on Sony will be bankrupt. Note: I’m not trolling. I love all game companies and platforms. But numbers and stock don’t lie. Sony is one of my favorites.

  • mchelski

    I can’t see reason on ps4 selling more than ps3, first, we have a serious economy problem on our hands, even with a great machine, the market ain’t the same. Second, He does have the general specs of ps4 but no price at all, how can someone predict how well a merchandise will be without it’s price.
    I believe that this generation will sell a lot less than the before, unless, we have a change of tides, specially in europe

  • This guy is a dumbass. Everyone I show my Wii U to wants to at least play one again if not buy one.

    • Lazara the Last

      I think that’s the big problem with the Wii U; You have to try it to understand it. Everyone I’m playing with just look weird on me when I show them Nintendo Land. Now, I play the same game with the same people every holiday 😀

      But my point is that Nintendo have to come up with a way people can try it. Set up game stands in all Game Stops all over the world with Mario Chase and Luigi’s Ghost Mansion!

      • thing is who goes to gamestop with 4 friends to try out a game…its a sticky situation :/

  • Zorlac79

    As soon as parents go to the store this holiday season, which is a loooong time away (and many things will change between now and then for the Wii U, but not PS4 or Durango) many of them will most likely buy a $300 system as opposed to a $600 system that will most likely not have any huge titles at first either. People will argue that and say “there are a ton of title slated for release”, as was GTAV and many others that get pushed back. When a parent goes to get GTAV, and it is $59.99 for PS3 or $659.99 for PS4, it won’t be a tough decision of what route they will take. Just my prediction which could be very wrong too!

  • Anukul

    wii u need more third party games. wii U is not old enough to predict its lifetime sales.

  • wober2

    hat has this guy been right about… that was not completely obvious. He was already wrong about the amount of wiiu’s sold. Predictions are fun to read about, but really most are wrong. We just have a short enough attention span to not check if these analysts are right or not.

  • Yogurtu Mghe

    he talks about innovation when every sony and microsoft console has been a hardware upgrade for the previous one with a few software addons. in terms of innovation, the jump from wii to wii u may not be as huge compared to the jump from gamecube to wii. but nintendo surely has something in mind for the future. will ps4 win the graphics battle? probably. they won last generation but still they couldnt sell as many consoles as nintendo with its “childish games” and “bad graphics.”

    • ACOD

      The point is that the Wii broke out and attracted a non gaming audience to big numbers. That is hard to do twice. Everyone that bought a PS3 is probably in for PS4. Can you say that about the Wii?

      Following the initial 6 months It clearly has not been the case. Real numbers, The Wii U sold 46,000 units in January 2013, In Jan 2007, the comparable time period for the systems, the original Wii sold 348,000 units. That is a 87% drop.

      According to these numbers,The SNES sold 49M units, The N64 moved 32M units, The Gamecube 21M, why does 30-50M units for the Wii U seem so outrageous?

      It seems about right, no?

  • Matt Lambourne

    Eh? There’s nothing innovative about the PS4. Pachter is full of shit.

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    Wii U not innovative enough? What has Sony done that’s innovative over the past decade? PS2 to PS3: a Blu ray player, cool. PS3 to PS4: a non-screen touchpad on the controller. Microsoft? Xbox to Xbox 360: HD graphics, good but we knew it was coming anyway. Nintendo decided to go a different way with the original Wii, with motion control. A few years later Sony and Microsoft decided to jump on the bandwagon with Kinect and Move (with Kinect doing okay but Move was a failure). Now the PS4 will allow off screen play with Vita (a feature that was originally Nintendo’s) but to use that feature one will have to fork out $250 for the Vita, as well as however much the PS4 will be (I guess no more than $500 but no less than $400)….so around $650-$750 total. You can get the same experience for $300-$350 now. Also, the next Xbox and PS4’s graphics are not gonna be that superior to the Wii U…after all it’s 2013 and we are still using the same 1080p HD standard we used in 2005. A good example of this is playing a PS2 game and a PS3 game on a old standard definition TV. The PS3 game looks slightly better but still does not look like it would on an HD TV. More RAM and a better CPU/GPU will allow for nicer looking games, but graphics (for the most part) are only as good as the TV you are putting them through. Neither console will support 4K, as no one has a 4K TV and no one’s willing to spend upwards of 15K to buy one, especially just for a console. I’m not bashing the next Xbox and PS4, as I believe they will be wonderful experiences and sell very well. But one thing that to take note of is that Sony and Microsoft are shooting for a lower priced console this gen (compared to the launch prices of the 360 and PS3). By then the Wii U will be the least expensive console, as well as more third and first party titles. Ubisoft, Activision, Warner Bros. Interactive and Sega have not faltered in their support of the Wii U and I feel that shows something. Forget Pachter, as he is merely human like you and me, he makes his predictions based on what he sees in front of him. He doesn’t take into account past scenarios or what may lie down the road. And with MH3 Ultimate, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, Injustice, RE Revelations, LEGO City Undercover, Pikmin 3, Bayonetta 2, Rayman Legends, Wind Waker HD, Need for Speed Most Wanted U, AC IV, a new Call of Duty, Yarn Yoshi, Mario Kart, Watch Dogs and a new Xenoblade game coming this year, it’s would just be stupid to doom the Wii U at this point in it’s life. That’s all I have to say.

    • AAAkabob

      Such a big wall of text, but I made it through. I agree with things on here, but I believe off-screen play was a feature of the PS3 before the Wii U. The problem was there was a huge latency issue, thus not many games supported it. I agree though whenever Nintendo does something right everyone else follows.

