Dec 23rd, 2012

In the latest episode of Michael Pachter’s show PachAttack, he explains why some areas in North America have Wii U consoles laying around on shelves, while it’s sold out elsewhere. Michael Pachter also believes that Nintendo hasn’t spent as much money promoting the Wii U as they did in 2006 with the original Wii, in order to better manage the demand vs inventory of the console. He believes that if sales are low, they can easily ramp up the advertising of the console. Check out the full show below:

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  • EmilyAhn Wu

    Damn you,Damn you!

  • EmilyAhn Wu

    What he fails to realise is nintendo actually restock their wiiu consoles, in mearly 3 days, im happy about that, even though i have a wiiu deluxe, im buying another one the second ggamestop opens tomorrow,not for me of course <..> …. ^.^ …. v.v.

  • I finally agree with this guy on something… I think Nintendo isn’t advertising very much because they want it to be relatively easy to find for the people who are really excited for it, then once sales start going down, they’ll advertise more and get the word out better.¬†

    • Chris C

      That’s not what Pachter said

      • Then I guess I still disagree with his lies ūüėÄ

  • Nintendude

    Me: Alright another Wii U article!
    Wii U Daily: Pachter
    Me: Ehh…

    • just as Stephen said I am blown away that a mother able to get paid $8938 in a few weeks on the network.

    • …… ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†(Click on Home) ¬†¬†

  • Wayne Beck

    1.45 Million sold and counting. Nintendo has been doing an amazing job of restocking places every few days.

    • Th3PANO

       they actually sold like 1.8 million untis.

      • Wayne Beck

        To be fair, I haven’t looked up the numbers in a while. lol

        • If you got your numbers from vgchartz, I suggest you read this:

          VGchartz is NOT a reliable source you should wait for an exact number from Nintendo before you star discussing sales.

          • Wayne Beck

            First, gamefaqs forums probably should not be your basis for anything.

            More importantly, while I do check VGchartz because in the long term they are actually¬†accurate. I don’t single source things. There have been a large number of weekly sales reports that back up the now 1.8 million figure. Nintendo will likely announce close to 2 million consoles sold at the start of the year.¬†

          • The reason I posted the forum instead of actual links, that analyse VGChartz, is because there are too many. VGChartz tends to quietly change their sales numbers when an official number is put up so that they seem legit. Also note that all those that say 1.8 is just speculation, it’s no exact sales.

          • Chris C

            Nintendo’s on pace to sell between 2.7 – 2.9 million Wii U’s by 12/31

  • Th3PANO

    damn, the first video i saw him actually speaking. fuck i hate that man, and the worst thing is, i kinda find him sympathic with his voice. damn you Pachter! no seriously, daaamn you!

  • ipaxton

    Patcher seriously shut the fuck up no one cares what you say.

    • Chris C

      And people care what you say?

      • ipaxton

         Butt hurt much?

        • Chris C

          No, just my brain from reading your stupidity.  

          • Fistbiscuit2000

            Chris c stfu if u aint got anything good to say you lil emo bitch

          • Chris C

            Sorry Head Biscuit 2000, you’re just as dumb as the other guy.

      • Robert Distefano

        You care enough to reply…¬†

        • Chris C

          You care enough to reply…too.

          • Robert Distefano

            Who said I didn’t care…

  • Laud

    If you guys don’t stop with this pachter crap I’m seriously just gonna start using Wii U google News.

    • Chris C

      I like hearing what Pachter has to say. ¬†Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. ¬†Just because he says controversial things or things you don’t like to hear – doesn’t mean he’s wrong.

      And if you bothered to listen to what he says in this video, you’d hear that he actually gives Nintendo a subtle compliment – that they haven’t needed to turn on the Marketing Machine yet to sell their Wii U’s…and they’ve sold over 1.8 million consoles in 4 weeks.

      • Laud

        I heard what he said and frankly I don’t care, I know he doesn’t mean it because he’s a paid reviewer and a flip flopping junky.¬†

        So tired of this guy.

        • Chris C

          He’s actually an investment analyst, not a paid reviewer. ¬†You have no idea what you’re talking about.

          • Laud

            Maybe so, I take back my previously ignorant comment. 

            I saw the Bayoneta video where he said he loved it so I figured that at some point he actually reviewed it. 

            Assumptions get men killed, you will not read one from these hands ever again.

          • An analyst who’s usually wrong, not to mention he also said countless times that Nintendo was going to fail. I get it though, these are the analyst’s jobs but he gets rather annoying sometimes.

