Nov 16th, 2015


Everyone’s favorite game analyst has a few predictions for the upcoming Nintendo NX, the as-of-yet unnamed console that Nintendo is expected to reveal more about next year. In a recent web series, Pachter was asked whether or not he believed the NX could be sold for less than $400 if it truly is the console/handheld hybrid that’s been rumored.

Pachter was quick to admit that he had no real clue about Nintendo’s marketing plans for NX, but he did say that he’d be willing to make some predictions based on their current market. He starts off by saying that Nintendo made a mistake by selling the Wii U for $349 and that’s a mistake they won’t be willing to repeat.

By the time the Nintendo NX is announced and revealed, Microsoft and Sony will be looking to drop another $50 from their console offerings for the holidays.

If Nintendo’s priced above them, and it doesn’t do a lot more than them… they aren’t selling very many.

So Pachter believes the $299 sweet spot might be the perfect place for Nintendo to launch the handheld/hybrid console that’s been rumored. What do you think? Pachter has full-on acknowledged this is just a prediction based on the way the market looks right now.

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