  • And Pachter is likely to die of heart attack but sadly that hasn’t come true yet.

    I wish Pachter would just leave the gaming industry in every form altogether and just retire… in Sweden… With suicide pills…

  • Nintendofreak

    wats with gayish outfit

  • Zombie_Andrew

    Well it looks like Nintendo is selling more console than they expected (they’re only around 1.28 million console sales away from their yearly target in 8 months time. I’m thinking Wii U may sell 70 million + by the end of its life.

    I certainly don’t feel it’ll be the last console generation either when 4k TVs will be coming out soon, and consoles that can play games at a 4k resolution will be in demand one day.

  • Metalmariox

    I love the WiiU because it plays used games, and it doesn’t have to be online all the time.

    Cough Microsoft Cough Sony.

  • guest

    oh Patcher, i think u spent too much time hitting your on your desk. if its the end of gaming consoles then y are u predicting them to all sell over 50million units? and y do u give nintendo so little credit? the wii is still king from last gen pushing almost 100 million units and every one predicted it would flop. go stick your head back up ur ass and take a bigwhiff, smell that? yeah ur full of shit.

    • Rinslowe

      Because Pachter is what we call a gaming lobbyist. In fact I’m sure MS floats the bill for almost everything he does theses day’s he’s so vocal.
      After selling only 1.6 million 360’s in 7 years in Japan. MS look set to try and defend the home turf (U.S) this gen, any way they can…

  • Michael Pachter AKA Captain Obvious.

    Any schmo who even casually follows the gaming industry could have came up with this data.

    • Laud

      No sir, not just any idiot can come up with this stuff.

  • Well, since absolutely everything this idiot predicts never comes true. I’d say the Wii U will be just fine.

  • Rob Lucci
  • Russel Bowersox

    yeah, consoles usually sell really well when first launched. Because that is the time when all the best software is released. Then as the life goes on, software disappears, and the console fades away.

    Nobody cares what this guy has to say. BUT as long as we Nintendo fans keep commenting and reading things having to do with him. Bloggers and Nintendo News people will continue to post about him. Please guys. STOP COMMENTING. STOP READING anything with his name in it. It’s the only real way to fight this.

    Not sarcasm

  • Hes always wrong about game stuff.

  • ElladanCZ

    If it isn’t the biggest idiot in the whole gaming bussiness. Please stop posting what he says, cause he knows less than my 10 year old sister about gaming.

  • Fred

    Although I can see how he might think Wii U will sell 30-50 million I can’t see how he thinks that would make it Nintendo’s last console. Consider first, 3DS is doing very well, and second Gamecube sold less than 22 million and Nintendo didn’t quit making consoles after the Gamecube, in fact they followed it up with the Wii which will likely sell over 100 million (last I saw it’s at 99 million)

    • He doesn’t realise that Nintendo doesn’t need any financial help or to be sold to a richer firm. Nintendo can survive on 1st party games alone for the next hundred years. What’s pachter really talking about. I predict that Pachter will lick deez nuts.

      • Gamefreak361

        I wouldn’t put it against him.

    • Nathaniel Lopez

      Last time I checked it had already reached 100 million.

  • MujuraNoKamen

    What a load of BS (unsurprisingly) Why do we have to hear from him again? it’s all crap so let’s not giving him the satisfaction of being featured in another article.
    Anyway, let’s prove him wrong then:
    OK, sales figures, it’s early days yet, it’s hard to tell if Wii U will become a huge or moderate success, or a stinking failure, so it’s hard to say.
    “too similar to current gen” well, the controller is pretty different and it opens up loads of possibilities – let’s not forget how Wii U is getting a number of PS4 games so it can still compete. PS4 will sell for at least $400 and there will probably be a Wii U price cut by Christmas so Wii U could have the upper-hand.
    We know very little about PS4 and nothing about the next XBox and he’s already saying they’ll sell nearly 100 million units (DAFUQ?????)

    “Wii U performance underwhelming” erm, how much of a leap was Killzone running at 30FPS then? Wii U is getting Bayonetta 2, Monolith’s “X”, Watch Dogs and AC4 (the latter 2 being PS4 games so like I said, Wii U can compete with the PS4) they look great (from what we’ve seen) so get lost. And since when did the launch period prove a console’s power or give us the best of its games? Idiot, does he know anything?!

    “DS split into 2 parts” yeah it’s in 2 parts but at least you get that out of the box, with PS4 you have to spend another £200 on a Vita to get 2nd screen/off TV functionality that will be rarely used on PS4, Wii U on the other hand does great.

    “not innovative enough” yeah Nintendo aren’t doing a good job of educating the general public about what it can do but when people do find out about it they’re very pleased. Besides if Wii U isn’t innovative enough then what does that make PS4?

    “new titles may invigorate new growth” You don’t say!

    “PS4 graphics are phenomenal” 30 FPS Killzone.. “phenomenal”? the games were good looking to be sure but hardly a massive leap, and once again, Wii U is getting a number of PS4 games so it wont be left behind by much.

    “huge RAM make innovation likely” erm how? improving a system’s specs doesn’t do anything for innovation, just better specs. And just ask yourself, how is PS4’s touch pad innovative? Firstly; it’s been done before. Secondly; why not a screen? you know, so you can SEE what you have to touch? as for that light-bulb on the front of the controller, no, just no. Seriously why? you won’t be able to see the “feedback” it gives you and if it flashes when something happens in game well, that’s gonna be shown on screen anyway e.g. When you get shot in CoD.
    We’ll wait and see about his “Durango” predictions but if I’m gonna get Kinect forced down my throat for buying one, count me out.