  • Chris C

    Pachter is often wrong, and he’s so bold with his statements he creates huge controversy. But he does know the business side of the gaming industry, and he teaches us all something important here…

    There’s been a huge gripe and discussion over Nintendo’s failed Wii U advertising. ¬†A lot of us are wondering A) Where are the Ad’s, how come so many people don’t know about the Wii U yet? and B) Why do the Ad’s suck so bad?

    Well Pachter seems to answer this. He says A) Nintendo is intentionally holding back advertising. ¬†This would seem to indicate as well, that they’re not really concerned with quality of ad’s at the moment either. ¬†B) Nintendo can turn on the Advertising/Marketing machine at any moment. ¬†But ironically, that’s not necessarily a good sign. ¬†If they do so – it’s because they’re not selling enough consoles without it.

    In this light given Nintendo’s seemingly sub-par Ad campaign – it’s very impressive they’ve sold over 1.8 million Wii U’s in the first 4 weeks globally.

    It’s been posted elsewhere – but the Wii sold nearly 2.1 million in the first 4 weeks of its launch…but the difference is, it had the Wii hype. ¬†So the Wii U sales figures are very impressive, despite sluggish European sales.

    And lastly to Pachter’s credit – he did own up to his mistake about the Walking Dead game of the year. ¬†If only he was a bit more humble with his predictions.

    • Elem187

      The Wii-U’s sales are quite impressive when compared to the 360 and ps3 at launch… But when compared to the first Wii, its not even close. The idea of pick up and start gaming for everyone was a huge success and Wii Sports became the 2nd most widely played game of all time, where the original Super Mario Bros. on the NES was the 1st.

      • Chris C

        Actually over the first 4 Weeks the Wii U has done 88% of the Wii’s numbers over the same time. ¬†I would say that counts as close. ¬†Especially given the Wii was sooooo pre-hyped, whereas the Wii U wasn’t. ¬†Wii U = 1.8 Million sold. ¬†Wii = 2.1 Million.

  • mralloverit

    Why oh why are we still seeing posts from this man? He’s long since proven himself¬†irrelevant due to the fact¬†that he keeps changing his perspective on the Wii U. Someone a WiiUDaily must really have a hard-on for him as we keep seeing articles about a moron who’s talking out his ass half the time.

    • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

      He’s been Diagnosed with Xbox related Paranoid¬†Schizophrenia..¬†

      XRPS – Terrible¬†disease. One minute you think rationaly about Nintendo and Apple and Sony , the next minute you don’t….¬†¬†¬†

      • Elem187

        agreed. he has massive stock in Microsoft and sits aound and snipes at the competition to protect his assets.

        What Pachter is to Bill Gates is what the flying Monkey’s were to the Wicked Witch of the West.

    • Myron Bernard

      Although I completely agree with you that Pachter is a trolololing idiot, he actually made sense this time.

      • RoadyMike

        Agreed.If only he would make sense like this more often
        Sadly,that’s too much to ask from a guy like this…

  • Lazara the Last

    I don’t hate Pachter anymore after I started to watch his pach attack. I often disagree with him, but with this, I really agree! Nintendo don’t need more sales and if they do, they just starts to advertise. It’s the day before Christmas today, and I’ve had to explain to everyone who saw the Wii U that it wasn’t a Wii or something…
    I always use the same example: The Wii U is to the Wii like the PS3 is to the PS2 ūüėÄ

  • Alienfish

    Well, it’s in stock where I’m from because everyone here is into Xbox and/or PC. I seriously need to move to a different state, a Nintendo friendly state.

  • This Guy is the gaming equivelent of John McCain and Donald Trump!!

  • ObiBoing

    Damn you John Kinsley and your love affair with Pachter. All Pachter articles are your doing.

    (‚ēĮŗ≤†_ŗ≤†) ‚ēĮÔłĶ ‚ĒĽ‚ĒĀ‚ĒĽÔĽŅ

  • I Can’t Think of a Name

    Shut up Pachter.

  • Pameliza

    Who is this Pachter dude anyway? Does he like the Wii U or doesn’t he? I can¬† stab this dudes leg?

  • Why is Pachter talking so much about the Wii u. We all know that we don’t care what this guy thinks about the Wii u.

  • Elem187

    LOL, now that he was proven wrong he pops his head out to back pedal.

    I don’t want to watch this self centered narccisistic boob bloviate, if I wanted to see a self centered narcissistic boob bloviate I would listen to Obama speak, or watch Bill O’Reilly.

  • Enigma

    Oh the Patcher hate. He wouldn’t have his own show if he was irrelevant, ya fanboys.

  • Fishy

    don’t know or care how right this guy is he is one annoying mother%$*&er

  • DemonRoach

    Ass Pachter at it again.