  • Ben Vangenechten

    So we are still taking the “3DS won’t sell, vita will be huge succes” guy serious?

    I’m not saying the Wii U will be a hughe hit like the wii was but it will sell after the freaking games come. Give it some games and it will come alive. Just like the 3DS did, and guess what? The games are coming, months to late but they are coming.

  • Agent X

    I think his prediction actually means Nintendo well. He just doesnt get it yet

  • SYates

    Honestly, I don’t understand why anyone is still listening to this big-mouthed lunatic. He predicts sales of between 85 and 95 million units for both the PS4 and “Durango” (which hasn’t even been announced yet) in a market which is declining when MS and Sony’s 8th generation consoles have barely scraped 80 million sales each in their entire life-span. Stupidity. He says the Wii U is “Not innovative enough to drive huge interest”… I’m sorry, when was the last time Sony or MS actively encouraged innovation in their products which wasn’t blatantly sponged off of an existing product? “Phenomenal graphics” do not fuel unit sales – even a chimp could look at the 8th generation and see that. I could go on all day rant telling you how full of shizer this guy is but I think you get the picture. Go home, Pachter. We’re tired of you.

  • Kirzan

    And Pachter was right at least None times. Well, he was actually right once or twice. Like when he predicted Kinect would outsell Move… This is like predicting Call of Duty will outsell My Horse and Me 3. People still believe in analysts? Let alone VIDEO GAME analysts, the one industry that constantly shifts? Come on. Even if he was pro Nintendo, I don’t care. His job is useless and so is he. Glorified fortune tellers with little but the past to guide their “predictions”.

    Lesson: Don’t firmly believe in someone who’s job is to look at past figures, and assume things. When someone is right 2% of the time, and that what he’s right is always extremely obvious stuff, the guy has little to no weight.

  • DragonSilths

    If every other Nintendo system is any indication then Wii U is no different. Nintendo doesnt know how to fail. Will Wii U sell as much as the Wii? Probably not. Does that make it a failure? Nope. Nintendo is doomed though, doomed to have to put up with idiots like Patcher for the rest of their days lol. Which is longer then 50 years from now. People like Patcher underestimate Nintendos fans. We wont let Nintendo fall, we will support them everytime.

  • Kirzan

    ^ Irony.

  • Rinslowe

    So without even making any analysis, he bases his entire sales estimates of Sony and MS at the same level they were last gen, almost exactly. Then by that same approach puts Wii U in a worse position? And his main argument is “two DS’s slapped together” & “not innovative enough to drive big interest”. WTF does this guy think this industry is? Does he think we’re all morons? Obviously…

    Nintendo are the only thing keeping this shmuck with a day job so he doesn’t have to work part time as fortune teller in second rate malls, and are the only company right now in gaming that truly innovates.

    Anything this moron say’s is a joke. Vote no more for Pachter…

  • Marius Valasinas

    Patcher could not predict 9.00 o’ clock at 8.55

  • Squid

    Patcher: *Trollface* Hey guys! Look at me! I can’t take a positive look at anything because I have favoritism for Xbox And Playstation! Because Graphics are everything! Because if you try to be creative you’ll fail!

    I hope Patcher gets beat up senseless by Pikachu and Kirby, put on fire by Mario and Samus, and gets stabbed by Link and Marth.

    • bassically my thoughts exactly!

    • Grammar Nazi 2000

      And hammered by the Ice Climbers and a Hammer Bro.

      • Squid

        And Falcon punched by Captain Falcon and Ganondorf, and Bonked on the head by Donkey kong and Wario, and Laughed at by Fawful and Groose

    • Eli Valentin Villanueva

      Actually he says that XBOX 720 will surpass the ps4 because it´s social applications, and says new games will cost $70 dolars when released :/

      • Squid

        Yes, and has he never complained about the Wii U graphics?

        • Eli Valentin Villanueva

          I really give up triying to understand him, because he first says wii u graphics were ugly, and the he says it was an innovation and he woulg get one because of bayonneta, and then he says it´s hardware was not enough to run HD graphics, and the he says nintendo will sell millions……so confused :S

  • Squid

    Ignore the creature from h3ll we call Knowledgeiswhatsup, he’s obviously the second Patcher, and acts much ruder. I wonder what purpose he has for being here, it seems like he’s just those trolls, and if he wants “Paid and full of shit” he should go play with his Xbox 360 and kinect.

  • Graham Gillman

    Nintendo just needs to advertise it more and tell people it is different from the Wii. And when Sony sells 85 Million PS4s, I’ll eat a sock, they’re losing billions a month, by the time it does catch on Sony will be bankrupt. Note: I’m not trolling. I love all game companies and platforms. But numbers and stock don’t lie. Sony is one of my favorite companies, they just aren’t making money.

  • thanos1984

    Hey Donaald,how are you?I know that you are not a troii.Trolls are generally below average I.Q. persons who are real haters and trully believe they are the “chosen ones” to defend economical empires and degrade the opposition.Often these people make mistakes such as becoming too emotional and too personal.You,on the other hand, are a very proffesional,worthy every dollar of your sallary, propagandist who is avoiding the aformentioned mistakes and focusses only on the main goal,to prevent potential buyers from buying the wii u.I know you don’t hate wii u nor nintendo fans,It’s just a job and someone has to do it.Times are difficult and most of us should capitalize any means of income,so no hard feelings from me.

  • Guhtere

    What I think is that it won’t sell as much as the Wii, but it will still sell a lot. I think a lot of casual gamers and families that bought the Wii and liked it will see that it is a successor to the Wii and either buy it because they loved the Wii, or wait for a price drop. And as for the hardcore gamers, they will wait for more games to come out (Like Zelda, Smash Bros., 3D Mario, etc.) or for a price drop. As for sales, I say 80 million units to 90 million units in it’s lifetime.

  • audi lover

    Any one who dresses like that cant be taken seriously anyway bet he predicted the end of the world in 2000 what a tool

  • Guest

    If you guys thought you hated Patcher, well get ready to hate him some more…

  • patcher can piss off for all i care!

  • Nicholas Perkins

    pachter screw u

  • BuckStud

    HEADLINE….Michael Pachter taking a job as a Meteorologist. That’s the only field were you can be wrong as much as him and keep your job.

    • thanos1984

      No way.Meteorology is a very serious science.I think astrology would be the perfect fit.

  • Cadrion

    Hi guys, been lurking around and finally had to get setup to post. Being that I’m a long time Nintendo fan, it’s tough to read stories like this. It’s a real shame that money is so focussed on in the corp world these days. I’ve kept up a bit on the Wii U, mostly from this site, and this patcher guy is a real tool. I really dislike how the idustry HAS TO HAVE AN ANSWER NOW!!! The Wii was heckled just the same way as the Wii U has been and it has been a great console. I really hope that Nintendo continues to do ok…for people like me, I’ve been playing video games since the Atari 2600 and has been through a lot of changes in that time. Currently I’m tired of first person shooters, 60$ games that suck, and an industry so hell bent on profit it’s scared to try something new…that’s what makes Nintendo so great…they sure have some balls to continually push the envelope…then to be heckled…then to win out anyway because their innovation is so awesome. I’ve had a lot of fun with the Wii U…and it’s power will show in the new games that are made for it. Soo looking forward to a new Zelda.

  • ZeldaFan83

    I think Patcher is simply just a big supporter of high end graphics and that’s about it. He obviously likes PlayStation and Xbox and has already estimated sales for the next Xbox which hasn’t even been announced nor have any details been revealed about it. He also estimated the sales for the PS4 and next Xbox at the exact same numbers which is odd so he’s basically saying that Wii U is going to fail and the PS4 and next Xbox are going to dominate this generation. I think Patcher just doesn’t like or support Nintendo. Nintendo doesn’t compete against the other consoles, they create technology that will be creative and intuitive and push the envelope of how people will experience gaming. Patcher just doesn’t understand that, he needs to broaden his horizons and upon up his tiny little mind in order to understand how Nintendo does things.

    • Cadrion

      Gotta admit though…it would be so great to see Nintendo make a console that is super powered, packed with the usual inovation and names something like The Nintendo STFU. That’d make my day. What some people don’t realize is High end graphics make for high cost games and we have to pay for it. Also being a PC gamer, I’ve seen it all too much- awesome hardware just makes it possible for the programmers to code sloppy because the hardware can make up for it. Also, isn’t it funny how I can still plug in my Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Wii and Wii U and not get a red ring of death? The 360 has been the biggest piece of hardware crap I’ve ever known. Good system, poor hardware.

  • I think this guy Pachter is an ashole. He is just trying to spread propoganda and all he said about the ps4 was that Graphic are impressive. Bitch please, If all we want was graphic, then we’ll go to the movies. I don’t see how this fool has any influence in gaming at all. Nintendo wii was the weakest spec-wise and came out number 1. I believe the Wii U will do the same and will have better games anyway.

  • Cadrion

    I also think Patcher forgot that the PS3 had just about be given away and early on the only reason the numbers really climbed was because it had Blu Ray abilities. To say it’s going to seel as much as the New Xbox? What kind of a professional compares tangible hardware to vaporware? Laugh…what a tool.

  • imadeanaccountocomment

    That’s not to far off from his last predictions. However, I. Believe it may sell 70 million. I’m just being realistic here. Its a great and wonderfull system. But it won’t be Nintendos last.

  • Orange Lada

    Contrary to the article, I doubt anyone with half a brain looks to Pachter for his views, given his wonderful track record. Oh .. yeah … last generation he predicted PS3 would lead, and it’s in last.

    I’d bet Pachter $1,000 that the PS4 will be dead last, this generation; no backward compatibility.

    I can use the money, Michael!

  • MujuraNoKamen

    Irony much Donaald?

    • NkoSekirei

      its not donald it someone else

      • RoadyMike

        No,Donaald changed his name
        I like to call him Dolan

      • Gamefreak361

        It’s obvious it’s him. I’m pretty sure he uses the other Donaald account to deceive others. He uses both accounts.

      • ps4rules

        Click on here
        Donaald and Knowledge are the same person. Just thought I’d clear this up.
        Inb4 you people hate me for my username
        It’s just a username.

    • Gamefreak361

      Yeah, that’s gotta be the real donaald. Pretty sure his original account was banned due to douchebaggery.

      • MujuraNoKamen

        I think this is his original account, he just changed its name – I read an older article and all the comments left by Donaald are now under the name of “Knowledgeiswhatsup” He also made a new account with his original name with which he makes reasonable, informed comments so as everyone’ll think he’s turned a corner when in fact he’s the same old troll just under a different name. Can’t his account be banned be completely or something? flagging comments is OK but he’s just gonna keep on coming back again and again.

        • Gamefreak361

          I suppose if they ban his ip from the site. That doesn’t usually last long though cause people can easily change them.

  • thanos1984

    Did you know that Pachter used to be director of tv ads?

  • Maxime Haché

    He makes me laugh!

    Is it me or is powerpoint is a little bad? Only the Wii U is the only one written darker and he ends a phrase with a but and start a new one while its the same!

  • Kyle Berger

    Pachter, this describes your intelligence: I give u a glass full of bleach and tell u its milk. u drink it. no one at all comes to your funeral because u r an idiot.

    • sithWiiU

      Don’t call other people idiots when you type like one.

      • Kyle Berger

        so because I type like im texting that makes me an idiot?

  • Honestly, what is this guy’s problem? To be frank, what is the problem with all these people that seem to keep rooting for the failure of others? The way I see it, Nintendo failing would be just as bad as Sony or Microsoft failing. Honestly. Games are not cheap to produce. The publishers spend millions and millions of dollars in a single project. They need to sell these games, as much as they can, and on every system.
    The industry is in a state of turmoil. Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft have lost some money over the past years. I may be a Nintendo guy, since my chidhood, but I’m rooting for all these consoles to find their audience and remain profitable. I’m really interested in the permanence of this industry.
    I really don’t believe Nintendo is trying to compete with the XBOX 720 or with the PS4: Nintendo really wants to have its own audience, like always. Did they design the Wii so it could compete directly with the Xbox 360 and the PS3 in terms of graphics (the only thing that seems to matter to most people these days)? No, they designed the Wii to offer something different to players. I believe they had the same thought in their minds when they started designing the Wii U.
    I think things will look bleak for the PS4 and for the Xbox 720 when they are first released, but I really want them to succeed! I really, really do. I know there’s room for all of them.
    Why do people have to be so silly? They are like a bunch of children fighting because someone’s toy car looks better than someone else’s.
    Does this Pachter guy think he’s helping? He seems to be making the situation worse.
    I may be wrong, but I believe there’s room for everybody.

    • John Novakovich

      I agree with one point- I want all 3 companies to survive. More competition in the market leads to lower prices and better products- with the ultimate winner being the consumer. That’s the core of a free market and it works very well.

      I disagree with the notion that Nintendo is not trying to compete with the 720 and PS4. Um, really? Nintendo survived last gen by snagging the casual fanbase, but as Sony taught us with the failed PS Move, a casual fanbase doesn’t care about graphics or power, which is why they are so hard to convince that they need new hardware. Those are arguments for a hardcore fan base i.e.- the fan base Nintendo wants. Why do you think they made the pro controller?

      • The PS Move was a failure because people knew it was a direct copy of Nintendo and poorly executed by Sony. Microsoft bought project Natal at least partially in response to Nintendo’s motion gaming but at least Microsoft did something different and Kinect has been fairly successful.

        It is true they made the pro controller in response to gamer feedback but Nintendo will survive because of their first party exclusives. Some may consider them Kiddie games but Nintendo makes some of the best Video Games ever made.

        • John Novakovich

          They do make some of the best games ever made. My favorite game ever is Paper Mario TTYD for the gamecube. But speaking of the gamecube, it proves you wrong on one point. Nintendo’s first party exclusives are no longer enough for it to survive. If they were, games like TTYD, Windwaker, Super Mario Sunshine, and Melee would have made the GC the most popular console in its generation, or at least a close second. Instead it was third with only 21 million sales, being beaten by 3 million against the Xbox, and being crushed by the PS2, the most popular console ever. Nintendo learned their lesson and geared the wii toward a new fanbase: the casual gamers. It worked. But as Sony taught us, that was largely a one time deal. (A youtuber named Archimedes123 has an informative video on this called ” PS Move, what went wrong” ) Nintendo can rely on their hardcore audience (us) but they cannot rely on the casuals. Answer? Go to the hardcore.

  • John Novakovich

    Who the **** actually care what this bozo thinks? This is the guy who predicted $1 games like cut the rope and fruit ninja would kill off $60 games like halo and zelda. This is a person who, if bikes started flying off shelves, would make predictions like “Ford and Honda might as well quit now.” He’s just a moron.

    • NintendoNoob

      He’s dumber than Donaald, or right now, Knowledgeiswhatsup

      • Eli Valentin Villanueva

        I guess nobody cares abut the old donaald, because he know owns two accounts :/

  • Kerbizzle

    Logic means absolutely nothing to this guy.

    • sithWiiU

      Like most Nintendrones.

      • Kerbizzle

        Why are you here?

  • Metal_Man_v2

    I don’t normally jump on the anti-pachter bandwagon, but there appears to be one glaring flaw in his presentation. On the display it says, “We think that the Wii U is too similar to current generation consoles, and priced to closely to likely launch prices for PS4 and Durango to thrive” BUT on the SAME display under the PS4 it says, “Pricing is not yet announced, but likely <$599".

    LOLWUT? The Wii U bundles are $350, and come with a game. That is no where near $599+

    The sad thing is, people actually listen to this stuff. If Nintendo ever does run into trouble, it's because people like this try to give them a bad representation.

    • TheUnBiasedGamer

      When they say less than $599, that’s kind of a joke. What they’re saying is that it won’t be the PS3 launch all over again.

      • Metal_Man_v2

        Even if that’s true, he has no proof of this, it’s just speculation. I get that predicting things is his job, but you have to make what’s called an “educated guess”. If your reasoning behind your predictions is other predictions, you don’t have a very strong or credible argument.

        • TheUnBiasedGamer

          I see what you mean. But my reasoning for agreeing with that single part is because Sony did the PS3 launch because they were arrogant after the PS1 and PS2. That arrogance got stomped out when the launch failure happened.

          • Metal_Man_v2

            Right, hopefully they will try to keep the price reasonable. They seem to have a good lineup of games for launch already 🙂

          • TheUnBiasedGamer

            Definitely! I’ll consider picking it up, but I don’t know when because it’s too early for me to decide.

  • NintendoNoob

    Give me your reasons why you hate Nintendo? You probably just hate Nintendo for no reason

    • RoadyMike

      I’ll take a wild guess:


      Its the same thing over and over with these ingorant haters..

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Please Wii Daily stop giving this clown the time of day. We all know that he is more than likely going to be wrong just like always

  • Jay

    So, let me get this straight. The WIi U can run every graphics engine that the PS4 can, but only the PS4 has impressive graphics. The Wii U has all these new social aspects, a new type of game play experience for home consoles with the gamepad controller, but that’s not innovative, only 8GB of ram will allow for innovation? WTF is wrong with this moron? I can’t wait until more of the 20 million plus selling games like Mario Kart, Smash Bros and 3D Mario hit, along with awesome exclusive titles like Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101, and E3 shows next gen games running on Wii U and looking as impressive as PS4 games, and Wii U consoles start flying off the shelves, and later, when the PS4 is revealed to cost $500+ and the Wii U gets like a $50 price drop on PS4’s launch day or something.

    • TheUnBiasedGamer

      Do you think Sony’s stupid enough to have another overpriced console? Other than that, I agree with a lot of what you said.

      • Jay

        It’s just as likely as them being stupid enough to sell another piece of hardware at a huge loss for several years. So far, the only statement has been that they hope it’s not as pricey as PS3 was. It could be cheaper since BR tech is cheaper, but just depends on how much they want to charge for the internal memory/ram/cpu/gpu, which probably will be close to $500. That’s still cheaper than PS3’s launch. They could also justify it with the 10 year cycle thing again.

        • TheUnBiasedGamer

          The reason why the PS3 was overpriced was because they were arrogant after the PS1 and PS2. They were talking about how people would work multiple jobs just to get a PS3. But they were wrong. They aren’t the top dog anymore, so there’s no way they’d have another overpriced console.

          • Jay

            I guess we’ll find out at E3

          • TheUnBiasedGamer


          • sithWiiU

            Blu Ray is what spiked the PS3’s price. You’re very biased.

          • TheUnBiasedGamer

            And what allowed Sony to put Blu Ray into the console, pushing the price? Their arrogance. They wouldn’t pull a stunt like that with a level-head.

    • John Novakovich

      Dude, 8 gb of ram will allow for graphical beauty for developers. Graphics don’t matter as much as they used to, but even though I hate to admit it, the PS4 will have MUCH better graphics than the wiiU. It’s certainly not game over for Nintendo, but you can’t try and say Nintendo matches Sony’s graphics. It doesn’t.

      • Jay

        It will NOT have MUCH better graphics. Yes, the ram is a factor, but it’s not like all 8GB will be available for the games. Much of it is for multitasking. You’ll likely get like 4GB. Yes, still higher than Wii U, but that doesn’t translate to night and day difference in graphics. Not even close to PS3 vs Wii graphics. The Wii U is very much capable in the graphics department. You are basing your judgements on what? PS3/360 ports?

        The Wii U can do big draw distances, just like Killzone on PS4. Go look at the trailer for “X” from Monolith software. Watch Dogs is running on Wii U/PS4/PC and they haven’t even begun the PS3/360 versions, so that also says a lot. You will see some gorgeous games on Wii U, and you will be hard pressed to tell the differences in some games, released on PS4 and Wii U, because the differences will be minor. If the Wii U couldn’t run the same graphics engines as PS4, THEN your statement would be correct.

        • John Novakovich

          I’m basing my judgments on what was shown at the ps4 announcement. Games. Graphics. I won’t even get the ps4, but don’t be a fanboy. sony wins this aspect hands down.

          • Jay

            I’m not being a fanboy, I’ll end up owning both, just like I own PS3/360/Wii. I’m being factual. You are making the argument that none of the games shown for PS4, can be done on Wii U, which is flat out wrong. Those games were running on PC first off, and multi platform games, like Watch Dogs, will look almost identical on Wii U and PS4. If they had to tone down the Wii U version of Watch Dogs, they wouldn’t be building the Wii U/PS4/720/PC versions of the game right now. They would wait to do the Wii U version, when they make the PS3/360 versions

            Killzone was mostly impressive due to the huge draw distance and effects. That’s great and all, but it’s a scripted FPS. You can’t go to those areas shown far in the distance, and the effects should be good. You can check out that X game from monolith software, and see equally impressive draw distances, that you actually travel to. Especially when the character jumps into the mech and flies off. That’s impressive looking. It’s their first attempt at an HD game as well, Project Cars for the Wii U, looks every bit as impressive as Drive Club for PS3, go look up footage and screen shots. Those games are still in the Alpha stages as well, so they will end up looking even better.

            I stated that the PS4 is more powerful, and will have better graphics, but again, the gap will not be as big as you think. You aren’t looking at the right Wii U games for comparison. ZombiU was built on early unfinished developer kits, and started out as a PS3/360 title. Mario and Nintendo land look nice, but aren’t showcase pieces. The Zelda tech demo also looks really good, but every zelda tech demo ever put out, looks pretty terrible when compared to actual games on the system.

          • John Novakovich

            I don’t think the gap will be HUGE, but it will be noticeable. X looks incredible, and the WiiU can do some pretty spectacular stuff. But the WiiU only has 2 gb of GDDR5, while the ps4 has 8. I’m not saying that Nintendo won’t make stellar titles on the WiiU, hell, xenoblade on the wii looked great. And that was practically running on gamecube graphic cards. But when you compare the best looking game on the ps4 and the best looking game on the WiiU in 7 years, the PS4’s will be superior. Not because they put more effort in or whatever. Because they have the more adequate console. Of course, piracy and pricing will be two large hurdles for the PS4, I don’t know how well it will do, but sony will have no problem beating the WiiU in graphics. I wish it was a lie, but facts are facts.

        • sithWiiU

          It’s a trailer you noob.

          • Jay

            Your point? It’s a trailer, using in game graphics and assets, and it’s still in the Alpha stages. It’s not CGI. The graphics and draw distances look fantastic. The company’s first attempt at HD graphics, and it already looks amazing, even in Alpha footage.

  • HydePark1980

    It’s really sad and tragic to see these analysts, developers and gamers continue to think that Nintendo is finished (after everything those guys have overcome). It’s like watching adults that still believe in the Easter Bunny or something…….*sigh*

    • what are you talking about? where else does those colorful eggs come from then? mars?


    The only thing investors care about is money and Nintendo always make plenty of that, so Patcher can take a long walk off a short cliff for all I care!

  • Takarashi282

    This is why Pachter doesn’t think of the Wii U very well. He thinks innovation is in the specs. Pachter is taking his opinion about innovation and applying it to Nintendo, where in his eyes, he can see no innovation whatsoever.

  • Hugh Quinn

    At the end of the next gen systems and the wii u sells more than the 720 and ps4, i will go liked this…

    U MAD PACHTER!!!!!!!

    • sithWiiU

      It wont outsell PS4 or Nextbox. Only reason why Wii sold so much is because casual gamers flocked to it. You could go to any store right now and pick up at least two deluxe Wii U’s, and this has been true for the past three months. Wii was nowhere to be found for months.

  • Steve

    Patchter? What’s that, some kind of skin rash?

    Sure looks like it. He’s that rash that won’t come off Nintendo’s skin… Then again, he really doesn’t bother them….

  • sdmac200600

    Pachter said Wii u will sell 30-50 million as Nintendo’s last console? Well looks like the Wii U will replace the PS2 as the top selling console of all time and Nintendo will continue to make consoles. Is thus guy an idiot. Nintendo has $10.5 billion in the bank. The Wii U can only sell 10 million and Nintendo would be just fine. Nintendo can lose $250 million each year and they wouldn’t go bankrupt until the year 2052. Nintendo is here to stay.

  • Thumbsupfornintendo

    I predict, sorry I mean assure you that Michael Pachter has no pennis

    • sithWiiU

      What a stupid insult. You’re obviously not very bright.

  • Grammar Nazi 2000

    I predict Micheal Patcher will look like a piece of S#!T once Smash Bros comes out.

    • sithWiiU

      Well, after Smash Bros, it’ll be a barren desert, jsut like Wii.

  • Cerus98

    Stop posting stories about this douchebag. Nobody gives a shit.

    The WiiU is just a DS? What a fucking moronic statement.

    • sithWiiU

      He’s not the 1st to say that. NPR said the same thing when they reviewed the Wii U, as did Yahoo articles.

      • Cerus98

        Doesn’t make him less of a douche. By his logic the PS4 is just a PS1 because its just a box and a controller that plugs into your TV. The WiiU is leaps and bounds beyond a DS.

    • Yeah he insults, provokes, and makes up lies. He is a troll with access to the media. If people would go back and look at his so called predictions they would see he is wrong way more than he is right.

      • but then again, it is kinda fun to read the comments of his articles

  • Srpg2ishere

    Why does Pachter keep talking about this stuff? Does it really matter that much to him? He is obviously trolling. If the Wii sold 99 million units the Wii U will sell half as much? Yeah. That sure makes alot of sense. -_- Who cares about ram? People don’t go into the store and say “Wow! That console has way better ram than the Wii U!! I should buy that!! Yeah! Because more ram is innovative!” NO. They buy it for the GAMES. And Wii U has great games. That’s what makes a console fun. Pachter must think he can predict everything huh?

    • John Andalora

      Now, before I continue, I’m not saying I support Pachter.
      1) An example of a video game system selling twice as much as its predecessor would be the Sega Genesis vs. Sega Saturn and Dreamcast. While the Sega Genesis at a minimum sold 37 million, the predecessors only sold about 10 million each. Now, that’s not to say Nintendo’s heading down that same path, but issues may arise that we don’t know of.
      2) You are right in that people will buy a console for games, and that that makes up a great deal of it. However, so few Wii U’s are being bought right now because most of the games are either found on other consoles, simple “directors cuts” of the game, or exclusives that people don’t think are good enough to buy the system for. I only have 6 games for my Wii U, and 3 of them can be found on other consoles with no difficulty (I bought them on Wii U to support Nintendo).
      Now, I think Nintendo can do something with the Wii U if they get exclusive games that appeal to people. They have some interesting games coming out in the near future, but not too many that would get people to shell out $350 and the $60 it’d take to play it. Rayman was the one that I wanted the Wii U for, but now that it’s cross platform it doesn’t seem like Nintendo has too many games just for itself.

  • david daniel wharton camacho

    they said trye stuff about the wii u 🙁 but ¬¬ over exagerated the other consoles which we havnt even seen a preview yet. though thee wii u runs with next gen consoles.

  • Silent

    This is why Mr.Pedophile should stay out of videogames.

    • sithWiiU


      • Silent

        Your Dad and Patcher.

  • Silent

    I bet he gets paid by Sony.

  • Eli Valentin Villanueva

    I wonder what will happen when the ps4 and xbox720 come out!? Wich one will patcher support because right now only the Wii U is available, so you can´t talk shit about new consoles…….welll sorry he is patcher he already says xbox720 will beat ps4….O_O

  • Justin Gray

    ok… Everyone relax. This troll is just one of many know-it-all dumb-rocks. The only difference between him and random internet man is this clown does have an audience. He really thinks the PS4 and the Microslop Dudrango are going to be close to $350? He is a total idiot if he believes that. He thinks that the PS4 will sell anywhere near as many units as the PS3? He is way wrong. I bet it sells less than 60 million. Not that I want them to fail. I will buy a PS4 BUT he is still overestimating the PS4 potential. It has a slow CPU for the 8 in-line cores it is pushing for one and not much cache memory. It is not a dream machine like he is letting on. If MS wants to force the kinect on its consumers, they will sell VERY poorly. Nobody wants that piece of trash.

  • a gaming system is to have fun. currently no one knows what that means.

  • HorheyDean

    Who cares what this deuche says I’ve been a nintendo fan ever since I was big enough to hold a controller and will be for a long time to come. Plus nintendo first party titles are the cream of the crop in video games. Who cares what this white collar stiff has to say he’s not making games he just assumes what will happen.

    • sithWiiU

      No they aren’t. Give me a gmae sith dyanimc characters and a real story. Nintendo games rarely hav e story, and their characters are static.

      • HorheyDean

        dude I was giving an opinion, I’m not trying to get in a pissing contest over something I said, to answer you question a great video game doesn’t have to have a story or dynamic characters. For example when Nolan Bushnell created pong he made 40 million dollars in a year no story there and it was fun and quite successful. So there you go.

  • Iceman

    I hate this Pachter guy. He obviously has something against Nintendo. I mean, look at him. He said that the Wii U is underwhelming, while the PS4 is impressive. No one saw the real specs on it, only the controller and some info.

    • sithWiiU

      PS4 is impressive. Wii U… not so much.

  • InterTreble

    I think that if an investor had followed Patcher’s suggestion for the Wii at its launch time now this investor would be angry enought to consider him as he is: a fail.

  • Orion Wolf
  • He is always wrong, inst?

  • Zorbo85

    LOL why are you all bashing patcher?he gets paid to talk about what he feels,and for the most part he is right,the wii u is selling really badly due to lack of games once again from a nintendo console,nintendo stupidly gave ubisoft the big launch window title then what do they do?see that the wii u is selling badly and then cancels it for 7 months and cancels exlusive rights!!
    The wii is the 3ds all over again,priced way to high will utter abysmal games.with all the innovation nintendo has yet they still cannot get a console launch right!!
    Yes the nintendo big gun games are on their way but they will not be seen till later on in the year,nintendo should have had pikmin 3 ready for launch and had a new wii sports game bundled with each console to keep shifting sales.
    At E3 when xbox and new ps4 will be finally shown if they are both priced say around 400 bucks then why would anyone buy a wii u when for 50 bucks more you can get a console that is truly next gen?
    The reason the wii u was so popular was that it was half price of the ps3 when released with a free game, after the 3ds launch i thought that they would have learned but they have not.
    I see a price drop coming before E3 and another ambassador program as that is what revived the 3ds and that has not looked back since.
    Nintendo are genius at innovation,but their game choices for launch titles and prices are pathetic and so wrong that it is hillarious!!
    Patcher was also right that the wii u should have been released a year earlier, that way they would have had a 2 year start on the next ps4 then when sony and microsoft announce their prices then drop the wii u to counter.
    unless nintendo start making new games and not keep milking the cash cow of mario games etc then they will soon be like sega…….just making games for other platforms!!!

    • RoyCar69

      Hello Zorbo, Welcome to the planet earth! Don’t be alarmed. Reality as you know it is a lot different here than where you came from. Ease into life slowly as sudden exposures of truth may send you into extreme shock. Best wishes to you on your journey..

  • fireheartis1

    I predict Michael Pachter getting his butt handed to him when Nintendo proves him wrong. They proved him wrong before and they will do it again. This guy is the worst Video Game Analyst I have ever seen man. He keeps changing his mind about the Wii U and Nintendo and keeps running his freaking mouth. Man I can’t stand this guy for real.

    • sithWiiU

      I like him.

  • WiiLuigi

    Pachter is an idiot. This guy changes his mind more than a chick does before deciding what to wear on a date. That’s that.

  • akuma104

    Its ironic he’s betting on a TV tuner and Skype built in Microsoft’s next console, things the Wii u basically have already, but its not innovating when Nintendo does it. I really hate people who are clearly out to trash talk Nintendo. When the Wii came out and everyone thought the motion controls were a gimmick, I said it was cool. I also said everybody else would be scrambling to play catch up, and I was correct. Now Sony and Microsoft are trying to do the same thing with smart glass and having a vita(which nobody wants). Patchers a troll he needs to be stopped

  • routerbad

    Patcher is a troll. that’s really all that needs to be said about him. I can’t stand that sites are given this dude a voice. He is not an authority on the gaming industry. He understands investments, not technology, and can’t predict console or game sales any more than he can predict the lottery.

  • Orion Wolf

    This guy sums up the whole of existence known as Michael Pachter. Even Pachter himself admits he is full of sh*** when making his famous “gaming related predictions”